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Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Know the Truth, HPV Reveal in an Advocacy Play

11:25:00 PM

A hidden health threat is taking lives, and we know little about it. It's time to raise awareness about the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). The good news is that HPV can be prevented, and there are solutions to stop it from worsening.

The more we know about HPV, the better. There is an ongoing campaign to inform everyone, including teenagers. The most effective way to spread awareness is through creative and relatable methods.

Ka.SEEN.halaga (HPV. Out!) is a play that delivers both emotional impact and vital information about HPV.

Frontline Production Inc. with Rotary Club South San Francisco California as co-presenter raise the stage curtains for Ka.SEEN.halaga (HPV Out!), a one of a kind play that brings the feels and information about the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV.

Directed by Rodel J. Mercado, with three monologues written by Julia Enriquez - “Girltok,” Joshua Lim So - “Para Kay John,” and Liza Magtoto – “Ka.SEEN.halaga”, we will meet the characters of Roger, Maya and Girltok as they express their thoughts and feelings about afflicted with HPV.

Director Mercado said: “This play is not only timely but relevant. It sheds light on the myths and misconceptions about this deadly virus; anyone can be infected with HPV regardless of age, gender, and economic status. It also raises awareness on how anyone especially young people can get protected from the virus through preventive efforts such as vaccinations and sex education.”

He added: “I believe in this noble cause, so I push to make this theater production happened. Also, it is a great honor to be trusted by the Rotary Club of South San Francisco California through Dr. Jasmin Flores to be the purveyor and medium in educating the Filipinos about the risks and dangers of HPV.”

Cast of Ka.SEEN.halaga (HPV Out!) are Migui Moreno as Roger, Phi Palmos as Maya and Angela Maghanoy as Girltok. Alternates are Blaisdell Caloyloy (Roger), Twinkle Santiago (Maya) and Zhyra Villanueva (Girltok).

Migui Moreno said: “The role of Roger, a father who has throat cancer because of HPV, attracted me most because it is a huge challenge for me as an actor. Portraying a person who has throat cancer that he got from HPV gives me a better understanding about the disease and how one copes up with this situation.”

On being Maya, Phi Palmos said: “Maya’s tenacity attracted me to give her life on stage. She’s firm but also, vulnerable. That vulnerability masked with strength is what makes her an interesting character.”

“Her strength is her care, respect and humility towards her parents, loved ones, viewers and future” said Angela Maghanoy about Girltok. “Because of her, I learned more about HPV. I also want to use my skills and talents to inform others, help the community be more aware on these social issues.”

Major Sponsors are MSD, PAGCOR, OROCAN. Minor Sponsors: SOGO, Nature’s Spring & Zephaniah’s Catering.


Ka.SEEN.halaga (HPV. Out!) is slated on July 14, 2024. Matinee 3:00pm and Gala 8:00pm, at the RCBC Theater, Makati City.

Tours in campus and universities and other outreach performances will happen on September.

In conclusion, Director Mercado said: “Aside from it being entertaining and educational, this theater show will help in championing the fight against the deadly Human Papilloma Virus.”

For tickets for the July 14 matinee and gala shows, please buy them at or send your queries to 0954-170-2679 and please look for Bevs Lalo.

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