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Thursday, November 12, 2020

U-Turn Movie, Did You Feel the Shiver?

11:09:00 PM

If you're one of the lucky audiences who has watched the advance screening of this adaptation of the 2016 Indian Movie "U-Turn" then you have probably felt the shiver. This Philippine adaptation was starred by one of the controversial but bubbly actress Kim Chiu, who is now dubbed as the Millennial Horror Queen together with the other casts Tony Labrusca and JM de Guzman.   

An adaptation of the 2016 Indian movie of the same title, "U-Turn" revolves around Donna Suarez, a reporter who wants to have a big break. One day, she comes across a case, which she suspects as a suicide. After a few days, a similar case turns up again. Hoping that these cases could give her the break she has been waiting for, she used them in her stories. But karma would soon hit her when her brother also dies in an alleged suicide. 

With a valid reason to dig into the cases, she enlists the help of her boyfriend Robin (Tony Labrusca) and police officer Kevin (JM de Guzman) to find the connection between the strange deaths. 

Sometimes we all have to make our U-Turns! With this movie, all of the actors did pretty well in doing this adaptation film.    

Hopefully, because of this pandemic, there will be more movies that are interesting enough to watch and enjoy even in the comfort of our homes. 

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

5 Facts About the Movie Clarita

2:28:00 PM

I like horror films but sometimes when it is too much I opt myself from watching. Of course there are certain factors or reasons why I rarely watch and the most is that I'm scared. Who wouldn't be, specially if the film is almost as real as it is. Perhaps one of the movie that I'll try not to excuse myself when invited is he latest movie from Jodi Sta. Maria, which is a true story of Clarita. She is the very first recorded possession incident happened in Manila, Philippines.

To give you bits of details why Clarita is interesting to watch.
  • 1. The movie Clarita is based on a true to life story of girl named Clarita who is the first ever recorded spiritual possession in the Philippines. The incident happened during the 50s, 1953 to be exact.
  • 2. In the movie, Jodi Sta. Maria plays the role of Clarita where she performs every scene without any double. The hanging and possession thing being thrown in the air is all hers, that is why she mentioned that this movie is very challenging for her. Also this is her first time to play this kind of role.
  • 3. Aaron Villaflor plays as a priest and admitted that it was hard because of the prim, right and proper way of acting as a priest during that era. He also change his hairstyle 8nto kempee look.
  • 4. The movie came about after the documentary created about Clarita and the story of her possession which was done on the other network. Also about the information from the Vatican that there are more recorded information about possession incidents through out the world.
  • 5. The possession scenes of Jodi requires full face and body prosthetics. To get the face prosthetics they need to cover Jodi's face with just a whole for the nose to breath. Jodi is claustrophobic that when the prosthetics are being made Derictor Derick Cabrido need to assure that she's not alone by holding her hand. 

The movie Clarita is under Black Sheep, take note that the film outfit will take a short break from creating unique love stories and now venturing into horror film.

Clarita is topbilled by Jodi Sta. Maria who plays the role of Clarita and the film is directed by Derick Cabrido. It is slated for a nationwide run starting June 12.

Watch what happened during the #ClaritaMovieMediaHaunt!

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Debutantes, Celebrating The Horror This October 4

9:52:00 PM

Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Michelle Vito, Jane De Leon, and Chanel Morales, dubbed as the "It Girls" of horror films, will spread chills and thrills in this year's most exciting and terrifying movie, "The Debutantes" in cinemas on October 4.

"The Debutantes" serves as the five millennial stars biggest break under director Prince Cruz, the same director who gave us "Ang Mananaggal sa Unit 23-B".

The story of "The Debutantes" will revolve around KAte (Sue), a friendless and weird looking student who tries to win the friendship of fellow students Lara (Miles), Jenny (Jane), Candice (Michelle), and Shayne (Chanel).

She, however, fails miserably in that she only gets close to one of them, Lara, while the rest of the girls find immeasurable joy in bullying her around.

Kate then experiences a nightmare and warns them about it but they would not listen except for Lara.

She was first seen in the remake of the hit teleserye "Mula Sa Puso" which was followed by the series, "Angelito, Batang Ama," "Angelito, Ang Bagong Yugto," "Annalisa", "Pamgako Sa'yo," "Dolce Amore" and the ongoing horror serye "La, Luna Sangre" of Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo.
She was also part of the reality show " I Can Do That" aside from being name Honorary Tourism Ambassador for Korea.

Her film outings include "Aswang," "Just The Way You Are,' and "A Second Chance."

Miles, meanwhile is a product of a kiddie gag show "Goin Bulilit." Aside from numerous TV series, Miles has also appeared in a number of movies like "I've Fallen For Your," "A Very Special Love," "You Changed My Life," "BFF: Best Friends Forever ' and "Paano Na Kaya".

On the other hand, Michelle initially, made her mark as a contravida in the fantaserye "Aryana" which was topbilled by Megan Young.

She has done shows for TV 2 and was cast in the horror film "Pagpag: Siyam Na Buhay".

For her part, Jane was a multi-talented entertainer when she entered showbiz. She was in the fantasy series "Wansapanataym" last year and was a member of the all-girl dance group Girltrends of "It's Showtime" in 2012.

Chanel stands as the newest Regal Millennial Baby. She first earned notice in the artista search "Artista Academy" on TV5 and was part of the "Wattpad Presents" series.

She, too is in the cast of "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano"

Together, these girls deliver a unique brand of horror in "The Debutantes" one that today's millennial generation can relate to as it delves into the subject of bullying within the campus.

In Addition, churning out horror flicks that click with the audience is a forte of Regal Films.

"Shake, Rattle & Roll" stands to be the country's longest and most successful horror franchise to date.

In other festival entry, "Haunted Mansion" is a top grosser as well while Regal's last horror presentation "Pwera Usog" was a blockbuster.

As for feedbacks on social media platforms, the trailer of "The Debutantes" scored nothing but rave reviews -proof that netizens and movie enthusiasts alike await the kind of chill and thrill the "Horror It Girls" will offer come October 4.!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B, Will You Love or Eat

10:34:00 PM

Mananangggal has been a long time folklore in our country, the Philippines. There are some who believed and there are some who don’t. For those who allegedly experience the threat of the manananggal is something that they would definitely forget.

A week ago I was able to watch the movie “Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B” at the UP Film Center where a flock of film enthusiasts where there to watch, criticize and learn from the movie or I’m not sure what other things they have in mind. By the way this movie is directed by Prime Cruz and Written by Jenilee Chuaunsu.

Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B is part of this year’s Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino under The Film Development Council of the Philippines. There are 12 films that will participate in the celebration starting on August 16 up to 22.

The Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino got a line-up of interesting movies with different genres. This only shows that there are still good movies to watch and learn at the same time.

Okay back to the “Ang Manananggal sa Unit 23B”, this movie is not your usual horror movie with some gory and grotesque images shown around the scene but a more thought crafted movie. One good example is the color dynamics of the movie, just like it paintings colors are much more important and its meaning. On this movie there two prevalent colors, the red and the green. According to the crew who conceptualize - red represents blood and the killing acts of Jewel (the manananggal) and green signifies the humanity present in the same character.

Another fact from the writer and director about this movie is that the manananggal portrayed by Ryza Cenon is not the folklore that we believed in, they somehow injected the millennial per se. The manananggal here devours her victim after the release. And another thing is that the oil or potion being applied is opposite from the folklore. It is applied to delay transformation and to control the craving for flesh.

For those who have watched it already great but for those who hasn't I won't destroy much of your expectation of the movie. Watch it and see for yourself.

Stars of this movie are Ryza Cenon who played the character of Jewel the Manananggal, Martin Del Rosario who skillfully played the role of Nico the heavenly in love man to the Manananggal. and of course the other casts.

For Ryza Cenon's acting aside from her angelic face and devilish sexy body, it is a two thumbs up for me. She nailed it and I'm sure she'll have more projects to come.

During the Q & A and perhaps the last question raised was given by a foreigner and the question is witty but in reality you will eventually think. Didn't get the exact question but it is something like this...
                 "Would you still make love to someone who you practically witnessed being a manananggal and who eats the heart of her victim after the intercourse?"

Answers varies and opinions are different but who knows if love really digs deep inside.

So, if you have money and time support the movies in the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilippino.

Genre : Horror
Type of Film : Indie Film

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Haunted Mansion, MMFF 2015 Entry

11:34:00 PM

Another horror movie to scream with is the Haunted Mansion which is the official entry of Regal Entertainment, Inc. for the Metro Manila Film Festival. Not much to say about it but watch what it is all about.

Just a reminder scream all you can but don't let this movie haunt you.

Horror Film
Production: Regal Entertainment, Inc.
Director: Jun Lana
Starring: Marlo Mortel, Jerome Ponce, Janella Salvador

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