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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

What does workplace inclusion mean? JobStreet shares guide on fostering workplace inclusivity

6:45:00 AM


In recent years, companies have carefully observed and implemented an inclusive workplace culture by being more open to job seekers from different backgrounds. Likewise, candidates have started considering the work culture and environment on top of salary offers when they are looking for jobs. According to JobStreet’s Global Talent Survey, more than 50% of Filipino job seekers will refuse to work for employers that do not align with their beliefs, which include diversity and inclusion. Research also shows that having diverse talent in the workplace leads to higher levels of productivity and performance as well as improved employee retention rates.

However, inclusivity within the workplace is not something that is nurtured overnight. It takes a whole organization – from leaders at the highest level to the junior team members to have a deeper understanding and commitment towards the brand values and culture and displaying authenticity and acceptance. In the recent Australian-New Zealand Chamber of Commerce Philippines (ANZCHAM Philippines) Virtual Luncheon, JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca tackled the importance of genuineness and inclusivity at work. Committed to leading compatible hirers and jobseekers together, JobStreet encourages companies to conduct inclusive hiring practices to retain quality talents and boost productivity.

Higher management plays an important role
Leaders, executives, and managers play a vital part in modeling an inclusive culture and behavior to the other employees “It starts from the top. Whatever the top tolerates, it is tolerated by the entire group. And so, what the top behaves that’s exactly how the members of the team and the company would behave,” said Gioca.

The company’s policies and behaviors begin at the top level of management, and this helps establish corporate culture. The role of the higher management is more than just making decisions that affect the whole organization, but they also set the expectations for the way each employee treats one another. For example, tolerating situations that negatively impact the members of the team affects the performance and success of the company.

Establish good communication
Now that most companies are practicing hybrid or remote work setups, communication can be an issue due to language barriers and varying communication styles or preferences. Hence, Gioca advised employers to maintain good communication in the workplace as it is integral in making inclusivity more genuine. One way to address this, according to Gioca, is by utilizing a standard operating procedure. For instance, important announcements and updates are sent through emails, meetings are done virtually, quick task-related messages are sent to the team chat, and more. It is also encouraged to conduct catchups, regular virtual activities, and town halls with the employees to enhance company culture.

Sensitivity and flexibility within the organization
With the workplace becoming more diverse, JobStreet also advised hirers to take employee differences into consideration when implementing inclusivity, as there can be activities or gestures that can be normal to one candidate but are offensive to another.

To manage this, employers are encouraged to conduct sensitivity trainings, especially for those who actively hire candidates that are from another race, with different gender identities, have disabilities, working moms, among others. Gioca added that adopting programs based on the needs of their employees also helps showcase the company’s sincerity in achieving inclusivity. One such example is by assigning newly hired employees to peer mentors who can provide support for new members to adapt to the organization.

In relation to creating programs anchored on employee needs, Gioca likewise suggested that workplace flexibility is also key to attaining inclusivity. Since the pandemic, hybrid working, and flexible arrangements have introduced a new perspective of work. Companies where people can stay in the office at their own pace, at their own time, will enable employees to work in a way that best suits their needs. Moreover, ensuring that those who work from home have the same benefits and opportunities as those working in the office generates a more inclusive workplace.

To make hybrid work efficient, JobStreet recommends having regular alignment meetings to make sure that the team is on the same page and to also fast-track decision-making within a diverse organization.

“Inclusivity means it’s not just allowing people to be tolerated but it’s important that people are valued and appreciated because many things can happen in diverse teams. You won’t believe what they can do, and they can reach impossible things together,” said Gioca

To learn more about workplace advice, visit

Wednesday, April 28, 2021

JobStreet launches its Going Hyperlocal Campaign with microsites and virtual career fairs in several regions

7:21:00 AM


Who would have not known the name Jobstreet? In fact when it comes to finding your dream job Jobstreet is the place to look for it. In this time of the pandemic, many of our Kababayans were at loss. Some of them were layoff and some are still looking for the right employment for them. 

Living up to its commitment to provide jobs that matter across the country, leading online job portal JobStreet is going hyperlocal as it launches its dedicated microsite for Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao as well as its upcoming virtual career fair with the selected Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Regional Offices in time for the upcoming Labor Day.

The initiatives also help boost the job market in provinces as the public is encouraged to decongest Metro Manila following the on-going pandemic.

Jobseekers from Cebu, Iloilo, and Davao can now browse thousands of jobs available in their locality through the respective microsites. Candidates can also learn from work-life guides and advice from JobStreet’s career hub which will be written in their local dialect.

“Many Filipinos recently returned to their provinces because of layoffs or the new work from home arrangements and this caused a shift in the labor market. We’ve also observed that candidates from major provinces have increased their activities in terms of platform website visits, which is why we really targeted to promote local employment and provide them valuable support in their career through their own dialect,” said JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca.

During the virtual press launch, we were able to ask about its activity of going hyperlocal if they are going deeper into different municipalities in terms of promoting and hiring online. Fortunately, it was read and Mr. Philip Gioca, Country Manager of JobStreet Philippines gave a great response, according to him, "...the objective really is to get to the bottom part... the whole archipelago, all the island, that's our dream. Unfortunately, it is limited to the infrastructure.  For as long as it has connectivity and internet you can actually subscribe to that. How far that will be? It really depends on the municipality, but you know what, after a year of this pandemic we actually accelerated connectivity..."

Hyperlocal microsites

The microsite for Cebu offers opportunities from the top industries namely Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO (12.5%), Manufacturing/Production (7.6%), Healthcare/ Medical (6.5%), Education (5.5%), and Construction/Building/Engineering (5.2%). The average salary reported in Cebu is Php 31,487.

Candidates from Davao can apply for jobs with an average salary of Php 28,500 as top industries continue hiring such as Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO (8.7%), Healthcare/Medical (7.8%), Education (7.2%), Food & Beverage/Catering/Restaurant (5.6%), and Retail/Merchandise (5.3%).

Meanwhile, thousands of jobs are also found in Iloilo microsite with an average salary of Php 27,370. Top industries include Healthcare/Medical (13.6%), Call Center/IT-Enabled Services/BPO (9.2%), Education (8.3%), Construction/Building/Engineering (5.6%), and Food & Beverage/Catering/Restaurant (5.3%).

As of 2021, JobStreet earned a 13% growth in average platform visits from Cebu, 56% from Davao, and 44% in Iloilo. Moreover, hirers from the said provinces are gradually picking up. Based on JobStreet Database as of March 2021, job offerings based in Central Visayas grew by 9% from a sharp decline in 2020. Western Visayas recently jumped to 44% increase in job openings, while Davao Region is also recovering with 26% job postings this year. Ensuring that the initiative will be advantageous for both local hirers and candidates, JobStreet is also establishing a local team in each province to accommodate queries.

Labor Day Virtual Career Fair

JobStreet continues to support the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) in providing livelihood among Filipinos during this period. Following the success of the recent Virtual Career Fair, JobStreet partners with selected DOLE regions to launch another Virtual Career Fair on May 1 to 3.

Over 100 companies from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao have participated in the upcoming Virtual Career Fair, offering thousands of jobs nationwide. Candidates from different regions will also have a chance to experience engaging features such as live chats, on-the-spot interviews with HR representatives, and companies’ virtual booths. In addition, DOLE Regional Offices will accommodate concerns and questions from candidates via chat in the platform.

Jobseekers can join the online raffle as JobStreet goes live on its official Facebook Page on the first day of the Virtual Career Fair on May 1 at 5:00PM. “We appreciate DOLE and the participating regions for trusting to partner with JobStreet in this initiative. We’re hoping that the Virtual Career Fair would be able to reach out to more jobseekers across the country who are looking for opportunities at this time,” shared Gioca.

The Virtual Career Fair is now open for pre-registration through

Provincial microsites are also accessible via,, and

Saturday, July 7, 2018

PMAP, PBEd, and DepEd to Host Job Fair for K-12 Graduates

11:18:00 PM

Sharing the news for all K-12 Graduates and are looking for jobs. The People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP), in partnership with Philippine Business for Education (PBEd), Department of Education (DepEd), Viventis Search Asia and is hosting a job fair exclusively for K-12 graduates on July 9-10, 2018, from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM at the Midtown Atrium, Robinsons Manila.

PMAP is a professional, non-stock, not-for-profit organization with over 1,800 member companies and individual management executives engaged or interested in human resource management (HRM) and industrial relations (IR) work while PBEd is a non-profit organization founded by top CEOs in the country that seeks to respond to the need for greater education and economy alignment.

This job fair is open to recent graduates of the K-12 program that was created to nurture and holistically develop Filipino children to take on the challenges of the changing work environment. With the enhanced curriculum and specialized tracks, K-12 graduates are now equipped with competencies required by industries.

At least 30 companies are expected to participate in the job fair to welcome graduates of the K-12 Program. Job applicants will only be required to bring copies of their updated résumés and school IDs or proof of being a senior high school graduate. Students who wish to participate may pre-register at
Companies who wish to be a part of this event may contact Mr. Narryl Cabuena of PMAP through telephone no. 726-1532 or email

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