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Friday, January 31, 2020

KADENANG GINTO'S Finale Expects An Ultimate Battle Between the MONDRAGONS

8:29:00 AM

The Mondragons still filled with pain and motivated with revenge, the four Mondragons are preparing for the biggest war of their lives in the final week of the top-rating teleserye “Kadenang Ginto.” Expect more things to happen.

Kadenang Ginto -Nikko NatividadKadenang Ginto - Aleck Bovick

Kadenang Ginto - Criza TaaKadenang Ginto - Direk Jojo and Direk Sweet
Kadenang Ginto - Arnold ReyesKadenang Ginto - Kat Galang

Daniela (Dimples Romana), still harboring on the idea that Romina (Beauty Gonzalez) took everything away from her, has become vindictive than ever after her husband Carlos (Adrian Alandy) died in her arms for defending her mortal enemy.

Kadenang Ginto - Adrian LindayagKadenang Ginto - Kim Molina
Kadenang Ginto - Ronnie LazaroKadenang Ginto - Joko Diaz
Kadenang Ginto - Kyle EcharriKadenang Ginto - Seth Fedelin
While Daniela is cooking up her plans, Romina is determined to prove that Daniela is the mastermind behind the threats against her and her family. However, with the menacing Hector (Joko Diaz) still scheming behind bars and a spy in their midst, Romina will have to fight tooth and nail to put a stop to her enemies.

Kadenang Ginto - Francine DiazKadenang Ginto - Andrea Brillantes

Kadenang Ginto - Dimples Romana and Beauty Gonzalez

Meanwhile, Cassie (Francine) is still in hiding to continue the charade of being dead, and Marga (Andrea)—twisted by her mother’s manipulations—has rejoined Daniela’s side and blames Romina for the death of her father. She will take matters into her own hands as she suspects that Cassie’s death was fake.

What plans does Daniela have under her sleeve, and what are Romina’s final moves? Will Cassie and Marga remain enemies until the end?

Kadenang Ginto - Cast
“Kadenang Ginto,” which has been airing for more than a year, has consistently topped its timeslot in terms of nationwide TV ratings and produced memes online. Its massive success has even gone international as it is currently airing in Myanmar and has also earned an Indonesian adaptation.
KyCIne - Kadenang GintoSethDrea - Kadenang Ginto

The series also spawned the hit teen quartet The Gold Squad, composed by stars Andrea, Francine, Seth Fedelin, and Kyle Echarri, who have recently launched their first digital movies on iWant and 1.8 million subscribers on their official YouTube channel.

Kadenang Ginto - Cast

Kadenang Ginto - Cast

Kadenang Ginto - Cast Emotional

Don’t miss the battle of the Mondragons in “Kadenang Ginto” on ABS-CBN’s Kapamilya Gold.

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