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Sunday, January 15, 2023

New Year for a new 'Ipon' or Money Saving Challenge

2:16:00 PM


New year, new beginning! Every year, people write down their new year's resolutions. One of these resolutions is learning how to save or practicing to save. We all know that saving money is not easy but entails dedication and commitment to do the deed. Thus, the birth of 'ipon' or the money-saving challenge.

The majority of Filipinos, like me, love to save. Remember, when we were kids, we used to have that small or big tin canister with a slot for inserting coins? We would keep a portion of our 'baon' or allowance and put it into that improvised coin bank. Our reason for that is because we wanted to buy something. We have a goal! And that goal varies for each person. That's where it starts, our fondness for saving. 

At that time, we don't have any savings calculator to help us compute, like how much we need to save per day. Now, kids don't have to guess how much they need to save per day. All they need to do is work their fingers at the computer and viola, they can already know much it will be. 

As we grow old and responsibilities build up, our process of saving money evolves. Some of us keep our money in the bank, and others invest in business or stocks. No matter what, there's always that thing, the goal.

Most of us who participated succeeded in doing the 'ipon challenge' (money saving challenge) and are definitely in for another round of the challenge. This time, more challenging and a larger prize.

It's not the amount that drives us clearly to save, but the activity and the thrill of the deed of saving money.

There are many different types of savings goals that we can consider. Of course, we always regard the variables in our life to save money, like our financial situation and priorities.

Here are some examples of savings goals. As I mentioned, it varies depending on the variables.
  • Down payment for a house.
  • Saving for a child's education.
  • Saving for a vacation or major purchase.
  • Having an emergency fund.
With our goal listed, here are some steps we can take to help us achieve our saving goals: Determine our goals: The first step is to understand what we want to save for and how much money we will need. It can help us determine how much we need to save each month for our goal.
  • Make a budget: Look at the income and expenses and attempt to reduce the spending in areas where we can then use the money to contribute to our savings goal.
  • Set up automatic savings: Let us consider setting up automatic transfers from our checking account to our savings account to help us save consistently. It makes it easier to save without having to remember to do it manually.
  • Track our progress: Keep track of how much we have saved and how close we are to achieving our goal. It can help us stay motivated and adjust and make adjustments to our saving plan if needed.
  • Find ways to increase our income: Look for opportunities to earn extra money, such as taking on a side job or selling items we no longer need. We can use the extra income to boost our savings.
  • Stay motivated: It can be easy to get discouraged when trying to save, especially if we have a large goal. Find ways to stay motivated, such as setting small goals along the way or rewarding ourselves when we reach certain milestones.
Always remember it's important to be patient and consistent when saving. It may take time to reach our goals, but with discipline and determination, we can achieve them.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

5 Things to Prepare for an Out of Town Conferences

6:20:00 PM

Getting ready and getting excited, perhaps that's what most people feel whenever there's an out of town activity of the company. For Filipino workers, it is always a chance to get out of the office and leave the papers on the desk. Not only that it’s a getaway from our work routine in the office but it is a chance for you to explore, learn, network and enjoy the company of workers in the same industry. No paper works to hunt you for a while, only learning and development, but of course don’t forget the leisure part.

There are things that should be considered when attending an out of town conferences. This will not only keep you organized bu will let you enjoy the benefits of being out of the office. It will also help you in managing your time, resources and schedule. Time should be allotted on this because out of town conferences are not just a ride away from home but sometimes it is a fly away from home. So, if you forgot something it will only ruined opportunity and your fun time afterwards.

To escape the horror of forgetting things for the conferences here are some things to remember in preparing for an out of town conference.

  1. Be sure that you are fully registered in the conference. This will keep you away from the hassle of missing your name on the conference itself. If there are required documents to bring like the print out of the registration, IDs or passport, make sure to prepare and secure them.
  2. Make sure to book your hotel accommodations ahead of time. Prefer hotels that are nearer to the conference venue. Much better if it is within the venue itself but of course if you or your company is trying to cut expenses it would be better to have the average hotels with almost the same amenities and services.
  3. Budget or pocket money is one of the must have and should also be prepared ahead of time. Out of town means expenses. Even though registration fees, accommodations, and some other expenses are shouldered by your company, still, you need to have your own budget to spend for pasalubong and other souvenir gift items. Make sure to save up before the conference date.
  4. Bring the right amount of clothing and appropriate dress for the conference. You don’t have to exhaust yourself in carrying more luggage. Essentials and personals should be considered. For the ladies it’s your privilege.
  5. Gadgets to capture the moment and for your documentation. It is always great to have photos in every conference that you attended, it’s more of a remembering the experience and jotting down the learning.

All these are just suggestions to prepare you for that out of town conference getaway. Just like this coming October 10 to 12, 2018 the People Management Association of the Philippines (PMAP) will be having its 55th Annual Conference at the ASEAN Convention, Clark Special Economic Zone (CSEZ), Clarkfield, Pampanga. In case you have not registered yet just head on to and sign up.

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