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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Lovi Spills Details of Her Engagement & Wedding Prep in Metro Feature!

10:03:00 AM


In a stunning turn of events, the ever-glamorous Lovi Poe has set the town abuzz with the electrifying news of her impending nuptials. But hold onto your couture hats, because that's not all! Our beloved star is painting the town red with her radiant charm, gracing the digital cover of none other than the iconic Metro magazine. Bedecked in elegance and draped in anticipation, Lovi Poe is the very embodiment of a mesmerizing bride-to-be, leaving us all breathless in her fashionable wake.

The Kapamilya actress also detailed her meet-cute with fiancé Monty Blencowe in Hollywood, what happened during the proposal—the first attempt and the actual one—and their ongoing preparations for the upcoming wedding.

The Metro cover shoot was shrouded in secrecy for months. Even on the day of the shoot itself, everything still seemed so surreal for everyone, Lovi included.

“It feels weird because I’m used to doing shoots, but this one’s different. I was nervous. Now it’s reminding me that it’s really happening this time,” the “FPJ’s Batang Quiapo” star said.

Metro has come a long way with Lovi, from having her on a three-star cover tribute in February 2012, to headlining Metro’s Most Stylish in 2018, to being part of Metro’s 30th-anniversary shoot in 2019, to cover shoots in 2021 and 2022. Metro comes full circle in featuring Lovi again, this time for a huge milestone in her life.


For the cover shoot, Lovi particularly liked the veil look, the one with the rose, and the big tulle skirt. “It’s nice that it’s with you guys,” she shared with Metro.

Read about Lovi and Monty’s love story and wedding preparations on Metro. follow @metrodotstyle on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok as well as Metro Magazine @metromagph on Instagram and Twitter and @Metro.Magazine on Facebook, or visit Metro.Style. #MetroLovesLovi

Saturday, August 20, 2022

Janine and Lovi Give all the Feels in Interabled Queer Love Story “SLEEP WITH ME”

11:46:00 AM


Sleep with Me,” starring Janine Gutierrez and Lovi Poe, is the next girls’ love (GL) series that will tickle your fancy!

All six episodes just dropped on iWantTFC and the series immediately became the top trending topic on Twitter in the Philippines.

More than the genuine ‘kilig’ between the female leads, the series tackles the struggles of interabled queer individuals and how they navigate life in a society that makes them feel like outcasts.

Lovi portrays Luna, who suffers from a rare sleeping disorder, while Janine plays Harry, an ever-lovely late-night radio DJ who uses a wheelchair.

The series, which recently won the audience award for best episodic at the LGBTQ+ film festival in Los Angeles, is also available for iWantTFC premium subscribers outside the Philippines and Indonesia, and is directed by Samantha Lee, who is a proud member of the LGBT community herself.

No matter how you identify as, “Sleep with Me” is definitely a must-watch. Here’s why:

Beautiful love story between two girls

“Sleep with Me” can be classified as a GL. However, as Direk Sam mentioned in a previous interview, it is a simple and tender love story between two individuals who just happen to be girls. The series does not overcomplicate the sexuality of Harry and Luna because they both know (and are 100% sure of themselves) that they are madly in love with one another. And even if they are both female, that isn’t a problem at all because as the saying goes - “love is love.”

Represents persons with disabilities

The series also highlights the struggles (whether visual or not) of PWDs. In Luna’s case, her disorder isn’t visible as she’s been diagnosed with delayed sleep phase syndrome (no, it is not insomnia). Luna is awake during the wee hours of the night and falls asleep during the day, which makes her feel isolated from the rest of the world.

In contrast, Harry uses a wheelchair due to a past car accident. A lot of scenes highlight the lack of importance society gives to wheelchair users. However, it also gives us a different perspective on how NOT to feel sorry for them, as evident in one scene, wherein Harry tells a worried Luna “I’m not as fragile as I look.”

Lovi and Janine’s palpable chemistry

What happens when two gorgeous and alluring women play each other’s love interests? A major heart-fluttering ‘kilig’-fest. From Harry and Luna’s enchanting meet-cute, to their impromptu “date,” their intimate first night, and all the awkward yet extremely cute exchanges in between, their delicate love and fondness for each other radiates through the screen and makes viewers’ hearts skip a beat.

Luna’s angst is relatable

Luna is a science textbook writer who carries a lot of emotional baggage stemming from her rare condition and lingering issues from her past relationship. She’s used to shutting herself out from everyone else in her twilight-lit bedroom and relies on a cup of ramen noodles and iced coffee on a nightly basis.

Although she may seem stuck-up, in reality, she is just clouded by her deepest fears and is longing to be loved. That is why she found a friend in Wendy (Nour Hooshmand), who gives her wise, unsolicited advice and is willing to listen on the rare times Luna opens up to her.

Harry’s sweet disposition lightens up the mood

Unlike Luna, Harry is confident, a go-getter, and is the complete opposite of “torpe,” after all, she was the one who made the first move. Harry is Luna’s ray of sunshine and comes up with top-notch punchlines to reassure Luna of her love and make her feel secure. “Gawa tayo ng mundo na para sa ating dalawa lang” and “starting today, ako na ‘yung magwo-worry sayo 24/7” are some of her best remarks.

Highlights a cute sibling bond

In addition to Harry and Luna’s love story, the series explores the familial bond between Harry and her gay brother Kai (Kerwin King), as well as Luna and her younger sister Lia (Reign Parani). Harry and Kai are queer siblings who bring out the best in each other. Meanwhile, Luna is somewhat able to let her guard down whenever she talks to Lia, who lives in another country.

Stream all six episodes of “Sleep with Me” for free on the iWantTFC app (iOs and Android) and website (

Viewers can get easy access to iWantTFC's content library with its "watch now, no registration needed" feature. Watch iWantTFC on a larger screen with select devices, including VEWD, ROKU, and Amazon Fire streaming devices, Android TV, select Samsung Smart TV models, Telstra TV (in Australia), and VIDAA in select countries. Visit for a complete list of compatible devices, sign-in instructions, and account activation.

For updates, like and follow @iwanttfc on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to For inquiries and concerns about the service, users can also send a message on iWantTFC’s Facebook page or e-mail

Monday, September 20, 2021

Lovi Poe is the New Artist of the Kapamilya Network ABS-CBN

11:39:00 AM


One of the multi-talented artist in the entertainment industry, a precious jewel has finally found her home in the Kapamilya Network.

Lovi Poe is now officially a Kapamilya following her contract signing ceremony with ABS-CBN executives on Thursday (September 16).

The actress marked her first day as a Kapamilya by setting foot in the ABS-CBN compound, where she had a red carpet welcome led by ABS-CBN president and CEO Carlo Katigbak, COO of broadcast Cory Vidanes, group CFO Rick Tan, and Dreamscape Entertainment head Deo Endrinal. Lovi’s talent manager Leo Dominguez also joined the contract signing ceremony.

Soon, Lovi is set to do her first Kapamilya drama series with ultimate heartthrob Piolo Pascual. It is Lovi’s second ABS-CBN project overall, after she starred in the 2020 iWantTFC original movie “Malaya,” for which she clinched a Gawad Urian Best Actress nomination.

A rare and precious gem in showbiz, Lovi’s timeless charm and versatility as an artist have enabled her to take on diverse projects, from acting in film and TV to being a successful recording artist and style icon. ABS-CBN provides a perfect fit for Lovi’s talents, with many opportunities for her to shine on its multiple media platforms and ecosystems.


She has won several awards throughout her career, including Best Actress trophies from FAMAS Awards and the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. Lovi is also a beloved fashion muse, having posed for numerous magazine covers all around the world. One of the most dependable brand endorsers in the country, Lovi has over 11 million followers across her personal social media pages.

As she enters the next phase of her career as a Kapamilya, Lovi is tackling more international projects and pursuing her passions in Hollywood.

This year, Lovi launched her recording career in the US by releasing original songs such as “Candy,” “Lost,” and “Under” under the Los Angeles-based VIM Entertainment. She is also working on an EP with American producers Bob Robinson, KrisKeyz, and Grammy winner Omen that will be released soon.

Lovi is also set to star in her first Hollywood movie alongside British stars Alex Pettyfer and Poppy Delevingne, the biopic “The Chelsea Cowboy,” where she is playing English singer and icon Dana Gillespie.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Woke Up Like This, Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe Switched

9:11:00 AM

Today's news, Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe switched bodies!

As of the moment, no one knows how it happened and why it happened. No one even knows how long they will be like that. So, if you want to know more about them, hit the cinema and watch the movie "Woke Up Like This" that brought back together prime comedian Vhong Navarro and prime actress Lovi Poe. This is their comeback movie together, a funny hilarious, riotous and wackiest movie from Regal Entertainment. It is directed by Joel Ferrer and the story is written by a wackiest duo, Jeff, and Joma. They are some of the writers who do great comedy scripts in the industry.

Vhong and Lovi last paired in one of the episodes of "Shake, Rattle, and Roll XVI" where they brought a spine chilling experience to movie goers. This time it is something different, something refreshing and very millennial. Though the story of body switching is not new, the writers, director, and casts assured that this is something different. Funny, hilarious and crazy, this film brings out the funny side of Lovi and the feminine side of Vhong.

Vhong also shared that the movie is somewhat similar to the film Hot Chick, where body and soul of the main characters switched.

In "WULT," Vhong made sure that the audiences would be even more entertained with his comic antics. He plays the role of Lando, dubbed as the king of the Basketball Court. A hardcore cager, he is a dutiful son who takes on the role of the head of the family after his father (played by Joey Marquez) meets an accident and injures himself on the court.

Unfortunately, Lando can be unsportsmanly at play and his dream of being part of a big basketball league is sidelined when he wakes up one day being in the body of a woman he doesn't even know.

Lovi plays the character Sabrina, tagged as the Ramp Queen. Beautiful, sexy, and very competitive.

Her fate as a most sought-after model vying for the Supermodel of the Whole Wide Philippines title will change when she finds herself trapped in a man's body.

The switch of Lando and Sabrina's body is a mystery that made the "WULT" movie an endless turn of comic situations.

Also this the "WULT" movie is also the comeback partnering of Vhong and Bayani.

"WULT" is helmed by new director Joel Ferrer. He is an actor, writer, and director best known for his projects like "Baka Siguro (2015), "Blue Bustamante (2013) and "Hello World" (2013). His works have been cited for their clever dialogue and conversational comedy. "WULT" is his directorial debut for mainstream cinema.

"WULT" is also cast by some of the best comedians like Joey Marquez and Bayani Agabayani.

Sexy Pinoy Big Brother alumnus Cora Wadeell is being introduced in the film while Dionne Monsanto, Ynna Asistio and child actor Raikko Mateo plays some of the important roles in the film.

Teaser has already made everyone laugh and it will definitely spread belly laughs in cinemas nationwide on August 23. "Woke Up Like This" is the latest offering of Regal Entertainment, the same company that produced Ai-Ai de las Alas' blockbuster hit, "Our Mighty Yaya."
Genre : Comedy
Produced by : Regal Entertainment

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