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Thursday, March 14, 2024

Filipino Firm Secures Lead Safe Paint Certification

10:07:00 PM

A Filipino-owned paint company has achieved Lead Safe Paint (LSP) status for its range of paints, covering architectural, marine, automotive, traffic, textile, and industrial applications. This significant milestone comes after a thorough third-party certification process, confirming that the paints contain less than 90 parts per million (ppm) of lead. This limit is considered the strictest worldwide for lead content in paints.

The company's commitment to safety and quality shines through this achievement, as it underscores their dedication to providing products that meet international standards. With lead being a well-known hazardous substance, this certification ensures that consumers can trust in the safety of the paints for various uses, from architectural projects to marine applications.

In a statement, the company expressed its pride in attaining the Lead Safe Paint certification, emphasizing the importance of responsible manufacturing practices. By adhering to the stringent regulatory limit for lead content, they aim to contribute to environmental protection and public health. This recognition also highlights the company's role in promoting safer alternatives in the paint industry.

With this certification, customers can have peace of mind knowing that they are choosing paints that prioritize safety without compromising on quality. As the company continues to innovate and uphold its commitment to excellence, it sets a positive example for the industry and demonstrates the value of sustainable and safe paint solutions.


“Following a thorough verification process, SCS is pleased to announce that Triton, Rosco, Primecoat, Acri-Lux, and Louts paint brands have successfully met the strictest 90 ppm regulatory standard for lead content in paint. We congratulate Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton Paints Philippines for joining a growing league of lead-safe paint makers in the country,” said Rob Emelander, Program Manager, SCS global Services, the LSP certification body and a US-based global leader in third-party environmental and sustainability certification. “with the invaluable help and support of the international Pollutants Elimination Network (IPEN) and EcoWaste Coalition, we aim to help the Philippine paint industry move towards a lead-safe future.”

Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton pains Philippines is now authorized to use the distinctive LSP certification mark on their paint containers and promotional materials. This will provide consumers with a visual guide assuring them that such paints pose no leas-based paint hazard for their families, especially the children who are most susceptible to the adverse effects of lead exposure.

“as a responsible corporate citizen, our company Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton paints Philippines recognizes the critical importance of lead safety. We firmly believe that safeguarding public health and protecting the environment go hand in hand with our business goals. Our company’s commitment to lead safety extends beyond business - it’s a moral obligation. Therefore, our company takes pride in ensuring that our paints meet the highest safety standards. Each of our products undergoes rigorous testing and evaluation,” said Ferdinand L. Sy, Executive Vice-President for Sales and Marketing, Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton Paints Philippines. “And now, we are proud to have our product lines carry the LSP certification logo. In partnership with DENR_EMB, EcoWaste Coalition, IPEN, PPCAI, and SCS Global Services, we will continue to contribute to a healthier and safer world for generations to come. Choose our certified products and join us in championing lead safety.”

“Even in countries with regulations in place, lead-containing paints remain widely produced and sold. The success of Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton paints Philippines in eliminating lead in their decorative and industrial product lines is commendable. Them taking steps to get their paints certified as LSP is worth emulating and something we encourage other paint companies to follow as this will help their customers in making informed choices when buying paints,” said Jeiel Guarino, Global Lead Paint Elimination Campaigner, IPEN, which established the LSP program in 2015.

The LSP certification obtained by Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton Paints Philippines drew approval and commendation from government, industry and civil society stakeholders, which have been working together to promote and uphold the ban on lead in paint manufacturing under the Chemical Control Order (CCO) promulgated by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR in 2013.

“We are very proud that another Filipino company, Roosevelt Chemical, Inc. - Triton paints Philippines, passed the LSP certification requirements with flying colors. Congratulations to the women and men who made this feat possible! This is a clear proof of the paint industry’s support to the CCO banning lead additives in the manufacture of pains and similar surface coatings. We urge other paint makers not to be left behind and get certified as well,” said Assistant Secretary Gilbert Gonzales, Director, DENR - Environment Management Bureau (DENR-EMB).

“Congratulations to Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton paints Philippines on the monumental achievement of securing the LSP certification for your product lines! This certification is not only a testament to your unwavering commitment to public health and safety but also sets a new industry standard for responsible manufacturing. Your dedication to producing safe, environmentally friendly paints is truly commendable and sets a benchmark for others to follow,” said Reginald Yu, President, Philippine Paint and coatings Association, Inc. (PPCAI).


For the EcoWaste Coalition, a partner of IPEN and the PPCAI (formerly PAPM) in developing the LSP standard, the success of Roosevelt Chemical Inc. - Triton Paints Philippines represents another high point in the country’s unrelenting efforts to eliminate lead-added paints.

“The LSP certificates awarded to Triton and its sister paints symbolize an important stride for the company’s removal of lead ingredients in paint production in compliance with the CCO. This signifies another high point in the paint industry’s goal to produce quality products with ‘no heavy metals,’ ‘low volatile organic compounds (VOCs)’ and which are ‘eco-friendly’,” said Manny Calonzo, Campaigner, EcoWaste Coalition. “We look forward to reaching out and assisting more local companies acquired LSP certification as this will be good for public health and the environment, and for business, too.”

To view the LSP certificates for the verified paints from Roosevelt Chemical inc. - Triton paints Philippines, please go to:

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