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Sunday, January 30, 2022

"Maling Akala" Hits Ryan Bang Real Hard, Finally "B.A.B.A.Y." to Yeng Constantino

8:00:00 AM


Yesterday, during the Tawag ng Tanghalan portion of "It's Showtime," Ryan Bang revealed the actual story between him and Yeng Constantino. A courtship that ended without knowing the true feeling of Yeng towards him. For Ryan, it was a sad story already because of his "akala ko di mo ko gusto." But because of the revelation yesterday, Ryan found out his supposedly score with Yeng. Looking at Ryan's face, I believe that the past decade of belief became his regret now.

That's one proof of "maling akala" or wrong assumption of the hints given by the opposite sex. In the case of Ryan Bang, he read Yeng's avoidance of his invitation as a sign of failure already but actually, Yeng is not someone who likes to party. So, that is something that boys should consider when courting, do your research and not just because she's pretty and hot. So, that's one regret or "sayang" because Yeng does have feelings for Ryan at that time.

Courtship and Love are like gambling. You make your bet to someone to win their hearts. Sometimes it's expensive, but others consider your situation and go if you can cope with the challenges.

Perhaps, and I'm not speaking in general but based on my own experience and assumption, boys do that ghosting thing when we get negative hints or signals from the opposite sex (from the girls). It's probably one way of avoiding the truth of being rejected and dumped.

For Ryan Bang and Yeng Constantino, it was great they have talked and cleared the gap between them. Just like in Yeng song's "B.A.B.A.Y." which says "an dali kayang magsabi ng babay" (it's easy to say goodbye).

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ryan Bang Signed Contract With

12:13:00 AM

Bryan Seño, one of our correspondents was able to be present in Ryan Bang’s contract signing with Kitiwit.comBryan was able to witness the signing and was able to have a picture with the guy behind the I Lily Lily Like It!

Kitiwit is the latest social networking site created by the same company who brought to the internet community the  It’s a Korean company that is catering for the online needs of the Philippine market.   Kitiwit mean “Keep in touch with” and perhaps it explains it already since most of our communications nowadays are online.

This new social networking site does not compete with some of the known social networking site but only want to share what they are capable of and what they can provide for the netizens.  Kitiwit offers file sharing, save and upload documents, spreadsheets, videos, presentations, etc.  Members can also post free ads!  Also check out the My Korean Boyfriend!

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