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Friday, May 17, 2024

Yeng Constantino Unveils "Babala", Exhales A Different Yeng After 17 Years

6:55:00 AM

Yeng Constantino, a name resonates to everyone in the Philippine music scene, has embarked on yet another musical venture, captivating audiences with her latest single, "Babala." After 17 remarkable years in the industry, Constantino continues to evolve, staying true to her roots while fearlessly exploring new musical territories.

"Babala" serves as a testament to Constantino's unwavering commitment to authenticity and growth. In a recent interview, she shared insights into the inspiration behind the song, stating, "I hope na pag narinig ng mga tao 'to, it will also help them release 'yung negative na nararamdaman nila, the same way nung nasulat ko 'tong kantang 'to."

The lyrics of "Babala" echo Constantino's raw emotions, delivering a powerful message of warning and empowerment. Through her distinct blend of heartfelt vocals and poignant storytelling, Constantino invites listeners to confront the complexities of human relationships and emotions.

Constantino's journey in the music industry has been nothing short of remarkable. From her breakout hit "Hawak Kamay" to the timeless anthem "Ikaw," she has consistently struck a chord with audiences, earning praise for her sincerity and relatability.

With "Babala," Constantino once again proves her prowess as both a singer and a songwriter, captivating audiences with her emotive performance and thought-provoking lyrics. As she continues to evolve and push boundaries, one thing remains certain: Yeng Constantino's music will always resonate deeply with listeners, serving as a source of inspiration and empowerment for years to come.

Sunday, January 30, 2022

"Maling Akala" Hits Ryan Bang Real Hard, Finally "B.A.B.A.Y." to Yeng Constantino

8:00:00 AM


Yesterday, during the Tawag ng Tanghalan portion of "It's Showtime," Ryan Bang revealed the actual story between him and Yeng Constantino. A courtship that ended without knowing the true feeling of Yeng towards him. For Ryan, it was a sad story already because of his "akala ko di mo ko gusto." But because of the revelation yesterday, Ryan found out his supposedly score with Yeng. Looking at Ryan's face, I believe that the past decade of belief became his regret now.

That's one proof of "maling akala" or wrong assumption of the hints given by the opposite sex. In the case of Ryan Bang, he read Yeng's avoidance of his invitation as a sign of failure already but actually, Yeng is not someone who likes to party. So, that is something that boys should consider when courting, do your research and not just because she's pretty and hot. So, that's one regret or "sayang" because Yeng does have feelings for Ryan at that time.

Courtship and Love are like gambling. You make your bet to someone to win their hearts. Sometimes it's expensive, but others consider your situation and go if you can cope with the challenges.

Perhaps, and I'm not speaking in general but based on my own experience and assumption, boys do that ghosting thing when we get negative hints or signals from the opposite sex (from the girls). It's probably one way of avoiding the truth of being rejected and dumped.

For Ryan Bang and Yeng Constantino, it was great they have talked and cleared the gap between them. Just like in Yeng song's "B.A.B.A.Y." which says "an dali kayang magsabi ng babay" (it's easy to say goodbye).

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Yeng Embraces Pop-Rock Origins in Her Latest Single "SANA NA LANG”

6:13:00 AM

Yeng Constantino, one of the female artists, I consider a rock not only with her music but with her personality as well. It's great to hear another songs from her again as she goes back to her roots in her newest song “Sana Na Lang,” a pop rock track which she recorded with her bandmates and longtime friends, Gray Sky Sun.

Reminiscent of her sound during her early years in the music industry, “Sana Na Lang” is effortlessly complimented by Gray Sky Sun’s impressive musicality and the pop rock princess’ unique tone.

Produced under Star Music, the single explores a person’s yearning for another’s love and affection, despite the hopelessness of their situation. It expresses the person’s desire to be seen by the object of her affection and for fate to be on her side in her quest for romance.

The first Grand Star Dreamer of “Pinoy Dream Academy,” Yeng is one of the most versatile singers in the country. Her albums have consistently been awarded gold or platinum statuses, apart from making surefire hits like “Hawak Kamay,” “Salamat,” “Chinito,” and “Ikaw.” She’s also part of the rich roster of talented artists under ABS-CBN Music—home to many of the best OPM music of today from the country’s leading media and entertainment company, ABS-CBN.

Listen to Yeng’s “Sana Na Lang” single on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music and watch out for its music video on ABS-CBN’s Star Music YouTube channel. Her upcoming album is slated for release in March next year. For more details, like Star Music on, and follow it on Twitter and Instagram @StarMusicPH

Friday, May 17, 2013

Meet Academy of Rock's Ambassadress, Yeng Constantino

8:46:00 AM

Dream Big! As the Pinoy Dream Academy or PDA hailed Yeng Constantino as the grand Star Dreamer. Yeng Constantino made her dreams come true even more when her song “Hawak Kamay” became a hit and after four albums with a long list of chart-toppers earned her the title as the Philippines' Rock Princess.

Shown during her stay in PDA her love for writing songs and performing eventually became a passion to bring back OPM back to the mainstream and give Filipino musicians the recognition from all over the world. Last year when she performed at the Academy of Rock in Manila made that dream came into reality. After that performance , her song “Salamat” was included in the syllabus of the Academy of Rock and people behind the school namely Jeremy Ward of Rockschool UK, Charles Lim and Priscilla Teo of Academy of Rock in Singapore decided to give her an Honorary Licentiate Diploma. Yeng is the 7th person to be give this award among artists from all over the world for being a top notch performer and musician.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Yeng Constantino Nominated in 2 Major Awards in MYX

1:07:00 PM

Pop Rock Princess Yeng Constantino, a consistent honoree of the MYX Music Awards, is nominated once again at the said awards show this year.

Yeng, nominated as Favorite Artist and Female Artist, has established herself as one of the most prolific, talented young talents of her generation.

She recently staged her hit pre-Valentine’s Day concert Ok Lang Maging Single sa Valentine’s Day, which packed the Music Museum last week.

Yeng’s latest single Pag-Ibig, a song about unconditional love written by Yeng especially for the concert, was launched online and reached 1 million views on Youtube a few days after. It is still one of the top songs in the MYX Daily Top 10.

Yeng is being managed by Erickson Raymundo’s Cornerstone Talent Management Center.


Just click here, select your favorites per category and click VOTE!

Click on the MYX Music Awards app on the upper left side of the MYX Philippines official fan page Select your favorites per category and click VOTE!

Tweet your votes Follow the format "#mma2012 I am voting for for ."to cast your vote over Twitter.


Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yeng Versions Live! An OPM Tribute

8:16:00 PM

I have always liked how Yeng Constantino rocks everyone with her rock star personality.  I have liked her performances even during her stay in PDA.  Now this Rockoustic Princess launches her fourth solo album and her first-ever live music compilation titled “Yeng Versions Live!”

This compilation is released under Star Records.  Yeng’s latest album includes songs that she personally hand-picked.  In her desire to pay tribute to her great musical influences like Eraserheads, Apo Hiking Society and Rey Valera; she chose all-Filipino hits close to her heart as a singer and songwriter.

Recorded live in Teatrino Promenade in Greenhills, “Yeng Versions Live!” track list includes: “Alapaap” (composed by Ely Buendia of Eraserheads), “Mahirap Magmahal ng Soyta ng Iba” (composed by Jim Paredes of the Apo Hiking Society), “Paniwalaan Mo” (composed by Cecille Azarcon-Inocente), “Kahapon Lamang” (composed by Westdon Abay), “Banal Na Aso, Santong Kabayo” (composed by Westdon Abay) and a medley of two of Yeng’s signature compositions, “Hawak Kamay” and “Salamat”.

After her all-original album entitled “Lapit” which she collaborated with Raimund Marasigan as the album producer, Yeng’s “Yeng Versions Live!” is an another collaboration with another OPM music icon Jack Rufo, former lead guitarist of the 90’s band Neocolours.

Open your ears!  Get ready to rock and roll with Yeng’s live renditions of classic OPM hits in “Yeng Versions Live!” now available on your favorite record bars nationwide.  The songs can also be downloaded online via

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