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Thursday, August 27, 2020

The Birth of OPM Archive Foundation With It's Initiative to Collect Filipino Music Artifacts

5:57:00 AM

The preservation of the OPM memorabilias are not just collections of old hit music but it is a preservation of the culture that has been established because of the flourishing of the music that time. It is a part of history where everyone has engulf most of their ways to music. Thus the birth of the OPM Archive Foundation has announced its official plans to collect Filipino music memorabilia and champion digital archiving in a time that needs preservation of cultural artifacts. 

Heading the OPM Archive Foundation are the “next gen” members of the group, Moy Ortiz, President; Krina Cayabyab, Vice President; Dinah Remolacio, Treasurer and Chevy Salvador, Secretary, while the more senior members will stay on as board members and advisers.

The archive is a separate entity from Organisasyon ng Pilipinong Mang-aawit (OPM) in that it will serve as a foundation that collects and documents not just the actual original Filipino music, but also narratives, photographs, music sheets and press releases. Originally, the term “OPM” referred to the inclusive period from the 70s to 80s when a rich influx of new and modern sounds, melodies, lyrics, singers and musicians flooded the airwaves, and even the theater, with original dance musicals as “Rama Hari” and “Tales of the Manuvu”. Among the familiar and popular voices that emerged, aside from Celeste Legaspi’s were Basil Valdez, Hajji Alejandro, Sampaguita, Mike Hanopol, Florante, Freddie Aguilar, Leah Navarro, Didith Reyes, just to name a few.

The archive, however, for the purposes of music research and study for future generations, shall extend its borders to the precedents of this era, the 60’s, and extend to the present, and hopefully can be sustained into the future, for the identification and recognition of music development. The accompanying narratives will seek to contextualize the music in its specific social relevance that defined each period, and perhaps identify continuity to the next period.

Plans for the OPM Archive gave rise before the lockdown, when the Filipinas Heritage Library (FHL), where the archive was to be housed, was ready to receive the hard copy donations. With the lockdown, FHL head, Suzanne Yupangco and the archive group agreed to go digital. This does not, however, preclude the collecting of hard copies once the quarantine period is over. There is nothing like seeing the original “in the flesh”. While each hard copy donation will be digitized, the original copies will also be preserved through actual preventive conservation, knowing how digitization alone can be prone to obsolescence because of evolving digital formats.

Music plays a major role in peoples’ lives. It is something everyone cares about. And the archive hopes to ensure that the musical gems it documents and collects will live on from generation to generation, so children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren can appreciate, learn from, and perhaps someday, revise, improvise, follow or change approaches to music.

The archive is now open for digital collection, and is open to the public for donations. Just log on to

The launch of the OPM Archive is an initiative of founding members of OPM, led by its founder and first president, Celeste Legaspi, with Girlie Rodis, Tats Rejante Manahan, Lyca Benitez Brown, next generatiogeneration members, Moy Ortiz, Chevy Salvador, Dinah Remolacio and Krina Cayabyab.

Friday, August 11, 2017

The SOLABROS.COM, New Band, Same Blood, Children of Jerome Abalos

1:56:00 AM

New breed, new band but same blood, these are Jerome Abalos children, the SOLABROS.COM. Brothers who are born and raised in the urban neighborhood of Mandaluyong City, Philippines. In case you forgot who Jerome Abalos is, he is just one of the many multi-talented and multi-awarded musician in the country and he is well known for the monster hit song "Larawang Kupas".  And for those who favors the thrash metal sound, he is the co-founder and frontman of the band "Death By Stereo" and the progressive rock band "Majesty."

Jerome Abalos released 3 solo albums and 2 studio albums with his band. Death by Stereo’s self titled debut album was certified gold record while his solo self-titled debut album featuring the monster hit song, LARAWANG KUPAS, was a certified platinum.

Nurtured by music from the moment they were conceived, Sean, Zack, and Shane grew up with the melodic sound of the keyboards, the ripping sound of heavy metal guitar solos, and the thunder-like beat of drums and percussions. Raised and mentored by a multi-talented, multi genre musical artist of a father and fueled by their mutual interest in rock and roll, heavy metal, progressive rock, and alternative rock, can be considered as one of the rising stars in the Philippines, be it local or in international music scene.

The band was formed in 2015 by singer, songwriter, and keyboard player Sean Abalos and his younger brother, lead guitarist and singer Zachary Jeymz. From the moment Sean and Zack held their instruments and started playing, it was clear that they had a future in the local and international music scene. The band was soon joined by the band’s drummer Shane Steven, the youngest of the Abalos brothers, who gave the band his powerful Lars Ulrich-like drumming style. “Initially, we just wanted to be a band,” recalled Sean. “But when Shane officially joined us and started making all those power beats and double basses, our paradigm shifted and our aspiration changed overnight.We now wanted, not just to be any band, we now wanted to be among the best bands locally and overseas.”

Though with different personalities, Sean, Zack, and Shane’s talents blended and clicked. In 2016, joined their first “Battle of the Bands,” their first public appearance. Since then, the trio had regular gigs in several bars in Manila and Luzon.
Sean Francis Abalos (vocals, keyboards) He is currently finishing his bachelor’s degree at Jose Rizal University in Mandaluyong City. After harnessing his God-given singing talent, Sean was trained on keyboards and has been loving his new skill ever since.
Shane Steven Abalos (drums, vocals) the youngest of the Abalos brothers. At 14 years old, Shane is currently a freshman in high school. With his passion for drums and percussion, Shane was initially trained to play the drums by his father. Shane focused with his training and has dramatically improved his drums and vocals skills. At only 14 years old and only a year of playing, Shane can now be considered a drummer par excellence.
Zachary Jeymz Abalos (guitars, vocals) He was exposed to musical at a very young age. He is a currently in junior high school. With the encouragement of his dad, Zack trained himself to play the guitar, starting with acoustic, he leveled up almost overnight and has since mastered the electric guitar. At only 16 years old, and only a year of playing, Zack has become a guitar phenom. His skills were way beyond his years.

To get more updates, learn more about the brothers and about the bands shows, events, and tours join the Solabros.Com's email list. Also follow their social media accounts, facebook, twitter, and Instagram.

Facebook :
Twitter : @solabros
Instagram : @solabros_com
YouTube :

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Jed Madela, Celebrating His 10th Year

9:17:00 PM

One of the great local singer of this generation, Jed Madela, will be celebrating his 10th year in the music industry.  With his unique voice,  Kwento Ni Toto shares an upcoming events of Jed Madela's 10th year celebration.

From the time Jed started his singing career he has proven to be on top of his game and continues to soar high in the music industry, where competition is cutthroat and fame is volatile.  Apart from his best-selling albums, Jed is also a multi-awarded singer.  He is the Grandslam (3 years in a row)-Male Recording Artists in the Philippine Movie Press Club (PMPC) Star Awards for Music this 2013, and is the Concert of the Year awardee for two consecutive years from the Aliw Awards.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Nyoy Volante Continues With His Journey With His New Album TULOY PARIN

7:38:00 AM

One of Kwento Ni toto's favorite songs are OPM's.  It brings good memories and unforgettable moments.  It is the life blood of my past experiences and learning in life.

Nyoy volante is back, singing around and pulling those strings of his guitar and it is no doubt that the spirit of Original Pilipino Music is still alive and kicking.  We all know Nyoy Volante for being the mellow when he sings and everyone credits him for being such a remarkable acoustic artist that's why he was able to have the title "King of Acoustic Pop".  Now that he has released a new album under MCA Music it has become more apparent that with his songwriting and artistic skills, he really had brought in a significant contribution into making OPM alive and kicking today.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Meet Academy of Rock's Ambassadress, Yeng Constantino

8:46:00 AM

Dream Big! As the Pinoy Dream Academy or PDA hailed Yeng Constantino as the grand Star Dreamer. Yeng Constantino made her dreams come true even more when her song “Hawak Kamay” became a hit and after four albums with a long list of chart-toppers earned her the title as the Philippines' Rock Princess.

Shown during her stay in PDA her love for writing songs and performing eventually became a passion to bring back OPM back to the mainstream and give Filipino musicians the recognition from all over the world. Last year when she performed at the Academy of Rock in Manila made that dream came into reality. After that performance , her song “Salamat” was included in the syllabus of the Academy of Rock and people behind the school namely Jeremy Ward of Rockschool UK, Charles Lim and Priscilla Teo of Academy of Rock in Singapore decided to give her an Honorary Licentiate Diploma. Yeng is the 7th person to be give this award among artists from all over the world for being a top notch performer and musician.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gracenote's First Movement

8:10:00 PM

Last week, one of my correspondent, aka Justin was able to hear one of the bands in the country.  As Justin story tell this album launch of Gracenote, we were listening to the songs.  It's all packed and filled with their great music.  For those who hasn't heard the band Gracenote and their music here's a video and a their music as they perform.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012


1:00:00 PM
MCA Music Awardees at the 25th Awit Awards (L-R): Tricia Garcia (Best Jazz
Recording for "Sa Iyo Lang"), Johnny Alegre of Humanfolk (Best World Music
Recording for "Para Sa Tao"), MCA Music President Ricky R. Ilacad and Asia's
Acoustic Sweetheart Sabrina (Most Downloaded Artist)
MCA Music artists took home honors at the 25th Awit Awards held recently at the Glorietta Activity Center. Asia’s acoustic sweetheart Sabrina was the recipient for the second year as I-Gateway Mobile Philippines Inc.’s “Most Downloaded Artist”.

Noel Cabangon's Panaginip Is A Grandslam

9:00:00 AM

Noel Cabangon’s 2011 release Panaginip is undoubtedly the most awarded album of 2011 having been named Acoustic Album of the Year of the Star Awards for Music, the Secular Album of the Year of the Catholic Mass Media Awards, and the Album of the Year of the Awit Awards. This 3-peat-victory may well be considered a grandslam.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MCA Music On iTunes Philippines

6:35:00 PM

The launch of iTunes in Asia, particularly in the Philippines, has made both local and international music universal and readily available for everyone. Last June 2012, the biggest online media store in the world,made a grand debut in Asia as it opened in twelve territories including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and the Philippines making it easier for customers in the region to buy and download music and videos. Check out this year’s hottest album releases on iTunes Philippines only from MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines):

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Ogie Alcasid's The Songwriter & The Hitmakers Celebrates 25th Anniversary

6:38:00 PM

Twenty five years into the business and Ogie Alcasid has established himself as one of the most successful hitmakers and most prolific songwriters of the Philippine music industry. In celebration of this milestone, Universal Records is releasing his most ambitious project, the 18 track album The Songwriter And The Hitmakers.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jovit Baldivino's OPM's Greatest: Volume 1

5:36:00 PM

Rising from being the first Pinoy Got Talent grand winner, Jovit Baldivino has made it to the top in the music industry.  Recently, Jovit was presented with a triple platinum award for his debut album titled "Faithfully" and platinum award for his second record titled "I'd Do Anything For Love".  Now under Star Records, his 3rd album dubbed as "OPM's Greatest: Volume 1 is already available in the market.  Jovit is longing that this 3rd album will gain platinum award as well.

Jovit's third album released under Star Records features a compilation of his heartfelt renditions of ten well-loved Pinoy classics including its carrier single "Tell Me", which was originally sung in the 80's by Joey Albert.

  1. Completing the tracklist of the all-English "OPM's Greatest: Volume 1" album are the following
  2. You Are My Song                     
  3. Say You'll Never Go                 
  4. Forevermore                              
  5. Make Believe                            
  6. Only Me and You                    
  7. Someone's Always Saying Goodbye
  8. Forever's Not Enough
  9. My Love Will See You Through
  10. I'll Never Go
  11. Tell Me

Check out his live performance during a Press Conference.  He sung his carrier single "Tell Me".

Jovit's third album are now available for download on

For more information visit Star Records' Facebook fanpage at or follow @starrecordsph on Twitter.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Sabrina's Acoustic Love Notes Released

3:06:00 PM

Here's an update about Sabrina's newest album.  So fans and listeners get to know it more here.

Press Release
Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart Sabrina joins forces with famous radio/ TV personality Joe D’Mango for an album that will touch the hearts of many—“Acoustic Love Notes”. Inspired by his popular and long-time show “Love Notes”, Sabrina interprets classic love songs acoustic style coupled with Joe D’Mango’s love messages.

The song line-up includes the carrier single “Somewhere Down The Road” originally by Barry Manilow, Brian McKnight’s “One Last Cry”, “Cry” by Mandy Moore, Christian Bautista’s “The Way You Look At Me”, “Can You Help Me” by Usher, Mikaila’s “The Art of Letting Go”, “I Don’t Want You To Go” by Lani Hall, Brandy’s “Have You Ever”, “Someone Like You” by Adele, Tamia’s “Officially Missing You”, “If Love Is Blind” by Tiffany, Jann Arden’s “Insensitive” and “Without Me” by Clair Marlo.

For the first time in any Sabrina album, it features 4 original songs, 2 of which she composed herself—“One True Love” and “Over For Now But Not Forever”. Her first Filipino track “Sa Bawat Paghinga” was written by award-winning composer Toto Sorioso and the other original track “Again” is a duet with up and coming singer Anj Sulit.

“This project with Mr. Joe D’Mango actually started with my guesting at his show where I sung my all-time favorite love song ‘Somewhere down the Road’. From there, my record label, MCA Music thought of having us working together and the rest is history. It was truly an honor working with him having been a fan of his show through the years,” Sabrina said.

“It’s been a while since I came out with a Lovenotes compilation album. Now, it gives me great pleasure to be part of a soulful collaboration on a new album with Asia’s Acoustic Sweetheart, Sabrina. This endearing album contains some of the most memorable songs that captured the hearts of many who have loved and failed and many who have loved and have been loved in return,” as Joe D’Mango wrote from the album intro.

Sabrina has been making waves in Asia since the release of her “I Love Acoustic” series which is currently on its fourth volume. The albums have been multi-platinum success in Indonesia and certified Gold in Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Among Filipino singers, only two have officially broke in the Southeast Asian market—Christian Bautista and Sabrina.

Be it songs of heartbreak, love lost, letting go or falling in love again, it is here in “Acoustic Love Notes” where you will hear a different Sabrina.

“Acoustic Love Notes” will be out this June 18 under MCA Music (Universal Music Philippines) at leading record stores nationwide and online via and is presented in cooperation with Wow Videoke, Businessworld and To download Sabrina’s music on your mobile phones, text SABRINA to 3456. For bookings and inquiries, please contact Sammy Samaniego at +632 9162504 local 107, +639178565174 or +639209682991 or email

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Noel Cabangon's Musical Journey Continues in “Tuloy Ang Byahe”

3:19:00 PM
Noel Cabangon during the Press Conference

Recently, one of Kwento Ni Toto's correspondent was able to attend the press conference of one of the known composer and singer, Noel Cabangon, as he disclose the continuation of his musical journey through the album entitled "Tuloy ang Byahe".

Read more of the story here

Press Release
Singer-songwriter Noel Cabangon's hit “Byahe” album spawned numerous awards, icluding the elusive Double Platinum Record Award and a sweep during the 2010 Awit Awards. The album also topped the music charts for 20 weeks.

Now, after two years, the highly-anticipated follow-up album “Tuloy Ang Byahe” is all set to be released this June.

The new collection of OPM's finest tunes includes songs from icons Basil Valdez, APO hiking Society, Freddie Aguilar, Hotdog, Rey Valera, VST & Company, Zsa Zsa Padilla, Leah Navarro, Dulce, Florante, Smokey Mountain, among others.

The album also includes someinteresting racks, personally handpicked by Noel himself.

Before being the multi-platinum recording artist that he is right now, Noel started of as part of the group Buklod (Bukluran Ng Mapagpalayang Musiko) more than two decades ago. His music speak of the many artistic, social and political advocacies he carries as a member of PETA, Dakila, Akbayan, Amnesty International and Greepeace.

Noel doesn't just sing purely for entertainment. He believes that his talent is a tool to generate awareness on just about any issue, may it be political, environmental or social. Respected by his peers and revered by the new generation of rock musicians, Noel is recognized as one of the most influential figures in the pinoy music scene, in fact one of his past hits with Buklod, Tatsulok was covered by Bamboo.

Tuloy Ang Byahe” Tracklist:

  1. Tuwing Umuulan at Kapiling Ka (originally sung by Basil Valdez)
  2. Anak (originally sung by Freddie Aguilar)
  3. Kahit Na (originally sung by Zsa Zsa Padilla)
  4. Kailan (originally sung by Smokey Mountain)
  5. Malayo Pa Ang Umaga (originally sung by Rey Valera)
  6. Ika Lang Ang Aking Mahal (originally sung by VST & Company)
  7. Usahay (Visayan Folk Song)
  8. Huwag Mong Sabihin
  9. Sika Laeng Iti Biag
  10. Paano (originally sung by Dulce)
  11. Lagi Na Lang (originally sung by Leah Navarro)
  12. Iduyan Mo (originally sung by Basil Valdez)
  13. Pumapatak ang Ulan (originally sung by APO Hiking Society)
  14. Manila with GLOC-9 (originally sung by Hotdog)
  15. Joey's Theme (Umaga Na Naman)(originally sung by Christopher De Leon) From the Mike De Leon fil “Kug Mangarap Ka't Magising”
  16. Handog (originally sung by Florante)

Follow Noel Cabangon:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Richard Poon's Nationwide Tour

6:53:00 AM

Wow, though I've been too busy with different stuff here's something from the Big Band Crooner, Richard Poon.  It's better late than never!  So for those who's a big fan of Richard Poon here's some details about his Philippine Tour.

Big Band Crooner Richard Poon is all set to conquer the whole country with his seven-city tour which started last May 18 at the Cebu Ayala Terraces.  Followed just yesterday May 25 at the Iloilo Hotel Del Rio, June 1 at the Koronadal Gym, June 2 at the Le Jardin Arnevel in General Santos City, June 15 at the L’ Fisher Hotel in Bacolod, June 16 at the ABL Sports Complex in Kalibo, and September 22 at the Capiz Gym in Roxas City.

“I am excited to meet everyone in the tour,” says Richard Poon. “It is always nice to perform for different people from different places.”

Richard, who is a mainstay of ASAP 2012 and is a member of the show’s Sessionistas, has a number of new exciting projects lined-up for this year.

“This year marks a lot of groundbreaking things for me,” adds Richard. “I am just thankful that I have been blessed with these wonderful opportunities to share my music to a more people.”

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Aiza Seguerra joins ‘THE ERASERHEADS’ tribute album

5:32:00 PM

Some of music industry's best artists unite in one album to pay tribute to the phenomenal contribution of the iconic Filipino pop-rock band, The Eraserheads.

Released by Star Records and Star Cinema, “The Reunion: An Eraserheads Tribute Album" features 14 anthemic Eraserheads hit songs including 'Alapaap’ by 6cyclemind with Eunice of Gracenote, ‘Minsan’ by Callalily, ‘Overdrive’ by Vin Dancel, ‘Fine Time’ by Marc Abaya of Kjwan, ‘Super Proxy’ of Razorback with Gloc9, ‘Kailan’ by Ney and Yeng Constantino, ‘Kaliwete’ by Hilera, ‘Maling Akala’ by Itchyworms, ‘Ligaya’ by Mayonnaise, ‘Pare Ko’ by Johnoy Danao, ‘Ang Huling El Bimbo’ by Jay Durias, ‘Magasin’by Chicosci, ‘With A Smile’ by Aiza Seguerra with Mike Villegas, and ‘Hey Jay’ by Tanya Markova.

"The Reunion: An Eraserheads Tribute Album" is available on record bars nationwide on Wednesday (May 9).

Thursday, May 17, 2012


8:48:00 PM

After making their major label debut album “Shinji Ilabas Mo Na Ang Helicopter” which produced the hit singles “Ang Pusa Mo”, “FX” and “Simulan Mo Na”, alternative band Pedicab returns with a new EP entitled “Kaya Mo Mag-Sando?”

The EP, which is currently the #1 most downloaded album at (the Philippines’ version of iTunes), features 6 brand new tracks including the carrier single “Otomatik”. Other tracks in the EP are: “Kaya Mo Mag-Sando?”, “Ang Apoy”, “La Liga Filipina”, “Insekto” and “The Shot”.

In “Kaya Mo Mag-Sando?”, the band employed a wide array of sounds and samples, including acoustic guitars, simulated horns and strings, tribal beats, and a lot of percussion. (More cowbell!) In fact, none of the EP’s six tracks remotely resemble any song on the band’s previous two records, but longtime fans and listeners will certainly appreciate – if not come to expect – the sonic evolution and the quirky grooves that the five seasoned musicians (yes, including the filmmaker) that make up Pedicab consistently provide.

Pedicab is composed of Diego Mapa on lead vocals, synthesizer and percussion; Raimund Marasigan on synthesizer, percussion, vocals; Mike Dizon on drums and percussion; Jason Caballa on guitar, percussion and vocals and RA Rivera on sampler, synthesizer and vocals.

“Kaya Mo Mag-Sando?” is now out under MCA Music in CDs at leading record stores and online via To download “Otomatik” as your ringback tone, just text KD463 to 2332 (GLOBE), OTOM to 2728 (SMART) and 5493903 to 2300 (SUN). Or text PEDICAB to 3456 (for Globe and Smart subscribers only).

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Emmanuelle’s Dream Comes True

9:17:00 PM

OPM’s newest sweetheart Emmanuelle has undeniably what it takes to make it to this Industry– enchanting singing voice, pretty face, innate songwriting talent. However, unknown to many, this young singer worked very hard to finally fulfill her dreams of having her own album – Universal Records’ latest release Emmanuelle.

“From the first time I auditioned in front of executives of Universal, it took me around four years to finally have my album released,” shares Emmanuelle. “Upon the advise of my management Cornerstone and the label, I had to undergo series of voice lessons, learn to play instruments, write better songs, and pratice my tagalog.”

These sacrifices, according to Emmanuelle, make this album extra special. Aside from being her first release, she feels that a lot of stories are enveloped in this album. The album’s carrier single Happy, a feel-good pop tune, was written by Emmanuelle when she was just 14 years old.

“The inspiration for Happy? Well, one time, my best friend brought me home,” she says. “So, we tried to capture that in the music video with Ivan Dorschner.” Aside from Happy, Emmanuelle penned songs like Dear Diary, and Tonight. She also interpreted songs of Ito Rapadas (Sandali Lang) and Jude Gitamondoc (Sarap Mabuhay). She also has her rendition of the hit ballad God Gave Me You.

Aside from being a gifted singer and songwriter, Emmanuelle is also a promising guitar player.

Pop Rock Princess Yeng Constantino has a special duet with Emmanuelle in the album – Manong Guard.

“Masaya talaga ako na nakasama ako sa album na ‘to,” admits Yeng. “I am extremely happy that Emmanuelle has been given this chance to record some songs that she wrote herself – dun sa aspect na yun, pareho kaming singer-songwriter.”

Emmanuelle is being managed by Cornerstone Talent Management Center (
Follow Emmanuelle on twitter: @xemmanuelle
Emmanuelle’s Track List:
  1. Happy
  2. Dear Diary
  3. Tonight
  4. Manong Guard with Yeng Constantino
  5. Sandali Lang
  6. Sarap Mabuhay
  7. God Gave Me You

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

There’s Something with Karylle’s Smile

11:07:00 AM

Singer-actress-host Karylle has a lot of reasons to smile lately –self-produced Roadtrip album just turned Gold, hosting stint in Showtime, post-Valentine concert Love and Laughter with Christian Bautista was successful, Best Actress nomination from the Monte Carlo Festivals for The Kitchen Musical, and the Best Performance Bronze Medal and Best in Writing Gold Medal the series got from the recently-concluded New York Festivals.

With these, it seems that it is the most opportune time to release her latest single from Roadtrip – I’ve Found My Smile Again. This is the third single after the upbeat OMG and the sweet, sincere Basically.

Aside from record stores, Roadtrip can be downloaded at, a one-stop mega-shop for all your music download needs, also boasts of exclusive downloads made for MyMusic Store supporters only. It also has a library of thousands of songs and albums for you to choose from.

The song talks about having a reason to “smile” again.

The music video, helmed by ace photographer Raymund Isaac, had its premiere last April 23 on MYX.

“I am really thankful that Raymund agreed to direct this video,” says Karylle. “I really love it. Raymund is a genius!”

On the other hand, Karylle is still ecstatic in the recent win of The Kitchen Musical at the New York Festivals (Gold Medal for Best Writing and Bronze Medal for Best Performance).

“We are all very happy to have won the New York Festivals,” says Karylle. “I was in touch with our director before the awards. Honestly, it didn't cross my mind that we would win but on the day of the awards, I kept praying that we would win.”

Karylle is also nominated in the Best Actress category at the Monte Carlo Festivals. She recounts, “I didn't really want to believe it, since I didn't hear from our TKM group. When I saw the nominations list, I was in disbelief seeing the likes of Tina Fey, Juliana Marguiles, among others to be among the other nominees.”

The Kitchen Musical also emerged as an intermedia-globe Gold Award winner at the 2012 WorldMediaFestival, a global competition for modern media that honours and celebrates excellent solutions in Corporate Film, Television, Web and Print productions on an international scale.

To vote for the music video, just log on to!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Kamikazee is now 'Romantico'

7:30:00 AM

Kamikazee, with their signature onstage antics and witty songs, has established itself to be one of the hottest rock bands of this generation, yielding numerous hits like "Narda," "Tsinelas," "Chicksilog," "First Day High," among others. For their fourth album "Romantico," the rock band goes extremely personal with songs that re-tell their love experiences.

"What makes this album special is that all the songs here are expression of our experiences and the stories of people around us," says drummer Allan “Bords” Burdeos. "It is an album very close to us as these songs represent parts of who we are now."

Frontman Jay Contreras adds, “Para siyang kuwento ng mga taong, umibig, umiibig, iniwan, nasaktan, at umibig ulit.”

Kamikazee considers this album special because this is the first time that they had agreed on the album’s theme even before the collection of songs was written.

The band added that usually the songs come first before they think of an album concept, but for “Romantico,” it is clear to them that they want to tackle love as its central theme.

The album's first single "Halik" talks about love grown tired, expressed in Kamikazee’s signature sound.

When asked whose story that was, Bords quickly replied, "secret!"

Other standout tracks are “TNT,” “Tamis,” “Tagpuan,” “Sana,” “Sobrang lungkot,” “Kislap,” “Wo-oh,” “If You’re Not Here,” “Paano,” and “Huling Sayaw.”

“Romantico” comes after the hit albums “Kamikazee,” “Maharot,” and “Long Time Noisy.”

Formed in 2000, the band is composed of Jay Contreras on vocals, Jomal Linao on guitars and backing vocals, Led Tuyay on guitars, Puto Astete on bass and Bords Burdeos.

Track List:
  1. Halik
  2. TNT
  3. Tamis
  4. Tagpuan
  5. Sana
  6. Sobrang Lungkot
  7. Kislap
  8. Wo-oh
  9. If you’re not here
  10. Paano
  11. Huling sayaw

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