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Friday, June 7, 2019

Celebrities Who Supported the #SunshineFamily

5:19:00 PM

Our coverage of the #RedCarpetPremiere of the movie #SunshineFamily. The film is well supported by different personalities in the industry. From veteran to new ones and from local to foreign. Yup foreign because aside from the Korean cast of the movie SB19 were also present during the premiere night. To give you some of the names who joined the screening are Empoy, Muy, Khalil Ramos, Maris Racal (alone and beautiful), the Avanzado family (Dingdong, Jessa, and Jayda), Ryan Bang, Jeffrey Hidalgo, and Joao Constancia. There were also others who were there like Sylvia Sanchez, Ria Atayde, and Elisse Joson (also alone and beautiful). So have you watched the movie? If not better get your tickets now and watch it . A family comedy-drama film that will let you laugh but pinch your heart as well. #Family #Movie #SunshineFamilyMovie #SueRamirez #Shinwoo

Thursday, June 6, 2019

5 Life Lessons That The Sunshine Family Movie Brings

11:39:00 AM

Why do you need to watch the movie Sunshine Family? Well, there are plenty of reasons but I can share two things, it is about family and it gives life lessons. Here are my list of lessons that I think you can get from the movie.
  1. Love your moms! Mothers are truly the light of the family. When things aren't as good as we know it, mothers will always be there and be the light to every member of the family. She's always their to soften hard hitting situations and will always take things the brighter side. 
  2. Life and sh*t happens. No matter how cautious we are, there are things that happens in life that made us do unnecessary and unwanted things. These are situations that help us or break us, depends on how we keep our faith in the Lord and with the family.
  3. The movie, Sunshine Family, teaches us to value family. For the head of the family, it doesn't matter how much you bring on the table but how you value moments when you provide for the family. The time spent with them and the moments cherished because of what we, fathers, provide.
  4. Acceptance. With the growing number of people accepting that there are other genders to be considered, still, the Sunshine Family movie brings in that thought of accepting an individual who ever he or she is. Sometimes even in races there are times that we couldn't easily accept who they are.
  5. The truth shall set you free. We know that this phrase is already over used but, hey it still works and with the movie, Sunshine Family, it teaches us to tell the truth no matter what. Sometimes these things are just test for us. 

To give you few details about the story, it is about a Filipino family who had been living in South Korea and is about to go back to the Philippines when a misfortune happened where they got involved in a hit-and-run incident. The father, played by Nonie Buencamino, decided to surrender to the police. In the process, things happened and the family relationship got to understand each other.

The movie is directed by Kim Tai-Sik and produced by Spring Films and Film Line. Lead stars of the movie are Nonie Buencamino as the Father - Don Mapalad, Shamaine Buencamino as the Mother - Sonya Mapalad, Sue Ramirez as the daughter - Shine Mapalad, Marco Masa as the son - Max Mapalad, and Shinwoo of Blanc-7 played as the boyfriend of Shine.

The movie is shot entirely in Seoul and Yangpyeong County.

Watch it!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sunshine Family Celebrity Screening

1:25:00 PM

Kwento Ni Toto was invited to see in advance the movie Sunshine Family at Santolan Town Plaza. Sue Ramirez gave thanks to everyone present. New teen celebrities from the famous house of kuya were present in the Celebrity Screening. Watch Sunshine Family. #SunshineFamily #Movie #Film #Entertainment

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