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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Bradley Holmes Returns with Single "TAKBO"

7:34:00 AM


It's interesting to hear voices that you once have heard and somehow acquainted with the quality of voices. So, it's glad to hear his voice again. Singer, songwriter, and actor Bradley Holmes, who was branded as "The Rocker Dad" in the reality singing contest "The Voice Philippines Season 2 in 2014, returns with a new single "Takbo."

The song "Takbo" is the composition of Lester Ramos, who also wrote some few of the songs and one of it was sung by "X Factor UK" finalist Alisah Bonaobra "Tayo Pa Rin." To watch the official lyric video of the song visit YouTube channel of Rider PH Studios (

Bradley continues to perform regularly online via Kumu. His previous release was the song "Damhin."

Friday, November 25, 2011

BonPen Festival Experience: Fun Run

7:00:00 PM
The first experience always marks the spot.  Just like in our love lives, the first crush, first kiss, and first love they all linger into our memory.  Of course, it should be because it is the first and for this event in my life, it will surely mark the spot because it's another first time for me.

So why am I saying things about first time well, to be honest, this specific fun run in the BonPen Festival was actually my first ever official run.  My supposedly first was impeded by a typhoon which caused me to stay in and let the chill of dawn lullaby me.  This fun run themed as Takbo at Padyak BonPen Para Sa Kalikasan in Quezon will sure be a memory to keep because aside from my first official run it also got a lot of first in it.  So what are they?  Well, I'll try to list it down so that it will be remembered as well.
  • First official 5k run.
  • First provincial BonPen Festival 5k run.
  • First time to run on a Sandugo Sandals (I hope Sandugo will invite me or make me a model for their great quality sandals.  Hahaha!) and take note it is a 5k run (I could really attest to the durability of Sandugo Sandals).
  • First time to actually finish the run and take note it's a 35 minute run time on a Sandugo Sandals (hehehe another endorsement of Sandugo Sandals).
Now, isn't it exciting jotting down all those firsts in one event?  The good news... the Sandugo Sandals is still in one piece and I think it only loses a few millimeters of its thickness.  The bad news... I got body aches and lots of cramps on my legs because of that run.  Perhaps that's the reason why other runners prefer barefoot rather than running on slippers or sandals.  I wonder if I can run barefoot?  Nah! That sandals run is enough experience already.

It's yours truly while making my run.
This photo is courtesy of JL Aquino of
Maybe you were wondering why I run on Sandals during that fun run in BonPen Festival?  Well, I didn't come prepared and I actually don't have any plan on joining the Takbo at Padyak BonPen Para Sa Kalikasan running event but because most of the bloggers are going to run I decided to join as well.  It's a fun run after all.

First times are always remembered and this one will sure be a memory to last.

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