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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Grab and Uber Some of the Causes of Traffic in the Philippines

6:18:00 AM

In the rise of the heated talks about Grab, Uber and LTFRB regarding the idea of fining of amounting to millions, I just came to a realization. At first it didn't crossed to my mind but lately with the increase of problem with traffic, I realized that Grab and Uber became one of the causes of heavy traffic.

I'm also a user of Grab and Uber user I definitely know the conditions of this cars. Yup, most of these cars are brand new.

Here are my realization why Grab and Uber in the Philippines became one of the reasons why traffic became worse.

1. Theoretically Grab and Uber operators are supposed to be existing owners of vehicles to be used as alternative means of public transport but practically Grab and Uber became the reasons to buy more cars.

2. Because of the testimonies of Grab and Uber drivers and operators on how they profit  from it, many individuals bought brand new cars for use in Grab or Uber.

3. Remember that when Grab and Uber became known traffic just worsen.

4. I'm not sure which is which, the cost of vehicles lower because of the potential business with Grab or Uber operators or the rise of Uber and Grab made vehicle companies to lower their cost. Either which vehicle sale scaled up.

So, is my analization makes sense or not?

Whatever nay be the cause of the traffic perhaps it is high time for the government to take this seriously. Move, act and do things for the country not for the wallet. Travel time of 5 to 6 hours a day to and from is nit economically healthy.

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