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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

The Reason of Generosity, Wilbert Toletino is Mister Generous

12:26:00 AM

The generosity of Mr. Wilbert Tolentino flows deep from his heart and as long as he can share what he has. A former Mr. Gay World titlist, a businessman, and an online philanthropist who wears different hats to make a difference. In these past few months, Wilbert Tolentino takes on a new weight to carry on his shoulder - being a Vlogger who wants to make a digital mark in the online universe. In two months Sir Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs already reached 300,000 subscribers and continues to grow.

“I am indeed thankful for this achievement,” declares Tolentino. “As a newbie in this entertainment streaming, knowing that I can bring smiles on the lips and good time to my subscribers, it makes me feel great.” Adds the newly minted vlogger: “The main reasons why I turned into vlogging because I want to spread joy and honest to goodness entertainment to people who are cocooned in their houses. All of us have faced anxiety and depression in this time of the pandemic.”

The generosity of Sir Wilbert is indeed overflowing, remember what he has done during the lockdown period? Well, fortunately, yours truly is one of the recipient bloggers. So now, after surviving his critical infection of the COVID19, "...this vlog, aside from the fun and cheer it brings, it is my way of offering assistance, reaching out to our fellow Pinoys who faced all sort of calamities, either mand-made or because of nature's wrath and of course, all those who are in the sectors greatly afflicted by the current pandemic." 

Creativity, inspiration, and ideas are probably what Sir Wil thrives on to continue moving forward with his experience as a newbie in the vlogging world. "As a co-owner of three entertainment bars (Apollo, Club 690, Farenheit), creativity and content are the best ingredients you must input to pique the interest and arouse the curiosity of your viewers who eventually become subscribers. Since the start of my vlog, I make it a point to read the good comments, even the nastier ones. Each comment has something to say, and you unearth from them gems of ideas. These ideas inspire me to come out with exciting and relevant content. And I believe that with the impressive numbers that we have reached in a short period of time, I am giving our growing audiences happiness and good vibes. I am overwhelmed and grateful for all their love and support.”

He carries on: “There is a bigger advocacy here, I want to bring the people together, to collaborate, to work in harmony, and offer all innovative forms of entertainment, In the nearest future, part of my dream is to realize convention wherein the participants are all the popular and positive influencers in the different social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Lyka, Facebook. This coming together convention of the digital universe’s crème dela crème will surely a big step in assessing our strengths, where have we gone so far, what else do we want to achieve in the realm of social media, and how we can become more responsible in using the medium in bringing concrete changes that will have beneficial effects to all.”

When all is well, Tolentino’s major plan: “Next year, THE PHILIPPINES INFLUENCER AWARDS 2021 is already in the pipeline. This is for all the press, media, and vloggers.”

Currently, some of Tolentino’s noteworthy endeavors are a music video billed as “Kafreshness ng Pasko” and his collaborations with the Beks Battalion (Chad Kinis, Richardson de la Cruz, Reginald Lassy Marquez, Mc Muah Calaquian), DoLaiNab (Donnalyn Bartolome, Jelai Andres at Zeinab Harake), Sachzna Laparan, Sanya Lopez, JaMill (Jaysam Manabat, Camille Trinidad).

In conclusion, Wilbert Tolentino says: “ Despite the struggles and challenges that we are facing because of these global health issues, we Filipinos will rise from this. We are not alone. We have each other. Let us not permit anxiety and sadness get the better of us. My vlogs are my modest manner of spreading positivity and gratitude to the many blessing that we all receive and have.”

Before ending this year's season Sir Wil invites everyone to “See you on December 24, 2020, 7 pm to all my subscribers. There will be Noche Bola Raffle Bonanza.” This ends this story but Mister Generous Wilbert Tolentino continues his generosity. Check out his Vlog 

Thursday, September 10, 2020

How Kwento Ni Toto was HACKED/HIJACKED

1:07:00 AM


Kwento Ni Toto - Hacked

Just a week ago, KWENTO NI TOTO account was HACKED!!!!

Yes, the Google account that I am using to access Kwento Ni Toto was HACKED but according to Google it is HIJACKED. Yes, basically the account was indeed hijacked because I was totally kicked-out from the account. Whatever form of recovery I actually cannot get access to my account. 


Well, when you are curious and you are tempted, things happens like this one. I was curious on how other YouTubers gain access or being contacted by game developers to make a review or test their upcoming games. So, when opportunity (opportunity in disguised with an evil laugh) you just simply try it and grab it. I was tempted of the opportunity, a negotiable opportunity. 

Near end August when I received an email from a certain Advertising and Marketing personnel from a game developer company. They were asking if I can do a review and short ads of their upcoming game that is still in beta form. To make the long story short I accepted the offer and went on with the instruction. As I execute the so-called game demo it happened, I was hacked! Totally and completely erasing my recovery email, phone number, and the 2 step verification process. 

So, if ever you'll find an email with the same modus, please try to thoroughly research first before getting into action. Another thing when you get a hint that it is something not good, stop and think again. 

Watch my vlog to get the full details of the story. 

Watch out for the next vlog as I share things I tried in recovering the account and what you should do in case you lost it as well from the hackers. 

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Sylviahera Tours The Flavors of Life on December 25

11:54:00 PM

A different take, a different style, and a different way of showing the perspective of life and its flavors. This is what Sylviahera is all about. All natural, all raw and spontaneous cooking and travel.

Sylvia Sanchez takes on a new venture in her career as she invades the digital world by letting everyone knows that she's not left behind in the world wide web of social media. A look back into her childhood experiences and fondest memories, she'll be showing first her roots and the dishes that she grows with. This is more of a vlogger type take for Sylvia. A new style of presenting the way of learning about life together with the different spices of every journey of our souls on this world. She will try to bring the viewers and be part of the travel as they visit one place after the other.

Together with her trustee luggage, which comes with a single burner stove, she will explore the gift of nature, the culture and the people behind in every delicious dishes in the country. Her adventures will be unscripted and spontaneous in exploring the local scene.
During the blogcon Director Dante Nico Garcia gave an introduction and insight about this new venture. He even shared that everything is as spontaneous as Ms. Sylvia's character. Everything is done without the glamorous make up. Simplest as possible as it is. Direk Dante also gave a glimpse of the first episode.

Ms. Sylvia also shared that every dish in that episode were taken from her childhood memories and activities in the province. She even shared daw she made sure that her kids will experience the things that she experienced.

Sylviahera is under the direction of Dante Nico Garcia which will officially start on December 25 at exactly 12:01 AM  5:00PM. The first episode will be released on Youtube under Casa Nieves TV. After the release of the first episode they will have a weekly inject about the dishes that viewers might want to learn how it was cooked or even the ingredients.

This coming December 25 watch Sylviahera in Youtube as Sylvia Sanchez invites everyone to come with her as she reminisce her childhood in Butuan.

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