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Friday, October 22, 2021

Madam Inutz Grateful For Another Gift from her Talent Manager Ka-Freshness Wilbert Tolentino

6:44:00 AM


Continues flow of blessings! This is what Daisy Lopez or better known as "Madam Inutz" has been receiving this past few months after she decided to be managed by one of the most generous people, her Ka-Freshness Talent Manager Wilbert Tolentino. 

For being 'Ang Mama-bentang Live Seller ng Cavite' now to a high soaring showbiz career. This is with the solid support and guidance that she is getting from her manager, former Gay World titlist, businessman, social media influencer, and philanthropist, no less than Wilbert Tolentino.

Madam Inutz took her colorful and vibrant personality inside the Pinoy Big Brother House as she has been named as one of the housemates of PBB Kumunity Season 10. She was one of the first three official housemate that was announced to enter the PBB House.

Before Madam Inutz became officially part of PBB, she released her very first and much-awaited debut single "Inutil" and also recorded her next song just in time for the holiday season, "Sangkap ng Pasko". Inutil is a categorized as a novelty song while Sangkap ng Pasko is a ballad one which everyone can deeply relate to because it is a very heart-warming song perfect for the whole Filipino family who never fails to celebrate the Christmas season together no matter what they're going through.

“Promise, iiyak kayo sa song na ito. Sobrang mata-touch ang mga Pinoy. Sobrang makare-relate sila na ang sangkap o ingredient ng Pasko ay ang pagmamahal sa pamilya,” said Ka-Freshness Wilbert Tolentino.

The mother of Madam Inutz also got emotional when she heard the song "Sangkap ng Pasko", it was indeed tears of joy, she felt the strong message of the lyrics plus she is also very happy for her daughter's achievements.

You can now watch the official music video of "Sangkap ng Pasko" on the Official YouTube Channel of Daisy Lopez. Moreover, Ka-Freshness Wilbert Tolentino didn't stop from giving Madam Inutz surprises because she and her family truly deserves it.

Last October 5, before she had hotel quarantine for PBB, Madam Inutz received the early Christmas gift and surprise from her manager Wilbert Tolentino - a house and lot in Bulacan. In Wilbert Tolentino Vlogs ( ) you watch how Madam Inutz cried in joy when she learned about the biggest surprise she received this year, another turning point and milestone achieved thanks to her very generous manager Wilbert.

“Huwag ka na umiyak. Deserved mo ‘yan, deserved mo ito,” said Ka-Freshness Wilbert.

According to Wilbert, this is also a motivational gift for Madam Inutz so that she will focus on her work and push herself to do her best inside the Pinoy Big Brother house.

The house and lot in Bulacan are 88 square meters, the floor area is 55 square meters, and still needs to have some additional beautifications and renovations which is undergoing while Madam Inutz is currently inside PBB. Wilbert plans to build the house with three floors so that the whole family can fit and also put up a sari-sari store so that they can have a stable business as well since the area is also residential and the location is very accessible to the residents since it is near the main entrance of their subdivision.

Sir Wil said that Madam Inutz sacrificed a lot of endorsements when she decided to enter PBB, saying, “Puwede naman siyang kumita sa labas although pinili ko na ipasok siya sa PBB."

Sir Wil has a lot of plans and career development in store for Madam Inutz which is why her fans will be very happy to know that she will continue to have amazing projects ahead. Even the netizens who misjudged Sir Wil in the past for handling Madam Inutz's career are now in full support and are also very thankful that she is in the right hands because not only is he handling her career but also manages the welfare and future of her family.

Congrats Madam Inutz and Wilbert Tolentino!

For Inquiries & Product endorsement - Call or Text 09175INUTIL / 09175468845 or Email sa DLINUTIL@GMAIL.COM.

Be updated with the latest videos of Ka-Freshness on Wilbert Tolentino VLOGS YouTube channel and Daisy Lopez YouTube channel.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Sir Wilbert Tolentino, Living The Concept of Pay It Forward with His Sir Wil Online Challenge

2:07:00 PM

Finally, I was able to watch the movie "Pay It Forward" in full length. I always hear the title in different financial literacy seminars, and it did lift my interest to know more about the concept. Repaying the help that you get by helping others. Looking at it closely, the young boy character named Trevor created the diagram about the idea, and it is somehow similar to the concept of the networking companies that we know. Each person will have to help three different people, and each of the three persons must help three other people. In a much simpler explanation, it is a matter of cascading down the kind of help to people who are in need.

Help! That's where we all right now we're in a situation that people need help. Probably it is natural for us, Filipinos, extending aid to someone in need, the only difference in today's position is that we are battling a pandemic crisis, in a situation where viruses are unknown and without an antidote.

I'm not sure if Sir Wilbert Tolentino has watched or heard about the phrase 'pay it forward' because I am pretty sure that his deeds are similar to that concept. He is helping more than the three persons through his different initiatives. Only a person gifted with a big heart can do something like this.

If others are moving their help into the physical environment where there is still the scare of being affected by the virus, Sir Wil's aid is running online. Yes, most of his current initiatives are online and it is tagged as Sir Wil Online Challenge. This is his way of doing his advocacy, which is dubbed as “Stay Home, Save Lives. We Will Beat COVID 19.”

The Online Challenges run by Sir Wil does not only help people financially, but it also helps in terms of keeping the mental and emotional state of a person, plus the awareness of how to fight COVID 19. Through these challenges, people get creative and talented. Keeping away their minds from stress, worry, and fear.

Wait, who is Sir Wilbert Tolentino or Sir Wil, by the way? Well, first he's not Prince Ali from Aladdin or a Chieftain of Tribal group from centuries ago and not even the Pharaoh of Egypt.

Sir Wil or Wilbert Tolentino is a simple Filipino who aspire success not only for himself but for his fellow Pinoys. For his records, he is the first Pinoy who wins the title of Mr. Gay World. He is also one of the successful entrepreneurs in the country, a prominent personality leading in the upliftment of the LGBTQIA community, an influencer, and a generous person who is willing to give aid and assistance to different sectors of the society.

So far here are the completed challenges and their winners.

The Queen of Lockdown Transformation 2020
Pagirl / Pahard Challenge 
(for gay community)

Grand Winner (P10,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – POPOY SON ROXAS

1st Runner-Up (P3,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – GIOVANNI LAZARO FLORES
2nd Runner-Up (P2,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – AJ CASTRO JOSE
3rd Runner-Up (P1,000 plus 1 sack of rice) – KARL GONZALES
4th Runner-Up (P500 plus 1 sack of rice) – HIRO MAKINANO

Sir Wil Extreme Cutie Quest Challenge 
(for families)

Grand Winner (P20,000) – MARY LETIM PONCE

1st Runner-Up (P10,000) – RED REDVINGREY
4th Runner-Up (P3,000) – IANNY A. CANILLO

(for Social Media Influencers)

Grand Winner (P50,000) – SACHZNA LAPARAN

1st Runner-Up (P20,000) – JAY COSTURA DREAMS
2nd Runner-Up (P10,000) – PRINCESS KHIM SANTILLAN
3rd Runner-Up (P5,000) – JUSTINE RHAY SIMBULAN
4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JS ASUNCION

The Ultimate Impersonation Contest
(for impersonators and entertainers)

Grand Winner (P50,000) – LADY IVANA

1st Runner-Up (P20,000) – KHANDIE SEGOVIA
2nd Runner-Up (P10,000) – VINAS DELUXE
3rd Runner-Up (P5,000) – TIFFANY
4th Runner-Up (P3,000) – DBLACKBUTTERFLY AIKEE

The Philippines’ Most Beautiful Beki Online Pageant
(for gays and transgender women)

*with special guest judge: the Philippines’ foremost pageant blogger Norman Tinio

Grand Winner (P100,000) – MARIANNE CRISOLOGO

1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – MATMAT CENTINO
2nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – LARS PACHECO
3rd Runner-Up (P10,000) – PATRICK ISORENA
4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – BRITNEY MADALI

WiL or No WiL Online Game Show 
(open to all)


The King of ECQ Online Search
( for entertainment, ramp, TVC male models/ male pageant aspirants)
(special guest judge and commentator: Miss Earth 2008 Karla Henry Ammann)

Grand Winner (P200,000) – ALLEN ONG MOLINA

1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – WIZE ESTABILLO
2nd Runner-Up (P20,000) – ROBBY CUBACUC
3rd Runner-Up (P10,000) – CZACK BUENAFE
4th Runner-Up (P5,000) – JIRO GARCIA

(for social media influencers)

Grand Winner (P200,000) – SHAINA DENNIZ

1st Runner-Up (P50,000) – BUKNOY GLAMUR
2nd Runner-Up (P30,000) – CHESTER LAPAZ
3rd Runner-Up (P20,000) – DWINE ENRIQUEZ
4th Runner-Up (P10,000) – KURT LAWRENCE BAUTISTA

Right now, there are still ongoing challenges and one of these is the Media Challenge which is for entertainment, lifestyle, and pageant media who will be able to win a grand prize of Php100,000.00, of course, there are also runner ups.

His story of paying it forward continues as he extend help to people through his online challenges.

In case you want it more visual, moving and auditory, well, you can watch the video below for further details.


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