Friday, November 16, 2012

Astroplus Blog-Connect, Connecting Bloggers & Brands

Few weeks ago Astroplus together with Mike Soon of MixofEverything and Azrael Coladilla of Asrael'sMerryland collaborated to showcase and introduce what's new and what's upcoming from different brands.

It was a fine afternoon and I think rain had stopped for some time to make way for the bloggers to attend this overwhelming and brand-flooded event. This is their second year of bringing brands upclose to bloggers. The first one was the Bloggers' Blow Out which was done in one of thei branch at Greenbelt and for this year it's themed as “Astroplus Blog-Connect” and it is held at their Astroplus branch at the Podium. Astroplus wanted to let bloggers experience more of the brands that they have. The event was divided into two blocks, one for the music and movie and the other one is for the gadgets. So for those who love music and movies they attended the first block, then for the bloggers who like and knows much more about gadgets go for the second block which is the gadgets block. Gladly, I was there during the first event and it was a huge one, with different brands and as I recall it it was raining with giveaways that day. Did get a lot of good stuff!

Before anything else let me introduce Astroplus. Astroplus and Astrovision are just one company that brings to the public the best of the entertainment lifestyle experience and of course to the rest of the world.

So, what's Astroplus Blog-Connect? Well, it's a venue for online influencers and brands to converge and transmit what's new and what's hot into the beacon of the online world then shatter it around like the stars in the heaven. I hope that you imagined it pretty well.

Of course in every event there's always a sumptuous meal to lighten up the mood and thank you for Astroplus for that. I'm ready to listen and internalize that day.

The Music and Movie block was the first to get engage with some of the leading brands in the music and movie industry. These are the MagnaVision, Ivory Music & Video, Sony Music, C Interactive and Warner Music. They all presented the upcoming releases that they have so we, bloggers, did get a hint already of what's going out to the market and when it will be out as well. That's a first-hand information straight from the distributors themselves.

Inline with the music category most of companies are sure going to release something for this holiday season. Some of them like the “The Classic Christmas Album” of Barry Manilow and “Heavenly Christmas” by Jackie Evancho. Of coursed there were some of the much awaited release of artist and some of these are “Up All Night: The Souvenir Edition” and “Take Me Home” by One Direction, “#3” by the Scripts, “The Truth About Love” by Pink, “Hello” by Karmin, “Lotus” by Christina Aguilera, “Great Hits – Chapter One” by Kelly Clarkson, “Bad 25” and “Live at Wembly” by Michael Jackson, “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys, “Global Warming” by Pitbull, “Looking 4 Myself” by Usher, “Fortune” by Chris Brown and “Two Eleven” by Brandy. Whew! That's a lot of music to watch out for.

With the movie category there are quite some releases from the movie distributing companies like “The Hobbit”, “Django, Unchained”, “GI Joe”, “Total Recall”, “Resident Evil: Retribution”, “Hansel and Gretel”, “The Men With the Iron Fists”, “Premium Rush”, “That's My Boy”, “The Dictator”, and a whole lot more. It will be a long list if I put them all here so these are just some of the movies that you'll be expecting to be released in of course you're number one place to shop for good movies Astroplus.

The Prizes
Of course the first block wouldn't be complete without a raffle and giveaways. Guess what I won myself a very reliable item on rainy days, an umbrella! Of course it's not all umbrellas, there were also bin bags and others. The first block has ended! Finally, it was like having an old traditional teacher instructing in the classroom. Maybe on the next event a little more of interactivity on this block.

The Magic Umbrella
Next was the Gadgets block in which I am also included. Watch out for the reviews of the gadgets in my other blog Detailed reviews will be posted there. So if you want to check out some gadgets and stuff head on to to read some.

Some of the Headphones 

Okay, now, this block was really alive. There were interesting things that us, gadget lover bloggers, need to know and perhaps because there were model units being passed around keeps us awake and lively. The brands that made their show here was TDK, Monster, Beats by Dr. Dre, AKG, Skullcandy, Gear4, Senhieser, Aerial 7, Sol Republic, JBL, Imation, Mimobot and Ifrogz. I was like drooling on those great headphones and speakers. I don't who mention it on twitter but it says “it was raining gadgets here in Astroplus Blog-Connect which literally it was raining because lots of bloggers were able to take home some of the cool prizes and yours truly got a Skullcandy In ear headphones.

Presentation of different brands

The whole event was a boombastic! With those releases and upcoming ones, we are sure going to expect it. So for the readers out there get the latest soon.

Thanks to Astroplus, Azrael, and Mike it was an awesome and connective event. To all the brands thank you. You made us informed!

Check out more of the pictures below!

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