Monday, October 27, 2014

10 Dishes To Enjoy At The #BigoliBreakfastBuffet, An Italian Restaurant

It’s another great morning for Kwento Ni Toto! The sun is up and shining! It’s a clear morning without the hassle of getting wet and it’s a wonderful morning to experience an Italian cuisine for breakfast and of course some fusion dishes. Yup we’ll be saying Buon Giorno for this particular day as we indulge ourselves in a gastronomically healthy breakfast at Ristorante Bigoli right at the heart of Eastwood City.

But first a little insight about the locations and branches of this restaurants. Like I mentioned the particular branch where we had our breakfast galore is found in Eastwood City where you'll find plenty of call centers and other offices which makes it great for the restaurant as they serve great food in the morning while the other branch is located in Trinoma Mall in North Avenue. You'll the later branch near the cinema which is strategically placed to entice movie goers to have their meal before or after their movie escapades. Both branches are built to give homey and comfy Italian feeling whenever you dine in. It's really nice having been here.
So what did we enjoyed at their #BigoliBreakfastBuffet? Well we got ten (10) dishes on our list that is a must try when you have your breakfast at Bigoli.
  • Corned Beef Hash is mixtures of potato and of course what else but corned beef with a twist of cheesy flavor. Three flavors bursting in your palate.
  • Pancakes dripping with blueberry and maple syrup with butter on top can really entice you to have an early sugar rush.

  • Fritata (Ham Cheese and Sausage Mushroom) is something new to us. Not sure of it’s a mixture but we like the flavor.

  • Tuscan Baked Beans brings another new and exciting taste.

  • Pasta (Bolognese Sauce and Spaghetti al Pesto) is just one of the many dishes that Kwento Ni Toto loves and having these two kinds of pasta is heaven.

  • Italian Chicken is not a chicken from Italy but cooked with an Italian flavor. Italian Meatballs another meat dish with Italian flavor.

  • Pizza (Hawaiian and Pepperoni plus a healthy breakfast pizza) what would be an Italian restaurant without pizza. Just love the crust and the flavor.

  • Pork Tapa is an addition to their dish to cater Pinoy taste. Of course this goes better with rice.

  • Choco Banana one of favorite healthy dessert at Bigoli. You must try this.

These are just our selection that you must try at Bigoli and we definitely ensure that these are tummy-filling dishes. Ristorante Bigoli’s #BreakfastBuffet is priced only at Php199.00 available from Monday to Sunday, 6:00 to 10:00 AM.

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