Thursday, December 24, 2015

First iBlog Talk and Kwento Ni Toto L.I.E.d at iBlog

When L.I.E.d at iBlog: The 11th Philippine Blogging Summit everyone laughed as the talk started. Yup, they all laughed and that’s because of the yoga inspired activity with the tune of “My Toes My Knees..”.

This was my first, a first time to do something that is out of my comfort zone. I have been attending iBlog since 2012 and I don’t have the guts to share something that I have been doing quite well. Yes, I have been blogging since 2008 and I have done a lot of blogs already. Of course I have learned from that experience too. I’m not a very well versed person when it comes to writing, especially in a language that is not my mother tongue which is English.
Why I L.I.E.d at iBlog? Well, I want to share my thoughts about blogging. My talk “Bloggers Need To L.I.E.” is something that newbies and not so newbie bloggers need to know. If you’re a very competitive person then probably this can be yours as well. I remember during my school days I would always look at my score on every examination or my class standing and see how I fare. Like in blogging, we, bloggers also need to grow. Thus, L.I.E. stands for three words….
“L” is for LEVEL UP. Just like what I said improvement and development is a must and leveling up is one thing that will give us, bloggers an edge. Let us not stick to our current situation, let’s move up, learn and develop.
“I” is for INNOVATE or INVENT. In our writing and blogging activities we need to have something of an edge. We need to be more appealing to our readers. Not only of photos and presentation but of course our interaction with our readers should have an extra mile. We need to create things to entice readers and followers to come back and see our works.

“E” is for EVOLVE. Evolution is inevitable and just like the creatures in one of the anime, we need to evolve into something new. Just like the caterpillar that evolves into a beautiful butterfly but of course every evolution entails responsibilities and duties that we bloggers should do. There are so many areas for us bloggers to evolve into and one example is LionHearTV that evolves into an award giving body. Some examples are bloggers turned into entrepreneurs.
L.I.E ing is our ticket to get noticed. So for all the bloggers who are newbie and not so newbie at all this is a challenge. Let us learn, create and evolve!
If in any case that I get to be invited to talk again well I won’t hesitate as it is one of the evolution that I should take into consideration. So, I’m just a call away if you’re looking for a resource person.

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