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Sunday, September 03, 2017

More Planned Expansions of OOSM Solutions Revealed During Celebrates Its 1st Year of Successful Operations

Sunday, September 03, 2017
A year of growth and success gave one of today’s BPO Company a reason to celebrate their first year with a bang. An Australia-based company, OOSM Solutions operating in the Philippines, shared their vision of further expansions and other plans in the coming years during the media briefing conducted at one of the events place in San Juan City.

Young and full of potential, this company aims to make a significant change in the Philippines through their programs created for their employees and potential talents.
The BPO company is presently positioned in the country’s premier financial district, Makati City and this new company has made an impact not only to their employees but also to their clients.

“Our passion, commitment, professionalism and dedication are among the reasons that catapulted us toward success during our first year, and we are looking forward to accomplish more with the proper training, skills and expertise that are necessary to get the job done,” explains Linda Salud-Margon, Chief Executive Officer of OOSM Solutions.

OOSM Solutions was established to help small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia and New Zealand to achieve growth and maintain their business by offering tailor-fitted services targeted to meet clients’ rigorous demands. Its mission as a BPO company is to deliver stakeholder value through its BPO packages that ensure consistency, confidentiality and excellence.

“OOSM lives by its core values of delivering quality service at all times while assuring confidentiality and promising cost efficiency, which truly delighted our clients not only in Australia and New Zealand but also in other parts of the world,” adds Salud-Margon.

According to Salum-Margon the formula to OOSM’s success lies in its systematic approach to providing the best solution for their clients’ business needs, which starts with efficient data gathering, meticulous planning, and effective manpower mobilization until the final delivery.

OOSM Solutions offers the following services, Back Office and Secretarial Services, Transcription, Accounting and Bookkeeping, Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, Customer Support and other high-value offerings such as Architectural Consultancy and Research and Studies.

During the media briefing, Salud-Margon announced its planned expansion in the country.

  • Cavite Expansion, which will have its next facility and is expected to be operational by 2018. 
  • Palawan Expansion
  • and more
It is expected to open the Cavite facility by 2018 and fully operational.

“We are excited at the prospect of expanding further our operations in the Philippines, given the success we experienced during our first year. We will definitely look forward to opening more sites here,” emphasized by Salud-Margon.

OOSM Solutions
BPO Company
1291 GT Building, Unit 4A, 4th floor, Batangas Street corner Uruguay Street, Barangay San Isidro, Makati City
Website : www.oosmsolutions.com

5 Things Celebrities Should Know in Joining All-Star Videoke

Sunday, September 03, 2017

When it comes to singing Filipinos are very well known and Pinoys had already made a mark in the world. Name any singing competition in the world, for sure there are Filipino contenders and what's even great is that they always hit the top, not just the notes but the prize and prestige. For celebrities it should be easy joining singing contests, but what about the All-Star Videoke

GMA Network brings their newest game show the All-Star Videoke. The game show is hosted by sexy actress Solenn Heussaff and wacky comedian Betong Sumaya. The pilot episode will be shown today, September 3, right after 24 Oras. 
So we're sharing five (5) things celebrities should know in joining All-Star Videoke that will at least give them an edge in making to the top.
  1. Prepare yourself, joining singing game show like this will be very nerve-cracking because you'll never know what will hit you. If it is a total singing contest practice your vocals but it is a no pitch and tone requirements practice your videoke skills. 
  2. Know your list of songs and memorize at least quite a number to give you an edge. It is better to have a number of tricks under your sleeves and knowing a lot of songs is one trick that will never lead you to a loosing end.  
  3. Just like the usual singing game show, the All-Star Videoke is a contest of memorization, wits and huge number of luck. You'll never know what songs will be played and what are the lyrics that will come to you. It will be filling the blanks. 
  4. Every contests have its contestants and for the game show All-Star Videoke there will be six (6) contenders and every round one contender will be eliminated. 
  5. The final round will have two (2) contenders that will vie to become the winner and who ever wins bags the prize and prestige of becoming the winner of All-Star Videoke.  
Now that you're equipped with the knowledge of this game show, start doing your audition to become a celebrity.Who know's you might be the next contestant of this game show.

Don't miss the ALL-STAR VIDEOKE every Sunday after 24 Oras via GMA Network Sunday Grande. For more details log on to www.gmanetwork,com or visit their facebook account via www.facebook.com/7AllStarVideoke

Type : Game Show
Network : GMA 7
Website : www.gmanetwork.com
Facebook : www.facebook.com/7AllStarVideoke

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Hitman's Bodyguard is an Action-Comedy Film from Two Great Actors, Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Whenever I see Ryan Reynolds it always comes to mind of his action-comedy antics. While Samuel J. Jackson is the coolest versatile actor. It's really rare to see both actors in one action-comedy pack film. So when it happens it's chaotic, a mayhem a click! "The Hitman's Bodyguard" is the action-comedy film that brought these two actors together.

On The Hitman's Bodyguard movie, Reynolds plays Michael Bryce, a Triple A-rated executive protection agent, while Jackson plays Darius Kincaid, one of the world’s most notorious hitman newly captured by the Interpol. For the love of his wife Sonia (Salma Hayek), who is also detained in jail, Kincaid agrees to be a star witness against the bloodthirsty tyrant Vladislav Dukhovich (Gary Oldman) in the International Criminal Court in exchange for Sonia’s freedom. But while Kincaid is being transported, his transport convoy is attacked by Dukhovich’s men. Interpol Agent Amelia Roussel (Elodie Yung) still manages to save Kincaid and turns him over to Bryce for protection. Within 24 hours, the two men must reach the trial court in The Hague. Though they can’t hide their contempt for each other, they must learn to unite against countless enemies coming at them from every angle.

The movie is directed by Patrick Hughes who have worked in some of the action packed films like the Expendables 3.
Says Ryan Reynolds: “I love the bond between Bryce and Kincaid. These two guys couldn't be more polarized but as we move through the story they start to acquire begrudging love and respect for each other. There’s a bromance and several love stories all wrapped up in this incredible, crazy action story.”

Director Patrick Hughes, having worked with an all-star cast and plenty of action in Expendables 3, had the high- adrenaline chops that this movie required. He readily saw the potential for a chemical reaction between Reynolds as Bryce whom he describes as “over-analytical about everything, trying to control all the elements in his life, from his job to his love life”, and Jackson as Kincaid, who he says “always goes with his gut”. How the two go from “absolutely intending to murder each other to...learning something about relationships,” is truly something to look forward to.

On top of the comedy, the film boasts of great car chases, stunts and practical effects. Reynolds commends Hughes for helping them create “incredible action sequences that are suspenseful but also uplifting and fun rather than dark.”

To create the exhilarating action scenes the way Hughes envisioned them, stunt expert Greg Powell, whose long list of credits includes Skyfall, Harry Potter series, and Avengers: Age of Ultron, was recruited to join the team. According to him, “The biggest challenge was that with so many fights throughout the story, (they) had to find a way to keep each one fresh, different and fun.” The viewers are in for an adventure as they’ll see “cars, motorbikes, SUVs, police cars and even speedboats racing through the canals of Amsterdam,” he adds.
Apart from their “crazy fun jaunt through the roads of Europe”, Samuel L. Jackson reveals that the chance to work with Salma Hayek was what lured him to doing this film. In describing their role as husband and wife, the actor says, “Sonia loves Kincaid despite his many flaws – and because of her, Kincaid has learned a bit about romance…Salma and I are friends…it was a great coup for everybody to bring her into this project."

Perhaps the biggest challenge for Hayek was Sonia’s epic bar fight, which convinces Kincaid she’s the one for him. “I was sore for a week after we shot that,” she admits. “But I’m so happy that at 49 I am still kicking ass and able to do all my stunts.”

Just like Hayek, Reynolds and Jackson also did most of their stunts themselves. Jackson says, “There’s a lot of hand-to-hand in the film and it makes us look heroic which is part of the joy and what people want to see,” says Jackson. “It’s a high-energy movie.”

“The Hitman’s Bodyguard” opened last August 23 in cinemas. From VIVA International Pictures and MVP Entertainment. Enjoy and watch it!

Viva International Pictures and MVP Entertainment
Playdate: August 23, 2017

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Woke Up Like This, Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe Switched

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Today's news, Vhong Navarro and Lovi Poe switched bodies!

As of the moment, no one knows how it happened and why it happened. No one even knows how long they will be like that. So, if you want to know more about them, hit the cinema and watch the movie "Woke Up Like This" that brought back together prime comedian Vhong Navarro and prime actress Lovi Poe. This is their comeback movie together, a funny hilarious, riotous and wackiest movie from Regal Entertainment. It is directed by Joel Ferrer and the story is written by a wackiest duo, Jeff, and Joma. They are some of the writers who do great comedy scripts in the industry.

Vhong and Lovi last paired in one of the episodes of "Shake, Rattle, and Roll XVI" where they brought a spine chilling experience to movie goers. This time it is something different, something refreshing and very millennial. Though the story of body switching is not new, the writers, director, and casts assured that this is something different. Funny, hilarious and crazy, this film brings out the funny side of Lovi and the feminine side of Vhong.

Vhong also shared that the movie is somewhat similar to the film Hot Chick, where body and soul of the main characters switched.

In "WULT," Vhong made sure that the audiences would be even more entertained with his comic antics. He plays the role of Lando, dubbed as the king of the Basketball Court. A hardcore cager, he is a dutiful son who takes on the role of the head of the family after his father (played by Joey Marquez) meets an accident and injures himself on the court.

Unfortunately, Lando can be unsportsmanly at play and his dream of being part of a big basketball league is sidelined when he wakes up one day being in the body of a woman he doesn't even know.

Lovi plays the character Sabrina, tagged as the Ramp Queen. Beautiful, sexy, and very competitive.

Her fate as a most sought-after model vying for the Supermodel of the Whole Wide Philippines title will change when she finds herself trapped in a man's body.

The switch of Lando and Sabrina's body is a mystery that made the "WULT" movie an endless turn of comic situations.

Also this the "WULT" movie is also the comeback partnering of Vhong and Bayani.

"WULT" is helmed by new director Joel Ferrer. He is an actor, writer, and director best known for his projects like "Baka Siguro (2015), "Blue Bustamante (2013) and "Hello World" (2013). His works have been cited for their clever dialogue and conversational comedy. "WULT" is his directorial debut for mainstream cinema.

"WULT" is also cast by some of the best comedians like Joey Marquez and Bayani Agabayani.

Sexy Pinoy Big Brother alumnus Cora Wadeell is being introduced in the film while Dionne Monsanto, Ynna Asistio and child actor Raikko Mateo plays some of the important roles in the film.

Teaser has already made everyone laugh and it will definitely spread belly laughs in cinemas nationwide on August 23. "Woke Up Like This" is the latest offering of Regal Entertainment, the same company that produced Ai-Ai de las Alas' blockbuster hit, "Our Mighty Yaya."
Genre : Comedy
Produced by : Regal Entertainment

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

The Princess on Chickie Boy's Birthday Party at Max's Restaurant

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

A few weeks ago, me and my youngest son was able to treat ourselves a little getaway from our usual gala (tour). Of course only a local city and mall tour. This is a father and son getaway. Our feet led us to the very first branch in Scout Tuazon of one of the well known restaurant in the country that serves fried chicken. I’m sure you know the tagline “sarap to the bones,” - Max's Restaurant, established in 1945.

We were invited to one of its occasions, particularly Chickie Boy's birthday party. In case you don't have any idea who Chickie boy is, he is the feathery friend of every kid in every birthday occasions Max's Restaurant. Most precisely the mascot. Yes, their mascot Chickie celebrated its birthday party where bloggers were invited.

The program is intended for the kids, for mommies and for the daddies. Since my kid is with me, well, he was able to experience the birthday party that Max’s Restaurant offers. It was Chickie Boy’s World of Fun, there were games and activities that my son really enjoyed, like the “Make and Get Crowned" where he himself designed his own crown, of course with the help of daddy. The “Visit the Princess Palace” where Gelo liked the Princess very much and he keep on taking pictures with her. I think most of the photos that we have are with the princess. The “Dart the Balloon", “Shoot the Ball”, and “Hit the Blocks” are some of the activities where Gelo won some prizes.

The party is filled with dances, clowns and fun. It was one of our most fun, exciting and enjoying day together.

"Daddy can I have a birthday like that," asked by my little one. I'm sure he asked because he wanted to have that princess at his birthday party. Witty little one.

Max's Restaurant give both fun and meaningful celebrations with their amenities offered.

• Three (3) hours use of venue
• Mascot appearance
• Use of party banner
• Party room decor
• Party host
• Party kit
• Giveaways
• Game prizes
• Birthday themed cake

*Amenities may vary on Party Package

So, will I throw a party for my little Gelo on his 7th birthday? Perhaps if that princess will still be playing princess.

Event : Chickie Boy Birthday Party
Website : https://www.maxschicken.com


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