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Sunday, September 18, 2016

See Clearer With Crizal and Get to See Piolo Pascual Much Clearer

This is one of the craziest and yet coolest way to make everyone go craze about their idol when in the middle of your routine eye check-up, you ended up face-to-face with Philippine leading man Piolo Pascual. See how these people reacted when it happened.

Watch and share the surprised reactions of patients during a vision screening set up by Essilor’s flagship brand Crizal® on

The new video is part of the brand’s campaign to encourage patients and customers alike to stay present in every experience of your life – or, better yet, to create your own precious moments with the clear vision that only Crizal® can provide!

Crizal® lenses are available at leading optical shops and through eye care professionals nationwide. For more information, visit Essilor’s website at

Alyas Robinhood Airs on September 19 at GMA Kapuso Network

Making another mark in the primetime scene as GMA Kapuso Primetime King makes a comeback on TV for another newest headlining TV series entitled ALYAS ROBINHOOD starts to air this Monday, September 19.  The series dramatically showcases an inspiring truth that in each one of us is a hero, able to be of service for the welfare of other people.

A combination of action, drama, adventure and comedy, Alyas Robin Hood revolves around the life of Pepe de Jesus (Dingdong), a man who finds absolution in doing service to his community. Known to be a prodigal son-turned-bar passer-turned-urban poor advocate, Pepe was framed up for the murder of his own father and was put behind bars. Believed to be perished after a violent prison break, Pepe survives and searches for the real culprit on the devastating death of his father and at the same time he redeems his own name under an assumed identity, Alyas Robin Hood. With the help of a few people he trusts, Pepe as Alyas Robin Hood mediates to seize crimes from happening, thus helping the oppressed as he slowly finds out the truth about who his real enemies are.

I AMERICA Starring BELA PADILLA Will Hit The Cinema on September 21

After the oozing hit of the dramedy Camp Sawi, Bela Padilla finally gets her biggest break yet as a solo artist in a film written and directed by Ivan Andrew Payawal which was first shown in Cinemalaya. Bela plays the character of a half-Filipino, Half-American woman whose challenging life gets more complicated by a surprising revelation about her true identity. The movie title is a mix of the name of the character and the origin of her father, I AMERICA. It can also be read as I AM ERICA.

Sign The Petition, Save The Thresher Sharks and Prevent Extinction

Being one of the people who strive to protect the planet and make a difference even in small things compels me to do something even more than the usual routine that I have. Yes, I do teach my kids, family and friends to do something for mother earth even in simplest things that they can do like throwing small plastic wrappers on its rightful place, saving water, conserving electricity and even recycling some materials that are still useful to us. By these, at least we have made a small difference.

But this is not enough to make a bigger impact in helping save the environment. I have been out of the environmental organization for more than a decade already so my activities isn’t as much as it is, not as active as I was before.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Movie Review: Camp Sawi, An Island that Gives Hope To Brokenhearted Ones

Where do brokenhearts go?.... I'm very much sure you've read or heard of this line already because it is part of a song that most brokenhearted ones sings... perhaps.

One of the movies about comedy, drama, love and break ups that we've recently watched was the movie "CAMP SAWI". In Filipino language and more particularly in a colloquial term 'sawi' means brokenhearted, so by the title itself it connotes of a place which is by the way the camp where brokenhearted ones went to mend their broken and shuttered hearts.

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