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Monday, October 27, 2014

10 Dishes To Enjoy At The #BigoliBreakfastBuffet, An Italian Restaurant

It’s another great morning for Kwento Ni Toto! The sun is up and shining! It’s a clear morning without the hassle of getting wet and it’s a wonderful morning to experience an Italian cuisine for breakfast and of course some fusion dishes. Yup we’ll be saying Buon Giorno for this particular day as we indulge ourselves in a gastronomically healthy breakfast at Ristorante Bigoli right at the heart of Eastwood City.

New Food Treat From Ministop, The Spam Onion Kariman

Food on-the-gos are just some of the treats that Kwento Ni Toto love whenever hunger strikes on a very hectic days. Yes, we love to do have our food fast and easy when things need to get fast as well. Just like us, most career-driven people nowadays lead such fast-paced lifestyles that leave little room for indulgence. With back-to-back meetings and never ending deadlines, even food breaks become a task to be completed at the shortest possible time. In this scenario, ready-to-eat snacks that are both tasty and heavy enough to satisfy one’s hunger have become the more convenient option for those who have little time for meal time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hansel's #CrackerCatchin Event, Creative Entry Caught the Flipping Grand Prize

If you had seen flipping cracker stunts gone viral on Instagram, well then you’ve just witnessed Hansel Crackers’ recently concluded promo contest called the Hansel Cracker Catch or HCC. The contest was created to give exotic and adventurous new way of enjoying your crackers. Kwento Ni Toto did catch the flipping stunts of crackers made by entrants of the promo with Gelli Victor as host of the program together with a unique set up of the venue, dancers flipped and showcased their stunts to onlookers and mall goers.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Pick Your Horror Choice at SM Cinema's Horror Film Festival

If you're not fond of horror movies then this movies are not for you but if you like to watch and get thrilled then you got four movies to pick your choice or you can watch them all. Kwento Ni Toto shares this information about SM Cinema and the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) brings you a chilling sensation down to your spine as they present and relive Filipino horror folklore to their Sineng Pambansa Horror Plus Film Festival.  The horror film festival reanimates famous stories about ghosts and paranormal entities. Stories that once made us all shiver and quiver whenever the old ones tells this stories. All happening this October.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Never Alone Marks Jennylyn Mercado’s Decade in Entertainment Industry and Her Return to GMA Records

It’s a Thursday afternoon and Kwento Ni Toto is up for a melodic beauty of the female survivor of the artista search in the country. Perhaps this day can be called as a throwback Thursday for Jennylyn Mercado as she shares in the blog conference her career right after winning as the Ultimate Female Survivor of the reality artista search, StarStruck. Her humble beginning and up to now sums up to her first decade in the entertainment industry and to mark that she releases her latest album “Never Alone” under GMA Records.
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