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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Philippine Hotels Are Now Ready for Global Market, Assured by ADB-Canada

Kwento Ni Toto shares great news for the Philippine tourism industry as hotels and resorts in key island destinations in the Philippines are now ready to compete in the global marketplace and that is according to the initial findings of a team of International Accommodation Assessors (IAAs) who joined the Department of Tourism (DOT) in conducting a national review of accommodation standards last month. This is one great leap for the local resorts and hotels.

Coca-Cola's Thank You Ad

It's very seldom now that we at Kwento Ni Toto shares something as heartwarming as this video ad created by Coca-Cola. The ad clearly shows that we thanked most of the people around us that make our lives happy everyday but none of us seems to know that person... and it is true. With this ad it enlightens everyone to at least try to know the name of that person. To them, being recognized by their names is a priceless joy.

Though for some this is thought as a staged documentary style ad, still this is an eye-opener for everyone and it is a heartwarming ad. Let us all continue to thank those people around us. After all we are all humans.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Leann's Tea House, A Korean Dish Experience and A Giveaway

One of Kwento Ni Toto's favorite cuisine, The Korean dishes. It is a delightful taste in the palate that brings a different level of spiciness and just recently we were able to have that Korean Dish experience. Leann's Tea House is a newly opened Korean restaurant that brings flavorful Korean dish at the street of Mother Ignacia, Quezon City. It's not that easy to find but with a hungry tummy you can definitely spot it.

Fulfill Your Dream Vacation at Le Soleil de Boracay

Kwento Ni Toto shares one of our dream vacation, a place to spend your a great getaway with your loved ones. Le Soleil de Boracay is just the right place to fulfill your dream vacation as it gives you numerous reasons to book your much-awaited jaunt at the French-Mediterranean themed resort.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

See, Smell and Savor International Flavors At The Mall Of Asia

Just recently, Kwento Ni Toto experienced another gastronomic event held in a mall far south of Metro Manila area, where else but none other than the SM Mall of Asia. Mall goers and foodies will definitely have an exciting trip around the world through their taste buds. Yes, Mall of Asia holds its International Food Festival which starts from September 5 to 30, 2014. It's a see, smell and savor event tour, as Kwento Ni Toto got a taste of the special treat of three of the many restaurants that joined the food festival as a teaser. SM Mall of Asia festivity or the "MOA Eats Food Fest" includes an exciting lineup of activities that will sure to whet the appetite for great food discoveries, awesome prizes, and special treats!

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