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Saturday, April 23, 2016

Jr. NBA and Jr. WNBA Presented by Alaska ends in National Training Camp in Manila

The Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA Presented by Alaska started its search for the best basketball players in the country through Regional Selection Camp that was held at Baguio City, Davao, Cebu and Don Bosco Institute in Makati.

Boys and girls who joined the search for the ten best boys and five best girls basketball players will become members of the Jr.NBA and Jr.WNBA All-Star team. There was also a search for the boys and girls coaches who will handle the two teams.

Fujifilm's Instax and Crafts Event Shares Creative Ways to Keep Great Memories

In this digital age there are different devices that are made to store photographs and albums, well, is now perhaps neglected by some people. There are things in this digital age that doesn't have to be digital. For great memories to cherish and remember it is always great with the tangible ones. Since I'm one of those artsy crafty person getting creative with memorable moments isn't a problem. But of course it's great to learn from others as well.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA Last Leg of Selection, A Success Not Only for The Kids but for The Parents Too

Basketball, one of the sports that we Pinoys have always loved and looked upon to play with. From the covered court in sports complex down to the very streets of the neighborhood, you can definitely see people playing basketball from all ages. I think basketball is basketball and what makes it more interesting is that there are great players that made their names and a mark on its history. Perhaps not only the players but also the established names of the organization like the NBA and WNBA, of which that brings the Jr NBA and Jr WNBA locally.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Last Leg of the Selection Camp for the Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA Philippines 2016

The last leg of the Jr. NBA/ Jr. WNBA Philippines at Don Bosco Technical Institute in Manila made quite a number of participants who eyed to be part of the National Training Camp. On first day of the last leg, Saturday, there were a total of 1,114 boys and girls (1030 boys, 84 girls) lined up at the gate of Don Bosco Technical Institute in Manila to take part in the program where their basketball skills were tested/checked. It was a rigid day for the coaches but at the end of the day, 40 boys and 24 girls were chosen to return for Day 2 of the camp where amongst them the RSC Manila representatives to the National Training Camp will be chosen.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Aster Clinic Pioneers Paperless System through its EMR Technology

Just months after it officially launched its Philippine operations, the Aster Medical and Diagnostics Clinic, owned by Aster DM Healthcare, is revolutionizing how medical services is being offered in the country through the introduction of the electronic medical records (EMR) as part of the value-add to its services. All transactions are paperless, from the moment patients sign in at the reception up to their consultations with the doctor, or different doctors at the clinic.

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