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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Kwento Ni Toto Youtube Channel, No More Photo Only Now More Real and In Action

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We have been posting videos of interviews, events, and coverage of different products, personalities and outdoor activities through our Youtube Channel which is the Kwento Ni Toto Channel. We've noticed that we need to make a change and upgrade more of what we are doing with our blog and channel.

So to even make it more personal starting from this video that we've posted we will be having more faces of Toto whenever we're telling a story. Where we've been, who we've interviewed and a whole lot more of our face and voice. So no more pictures of Toto during introduction of the video. We will be turning this channel more into a VLOG channel. Becoming more of a YOUTUBER.

This will be hard for me because I'm more of an offcam kind of person but because of my will to overcome shyness and develop more of my on cam personality I'll be practicing more. So bear with me and be gentle.

For those who have been our followers for quite sometime thank you for having my channel present in your desktop, laptop or other mobile devices. A big thank you!

Since this is our start of going real and 4D I am happy to share that I'll be doing something interesting in the days to come. So better stay tune with my channel and watch out for the big announcement.

More About Geca Morales, House-School to Medalist of World Championship of Performing Arts.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

We already did a write up and story about this young and rising artist. You can check out that story here "Geca Morales" or Maria Angelica T. Morales.   The story is about the debut of her single and of course about her achievement last year at the World Championships of Performing Arts where she just won Gold Medal for the Female Vocal Rap Category and Silver Medal for the Rock Category. Now isn't that some talent to watch out for!

Just this weekend I was able to have an online interview with her. I wanted to have our conversation recorded of which I was able to but unfortunately the audio didn't work out well. So I might be able to upload the video but it doesn't have any audio in it.

So we did the chat and video at the same time. Oh before I go on with our conversation I must say first that it was lovely talking with her on video chat. She accommodated my request to interview her and what else... she really is beautiful. I must say she really pretty on cam.

Okay now we head on to that interview. I prepared just a few questions because of the limited time.

  • How long have you been singing?
Well according to her she was already singing when she was still young, perhaps most of us have gone through that stage, that is according to her mom. When she was in elementary she was able to sing in one of the school activity and when she finished singing her classmates were whispering and laughing. According to her the teacher to her classmates about that incident but that particular event made her stop singing. Perhaps it was a trauma.  
She sung again when she was enrolled at Center for Pop Music and that was when she was in college already.  Then the competition at the World Championships of Performing Arts and up to now.  

  •  Who taught you how to sing?
According to her no one did teach her how to sing not until she begun formal training the Center for Pop.  

  • Any relatives who's into singing or perhaps celebrity?
She doesn't know of but according to her mom there was this great great grand father who was a celebrity. That's all that she know of. 
  •  What and where was the first competition you've joined?
The one that she mentioned when she was in elementary. There was also one that where it was recorded and she won. And the recently was in the World Championships of Performing Arts. According to her the first and the recent one are both live while the 2nd was only a recording. 
  • Who are your influences in singing?
She mentioned three (3) names that influenced her singing, one is Carmen Duo (from youtube but not really sure if  I had it correct), the second was Beyonce and the last was Nicki Minaj. 
  • Since you won the World Championships of Performing Arts Gold Medal in the Female Vocal Rap Category and Silver Medal for the Female Vocal Rock Category, which of the two would you like to pursue more, rap or rock?
Her answer was that she wanted both and she thinks she can merge these two (2) genres. Though she wants to, still rap is what loves. According to her she also does composing rap songs. Not the whole song but just some few lines. She wanted more to be inclined in the rap genre because according to her there were few female rap artists. 

  • What are you going to do this summer?
Well, she answered that she'll be doing mall shows this summer. She'll be doing more shows on the provincial side where she could reach more of her fans.  

So, that's how our interview goes and what I like is that she's still game with our interview even though we're having technical problems with our internet connection.

O by the way she'll be having the launch of her first music video "Oo, Ikaw" under MCA.

Here's what you'll expecting of her

She'll be Guesting at Tee Radio this coming March 29 at 10;00AM and at the same time is the official launch of her music video on youtube.

She'll be at WISH on March 31 at 7:00PM and lastly watch her mall show at Harbor Point Subic on April 2, 2017 at 2:00PM.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Fujifilm Releases the X-T20 and James Reid Up His Photography Experience

Sunday, March 26, 2017
FUJIFILM releases their newest innovation with their mirrorless cameras, the X-T20 together with its brand ambassador and loved by these millennial generations, James Reid. The X-T20 made a headline launch last March 11, 2017 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati. It was loud and lively launch as fans and camera enthusiasts packed the activity center

The extremely popular heartthrob, James Reid, has gone far in his photographic journey. He was drawn to photography while filming the hit series “On the Wings of Love" where he played the character of a photographer. He experimented and used different cameras until he decided that FUJIFILM suited his needs best. In his last soap “Till I Met You,” James even played a FUJIFILM-armed photographer.

“We’re very happy with James Reid as our male brand ambassador,” says Takuya Maeda, Fujifilm Philippines’ Division Head for Electronic Imaging and Photo Imaging. “He embodies what the FUJIFILM brand is all about --- young, current, and innovative.”
And speaking of innovations, James is proud to announce that he has found a new favorite camera, the X-T20. Handy and powerful, the X-T20 is equipped with a 24.3 MP X-Trans CMOS III *1 sensor and X-Processor Pro image-processing engine. It is able to track moving objects with ease because of updated sensors, processors, and redone AF algorithm. The X-T20’s touchscreen LCD monitor can be used to see before you shoot photos and videos, even at 4K quality to make those professional looking movies together with FUJIFILM’s proprietary Film Simulation modes.

Available in silver and black, the X-T20 is perfect for budding directors with its phenomenal auto focus speed. You can use 24 high-performance FUJINON X-mount lenses for ultimate versatility. You can also shoot in different conditions and still expect superb image quality.
If you want to conduct interviews and shoot scenes, you can take advantage of the X-T20’s output video which can be recorded to an external monitor via the HDMI port and input audio from an external microphone.
“It’s great to endorse a new camera that I love and use frequently,” says James of the X-T20. Being a strong and highly influential presence on social media, constantly updating his fans with well-defined photographs, expect more vivid photos and movie quality videos from James with his new X-T20.

Present also during the launching event were the squad of Fujifilm users.

Product : X-T20

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bea Alonzo Shares Her Photo Album Experience With Fujifilm's Memory Lane Album

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The lady behind the #TonDeng love team, Bea Alonzo, graced the event of Fujifilm as they officially launched their newest product set for the person who loves to have keep sakes of memories. Yes, Fujifilm rolls out and officially introduced the Memory Lane Album.

This is a follow-up release of their recently successful and well-received Photo Diary of which enjoyed by many photo lovers. The Memory Lane Album is a unique Instax album that is made exclusively to protect instax prints. Created with thick-bordered pages and designed to insert instax photos. The spaces can really be a good part to write down the memories of include some designs on it.
As for us we've known FUJIFILM Philippines for a number of years and truly they are always thinking of new ways to preserve memories and make them last for generations. I remember one of their products that is still stored in my closet sure makes a good way to preserve memories.

At present, with the Memory Lane album, anyone can now keep in place that instax photo whether it is a trip to Baguio or simply a photo of taking a dip at the famous Boracay beaches or just a walk in Luneta.  No matter what the occasion is, it is still best to keep that memory and have it last long.

“Our mission is to keep memories on hand and make sure that they would be available for future generations to gaze at,” says Takuya Maeda, FUJIFILM Philippines Division Head for Electronic Imaging and Photo Imaging. “Filipinos love taking photos and FUJIFILM acknowledges that. We have endeavored to help them preserve their memories in the best possible way, especially now since it is graduation and summer season, when people really need to keep important memories.”

The Memory Lane album protects precious prints from dust, dirt, moisture and sunlight to reduce fading and ensure that they stand the test of time or at least a much longer time to share that memories with the young ones or the grandchildren.

The Memory Lane album is bundled up with the instax Mini 8 and a range of FUJIFILM digital cameras. There are three variants for the Memory Lane album, namely the instax Memory Lane Package that includes an instax Mini 8, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker; the XA3 Memory Lane Package that includes an XA3, instax SHARE SP-2, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker; and the XA10 Memory Lane Package that includes an XA10, instax Mini 7s, pack of film (10 sheets), a Memory Lane album, and a pen marker.

To make the Grand Launch of the Memory Lane album kits more fun and celebrity-watching worthy, Bea Alonzo, FUJIFILM Philippines brand ambassador and a proud instax fangirl, judged the creations and designs of different Memory Lane Album of media and bloggers. By the way the event was held last March 9, 2 P.M. at the Function Hall CDE at Crowne Plaza in Ortigas. FUJIFILM Philippines Circle of Influencers were also be around to help the guests design their own Memory Lane album using available craft materials.

Since the essence behind FUJIFILM Philippines' thrust is by capturing memories instantly and produce a tangible prints and seconds, the media and bloggers instantly produced their own Memory Lane Album designs.

Memories are all about celebrations, occasions, and moments spent with family, friends, anyone you hold dear and consider family. And wherever and whenever there is something special you want to make last forever, an instax will be there, on hand and on cue.
Product : Instax The Memory Lane Album
Website : www.instax.ph

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Kian Dionisio Joins The Rooster of GMA Records

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Still in disbelief, Kian Dionisio is now part of the list of recording artists under GMA Records. Kian is a singer and songwriter which comes easy for him to make interesting and great music. With his self-titled album, Kian, fills the airwaves with his composed songs.

Just after he graduated from UE in 2005, Kian started doing performances in different bars in the metro. Enticed to pursue his songwriting career he joined the 5th Annual "Elements Music Camp," a singing and songwriting camp spearheaded by no other than the Maestro himself, Mr. Ryan Cayabyab.

His recent achievement in his songwriting career was when he joined Eat Bulaga's songwriting contest for Aldub. His composition entry for Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza was the song "Aldubidab". Most of his compositions were influences from Gary Granda, Ebe Dancel, Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, Nyoy Volante and Jimmy Bondoc.

Most of his composed songs where influenced by Nyoy Volante, Aiza Seguerra, The Company and Ebe Dancel.

Here are the list of songs included in his EP;
1.Pa Fall
2. Babalik Ka Pa Ba
3. Gabi
4. Ako Na lang Ulit
5. Aldubidad

The music video of "Pa-Fall" is already release and may be seen through GMA Records' Official Youtube channel and other local music channels.
Kian’s first and self-titled album is available on digital formats. It's available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other 160 digital stores worldwide.

For more details: https://www.facebook.com/GMARecords Twitter: @RealGMARecords IG: @gmarecords

Record Label : GMA Records
Facebook : www.facebook.com/GMARecords
Twitter : @RealGMARecords
Instagram : @gmarecords


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