Sunday, January 31, 2016

Crepes, Sweets, Cakes, Sandwiches and Other Treats at Paper Moon Cafe

Just a few weeks after New Year's eve celebration, Kwento Ni Toto together with family were able to visit one of the busy malls in the metro and were able to find something new, in our preference, Paper Moon Cafe is the name of the establishment. This is the first time that we visited their store at Trinoma. Of course we did check out their other branches. They also got one in Glorietta 3. What's interesting with this new found sweet haven is that they got unusual delights like crepes, sweets, cakes, sandwiches and other treats for a hungry tummy.

As what I have learned from my wife Angie of Paper Moon Cafe is introduced by Viva's Boss Vic del Rosario here in Manila through Viva International Food and Restaurants Inc., this is the food subsidiary of the Viva Group of Companies. Just got curious that this is the first time I learned that Viva, the well known name in the movie industry got other businesses as well and what's more interesting is that they're also into food and restaurant industry.

So when we were there at Paper Moon Cafe we got some few things that we tried and their were some that enticed us and there were few that needs to be put into the hot seat. We ordered of course one of their signature crepe or should I say more of a cake which is the the Mango Mille Crepe. If you're taste buds is familiar with crepes you'll definitely will have a first word to say but if you're new to tasting cakes like this then you'll definitely will have a hard time distinguishing the taste just like us. But of course we all need to experience new things and new taste and this is one of them. It got a different taste but it's great.

We also ordered the french macaroons, their ham and cheese baguettes and their chiffon cupcake. With the macaroons just love it very much though it is way pricey to taste everyday. The sandwiches, taste just right for my taste buds. the cupcake that we've order is not the look that we perceived it should be and another thing is that it's very much expensive from the other cupcakes that we've known.
Drinks, we got the the blended Banana Caramel thing I think. It got a small candy shaped like a banana on top of the cream.
One thing is for sure we did enjoy most of the food. It may be pricey a bit but it is complimented with the taste and of the services of their crews.

Level 4 Trinoma Mall, Quezon City
Facebook :
Instagram : @papermooncafeph

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