Tuesday, March 7, 2017

AHEAD Online Pros and Cons

When you aim to be the best there's always the risk and investment that you'll have to take. That risk and investment will give you a head start in everything that you do. In studying, reading the lessons in advance and practicing it in advance gives the student an edge among his or her classmates.

One of the firms that provides tutorial services and reviews, Ahead, is making a new wave in their services offering. According to Ahead, for students aiming to be accepted one of the top three universities, their firm is the one to trust. They got a very high battering average when it comes students who passes the entrance exam.

The main thrust of Ahead is to provide the best tutors for the students taking their programs and services. They only accept tutors that are top of the graduating class and as much as possible young and fresh graduates. Their reason is that lessons are still fresh from these individuals and the age is just almost at the same level to make the tutors/teachers more approachable.

One of the latest services offered by Ahead is their online tutorial branded as AHEAD Online or AO. Since we are now in the digital age, Ahead is envisioning online tutorial the thing of the present because it helps in the development of an individual. It is an online tutorial and test preparation service that offers a fully interactive mode of teaching with voice, video, whiteboard, and file sharing components. For AO their online tutorials are made interactive to encourage and motivate more the students to participate and learn faster. But of course there are pros and cons when it comes to this kind of services.

Advantages of Online Tutorial
  • Reduces the possibility of having accidents when traveling to the review center.
  • Gives parents more free time to do household chores.
  • Avoid too much familiarity of the tutor of the house for security reason.
  • Saves more time.
Disadvantages of Online Tutorial
  • Won't fully understand if the connection is slow.
  • There's no physical and social encounter. 
  • Distraction is at reach.
So, if you're planning to get your kids enrolled in one of the programs of AHEAD, why not consider their online tutorial. Much easier and safer.

If you want to know more about their services visit their website www.online.ahead.edu.ph or check out their social media accounts for updates and other stuff.

Services : AHEAD Online
Website : www.online.ahead.edu.ph
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/AheadOnline2015
Twitter : @AheadOnlineNow

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