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A New Game Haven For An Old-School Gamer


Games! Yes, we're going to talk about games today here in Kwento Ni Toto. I'm not sure if I had published the article that I wrote for a Non-Government Organization's newsletter about video games in this blog. But, whether I have or not, still, this blog is all about Kwento or Stories. And the best story is when you're in it or have experienced it.

I love playing video games! And probably it was also the reason why I somehow encountered unwanted circumstances in my life. That specific part of my life somehow affected me, my decisions, and even my dealings with people, especially online. It is my life, and it's all in the past now. The best part of that experience is I have learned so much.

So, moving on with our story. As I mentioned, the best storyteller is experience. And being in the generation who have witnessed most of the development and progress in technology about video games, I can say that it is a gift to share that experience.

Video games and Game Console Encounters

Drawings and sketches are appealing to my eyes. I don't know why I love different and bright colors, especially if there's a character that stands out of the usual images.

My first encounter with video games is when I was in my first year in elementary school. The console was not ours but seeing those animated figures amazes me. I think I was mesmerized and hypnotized at that time. And that was the start of my fascination with video games. Oh, by the way, that was Atari. Then, when I'm in the 4th grade, I got to experience another game console, the Nintendo Family Computer, which has plenty of games. Some of the famous games from this game console are Super Mario Bros., Galaga, B wings, Rockman, Contra, Double Dragon, and many more. We don't own any game consoles. It was too pricey for our family to own one, so my remedy is to go to the rental shop to play these games for a short time.

Then I meet the Gameboy, Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), and Sega Saturn, which display fascinating 2D video games that heightened my interest but still, not owning any of these consoles. The fascinating part is that I get to challenge not only my friends but myself as well. Defeating my highest score or knowing how far I have come in the game. Of course, there's this challenging part with your peers. Later, something new and more than the two-dimensional games, the introduction of the Sony Play Station. It was that time that games started in CD format. A few years after, Microsoft also did make their version of the game console, the XBox. While XBox remains XBox, Sony Play Station started having its PS2, PS3, PS4, and the recently released were PS5. The development from Play Station to now is interesting as if it was almost a real-like view and feeling.

Nothing Beats the Classic

I am fortunate enough to be part of the generation who saw everything, so I asked you how many of these classic 2D games have you played? If you say that you get a hold of some of these, that's good for you because your hand and eye coordination are well-practiced. Imagine looking at a pixelated figure but still manages to hit the enemy or the target. That is something else.

Here are some of the classic and iconic old-school video games that you can check out on the internet. It would be even great to have some of these like Pacman, Galaga, Rockman or Megaman, Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, Contra, Double Dragon, B-Wings, Twin Bee, Battle City, Castlevania, more of it.

I missed playing these classic video games, and because I don't have any of those game consoles and video games, I tried searching for them on the internet. Fortunately, there were some, but you need to pay to download. There are also somewhat suspicious.

Finding My New Game Haven

With the presence of technology and mobility, you can find plenty of free games online. When I say plenty, it means a lot. You can search the Google Play Store if you're an Android user or App Store if you're using iOS. Take note that these games are more of 3D games now. The only problem with these games is that they all use a large amount of memory from your device.

You can also find some great games on and get an option to pay or get the free ones. Of course, we all love free, so here's one website that is the answer to my yearning that offers the best solution to many of the free online games. One. It does not need to eat up most of my phone or laptop memory, as it is all online embedded into the website. It is more of a browser-based game. Two, it somehow has some of the look-a-like games that I wanted to play. Three, it needs no registration and runs no ads to play the games. And lastly, it is all free, all you need to have is a reliable connection to the internet. The site is called Plays.Org.

I don't have any idea how long is the list of games that they have. But I know these games are remarkable and fascinating for someone like me who misses playing old-school video games. Their selection of games varies from simple problem-solving games up to complicated eyes and hand coordination. They have arcade games and retro games that for sure will bring back childhood memories.

So far, there are few games that I loved most in these browser-based games. First is the Tank Wars, which is similar to the classic Battle City. Second is the Cyberman V, which is accordingly inspired by the game Rockman. And lastly, is the Flight Sim which is a simulation of being an air traffic controller.

My Final Say

Giving my final say, for gamers, game enthusiasts, and people who love video games, there's only one reason why we play, that is to have some FUN! Of course, there's always the added reason like killing boredom. So, whether you're bored or having fun, keep playing!

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