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Saturday, December 28, 2019

5 Facts Why Ivana Alawi's Vlog is a Hit and Viral

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I remember I have one blog post here in Kwento Ni Toto about Ivana Alawi, that was during her launch as the cover girl of the sensational adult magazine. You can check it out on this blog post An Afternoon of Press Conference with the Cover Girl, Ivana Alawi. Yes, our story for today is about Ivana and her vlog. Didn't exactly know when did she start her vlogging career but I'm pretty sure her presence spiked up during the airing of "Sino Ang May Sala?". She's one of the main characters in that TV series. Though she already appeared in "Ang Probinsyano" as the beloved of the late Eddie Garcia'character Don Emilio, which also goes side ways with the character of Ryan Eigenmann.

During that time she's not only beauty and bod but she also have the acting skills, that is why after 'Ang Probinsyano' she was given a role in 'Sino Ang May Sala'.

Okay, now let us get into her vlogging gig that really created a buzz. Not only a buzz but it hit the virality mark raking over a million followers, of course getting an income probably more than she earns in acting.

So, how does this beatiful actress get that much following aside from the obvious facts of her beauty and bod? With this, I decided to get into the details about her and her vlog. I was able to surface 5 interesting facts after watching some of her vlogs.

1. Personality and curves. Probably one of the major factor that lead to viral status. Though lack of the obvious height Ivana was gifted with much more than what she already have, her personality. Being true in front if the camera and giving facts about her life without pretentions. Of course the curves does the attraction.

2. Family support. Her mom and her siblings made it even more interesting and only proves that she really loves her family. Her presenting her mom and siblings in the video with her shows her family oriented side and a proud daughter of her mom.

3. Vulgar, witty and funny. It's really rare for a lady to be witty and funny plus the right amount of vulgarity. I think their species are quite rare in nature. I find it interesting that her vulgarity isn't as vulgar with your usual vulgar person. It's more of a spice to the content probably. What is intriguing is her wittiness as if it was her daily routine to be witty. And I like how she makes fun of her sister and mom.

4. Loves to do dares and challenges. Okay this is one of the common things that youtubers and vloggers does for their channels, for Ivana, I just see her eagerness to do the challenges even though sometimes is a bit hard for her.

5. Shows some love and a bit of skins. Yes, those bod and curves aren't just wall flowers but for boasting as well, she wouldn't be in a magazine if she doesn't love to show some skins. Besides, she hates to do laundry that is why she doesn't wear much. Like what she said in one of her vlogs, it wouldn't be complete without mentioning her two beautiful gifts.

So, did I hit it exactly? More probably the male species would definitely agree to that. So, if it happens that this blog reached her. I would really love to have her as guest to my YouTube Channel Kwento Ni Toto and does the 5K Challenge, not the old celebrity version but the 2.0.  Hoping for this to happen.

And of course Happy Birthday to her!!!

Catch her Birthday vlog.

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