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Monday, January 20, 2020

8 Reasons Why You Need to Watch A Soldier's Heart

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Giving honor to our country is one the highest way a person can declare his nationalism, and there are lots of different ways to show that love for the country. You can give honor by winning in athletic events or other competitions. There is also the easiest way to serve the country, become a soldier.

No one knows much how hard it is to become a soldier, especially now that Citizen's Army Training (CAT) and Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC) are not part of the school curriculum. While others view it as irrelevant to be part of the training in school, others see its importance - the value of leadership, the bond of camaraderie, and the need to be resourceful.

Interestingly, TV networks now are showcasing Pinoy Soldier themed TV Series. It's not only to let viewers know their struggles and hardship but also the worth of what they are doing. Of course, there are always two sides of the coin, the good and the bad, but we'd rather see the good part than the evil one.

Here are our eight (8) reasons why you should watch A Soldier's Heart.
  1. Gerald Anderson - aside from being the lead star of this TV series, let us see him as the character of Alex. Without spoiling much, Alex perceives the military men as heroes who are risking their lives so that others may live.
  2. Yves Flores - playing the role of Benjie who's brother died in action has set his mind to be like his brother. To serve and protect the country.
  3. Carlo Aquino - portraying the role of Abe is probably challenging. Abe is a Moro who wants to be a soldier to protect the country. With this, we can all learn a different view about life.
  4. Nash Aguas - gave everyone a bit of a scare during their training. He almost quit playing the role of Michael, aka Striker. Yes, according to them, all of the lead stars undergone a three (3) day training to familiarize them with the military. His character enlists in the military to have a decent job.
  5. Jerome Ponce - plays the character of Phil. Not much background yet about him, but he'll be one of the soldiers wanting to prove something.
  6. Vin Abrenica - playing the role of Elmer, the brother of Alex. The first to become a soldier just like their father. He's always competing with Alex, especially with their parents' attention.
  7. Elmo Magalona - Mistah or body of Elmer, just like Elmer he's seeking the attention of his father, who's also in the military.
  8. Sue Ramirez - played the character of Lourd, the sole woman in the group who is out to prove that serving the country is genderless. 
These are your weeknight's reason to watch A Soldier's Heart. Expect each character to unravel their stories and their reasons for joining the army.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Gerald, Vin, Yves, Elmo, Nash, Jerome, and Carlo Lead On The New Teleserye "A Soldier's Heart"

1:34:00 AM

Giving honor to soldiers who are giving their lives to make every safe. This movie is just of  those interesting film that will show what it's like to be a soldier. This coming January 20 (Monday) ABS CBN airs another quality TV series that not only depicts the reality but gives inspiration to be one watching.  So catch these seven brave soldiers who will forge a loyal brotherhood despite their differences as they face the hardships and triumphs of their vocation in ABS-CBN’s newest drama series titled, “A Soldier’s Heart.”. Catch the pilot episode on Monday.

The series features a band of brothers made up of Alex (Gerald Anderson), Elmer (Vin Abrenica), Benjie (Yves Flores), Abe (Carlo Aquino), Michael (Nash Aguas), Phil (Jerome Ponce), and Jethro (Elmo Magalona), who all have different reasons for joining the army, but are bound by one goal: to protect the country.

They are also joined by Lourd (Sue Ramirez), the sole woman in the group who is out to prove that serving the country is genderless.

Together they will experience all the pain, victory, and glory of being a soldier. However, as they go on to fulfill their vowed duties, they will discover secrets that will test their integrity and force them to ask the question: should they still serve their country knowing their mission is no longer aligned with the values they believe in?

As they go on their mission, what will they willingly sacrifice — family, brotherhood, integrity, or themselves?

A tribute to our modern day heroes, “A Soldier’s Heart” is a timely and relevant series as it sheds light on the hardships of Filipino soldiers, who are a symbol of bravery for dedicating their lives for the country. The series also marks the grand union of notable actors of different generations, namely Gerald, Vin, Yves, Elmo, Nash, Jerome, and Carlo, who are set to prove their acting chops on primetime.

Joining the ensemble cast of “A Soldier’s Heart” are seasoned actors Ariel Rivera, Irma Adlawan, Raymond Bagatsing, Sid Lucero, Rommel Padilla, Mickey Ferriols, Nikki Valdez, and Ketchup Eusebio. It is under the direction of Richard Romes and is written by Jerry B. Gracio.

Don’t miss “A Soldier’s Heart,” weeknights on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167).

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