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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

5 Things To Do in Banff

10:25:00 PM

 5 Things To Do in Banff

Adventure, fun, and excitement are some reasons why people enjoy going out and experiencing the outdoors. It is one way of communing with nature. The closer you get to the environment, the more you understand the value of life. Though most people consider going out as a breather for all the stress, still, the mountains and everything around it is there to give us the joy of being outside and liberated.

Speaking of wild and free, and independent, a country with so much more to offer when it comes to outdoor and nature, Canada has an appealing view for every adventurer. A town in Alberta, Canada, brings you not only in the wilderness but also lets you see parts of its historical past.

The town of Banff is one of the many unique towns. Aside from being a resort town, Banff is one of the towns settled inside a National Park. The establishment of Banff was in 1883, after the arrival of the Canadian Pacific Railway. Later, the Banff National Park was instituted, having the town included in the entirety of the park. In 1990, Canada included Banff as one of the municipalities. It was also the first to be incorporated inside a national park.

Since the town is inside a National Park, do they have Banff homes for sale? I couldn't imagine living in a place with all the beauty and sceneries of nature around you, but if it is permitted, I sure do want to own a property in that area. And I can enjoy these different activities.

Hike the Mountain Trails in Summer

If you're seeking the thrill of the mountain, Alberta, Canada, is one of the places to visit. And the town of Banff is the one to discover for yourself. It is the rocky and mountainous part of Alberta. In winter, its icy glacial part beams a perfect scenic view, but when its snowy part starts to melt, its wilderness portion springs the beauty of the mountain. It is the best place to enjoy a good trail hike.

Many adventurers visit this part of Banff for its fascinating trails and the wilderness part of the park. So, if you're in for a long perspiring hike, this activity is perfect. You can pump up yourself with a good fresh air of the mountain and at the same time enjoy the natural beauty of nature.

Wildlife Viewing

The preservation of National Parks is because of their beauty, value, and importance. But mainly, National Parks are sustained for their ecosystem. The wildlife and the system that they have to maintain the balance of nature. The preservation of the living creatures inside of these parks.

If you love taking photos of animals and different creatures, you can spend a day or two or even more in Banff National Park to see these lovely mammals, birds, and other creatures that are endemic to Banff. Maybe you can find your next Photo Piece for the National Geographer here in Banff.

Trail Around on Horseback

If you're back is aching on long walks, you can still enjoy the beauty of Banff by borrowing the back of the horses and ride with them. Banff got these one or three-hour tours around the places of Bow River with a river crossing adventure to experience.

You get to enjoy the view even more from a higher perspective than hiking.

Go Back in History

If remembering the past is a memory lane for you, you might not want to consider including this activity in your list of things to do in Banff. But if you're an old soul who is fascinated with history and past stories, then you might want to feast your eyes and ears on this.

The Banff Park Museum is where they showcase the natural history of western Canada. According to some articles about the museum, it was a log cabin constructed in 1903. I think it is the oldest museum in Canada. Imagine the preservation of historical items, displaying the diverse flora and fauna. It is considered a heritage site of Canada.

Canoe Your Way in the River

If you love canoeing, you can always try the adventure in the water by trailing the Bow River riding on a canoe. Honestly, I haven't tried canoeing, but, if visiting Banff will let me experience it, then it would be captivating.

Aside from these five activities to do in Banff, you can still have more things to do. All you need is the courage to be adventurous.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Clash of Australia and Canada in the Pyromusical

9:37:00 PM
For the 5th Saturday of the Pyromusical Competition, the sky receives a big bang of fireworks from Australia and Canada.  A good display of fireworks jive with their chosen music.

Here's video of Australia's fireworks presentation.  Too bad I wasn't able to capture the whole presentation but do enjoy viewing it.

For Australia the company is the Fireworkx Inc.  which was foudned by Ian Riedel in 1988.  Mr. Riedel's expertise, innovation and dedication to his craft allowed Fireworkx to quickly become one of the leading fireworks display providers in Australia and overseas.

Here's a video clip of the fireworks presentation of Canada.  I do enjoy their consistency and the chosen music jive with their showcase of fireworks.

For Canada, their entry is the Fireworks Spectacular which was the Champion in 2010's Montreal Fireworks Competition in Canada.  Fireworks Spectacular is a Calgary, Alberta based Pyromusical and traditional fireworks display company that is generally regarded as one of the finest and the most professional fireworks companies in Canada.

If you want to experience the last day of the 3rd Philippine International Pyromusical Competition you can still watch the final Saturday on March 17, 2012 at SM Mall of Asia.  

Here are some of pictures taken during the Pyromusical.



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