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Thursday, September 5, 2019

9 Unli Fusion Dishes From Hodai Restaurant To Fill Your Hungry Tummy

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Hodai means "Unlimited or Unli" and by that Hodai Restaurant offers its visitors nine (9) different fusion dishes to go crazy about and fill that hungry tummy. It's a new restaurant located in one of the residential but busy section of West Triangle. To be exact the restaurant is in Examiner Street, West Triangle, Quezon City. Just a few walks away from West Avenue.

If you're familiar with the place you'll eventually know that the place is one of the many residential residences in Quezon City that have big cuts of lands. More space than the current house and lots in the metro.  Hodai Restaurant rented the place from the owner and gladly they were able to maintain the house's original identity. Some of the prominent features of the house that you'll eventually notice that it is an old house is the elevated received area or sala, the half-level of elevation from the kitchen or CR, and the most interesting part is the stars which are considered to an antique stair already. These kinds of houses are built int he late 50s or early 60s.

What made me visit this place? Well, they have this interesting 100 Days Anniversary Promo with 40% off. Their Silver and Gold Sets are off with that 40%, from Php499 to Php299 and from Php599 to Php359, respectively. Value for money and satisfaction for the tummy.

So, if you'll be planning to visit Hodai here are my recommended 9 Unli Fusion Dishes review for you. I just so happen had a great time dining at Hodai. Take note that their dishes are fusion so don't expect something of your usual flavor.

Pork Tonkatsu - if you're familiar with the Japanese dish Pork Tonkatsu it means pork cutlet that is smeared with bread crumbs, deep-fried and served with Japanese Worcestershire sauce, rice, and vegetable that is mainly cabbage. The Hodai version is the same, though, it is a bit thinner slices, perhaps to make it more easily chop and munched.  

Chicken Karaage - the Karaage is simply described as "fry". So whatever it is, whether chicken, pork or anything it is just one thing... it is fried. So, with the served Hodai version, I find it interesting as it is chopped just right for munching. I think other than having it as a dish, it is also good to pair with beer or sake.

Seafood Pasta - This one is a little bit confusing for me. At first, I thought it was ramen but it was not and I find it a little bit interesting because of the mussels on top fo the pasta (which I thought ramen noodles). But then again after tasting the flavor I really savor the flavor. It's much much creamier that I think I might go back and try a bowl if I can finish it in just one sitting.

Kani Salad - One of the appetizers that are really good and one of my favorites. Mostly cabbage mixed with crab meat strips some flavorful sauce (which I don't have any idea about the mixture of the sauce).

Assorted Sushi - Of course Japanese dish wouldn't be complete without the sushi and maki rolls being taken by the other customers. Sometimes it's really hard to maintain establishments like this.

Spicy Barbeque in Chile Sauce - This specific dish is not surprising enough for others, I'm not sure how it is called or is it Filipino or Japanese.

Tempura - yes, that crunchy coating that covers the sweet and tasty meat of shrimps. I really love it very much and if only I was still young that unlimited serving of Tempura would be great.

Steamed Tofu - if you're into being a healthy buff, well, some of the dishes offered by Hodai isn't for you but there are two that you enjoy and one of them is the steamed tofu. It may be bland at first but once you taste the flavor you'll definitely enjoy it very much.

Fish Teriyaki - the Teriyaki according to google dictionary means any fish or meat marinated in soy sauce and grilled. Basically, it is a grilled dish and for this instance, it is a fish, which I really enjoyed the flavor. I'm not really sure if it is a Fish Teriyaki but it's more likely of a Karaage but anyway since it is a fusion restaurant anything can be possible.

Ms. Sam (one of the owner)

So, there you go my nine (9) reasons for you to dine it at Hodai. The nine (9) dishes that will truly fill you up. Enjoy your dine at Hodai.

I'll be coming back here very very soon!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Celebrating Health With Thermos A Genuine Brand

8:38:00 PM
The Experience

A month ago, my wife and I were invited to a celebration in Shangri-La Plaza.   It was an event of THERMOS, a well known brand, as they celebrate Health with their genuine brand products.  For that day their program’s main thrust is about “Cooking for Health”.  

I’m sure a lot of us have been with Thermos or have known Thermos since we were a child.  Aside from it as a brand, most of our parents have coined the thermal container for hot water as THERMOS.  Though it was some other products, still we Filipinos have already made a term for thermal water containers and we have lived with it since then.   Thermos has been a family’s aid in the household when it comes to preserving hot water for our coffee or other warm beverages.  It is the word of our mouth whenever we want hot. 

Now, I was amazed that Thermos did not only stick with one single product but they have indulged their company in a much wider range.  Thermos has now a variety of products that each generation will surely love the product Thermos and also being in style.

As their program proceeds that day, they were able to have one of the best Chef in town, Chef Niño Laus of NINYO Fusion Cuisine to share some of his finest menus in his restaurant.  Though we weren’t able to see Chef Niño in live action, we get to watch his cooking in a video which was pre-recorded for the event on that day. 

Chef Niño shared five of his famous fusion cuisine.  They are the Fusion Paella, Wasabi Orange Chicken Tempura, Coconut Wasabi Seafood Medley, Beef Stir Fry and Ninyo Style Vongolle.  Right after every menu Chef Niño and the Host asked questions to all the participants.  There were lots of cool prizes and take note they were all Thermos brand products.   Of course, yours truly were able to win one of the Thermos Premium Stainless Cookware which is a Wok, good for tossing some cooking.  Hehehe.  It was really a day full of healthy cooking and good winnings. 

After the program we were able to have a little chat with Chef Niño about his cuisines and also some picture also.  Aside the winnings, the recipes and the fun, we enjoyed also the snacks prepared for everyone.  After having that Wok I think I’ll be doing some more experiments on different viands.  

The Brand and the Products

Thermos has been first known with it vacuum flasks that is a vessel that provides thermal insulation in preserving the state of the matter, whether it is hot or cold.  That’s the product that we have been with for quite long now.  So it’s actually been a part of our family, our generation, and our community. 

One of the good things about Thermos Genuine Brand is there products safety.  According to them their products are all BPA Free or Bisphenol A Free.  Bisphenol has been one of the controversial chemical that can be found in the lining of food cans, certain water bottles and more. 

Some of their products that we can actually enjoy and trust that it is safe and reliable are the Thermos Sports Bottles, Hydration Bottles, Bottle Coolers, Beverage Jugs, and Personal Coolers which are all mainly for sports and outgoing actives; the Thermos Foogo which is mainly all for kids; the Thermos Office and ThermoCafe which are mainly for office people who loves their coffee warm; and the Thermos Cookware which are rightful for those who loves to cook.   Great products and great brand! 

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