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Sunday, October 6, 2019

Judy Ann Santos' Plays An Intriguing Role in Her Comeback Teleserye "Starla", Teaches About Love For Family and Forgiveness

6:50:00 PM
When was the last time we saw Judy Ann Santos lead in a teleserye? Well, I'm not sure but what I remember is the "Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala".  So comment if I'm wrong and we will correct this. But so much with her past teleseryes because this year Judy Ann's much-awaited TV comeback is a bit intriguing and because of this time, Judy Ann plays the antagonist, the contrabida.

The much-awaited television comeback of Judy Ann Santos brings another heart-tugging story about hope, love for family, forgiveness, and granting the heart’s deepest wishes in the primetime teleserye “Starla,” which premieres on October 7.

The series follows a father-daughter relationship and a mission to grant people’s wishes – a perfect and timely present for viewers of all ages this Christmas season from Dreamscape Entertainment, which created hit Kapamilya teleseryes filled with values and inspiration such as “May Bukas Pa,” “100 Days to Heaven,” “Honesto,” “Nathaniel,” and “My Dear Heart.”

Joining Juday in “Starla” are Joel Torre, Enzo Pelojero, Jana Agoncillo, Meryl Soriano, Joem Bascon, and Raymart Santiago, with the special participation of Tirso Cruz III and Charo Santos. In “Starla,” Judy Ann is the ruthless Teresa, a successful lawyer who is dedicated to seeking revenge on her despised hometown Baryo Maulap, which she claims is a symbol of her defeat.

Her plans are hindered by her estranged father Greggy (Joel) and his adopted son Buboy (Enzo), after one fateful night, Buboy witnesses a dance of fireflies that is said to bring luck wherever they land. Buboy manages to catch what he thinks is a firefly, named Starla (Jana), who happens to be one of the millions of playful wishing stars from the sky.

Together, Buboy and Starla slowly heal the town by granting wishes, but are fixated on Mang Greggy, whose deepest wish is to reconcile with her now-hostile daughter Teresa.

In truth, Teresa blames her father for abandoning her and the townspeople for not helping her when she and her mother were in dire need—resulting in her mother’s painful demise.

Will Teresa finally get the vengeance that she wants, or does her heart desire something else? Will Buboy and Starla help Greggy and Teresa feel the warmth of home again?

"Starla" is written by Dindo Perez, and directed by Onat Diaz, Darnel Villaflor, and Jerome Pobocan. Its cast members also include Grae Fernandez, Chantal Videla, Janus del Prado, Kathleen Hermosa, Anna Luna, Jordan Herrera, Simon Ibarra, Raikko Matteo, Chunsa Jeung, Myel de Leon, Heaven Peralejo, and many more.

Don’t miss “Starla" on Primetime Bida beginning October 7 (Monday) on ABS-CBN. For updates follow, ABS-CBN PR on Facebook (, Twitter (@abscbnpr), and Instagram (@abscbnpr).

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Angel Locsin Finishes Her Final Mission in "The General's Daughter's" Last Week

10:12:00 PM

Angel Locsin is strapping viewers in for a rollercoaster of action scenes, thrilling stunts, and moving moments in “The General’s Daughter” as she scrambles to complete her final mission in the top-rating teleserye’s finale on October 4.

In the last week of the biggest teleserye of 2019, Rhian (Angel) finds herself desperately seeking justice and stopping Tiago (Tirso Cruz III) from gaining absolute political power.

A staunch believer in violence, Tiago intends to kill thousands of innocent lives to fulfill his long-time dream of destroying the army and the government and leading the country. With a detailed and deadly strategy to achieve this, he uses his mole Cinco (Mercedes Cabral), who poses as an aspiring senate president who detests terrorists.

But time is running out for Rhian, Franco (Paulo Avelino), and her father Marcial (Albert Martinez), who are currently at large and being hunted by the authorities.

While Corazon (Eula Valdez) is worrying about the safety of her husband and daughter, Amelia (Janice De Belen) has resolutely decided to leave Tiago to get away and start a new life with their son.

Will Rhian succeed in her mission to end Tiago and clear her name?

Since "The General's Daughter" premiered in January, viewers have unwaveringly watched and supported the series, which has consistently topped nationwide ratings, earned praises for the performances of its all-star cast, and generated discussions on social media.

Some of the most talked-about moments from the series include Angel’s thrilling scenes where she did her own stunts, her character Rhian uncovering the truth about her real identity as Arabella, and the deaths of Elai (Arjo Atayde) and Sabel (Maricel Soriano) in the hands of Tiago.

Watch the final week of “The General’s Daughter” on ABS-CBN and ABS-CBN HD (SkyCable ch 167). For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

4 Reasons to Get Hook With GMA Network Primetime Programs, This is my Kwento

10:52:00 PM

An exciting September for GMA, the Kapuso Network, as they have unveiled their brand new lineup of teleseryes to expect. There are four (4) interesting reasons to get hooked with GMA's new shows. So, what are these reasons? Continue to read my kwento (stories) to know what are these.

1. The Gift - this marks the return of the Kapuso actor and Asia's Multimedia Star Alden Richards to primetime, which starts its airing on September 16, 2019. The teleserye or TV Series about the story of Sep, a visually-impaired young man who will be blessed withsd the power to see the past and the future. An interesting and challenging role for the Kapuso actor.

The line up of stars are Alden Richards, Jo Berry, Mikee Quintos, Martin Del Rosario, Isabel Ortega, Jean Garcia, Rochelle Pangilinan, Elizabeth Oropesa, Mikoy Morales, Christian Vasquez, Luz Valdez, and Betong Sumaya.

2. Beautifull Justice - an action series with girl power. Justice never looked this beautiful as Beautiful Justice has already started last September 9. This is a story of three women with different personalities that will band together to unravel the secrets behind the death of their loved ones. Lead stars are Yasmien Kurdi, Bea Binene, and Gabbi Garcia.

Other cast, Derrick Monasterio, Valeen Montenegro, Lilet, Gil Cuerva, Bing Loyzaga, Victor Neri, and Therese Malvar.

3. One of the Baes - the interesting and lovable couple, Ken Chan and Rita Daniela once agan team up for this new primetime show. This is their first-ever primetime show together, One of the Baes, which will premiere on September 30. The story will follow the ups and downs of Filipino seafarers.

Other cast of this TVSeries are Joyce Ching, Maureen Larrazabal, Tonton Gutierrez, Edgar Allan Guzman, Buboy Villar, Jestoni Alarcon, Roderick Paulate, Melanie Marquez, Archie Alemania, and Kenneth Medrano.

4. 2nd Season of The Clash - yes, it's another season of original musical competition that will air on September 21 with the new Clash Masters, Asia's Pop Diva, Julie Anne San Jose and Total Heartthrob, Rayver Cruz. The set of Judges are Asia's Nightingale, Lanie Misalucha; Asia's Romantic Balladeer, Christian Bautista; and Comedy Concert Queen, Ai Ai deas Alas. The Clash participants will be entertained by The Clash Journey Hosts, Ken Chan and Rita Daniela.

These are the new shows to expect on the Kapuso Network and there will be more to expect. These are all shared and celebrated in the GMA All-New September Primetime event were stars of the shows are present. Bloggers, online publicists, and media partners were given a chance to throw questions and an interview with them which happened last September 10. at 5:00 pm at the Premiere Theater of Shangri-La Plaza, Ortigas.

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

5 Reasons How Viewers Are Lead to Think Camila is A Ghost in Killer Bride

11:33:00 PM

The Killer Bride ghosting phenomenon has invaded every house on primetime and what's more interesting is that everyone is hooked with how the story unfolds. From the beginning of the TV series/ teleserye, the story of Camila de la Torre, which was played by Maja Salvador, did show an intriguing forbidden romance that was not revealed instantly. Instead, it was shown mysteriously.

It was indeed breathtaking, convincing, that the characters who played the different roles held you to be there with them. In rage and in anger, that's when the scene of Camila being burned alive. It was a good back story, an epic portrayal of how the story should be tailored.

But tonight's revelation was intriguing and changes the whole concept. The ones that we have established in our minds and the probability that we created to answer some of the mysteries being depicted in the teleserye.

So, how does the storyteller lead us to think that Camila de la Torre is dead? Well, here are five of the reasons how we are lead to that notion.

1. The Bridal Gown Burning Teaser. It all started into this teaser, the burning gown and the screaming of Camila de la Torre.  We were first brainwashed into thinking that the teleserye is a ghost story and with the title of the Killer Bride.

2. Camila Burning in the Cell. Another teaser that made us think that Camila is dead is her scene inside the cell while the whole place is burning like hell. So with this, our minds are conditioned that in the story Camila will die.

3. The Curse. This one is perhaps common in horror stories, the cursing of the abused and maltreated character. We were accustomed to stories like this when the line in the teaser "Sinusumpa ko babalikan ko kayong lahat. At ipapakita ko sa inyo kung anong klaseng demonyo ang tinapon nyo sa impyerno." was cast that was the point where we made to believe that the character of Camila died.

4. The camping stories of the Killer Bride scene. An additional convincing factor that Camila was dead was the scene where her story as the Killer Bride was told in camping. More of it became a kwentong bayan. A story that is told and passed around which became part of the town's hidden or past story.

5. The Great and Convincing Act of Emma. This one made it even more convincing. The scene of Emma seeing and hearing the ghost of Camila de la Torre and what's made it even more intriguing is that it happens in a morgue where most of the ghost stories occur.

Now, these are my five observations for the reasons how we, the viewers, are lead to thinking that Camila de la Torre is a ghost in the past few episodes of the Killer Bride.  In a much more colloquial or simpler term "nabudol tayo ni Emma at Camila". We were fooled to think that Camila is dead.

So, the story unfolds. Killer Bride isn't a ghost story but much more of a vengeance story. I think this is just the first of the mysteries that are unfolding. We will be looking forward to more of the story.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Prima Donnas The Newest Afternoon Teleserye from GMA

11:32:00 AM

Prima Donnas is the newest Afternoon Prime offering of GMA Network to its viewers, a heartwarming tale about family and love among siblings. Starred by three of the lovely young teens of this era, the new breed of young stars, Jillian Ward, Althea Ablan, and Sofia Pablo will bring your afternoon siesta to a dramatic scene. Beginning this August 19, Prima Donnas will set your afternoon for love and about siblings.

Get to know about the characters and the actors who played the role.  One of the country’s best kontrabidas and excellent character actress Katrina Halili plays the role of  Lilian Madreal; former Bubble Gang mainstay and hunk celebrity dad Wendell Ramos as Jaime Claveria; veteran and award-winning actress Ms. Chanda Romero as Lady Primarosa Claveria; basketball legend and well-loved comedian and actor Benjie Paras as Agaton; fast-rising teen star Elijah Alejo as Brianna; and 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival and Gawad Pasado Awards 2019 Best Supporting Actress and one of the industry’s formidable and multi-awarded actresses Ms. Aiko Melendez as Kendra Fajardo.

Playing equally vital roles are three of GMA’s brightest and sought-after teen stars Jillian Ward as Donna Marie, Althea Ablan as Donna Belle, Sofia Pablo as Donna Lyn.

Highly-talented Kapuso actress Glaiza de Castro plays a special role as Maita Claveria, Jaime’s wife and the mother of the three Donnas.

Married couple Jaime (Wendell), the sole inheritor to the affluent Claveria Group of Companies, and Maita (Glaiza) find it difficult to bear a child. The couple then hired Lilian (Katrina), the daughter of their most trusted house helper, to be the surrogate mother of their unborn offspring. Lilian accepts the proposal and later on gives birth to three beautiful girls named Donna Marie (Jillian), kindhearted and driven; Donna Belle (Althea), ambitious and strong-willed; and Donna Lyn (Sofia), soft-spoken and the mediator between the two.

Life takes an unexpected turn for the three Donnas when Kendra (Aiko), Lady Prima’s ambitious executive assistant who has been eyeing Jaime and the Claveria fortune, will stop at nothing to get a hold of all of Claveria’s wealth and Jaime’s affection at the expense of the three young heiresses. Family secrets, grudging relatives, and an endless pursuit of their real identity – will the bond of the three Donnas remain strong amidst the many challenges’ life throws at them?

The show’s creative team is composed of Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Unit Head Dode Cruz; Concept Consultant Kit Langit; Concept Creator Maria Zita Garganera; Headwriter Luningning Interino-Ribay; writers Borgy Danao, Mike Ladera, Kuts Enriquez.

This original series is headed by the SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, AVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Redgynn S. Alba and Executive Producer Marissa Hilario.

Under the helm of esteemed director and actress Gina Alajar, catch the world premiere of Prima Donnas beginning August 19, after Hanggang Sa Dulo ng Buhay Ko, on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Kapuso viewers from across the globe can also catch their favorite Kapuso shows via GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, and GMA News TV International. For the program guide, visit

Sunday, July 28, 2019

5 Signs that You're Still Truly, Madly, Deeply In Love with Your Ex

10:48:00 PM

Being in love and falling in love is a blissful feeling. The surge of emotion whenever two people find compatibility with their feelings. That is love, the feeling that binds us two people.

Sometimes when we're in love we go beyond our limits, we go crazy and we tend to be selfish. Too much love that at certain moment we tend to forget ourselves and we deeply devote our life to that person. That is what I call "I give my all". Been there done that.

What happens when the other part of that relationship fell out of love and you, the one who gave it all, is still madly in love? Well, that's sad but life goes on and you need to move on. Life doesn't give you what you always wanted.

So, what are the signs that you're still, truly, madly and deeply in love? You might want to read this and check yourself.

1.  You always write his/her name on paper or you unintentionally type it on your laptop.

2.  You get emotional whenever you visit places that both of you have been to.

3.  It has been months but your still hoping that you'll be together again.

4.  You always stalk his/her social media account or you try to call and doesn't answer, you just want to hear his/her voice.

5.  You stalk him/her and follows around wherever she/he may go. From home to work, from work to gimmick.

Now that you've read it, do you think you're still in love? If you are, well you're more likely end up like the character of Kris Bernal in the latest chilling TV series on the Kapuso Network that will give you a scare on a dull afternoon. This new teleserye is titled as "Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Buhay Ko".

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Dahil sa Pag-ibig Is GMA's New Teleserye that is About Love, Betrayal and Vengeance

10:04:00 AM

Hearing the phrase "Dahil sa Pag-ibig" brings the rhythmic old song. When I say old well, it's now my generation but much further. It's actually a song sung by Anthony Castelo, which my father sung when I was still a kid, that's why the phrase rings a bell.  But my story not about the song but GMA's new teleserye that will air next week, specifically May 20.

Beginning May 20, GMA Network redefines the Kapuso viewers’ afternoon viewing experience with the gripping story about the sacrifices a wife would be willing to endure for the sake of her husband in Dahil sa Pag-ibig. This goes with the line "how far will you go for love."

The original drama is topbilled by the network’s highly-talented and promising stars: Benjamin Alves as Eldon, Winwyn Marquez as Portia, Pancho Magno as Gary and Sanya Lopez as Mariel.

Eldon (Benjamin), who works as an OFW in Saudi Arabia, commits a grave crime that eventually lands him in jail. His wife Mariel (Sanya), who is left in the Philippines, is desperate to earn the “Blood Money” that will bail out her husband. Portia (Winwyn), the wife of Eldon’s employer, is bent on putting him behind bars. Gary (Pancho), Mariel’s rich former lover, offers an indecent proposal that shakes her fidelity to Eldon.

Driven by the fears and sacrifices of every wife who has an OFW for a husband, Dahil sa Pag-ibig tells the thought-provoking tale of the temptations and difficulties that a married couple confront when separated by distance.

Witness in Dahil Sa Pag-ibig how a shocking revelation turned the once perfect lives of the characters of this soap into a nightmare.

Joining the powerhouse cast are Sandy Andolong as Nanette, Mariel’s naïve mother; Dominic Roco as Roger, Eldon’s trusted friend and housemate in Saudi; Devon Seron as Chin-Chin, Mariel’s comical best friend; Kelley Day as Alison, Gary’s sophisticated girlfriend; Tep Tep Pineda as Justine, Mariel and Eldon’s lovable daughter; and Tetchie Agbayani as Clara, Eldon’s strict mother.

Behind this engrossing drama is the creative team composed of Creative Director Aloy Adlawan; Creative Head RJ Nuevas; Creative Consultant Agnes Uligan; Headwriter Christine Novicio; Writers Wiro Michael Ladera and Marlon Miguel; and Brainstormers Nehem Dallego and Angeli Delgado.

The series is another original creation of the GMA Drama Group under the supervision of Senior Vice President for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable; Vice President for Drama Redgie Acuña-Magno; Assistant Vice President for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy; Senior Program Manager Cathy Ochoa Perez, Executive Producer Arlene Pilapil.

Under the helm of esteemed Director Ricky Davao with Lore Reyes as his associate director, don’t miss the world premiere of Dahil sa Pag-ibig beginning May 20 after Bihag on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Kapuso viewers from across the globe can also catch their favorite Kapuso shows via GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, and GMA News TV International. For the program guide, visit

Monday, March 18, 2019

Discover the World of Sahaya beginning March 18 on GMA Telebabad

4:25:00 PM

Talking about history, culture and heritage, I believe that this topics or stories are shown and describe by the Kapuso Network fairly based on facts and information. And this coming March 18, a celebration of knowing parts of our identity and heritage will be airing as the Entertainment Group of GMA Network fulfils its commitment to bring viewers world-class entertainment with its newest primetime spectacle, Sahaya.

This extraordinary epic-drama series is top-billed by one of this generation’s brightest and hottest love teams - Bianca Umali and Miguel Tanfelix together with sought-after Kapuso leading man Migo Adecer.

Sahaya is the inspiring story of a determined and special Badjaw who rises above all difficult circumstances in life that will challenge her resiliency as she maps her path towards self-acceptance, success, and admiration.

In her titular role as Sahaya, Bianca breathes life into a beautiful Badjaw lady blessed with extraordinary abilities which will lead her to inspire her family and her people, including Ahmad, her simple childhood friend who has always been in love with her, portrayed by Miguel.

Adding a twist to their story is Jordan, played by Migo, the wealthy Manileño who will compete with Ahmad for Sahaya’s love.

Joining them in this intriguing series are talented actors and actresses: Eric Quizon as Hubert, Jordan’s father whose business is coral mining at Sahaya’s village in Tawi-Tawi; Zoren Legaspi as Harold, Sahaya’s father who abandons her mother before he knew that they were about to have a child; Mylene Dizon as Manisan, a Badjaw who fell for Harold and ended up raising and teaching their daughter, Sahaya, resiliency and good values; Pen Medina as Panglima Alari, Manisan’s father and the panglima (leader) of the Sama Dilaut; Debra Liz as Babu, Sahaya’s cheerful grandmother; Juan Rodrigo as Bapa, older brother of Panglima Alari; Ana Roces as Irene, Harold’s loyal wife who will do anything to protect her family; Ashley Ortega as Lindsay, Jordan’s spoiled cousin and the school’s queen bee; and Ms. Snooky Serna as Salida, a loving yet vengeful mother who will be the reason why Manisan and Sahaya will be separated.

Playing very special roles in the pilot week are Benjamin Alves as Aratu, Salida’s son and Manisan’s husband; Gil Cuerva as the young Harold; Karl Medina as young Alari and Jasmine Curtis-Smith as the young Manisan.

To shed light on the culture of our Badjao brothers and sisters, GMA 7 hired consultants and recreated an entire set reminiscent of a real Badjao village in Calatagan, Batangas that will bring viewers a realistic vision of their community—a surprising feat only the Kapuso Network delivers in a remarkable manner. Likewise for this program, the Network sets the bar even higher as it uses for the first time a high-end cinema camera to create clean, sharp and cinematic images.

Sahaya is created through the visionary minds of writers Marlon Miguel and Jonathan Cruz. Aloy Adlawan is the Creative Director and Suzette Doctolero headwrites the show. This grand production is under the helm of esteemed director Zig Dulay.

This original series, created by the GMA Drama group, is headed by the SVP for Entertainment Group Lilybeth G. Rasonable, VP for Drama Redgie A. Magno, AVP for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Helen Rose Sese, Executive Producer Milo Paz.

Join Sahaya as she brings pride to her culture through her captivating adventures beginning March 18, after Kara Mia, on GMA Telebabad.

Kapuso viewers from across the globe can also catch their favorite Kapuso shows via GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, and GMA News TV International. For the program guide, visit

Monday, February 18, 2019

The Faces of Kara Mia, Unknown and Mysterious

7:54:00 PM

GMA, the Kapuso Network, must have fallen in love with the unknown, the mysterious, and the magical. When it happens it just hard to forget. Probably, the network aims to involve its viewer by playing creative and magical stories in their teleseryes. Like what they did in the past, from Encantadia to Magika to Sirkus and now to Kara Mia.

The thing about Kara Mia, the current talk of every meme on social media, is that it is a fusion of mystery and enchantments, drama and bits of comedy, and a whole lot more from the characters.

We love our folklores, these gives us a different world and perhaps that's what made it appealing for everyone.


In this new fantaserye, Kara Mia, it features two of the country’s versatile and award-winning actresses Barbie Forteza and Mika dela Cruz. Their characters will captivate you and bring you to a different world.

This unique fantaserye is based on a true story from India and of the urban legend in Great Britain. The story is about the lives of two sisters born with Disprosopus or Craniofacial duplication, which is a congenital defect where they have two faces but share only one body. On how this malformation happens is somehow unexplained that made it more mysterious.

Barbie plays the character of Kara, the kind-hearted girl who deeply cares for her sister, while Mika portrays the character of Mia, the face behind Kara's head who has strong jealousy over Kara.

With the acting abilities of these two actresses, Barbie with her numerous award like New Movie Actress of the Year at the 26th PMPC Star Awards for Movies for Puntod, Best Supporting Actress at the 2014 Cinemalaya Awards for Mariquina, Best Actress at the 36th Fantasporto International Film Festival and Ani ng Dangal Awardee at the 9th Ani ng Dangal Awards, both for Laut, and Mika holding Best Promising Child Drama Actress at the Dangal ng Pilipinas Awards, Best Supporting Actress at the 12th Gawad PASADO Awards, Best Child Film Actress at the PMPC Star Awards, will create a convincing character of Kara Mia.

Joining with Barbie and Mika in this engaging spectacle fantaserye are Jak Roberto and Paul Salas as their leading men. Jak is Boni. He is a gentleman with an easy-going personality living a simple life who has feelings for Kara while Paul is Chino, Boni’s rich cousin who always wants to be the best.

Included in this Fantaserye with vital roles are four of the country’s top-caliber actors – Carmina Villarroel, Glydel Mercado, Mike Tan and John Estrada. Also part of this series are Alicia Alonzo, Althea Ablan, Liezel Lopez, and Karenina Haniel.

This series is directed by Dominic Zapata and will have its first episode on February 18 on GMA Network.

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