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Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Experience TOYCON 2023: Celebrating TWENTY YEARS of PLAY

11:53:00 PM


The Philippine TOYCON, from its modest beginnings, has evolved into a highly anticipated annual extravaganza in the Philippine events scene. It has earned the distinction of being the largest pop culture convention in the country. This year, TOYCON PH proudly commemorates its impressive two-decade milestone as a premier destination event, solidifying its position as one of the most enduring pop culture gatherings in the Asian region.

With each passing year, the Philippine TOYCON has experienced exponential growth, establishing itself as a formidable force in the realm of culture and an event that garners immense anticipation. Thousands of enthusiastic con-goers eagerly participate in a weekend filled with delightful amusement, nostalgic moments, and an array of remarkable discoveries.


With this year’s TOYCON happening from July 7-9 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, this year’s edition promises to raise the bar again for pop-culture events as it returns back to form as the collectors’ mecca and an ultimate destination for pop-culture fan engagement. TOYCON this year will feature almost a hundred toy exclusives from partner exhibitors, with top toy brands like Funko, Lego, Bandai, Hot Toys, Pop Mart, JoyToy and many others. We will be featuring the top toy designers in the country, from the region and from the US. World-renowned toy designers like Quiccs, Wetworks, Creon Chknhead, Arman Kendrick and more, add to the hype with their limited edition TOYCON releases


TOYCON also partners with international brand and licensing giant, MINDstyle, to bring you the FanXperience, where con-goers can sample the latest trends in upcoming art toys and purchase Pop Asia exclusives. Fans also get to interact with top creators and designers like Punk Drunkers and Reen Barrera. You also get to check out the Secret Fresh merchandise and exhibits. And one the most anticipated toys of the convention brought in by MINDstyle is the very first ever Philippine Convention exclusive in the form of TOYCON’s brand mascot, TC-02, as an official Funko Pop collectible! Globe is this year’s event co-presenter and they are bringing in the Globe Playboxx Booth where one can unleash their inner child. They also bring the Globe Premium and VIP Passes loaded with awesome toy exclusives, merch and vouchers. Avail of these VIP passes to be the first to own these much sough-after toy exclusives like Creon Chknheads CCW Buck Philippine Colorway, and Punk Drunkers convention exclusive Pops.


Still very much a highlight for the event is the ongoing live-action adaptation of the beloved Robot Romance Trilogy anime known as Voltes V. This Philippine production, known as Voltes V: Legacy with GMA TV, has received rave reviews for its cutting-edge special effects and attention to detail, clearly serving as a love letter from its makers to the source material. The cast of Voltes V Legacy and its show-runner, Director Mark A. Reyes will have a fan interaction on the TOYCON stage. GMA will also bring in other stars to grace the event.

But that’s not all, because from our homegrown talent taking on a much-beloved Japanese franchise, we also get to welcome some special guests from the Japanese Tokusatsu (“live-action special effects”) universe. First up, we have Tetsuo Kurata, aka Robert Akizuki, as he was locally known when he played Masked Rider Black and Black RX. With him of course is Ryosuke Kaizu, who played Red Mask in Hikari Sentai Maskman. All those who grew up with these 90’s heroes will have a blast to see them up close and personal along with their props and vehicles in the Toku Spirits booth. Cosplay also returns to TOYCON in a big way with arguably the most entertaining and most talked-about cosplay competition in the country. The Cosplay KO heightens the excitement for individual cosplayers on Saturday with a P20,000 cash prize for the best anime and the Anime S Cosplay World Stars local qualifiers in the Duo Category and the Cosplay Pop Duo Contest liven up the TOYCON stage on Sunday. Celebrity Cosplay photographer, Jay Tablante, also conducts a Cosplay Photography workshop sponsored by Canon.

Movie fans will celebrate in the immersive cinematic displays as Warner Brothers sets up for Barbie the Movie and the highly anticipated DC superhero movie, Blue Beetle. Paramount Pictures also joins the fray with a booth for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem.

TOYCON also brings to the fore the top local and international creators with not just one but three Creative Zones: the Comics Zone powered by Komiket, with top comic book artists and illustrators, and two Toy Designer Alleys with the best local and international toy designers including Hot Actor, Pucky, Chino Lam, Unbox Industries and more! Enjoy more than 80 toy exclusives to be released by more than 40 toy designers around the world!


And of course, the heart of the event is the TOYCON Collectors Gallery where around 80 toy collector groups will display their collections with exciting panel discussions and competitions for Custom Toys, Toy Photography, Best Display and Awards for the Best Toy Collectors Group sponsored by the Philippine Toy Groups Association. And definitely, the shopping and collectibles hunting is unsurpassed in TOYCON with more toys, comics, collectibles to be found in more than 250 vendor booths!, And even bigger fan experiences than you could possibly imagine await you over this epic weekend!

An absolute epic experience awaits all fans this July 7-9 at the SMX Convention Center as we celebrate 20 years of TOYCON with the TOYCON MINDstyle FanXperince. The only question is: will you be celebrating with us, or will you be missing out on one of the hottest events of 2023? The choice couldn’t be clearer - see you there!


The 20th TOYCON Philippines and MINDstyle FanXperience is presented by Globe, in partnership with Great Toys Online, Filbars, Hobbiestock, CalicoToys, Gaming Library, Funtastik, Talent High, Solid Toys, Collectors Base, Stormy Vault, Devil Toys, the College of St. Benilde, Bostik, Cybercraft PH, Grimalkin, JoyToy, Gnarly, and supported by Canon, GMA Store, Quiccs, Toku Spirits, Funko Funatic Philippines, Big Boys Toy Store, Image World, Yori, Warner Brothers Pictures, Paramount Pictures, Del Monte Potato Crisp, with hotel partners, Citadines and Heritage Hotel. Also powered by Exlink Events, Anime Alliance, Ambox Events, Komiket, IPMS, the Philippine Toy Group Association and Creon Chknhead.

Tickets are available at or onsite during the event dates at the SMX Convention Center. The Globe Premium Passes and Globe MINDstyle VIP Passes are available on


Email: /
Facebook: FB/ToyconPH
IG: @PhToycon

Sunday, July 24, 2022

Reminiscing Our Childhood Days with the Return of ToyCon

2:24:00 PM


Every childhood memory comes with toys. No matter what kind of size, shape, and texture, we all play ay least once in our life. We only stop playing not because we grew old, but because of our obligations and necessities.

This year, the yearly gathering and exhibitions of toy collectors, hobbyists, enthusiasts, and manufacturers gathered again after a few years of hiatus due to the Covid19. Dubbed "Back to Basic," they returned to the place where it all started, the SM Megamall Megatrade Hall.

I remember attending my very first ToyCon in 2012. It was at the Megatrade Hall of SM Megamall. Fun, happy, and crowded with lots of cosplayers, toys, and exhibitions. It was like a haven for avid toy collectors and for the kids.

Seeing the abundance of toys, nearly all the characters-superheroes and cartoon characters- that we've grown up with are at ToyCon. If your nirvana is the rarest and most unique toy, you'll definitely find it at the convention.

It may sound weird but seeing these toys brings back happy childhood memories. Though we may not bring back those old broken toys, the best part is that we carry the joy of playing. I remember the line of Michael V in one of his vlogs, "...Matanda na tayo kaya hindi nabtayo naglalaro, pero ang totoo hindi na tayo naglalaro kaya tayo tumatanda." (We're old that's why we stop playing, but the truth is we're not playing anymore that's why we're getting older.)

The pandemic might have affected us but with the opening of ToyCon, we're now back to our childish hearts.

Sunday, July 3, 2022

TOYCON PH 2022 Returns for a Grand Homecoming Show

10:17:00 AM


It's the return of the comeback! Yes, the news is right, for all TOYCON fans out there, your most awaited convention and gathering event will be returning to where it all started.

 For long-time TOYCON fans, it’s no secret that Voltes V holds a special place in this convention’s heart. This iconic robot has never missed a spot among the collage of colorful characters on our poster since the very start, and on special milestone years it has even become the central symbol of our show, with the huge Voltes V statue in 2016 when we first moved the convention to the SMX in Pasay, the fleet of Voltes V ships gracing our 2017 merchandise, and TOYCON’s launch of the Tamashii Nations Super Electromagnetic Machine VOLTES V, Bandai Spirits DLX Soul of Chogokin in 2020.

It’s been too long since the community of pop culture fans and collectors have come together since the pandemic struck. For many, this long drought without any gathering to celebrate our common love for all things creative, innovative and collectible has gone on way too long. And so with the effects of CoVid winding down, we just cannot wait to see you all, our fans and loyal community, finally come home.

And this year, our 19th year of putting on an onsite convention, Voltes V takes center stage again as part of a promise made by our event partner, Quiccs, back in 2019 to launch his trademark TEQ-63 in unmistakable Voltes V style only at TOYCON! And this year, in partnership with TOEI Co. Ltd. Telesuccess, we’re all set to finally launch it! At the heart of the Voltes V story is a tale of a family divided, of struggles suffered and surpassed, but ultimately a reunion of love. Which is really what TOYCON is about too, isn’t it? It is a yearly reunion, and for this year, a homecoming, as we return to the place where it all started.



TOYCON was started as a gathering of people of like minds, and this year as it has been every year, it is a collaboration of many to put together the biggest pop culture event in the country and in South East Asia. It is an alliance, which this year, goes back to its roots, as we put on a TOYCON which feels familiar but still is the cutting-edge show it has been which other shows have imitated but never duplicated.

Our event highlights this year will include:
  • ●The biggest Voltes V Licensing and merchandise exhibit in collaboration with Telesuccess Productions Inc.
  • ●Surprise Celebrity appearances (to be announced soon!)
  • ●Funko Funatics Philippines release of exclusives and celebrity signings
  • ●Top toy studios and designers from the region on exhibit
  • ●TOYCON Creator’s Alley – co-organized by the Bulletpunk Network where the top Filipino toy creators meet the up and coming young upstart creators
  • ●Artist Alley – co-organized by Komiket with some of the Philippines top comic book artist/s assembled for signing and sketching
  • ●The TOYCON Collectors Gallery c/o the Philippine Toy Groups Association
  • ●Toy Art and Toy Customizing competition
  • ●ToyClick and Cosclick Photography contest
  • ●The TOYCON Cosplay Competition and the World Cosplay Summit
  • ●Collectors and Customizers Panel discussions
  • ●The Pinoy Pop Culture Icon Awards
  • ●And the Biggest collectibles retail floor of more than 250 booths

  • ●Online selling seminars, live auctions and livestreams brought to us by Lazada
  • ●VIP access, NFT workshops and Bulletpunk BitWars art brought to us by Smart Signature

Come home to a very familiar, yet still a whole new playground as the TOYCON PH 2022 happens on July 8 to 10, 2022 at Megatrade Halls, 5/F of the SM Megamall Building B. The event is organized by VLAC Event Management Inc and co-presented by Lazada and Smart Signature.

Sponsored by Telesuccess Productions, MaxiCollector, Great Toys Online, Legendary Beasts Studios, EC Collectibles, Filbars, Toy Empire, Bully Boy Collectibles, and DHL. In cooperation with Vans, Yori, Funko Funatic Philippines, Warner Brothers, and The Linden Suites With media partners, ABS-CBN, 106.7 Energy FM and FPS PH.

And event partners Anime Alliance, Ex-Link Events, Komiket, PICOF, and the Philippine Toy Group Association.

For details contact:

For event details go to: or Like ToyConPh on Facebook and Twitter Tickets are available online at and the TOYCON 2022 store on Lazada.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

6 Top Features of TOYCON PH Celebrating 18th Year In the Asian Pop Culture Scene

11:27:00 PM

A NOTE TO ALL DAD'S, YUPPIES, TEENS, and KIDS! Plus your MOMS! Who loves to collect toys and an avid fan of the pop culture. It's another year for the Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention or commonly TOYCON PH. In just few more days the doors of SMX will be open to all TOYCON fans, attendees, enthusiasts and visitors. This will be the 18th year of TOYCON and as they hold the convention every year the more they grow bigger. Perhaps, Asia's longest running pop culture convention in Asia.

So what's interesting and what's new with this year's TOYCON PH? Well there are plenty and let me just give you the most interesting features of this year's event. I'm giving the TOP 6 for me that is really something to look forward to.

1. New logo and new tagline for TOYCON PH "TOYCON PH - Where Asia Comes to Play!". A fresh visual identity to cater the growing millennial crowd and also to attract visitors from all over the world. A global perspective to promote the Philippines as the leading pop culture playground in Asia, that showcases Filipino creativity, innovativeness and talent through toys, games, entertainment and digital content.

2. TOYCON's Exclusive Toys and merchandise. One of the things to anticipate this year are the exclusive toys, collectibles and merchandise that will come out of the event. Headlining as the marquee TOYCON exclusive is the Zeta Manila Killa PH Colorway designed and created by Quiccs Maiquez, who was awarded Toy Designer of the Year and Toy of the Year in the recently held Designer Toy Awards in New York City.  Plus, the much-anticipated Jollibee Flocked variant Funko Pop will also exclusively be distributed by the Funko Funatics Philippines during the event this year. We also have Filipino-inspired toy exclusives of Tiny Ghost by Bim Toy, Dino by Ziqi Toys and the first release of the Batman Imperial Palace warrior vinyl toy by Mindstyle.

3. TOYCON’s Toy Designer Line-up Gets Bigger. There will be more local and international brands and toy designers that will grace this year’s event. Brands like Lego, Funko, Bandai, Good Smile, Hot Toys and XM Studios, along with internationally renowned toy designers: Ron English (the legendary godfather of street art), Quiccs, Wetworks, Anatoy, Yoii, Hariken, Creon Chkn Head, Happy Garaje, Jessica Emmett, Daniel Yu, Fanny Kao, Mumbot, Rusho Toys, Jwon, Kaze Studio, Messymaru, Mupa, Non World, Siam Ruf, Tangent and Too Natthapong will line up the event with their distinct brand of collectibles. These designers from all over the globe certainly get the art toy enthusiasts excited in all the international toy shows and certainly, art toy aficionados will get spoiled in this year’s event!

4. TOYCON’s International Influencers and Celebrity Guests. TOYCON, with our partner Pop Life Global, is giving the community a taste of the future and beyond. First up are influencers from the Pop Life’s Pro-Am Studios, which is in the business of making movies out of their studio and post-production facilities in China. They are slated to release five movies this year and next. 

One highlight of this year’s FanXperience event will be the Battle Dance Champions featured in the Pop Life produced movie, No Dance, No Life. World-class dance will take over the FanXperience stage featuring talents such as Former Bboy of the Year: Bboy Morris, World of Dance 2019 Champions: The Kings, World of Dance Team of the Year: Academy of Villains, and The Creator of the dance style, Krumping, Tight Eyez.

This year two guests confirmed to arrive are from the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. These are actors Michael Cudlitz, who played Sergeant Abraham Ford, and Steven Ogg, who played Simon and also plays Trevor in the hit video game Grand Theft Auto V.

5. TOYCON’s Sound Arena. Will showcase up and coming bands Souldrift, Lila, The Lock Pickers, The Glass O, Project:Materia, Kanjiru, Asterysk, Lunar Rhythm, as well as fan favorites Aidoru Sozai, CH4U, and Pastel∞Mix will be performing at the TOYCON stage for its Music Festival.

6. TOYCON’s Comics and Gaming Exhibition! This is our country’s undisputed Comic Con with top-caliber comic book artists gracing the event. The line up this year are

  • Berlin Manalaysay: Creator of the well-loved cyborg, ‘Combatron’, one of the most well received characters in Funny Komics in 1992.
  • Ed Tadeo: A prolific Filipino comic book artist, colorist and inker for Marvel, DC, and Image Comics. Titles of his works in coloring and inking include: Wolverine, Silver Surfer, High Roads and District X; 
  • Heubert Khan Michael: Former guidance councilor turned legendary comic book artist. Judged by Neil Gaiman himself, Hubert won 3rd place in the Philippine Graphic Fiction Awards back in 2010 and has been inking since then! Some of his awesome works include: Vampirella, Unstoppable, and The Owl
  • Miguel Mercado: Miguel is a Cosplayer and Illustrator. Miguel has is known within the Comic Book community for his epic cover art for Back to the Future (2015), Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2019) and Over The Garden Wall (2017)
  • Harvey Tolibao: Harvey first got involved in the comics industry in late 2006 when he penciled and inked the twelfth issue of Dark Horse Comics' Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. He also did the art for Iron Man: Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., Psylocke, the Avengers and has also done some work for Top Cow and for DC.
  • Pol Medina Jr: Pol is a Filipino cartoonist best known for creating Pugad Baboy, a comic strip about a community of fatsos and a dog named Polgas, highlighting domestic life and the characters’ commentary on relevant societal issues and pop culture. Pol is the 2018 recipient of the TOYCON Pinoy Pop Culture Icon Award
  • Raymund Bermudez: Filipino Comic Book Artist, Penciler and Cover Artist for DC Comics. Some of his notable works include: Justice League, Pathfinders and Lex Luthor. Raymund Lee: Professional Digital Comic Book Colorist who is known for his painterly style and classic renditions of superheroes
  • And finally, Steve Gan: One of the most accomplished Chinese-Filipino Comic Book Artists to date. Best known for co-creating the legendary comic book “Ang Panday” as well as Marvel’s “Star-Lord” and “Skull the Slayer”.

Another exciting comics-related news is that ABS-CBN will launch the Ravelo Komiks Universe in TOYCON 2019, the first ever unified comics universe in the Philippines, with a legacy display of new merchandise for its prominent stable of heroes, Darna, Captain Barbell and Lastikman. Watch out for life-size statues of these character on display!

Other TOYCON 2019 Highlights.

Exhibits from epic movies coming soon will make the TOYCON scene more engaging. Headlined by movies from Sony Pictures, Spider-Man: Far from Home, and Warner Brothers’ line-up of movie icons from the horror genre, the Annabelle doll from Warner Brothers upcoming Anabelle Comes Home, Pennywise the Clown from IT: Chapter 2 and Chucky from Reality Pictures’ 2019 adaptation of Child’s Play. Meet them up close, but don’t blink!

This year’s TOYCON will also feature a new fun zone, the Play Hub!

This is where fans of comics and gaming will find the young and upstart artists in the design, graphic and digital spheres come together to exhibit their craft and talents! The Game Developers Association of the Philippines (GDAP) will host TOYCON’s Gaming Conference, while the Animation Council of the Philippines will showcase more than 50 short films in the Theater Room.

TOYCON POPLIFE FANXPERIENCE will also be the stage for the unveiling of the biggest Batman statue in Asia, the 22-foot tall Imperial Palace Batman which is a likeness of the Dark Knight never seen before until now. Celebrating the 80th Anniversary of Batman, DC Collectibles has announced a collaboration with Pop Life Global and China’s Imperial Palace for a special series of figures featuring DC Comics characters in costumes themed after ancient Chinese warriors and soldier armors. This Batman statue is going to be one for the history books! This year’s World Cosplay Summit Philippines (WCSPH) National Finals will also be held at TOYCON 2019, with Japanese Cosplayer Reika and WCSPH Alumni Ming Miho and 2018 Philippine Representative Team Sekai (Sergio Sta. Ana and Kai Raito) headlining this activity. Five cosplay pairs selected from parts of the country will compete for the right to represent the Philippines at the 2019 World Cosplay Summit in Japan.

Aside from these, TOYCON 2019 will host a number of activities such as a Mobile Legends gaming Tournament in partnership with InFlux TV, The TOYCON Cosplay KO Competition and bestow the Pinoy Pop Culture Icon Award, which honors the icons that made our Filipino pop culture heritage truly distinct and long-lasting.

TOYCON’s line-up of vendors and exhibitors also gets bigger and better every year with more than 300 merchandise booths of toys, pop culture memorabilia, apparel, collectibles and more, with more international brands coming to town.

TOYCON Pop Life FanXperience 2019 – It’s a Whole New Playground!

TOYCON PH and Pop Life FanXperience is proving indeed that it is the leading pop culture playground in the Philippines and in Southeast Asia. There will be more sights to share for your various channels and social media, engaging activities, shows and panel discussions, interactive brand activations, collectibles and merchandise, and YOU are definitely going to be a part of what will make TOYCON great this year!

TOYCON POPLIFE FANXPERIENCE happens on June 28-30, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City.

[The event is made possible by PLDT Home Fibr, MaxiCollector, Big Boys Toy Store, Filbars, Great Toys Online, Ano Toys, Arigatoys, Hobbiestock Collectibles, De La Salle College of St. Benilde, Kramer Toy Warden and main media partner, ABS-CBN. With thanks to our official residence partner, Tryp by Wyndham Mall of Asia Manila.] So cheers for TOYCON’s 18th year and we hope you join us in this ground-breaking international event. Always check out the TOYCON website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts for more updates:

Thursday, June 7, 2018


11:27:00 PM

Okay it's another time of the year where kids and the big boys will really enjoy their hearts out. It's the TOYCON 2018! Face it, it is the a culture where there are no boundaries. No matter your age or your generation maybe. As long as it is about poplife.

This year, TOYCON 2018 brings you back to your younger years as they guess two (2) Power Rangers, a Peter Pan Fire Lord, a lycan (ie. werewolf), and a legendary comic book creator at TOYCON POPLIFE FanXperience 2018 on June 8-10, 2018 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

The Philippine TOYCON, Asia’s longest-running culture convention for toys, collectibles, and various pop culture fandoms, announced the latest line up of guests for this year’s highly-anticipated event.

Leading the list is comic book industry Hall of Famer Neal Adams, whose reinvention of Batman’s look to the blue-and-gray color scheme highlights his work and influence during the 1960s and 1970s, aside from creating Batman villains Ra’s al Ghul and Man-Bat, and revitalized other titles such as Green Lantern, Green Arrow, and X-Men.

Filipino-American actor Dante Basco will get to meet his kababayan fans. He played Peter Pan’s sidekick Rufio in the 1991 movie Hook alongside Robin Williams, and is the voice actor for the fire-bender Zuko in Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender, Jake Long in Disney’s American Dragon: Jake Long cartoon series, as well as various video game characters.

Two actors from the Power Rangers franchise will share the TOYCON 2018 stage. Jason David Frank played the Green Ranger and the White Ranger in the 1993-1996 Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series and its other iterations over the years. Michael Copon’s breakout role was playing the Blue Ranger in last year’s Power Rangers: Time Force movie, but he was also known for his roles in the TV series One Tree Hill.

Another TOYCON 2018 guest is Kevin Grevioux, best known for his role as the lycan Raze who fought against vampires in the Underworld film series, which he also co-created and wrote the screenplay of the movie. He also appeared in films such as Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes remake, The Mask, and Steel.

American actress, fashion model and beauty queen, Kelly Hu will join Toycon, he's popularly known to play as Sorceress Cassandra in The Scorpion King movie, then Kelly played a villain in X-men 2 movie as Lady Deathstrike, the mutant with adamantium finger claws. She did voice roles for characters in Phineas and Ferb, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Green Lantern:Emerald Knight. On TV she played as Pearl on CW series The Vampire Diaries and also in Arrow tv series as China White.

According to Cholo Mallillin, Event Marketing Head for TOYCON PH, this year’s event aims to give Filipino pop culture fans a playground experience with a community that shares their common interests.

“What we want to give TOYCON fans every year is a sense of belonging to various fan communities. We bring in guests and experiences that bring fans back to why they collect toys, cosplay, read comics, or rewatch their favorite TV series or movies in the first place,” Mallillin said.

Mallillin added that more guests and attractions will be announced in the coming days and even on the opening day itself.

Among the other attractions in TOYCON 2018 is “Sikat Ka Toy!”, the Philippine’s first ever toy design contest. Artists and toy aficionados can submit their designs by June 2 for a chance to receive more than Php 30,000 worth of prizes and the opportunity to have their winning toy design produced for limited sale. Toy designs for the Sikat Ka Toy! contest can be emailed to by June 2, 2018, and contest mechanics are on

Other attractions for this year include toy exclusives from the popular Funko toy line, as well as toy exhibits and launches from global designers, Anatoy from South Korea, Coarse from the USA, Deewy from China, Playhouse from Thailand, and Hidden Fortress Manila featuring the works of premier Pinoy toy designer Quiccs Maiquez.

The biggest gathering of Toys, comics and merch exhibitors in the country
The biggest toy display by the Philippines Toy Group Association
International celebrities and guest from PopLife FANX
International toy designers from Philippines, South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and USA
Toy exhibit by XM Studios, Sideshow, Prime One and Hot Toys
Visual art exhibit by Toym Imao
Arts and Comics artist Alley
Filipino Comics Legends Exhibit
ABS CBN Display
Cosplay K.O.
Solar, Jack TV and MTV display
Sinag Animation Presentation
TMC mini cinema showing Tokyo Ghoul, Fist of Fury and The Wailing
TRESE Toy Launch
The Creator Stage featuring online creators and celebrity
Gaming Stage
Sound Arena Stage featuring: KISSBEE, HYOLYN and APL DE AP
Warner Bros. presents Teen Titans and The Meg
Action figure and toy customization contest
Sikat Ka Toy! Philippine toy design competition
Toycon Exclusive - TEQ63 Manila Killa by Quiccs
Toycon Exclusive - Toycon Minifig by Pinoy LUG
Pinoy Pop Culture Icon Award

TOYCON 2018 + POPLIFE FANX is sponsored by Maxi Collector, Legendary Beast Studio, XM, Filbars, Great Toys Online, and Gaming Library.

Supported by Kramer Toy Warden, Warner Bros, Tagalized Movie Channel, Sinag Animation Studios, Anotoys Collectibles, Hubbyte Toys and Collectibles, Dreamworks Dreamplay, City of Dreams Manila, Shopback, Halimaw Studios, Big Boys Toy Store, KidsCompany, Bandai, Gundam Build Divers, Devant, Tamashii Nations, Good Smile Company, Jinio, Comic Odyssey, DC Superheroes Cafe, Food Panda, Bruder, Xend and Oishi O Wow.

Media Partner with ABS CBN, Expat Philippines,, Manila Bulletin, MTV Philippines, Jack TV, PSICOM Publishing, Retro 105.9, and the Philippine Bloggers Network Event Partner with TEQ63, Anima Alliance, Philippine Toy Groups Association and Ex-Link Events TOYCON POPLIFE FanXperience 2018 regular day passes and FanX VIP Experience passes are available in all SM Ticket outlets or through

Saturday, June 11, 2016

TOYCON 2016 & Pop Life FanXperience

7:46:00 AM

The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectibles Convention, or TOYCON as it’s more widely-known, is Asia’s longest running convention for collectibles, toys, anime, comics, cosplay, gaming and anything and everything related to hobbies and collections. The convention has been ongoing since 2002 so it is now on its 15th year of thrilling fans and aficionados alike. It is, simply put, the biggest pop culture event in the country.

Being a milestone year, the TOYCON reaches new heights as it readies itself to be the first international multi-genre entertainment and hobbies convention based in the Philippines. Held annually in June every year, it has grown in scale and popularity since its humble beginnings and is now regarded as the one of the most anticipated and visited events in the country, with event-goers filling the venue to capacity with close to 40,000 people attending.

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