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Wednesday, September 15, 2021

World Vision's 5K Campaign Challenge Supported by Student Fundraiser to Helps Thousands of Learners

11:14:00 AM


Students across the Philippines once again showed their support for fellow learners whose education were affected by the pandemic by joining World Vision’s 2020 5K Campaign Challenge, a fundraising initiative for the benefit of the child-focused organization’s COVID-19 emergency response.

Going above and beyond their goals, World Vision’s student ambassadors were able to raise more than PHP 300,000 and the total amount of donations will be used to help over 3,000 learners all over the country.

The 5K Campaign Challenge’s objective is to encourage the participating students to fundraise among their peers and relatives to help children receive modules and gadgets to continue their education.

During the pandemic, the common challenge among children have been their education, which was why Abutin Nat10 was selected as the focus of the 2020 5K Campaign Challenge. Funds raised for Abutin Na10, a program created by World Vision in partnership with DepEd, will contribute to DepEd’s Learning Continuity Plan and its multi modal approaches, so that children can continue to learn and develop their life skills even in these difficult times. The students who participated in the 5K Campaign Challenge came from schools across Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in a Virtual Congratulatory Event hosted by World Vision, the following students were recognized because of their huge contribution to make the initiative a great success.

The Top Advocates or students who encouraged others to join the campaign are Arisha of Brent International School, who invited friends to participate in the fundraising and even partnered with a local business to reach her goals, Carina of Homeschool Global, who also invited 3 other friends to fundraise with her and Bernice of Homeschool Global, who advocated for the cause through a livestream performance.

The First Achievers or students who first achieved the target goal of PHP 5,000 are Paige of Homeschool Global, Imma of Paref Woodrose, and Luisa of De La Salle MHSI.

Meanwhile, the Top Fundraisers of the 5K Campaign Challenge are Kreisha of Homeschool Global, Yashmin of Ateneo De Cebu, and Margau Leanne of Beacon Academy.

“I was reading several articles on how to do volunteer work as a teenager who was being discouraged to go out during the pandemic. I wanted to be useful, to contribute to the success of others and to help. What do I do to figure out where to start? World Vision happened to teach me how to answer that question. With that, I would love to take this opportunity to thank this organization for giving the youth the chance to contribute and be the change society wishes to see,” said Leanne, the Top Fundraiser from Beacon Academy who was able to raise PHP 92,000 for the initiative.

“Being accepted into the student ambassadorship program will remain a huge blessing to me as it opened me to the path I’ve always wanted to take during the pandemic, which is to be able to help even if I was restricted to the four corners of my bedroom. Being awarded as one of the top fundraisers made me realize a lot of things… in that even during tough times, there are still some people willing to extend their helping hand to those who need it,” Leanne shared.

World Vision Celebrity Ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith led the 5K Campaign Challenge by inspiring everyone to unite and become #OneForChildren especially during this challenging period.

“The reality is that not everyone has access to internet or gadgets. This campaign will provide students with different modes of learning because we believe that their education should not be affected or stopped because of Covid-19. Again, Abutin Na10 sampung piso, sampung araw, sampung milyong Pilipino para sa sampung milyong mag-aaral!” said Curtis-Smith.

Meanwhile, the Perkins Twins Jesse and Christian also congratulated the youth who steps up to help others during these trying times. “What you guys do is such an amazing thing because obviously it helps those in need but also they’re the next generation, they’ll never forget the help you’ve given them,” Jesse said.

Also supporting the 5K Campaign Challenge are World Vision’s corporate partners Promate and Urbanize.

“It’s so inspiring to see students helping and supporting fellow students, especially the ones who need our help. Thank you for sharing joy and hope to them. We find that the times creating anxiety for us, sapping the hope from our hearts, these are the same things that spur us to get out of our comfort zones and try to become the better version of our ourselves in order to reach out and be a blessing to others,” said Jun Godornes, World Vision Resource Development Director.

“We also hope you discovered something new about yourself, what you are most passionate about, how you can do things you thought were impossible...and become the change agents that we need to see more in this world,” Godornes added.

To know more about World Vision’s 5K Campaign Challenge and its initiative against COVID-19, please visit You may also follow /worldvisionph on Facebook and @worldvisionphl on Instagram for updates.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

World Vision with Celebrity Ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith calls to support a meaningful future for Filipino children in the “Back-to-School” campaign

7:34:00 AM

 World Vision Back To School Campaign with Jasmin Curtis-Smith

It's back to school again and it's still pandemic. Our kids' education is very important that is why distance learning is still pushed through with most of the parents agreeing on this. Education is really needed that is why, World Vision, one of the leading child-focused NGOs in the Philippines, launches its “Back-to-School” campaign to support Filipino children for the opening of the school year 2021-2022.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the consequences of COVID-19 continue to affect many, especially those living in the most vulnerable conditions. Among those most heavily affected are children as the pandemic continues to disrupt their learning and development and makes education inaccessible to millions of students nationwide.-

Research conducted by World Vision revealed that since 2019, almost three million students have dropped out of school and that five in ten families lacked access to basic education. These problems have only worsened during the pandemic because of the limited avenues to learn. In the absence of face-to-face learning, online or remote methods have become the temporary norm, however, more than 38% of children in far-flung areas are unable to take advantage of this medium as they cannot afford the technological materials required.

In the face of these challenges, World Vision continues to believe that every child has the right to have access to quality education in these trying times through the “Back-to-School” campaign. The campaign hopes to not only raise enough money to sponsor learning materials for students but also highlight the need to create a more meaningful future for them.

“Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, it is inspiring to see a number of most vulnerable children continue to have access to quality education. With your support to World Vision’s Back To School campaign, we can sustain their learning and help them reach their full potential. Together, we can look forward to a bright future,” said Mr. Rommel Fuerte, World Vision National Director.

Last year, World Vision’s “Back-to-School” campaign has helped 64,000 children by raising funds to provide school kits and printed modules for students in remote areas. This year, World Vision strives to help even more as they carry the same mission with the campaign’s Celebrity Ambassador Jasmine Curtis Smith and World Vision Advocate Scarlet Snow Belo.

“The pandemic has severely hindered many children’s opportunities to have a good education, but we’re hoping that World Vision’s ‘Back-to-School’ campaign could help them in any way and that everyone can find their reasons to support a child. This is a cause I really believe in, and I stand with World Vision in ensuring that these children reach their full potential through education,” said Jasmine Curtis Smith.

In line with the advocacy of the Back to School campaign, Jasmine Curtis-Smith recently donated to World Vision 1,500 children’s books that aim to educate kids on proper and secure use of the internet. The donated books will go to at least a thousand children in Malabon.

World Vision Celebrity Ambassador Jasmine Curtis-Smith donates books for World Vision
Help create a more meaningful future for our children by supporting World Vision’s Back-to-School campaign at For as low as Php 600, you can give students in remote areas the materials they need for their education, including school kits, printed modules, and gadgets for learning.

To know more about World Vision and its other initiatives, you may visit or follow World Vision’s official social media pages /worldvisionph on Facebook, @worldvisionphl on Instagram, and @worldvisionph on Twitter.

About World Vision
World Vision is a Christian relief, development, and advocacy organization dedicated to working with children, their families, and communities to overcome poverty and injustice. Inspired by its Christian faith and values, it is dedicated to working with the world’s most vulnerable people. It serves and collaborates with all people regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, or gender.

Friday, January 22, 2021

World Vision and its Partners, Continuing the Legacy of Changing the Lives of the Most Vulnerable Children

12:29:00 AM

As the Philippines welcomed another year, most Filipinos are anxious to see what the future holds. With everything the country experienced last 2020, a lot of people are doing their best to make the coming year different. Some have decided to make resolutions and pursue new opportunities, but for others, it is to continue the legacy of changing lives.

World Vision, together with its partners, continues the mission of helping the most vulnerable children and their communities led by its vision of seeing thousands or even millions of kids reach the fullness of life.

Through its campaign “A New Year of Firsts”, World Vision invites their sponsors to empower a child by enabling him or her to experience powerful and life-changing moments of firsts such as, for the first time a family could eat until they were full, a village could have clean water, a child could have all she needs to continue going to school, and a child could feel safe and protected. 

First Bountiful Harvest

For 14-year-old Karie, life was a series of hunger and fear of starvation – made worse with the onslaught of COVID-19. Yet, it was during this period that Karie and her family experienced a miracle she never imagined possible.

For the first time ever, she could wake up without worrying if there was enough food to eat. On the contrary, they had enough food to last them through the endless days of lockdown, even after the pandemic stripped the family of their only source of income.

With the seeds World Vision provided them and with training in sustainable farming techniques, for the first time, Karie’s backyard was home to a flourishing vegetable garden – a gift that could change her life for good. 


The Legacy of Firsts

World Vision Philippines has been helping children and their families out of poverty worldwide for over 60 years. With child sponsorship, children and their communities receive an opportunity for a better future.

“You don’t have to be rich to sponsor a child. All you need is the desire to be a bearer of hope”, shared Mae, a child sponsor through World Vision for 10 years.

Child sponsorship is not only making a difference in the lives of World Vision assisted communities, but is also transforming their donors as they experience a series of beautiful firsts with their sponsored children. 

“We are deeply grateful to all our partners for reaching out to the most vulnerable children. God first loved us so we are able show kindness to others. This year, may we be encouraged to help transform the lives of children and their families through child sponsorship”, said World Vision National Director Rommel V. Fuerte.

To know how you can become a child sponsor, visit

You may also follow /worldvisionph on Facebook and @worldvisionphl on Instagram to know more about World Vision’s work in the Philippines.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Celebrities Encourage Everyone To Support World Vision’s Noche Buena Initiative

6:20:00 PM


World Vision continues its annual Christmas tradition with the Noche Buena campaign and as the child-focused organization moves forward, World Vision celebrity ambassadors and supporters help bring the Christmas spirit to Filipino children and families in need.

World Vision celebrity ambassadors Ogie Alcasid, Enzo Pineda, and Gelli Victor together with World Vision loyal sponsor Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo encourage more people to join the Noche Buena campaign and be part of the advocacy.

“I am so glad to be part of World Vision’s annual Noche Buena campaign even amid the pandemic. I hope people will continue supporting this initiative as not everyone can even afford a Noche Buena meal to celebrate Christmas,” says Mr. Ogie Alcasid

By giving a one-time donation of at least Php 1,000, sponsors and donors can help provide two (2) families with a Noche Buena gift that contains ingredients for Filipinos’ holiday favorites, spaghetti and fruit salad. “This year is very hard for everyone, but we can still make this season like no other. With a small amount of donation to World Vision’s Noche Buena campaign, we can all help spread the spirit of Christmas to the Filipino children and their families who are in need, especially in this season of giving,” says Mr. Enzo Pineda

Meanwhile, Gelli Victor and her daughter Guiliana teamed up for “Cook for Good”, one of the initiatives under the Noche Buena campaign. The mother and daughter tandem created their very own version of Fruit Salad. “World Vision’s Noche Buena campaign is one of my favorite initiatives of the organization because a simple Noche Buena pack means a lot for children as it symbolizes that they can have something special to look forward to every time it is Christmas,” says Ms. Gelli Victor.

Launched in 2005, the Noche Buena campaign has been one of the most awaited seasons of World Vision’s assisted children across the country, bringing joy to Filipino homes annually.

“The Year 2020 is a very different year for each one of us, but the spirit of Christmas never wanes. World Vision continues to bring joy, peace and hope to every Filipino especially in these trying times. We invite everyone to join our Noche Buena campaign and make this a Christmas like no other for Filipino children,” says Mr. Rommel Fuerte, World Vision National Director.

World Vision’s Noche Buena campaign will be accepting donations until January 8, 2021. To know more and donate to the Noche Buena campaign, please visit You may also follow /worldvisionph on Facebook and @worldvisionphl on Instagram for updates.

Monday, August 24, 2020

See and Watch World Vision Celebrity Ambassadors and Advocates Unite for “One Voice for Children” Virtual Concert

9:28:00 AM

Being one of the many privilege individuals who have been helped by different people through an organization, gives me a sense of being thankful and grateful. And it is always my choice to help those are helping others in every possible way. I'm not well in wealth but at least through my stories and expression of experiences, I can somehow convey to my readers and followers or even passersby what my story is about.

As for this one, it's about the effort of World Vision's celebrity ambassadors and advocates uniting for one specific event to support the organization's programs helping the children and their families and communities in a one-night inspiration concert entitled "One Voice for Children."

In an online press conference of the "One Voice for Children" that happened a few days ago, it was shared that the Virtual Concert will be happening this August 29, 2020 (Saturday), 7PM on World Vision’s official Facebook page. This event will be live and free for all.

Ogie Alcasid, Christian Bautista, Quest, and the Perkins Twins will be performing in “One Voice for Children”, a fundraising concert directed by Paolo Valenciano, while also sharing their child-focused advocacies as ambassadors for World Vision.

In addition, other World Vision ambassadors and advocates such as Kim Atienza, Christine Babao, Jasmine Curtis-Smith, JJ Dolor, Tippy Dos Santos, Matteo Guidicelli, Gretchen Ho, Marc Nelson, Enzo Pineda, Miriam Quiambao, Bianca Umali, Janina Vela, and Gelli Victor have been invited to share their messages of hope for affected children and their families of the COVID-19 pandemic.

All proceeds from the “One Voice for Children” Virtual Concert will go to support World Vision’s education projects that aim to assist the children during this COVID-19 pandemic, including the annual distribution of school kits and the Abutin Na10 campaign in partnership with the Department of Education.

“It is humbling to receive an overwhelming response from all of you for the World Vision virtual concert. We are excited to raise our One Voice for Children through the combined talents of our celebrity ambassadors. This time of great crisis, your support means a lot to children”, said Mr. Rommel Fuerte, National Director for World Vision.

To know more about “One Voice for Children” and World Vision, you may visit

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