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Tuesday, January 30, 2024

Royal Indulgence: Experiencing Manila Prince Hotel's Marcelino Cafe

8:35:00 PM

Live like royalty! That's exactly what my wife and I did when we recently visited Marcelino Cafe at Manila Prince Hotel for a delightful after-office dinner date. Luckily, it was a smooth Monday with no traffic hassles, allowing us to arrive just in time for the buffet opening. Yes, you heard it right – a buffet!

If you've been following this blog, you know I'm a food enthusiast, and buffets never fail to excite my taste buds. Marcelino Cafe, one of the restaurants within the Manila Prince Hotel, offers a diverse and sumptuous array of dishes—a true smorgasbord for those with an adventurous palate.


Before diving into the gastronomic details, let's shed light on Marcelino Cafe itself. Located at Marcelino Street, it embraces a local vibe, providing a memorable dining experience for its guests. Occupying half of the Manila Prince Hotel lobby area, it offers an expansive venue for culinary exploration.

For both lunch and dinner, Marcelino Café extends its culinary prowess, presenting a variety of options ranging from pasta and salads to dim sum, sushi, sashimi, and flavorful dishes across different stations inspired by international cuisines.


Now, onto what Marcelino Cafe in store for us.

Marcelino Cafe Dining Experience:

To set the context, the dining experience varies for different guests and times of the day. For my wife and me, it was a Monday evening dinner date, and the food selection was particularly intriguing.


Italian Station:

As a pasta lover, I couldn't resist the tempting array of pasta sauces. Even if I chose not to indulge, the visual and olfactory allure was undeniable. A must-try for pasta enthusiasts.

Grill Station:

During that night samgyupsal is available on its grilling station. 

Roast and Pika pika section fills the room with the aroma of roast food, the roast beef, roast chicken, and roast pork belly, made this section a sought-after delight. Familiar tastes and enticing scents guaranteed a satisfying experience.


Filipino Station:

Though I only enjoyed Filipino dishes visually and through their aromas due to uneasiness, the Mixed Seafood, Pork Mechado, and Beef Steak were tempting. Future visits are a must to savor these Filipino delights.

Asian Station:

This station allowed us to pick ingredients and create our concoctions. The soup and broth were perfect comfort foods for the stomach. They had Vietnamese Poh that time and also the Nasi Goreng. 

Salad Station:

Fresh, tasty and yummy! I'm not in to fully fill my tummy but with just right amount to taste the flavors. 

Bread and Dessert Station:

Delightful cookies and refreshing treats like the Cathedral and Mango Tapioca offered a perfect conclusion to our culinary journey. Don't forget the fruit section as well. 

Korean Station:

For those on a diet, the selection of salads was fantastic.

Japanese Station:

Being a fan of Japanese cuisines, this station was a highlight for me. The diverse Maki options, especially the standout Crazy Maki, and the delightful Kani Salad made this station a personal favorite.


Marcelino Cafe provides an extensive eat-all-you-can spread with both local and international cuisines, creating an ideal setting for culinary indulgence.


Marcelino Cafe Rates:

For those planning to visit, here are the eat-all-you-can rates and time to visit:

Lunch (11:30 am to 2:30 pm)

Php 899 nett per person (Promo Rate)
Php 1,500 nett per person (Regular Rate)
Dinner (6:00 pm to 10:00 pm)

Php 899 nett per person (Promo Rate)
Php 1,500 nett per person (Regular Rate)

Catch the great deal while it is still up!

The Feel and the Ambiance:

The restaurant, like any other hotel dining spot, exudes an interesting elite vibe while remaining welcoming. The ambient waterfalls installation provides a relaxing sound effect, almost giving the impression of rain outside, setting the perfect mood for guests.

Marcelino Cafe at Manila Prince Hotel offers a great setting for your first or last date. While not overly spacious, their diverse and interesting food selection caters to adventurous palates. The commitment to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients enhances the overall dining experience, making it a memorable and satisfying choice.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Buffet Experience at The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang

10:00:00 PM


It's one of the many places where everyone is excited to go and experience. If there's what you call revenge travel, then you have this revenge eating. Most of us have missed the clinking sound of plates and glasses, the smokey smell of the prepared dishes, and the enticing color of each food at the counter area waiting to be picked to fill up hungry tummies. All of these sum up our longing to experience the buffet once again.

As for me, well, I got that momentous time because of an invitation to experience it again and what it meant to be full, somehow bloated. Of course, in moderation.

So, where did I enjoy that sumptuous meal? Well, it's in a place where it witnessed historical events and cultural transformation—an established icon and the very first five-star hotel in the country, The Manila Hotel, with its iconic dining destination, Cafe Ilang-Ilang, known for its extensive and exquisite international buffet selection—an array of different flavors for the palate.

Imagine those mouthwatering dishes that you rarely see on your table or plate. So, this opportunity is priceless. At Cafe Ilang-Ilang, you can indulge in different stations—the Salads and Breads Station, the Churrasco Station, the Pan-Asian Station, the Italian Station, the Mediterranean Station, the American Station, and of course, don’t miss out on the Dessert Station.


This month, Cafe Ilang-Ilang offers an additional selection for buffet enthusiasts and hungry bellies. It has partnered with Calle Arco, an ancestral home in Pagsanjan, Laguna, transformed into a restaurant famous for its authentic Filipino dishes prepared with heirloom recipes. So, on the day of my buffet indulgence, I happened to experience not only international cuisines but also the rich Pinoy cultural dish. It's enjoying both worlds from a singular perspective.

The partnership of Cafe Ilang-Ilang and Calle Arco showcases the annual food festivity in Laguna called Anilag or Ani ng Laguna. It is the locals' way of honoring the province's rich culinary heritage.

The Anilag dishes offered at Cafe Ilang-Ilang are on a rotating line-up, so there are cuisines that are not offered on a specific day or night. But during my buffet experience, I was able to get some of its delectable dishes.

There were Binagoongang Crispy Pata, Hurnong Lechon, Kare-Kare (Galapong), Pancit Habhab, Fried Itik, Grilled Pla-Pla with Pako, and Sinigang na Baka na may Langka.

The Experience

Food has always been my comfort, but it's even more interesting and tastier when having it together with your family or friends. As for me, I had good company that night, and I enjoyed every dish. It was gastronomic, but I felt less bloated.

I was late—thank you for the heavy rainfall—but fortunately, I managed to be there since it wasn't a formal event or anything. The main purpose is to experience!

Since the other bloggers already started, I took my time and let myself settle. I let the aroma flicker into my nose, which later enticed me more to stand up and check which food to pick. 

It was my first time at Cafe Ilang-Ilang, so familiarity is recommended. I started to roam around and took some videos and snapshots of the selection.

I finally decided to start with the Pancit HabHab. I wanted to taste this version to compare it with the one from Quezon. The noodles were soft, and the flavor is within it. It would have been a habhab experience if it were served on banana leaves.

The next on my plate is the Lumpiang Ubod. The serving may be small for someone with a big appetite, but you can still go back for another round. With the ubod itself, its crunchiness is just right to enjoy it, not too hard and not too soft. The wrapper, made of battered egg (I think), compliments the crunchiness of the Ubod with its soft and fine texture. My only regret was I didn't ask for the pink one for a better color on my plate. So, if you'll have this dish, putting up 3 or 4 together would really create a colorful and enticing plate of Lumpiang Ubod.


Bad of me that I took the appetizers after finishing the pancit. Anyway, together with the Lumpiang Ubod is the Watermelon Caprese, intriguingly looks good and presented very well that you cannot simply not notice it.

Another dish that I totally dig in was the Baked Salmon. I love fish, and I'm glad that it was cooked well and not that ‘malansa’ or fishy. I would really mistake it for bread or something. Getting into the details of the salmon, the fish meat texture is still firm and exactly how it should be, not overcooked nor undercooked.

Of course, I won't miss the opportunity to try some of the main courses of the Anilag offerings—the Kare-Kare (Galapong) and the Adobong Kangkong. Hmm... it makes a rhyme. I'm sure it will also rhyme in your palate.

Added also are the Kani Salad and the Maki, which I like.   

After a round of tummy-filling flavors, it’s time to tickle our taste buds with some sweet indulgence at the dessert station. A slice of Ohaina Cake, Mango Sorbet, Strawberry Ice cream, Kakanin, and Halu-halo end the buffet experience.


If you’re adventurous with your palate and love to indulge in different cuisines and flavors, Cafe Ilang-Ilang at The Manila Hotel lets you become an adventurer.


Cafe Ilang-Ilang is located at the Ground Floor level of The Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Ermita, Manila

For their Buffet Schedule: 
6AM to 10AM 

Daily 11:30AM-2:30PM 


*BREAKFAST RATE: P1,750.00 nett per person
Child rate: P875.00 (for kids ages 5-12 years old only)

Adult Rate: P2,995.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: P1,497.50 NETT

Adult Rate: P3,145.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: PHP1,572.50 NETT

Adult Rate: P3,145.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: P1,572.50 NETT

Adult Rate: P3,790.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: P1,895.00 NETT

You can also call them for inquiries or reservations at +632 8527 0011 or +632 5301 5500 or you can send an email to

Anilag's selection is available at Café Ilang-Ilang at lunch and dinner buffet until July 31. So if you’re in to experience Anilag visit Cafe Ilang-Ilang in The Manila Hotel.

Sunday, May 28, 2023

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant, Tong Yang renew partnership with PCPPI

8:00:00 AM


Are you a frequent guest of Vikings? Well, if you are, then this news is for you, especially if you're a fan of Pepsi products. So, read the whole story. 

Vikings, Tong Yang strengthen partnership with PCPPI. The multi-awarded restaurants recently renewed ties with PCPPI in a ceremonial contract signing in Makati City. Present during the event were (from left to right) PCPPI National Key Accounts - Food Service Director Alex Catindig, Vikings Operation Director Mia Bernardo, PCPPI Area Commercial Head Red Israel, Vikings Group President Jackson Go, PCPPI Region Commercial Head Mayette Guro, Vikings Group Sr. Supply Chain Manager Luzvie Sityar-Villanueva, PCPPI Customer Development Manager Joel Javier, and Vikings Operation Director Hazel Rodriguez.

Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant (Vikings), the Philippines’ largest buffet-style dining destination, Tong Yang, the premium unlimited grill and shabu-shabu restaurant, recently renewed their long-term partnership with Pepsi-Cola Products Philippines, Inc. (PCPPI). Under the agreement, the two restaurants will exclusively serve PCPPI’s well-loved beverage brands in all branches for the next three years. These include Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Mug, 7-Up, and Lipton Iced Tea. With this, more foodies can pair their favorites from Vikings and Tong Yang’s wide array of culinary specialties with PCPPI’s drinks nationwide.

Present during the contract renewal program were Vikings Group of Companies President and Owner Jackson Go and Sr. Supply Chain Manager Luzvie Sityar-Villanueva. They were joined by PCPPI Head of National Key Accounts Red Israel, Region Commercial Head Mayette Guro, and National Key Accounts - Food Service Director Alex Catindig.

“PCPPI is honored to continue to collaborate closely with Vikings Luxury Buffet Restaurant and Tong Yang as they take more Filipinos on memorable journeys around the world through delicious food. We look forward to supporting the Vikings team as they further their mission in delivering memorable gastronomic experiences,” said Mr. Israel.

Vikings has redefined the standards of dining class and style with its renowned status of being the largest buffet restaurant in the Philippines. Tong Yang elevates the grill and hotpot dining experience with its outstanding selection of unlimited fresh seafood, meat, and vegetables. Other dining destinations under the Vikings Group include Four Seasons Buffet and Hotpot, Niu by Vikings, Putien, and Mey-Lin.

For more information about PCPPI and its brands, please visit

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Enjoy Saturday Brunch Buffet at Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort

2:21:00 AM
If you're tired of your usual weekend breakfast or you want something different and want it somewhere interesting and scenic, well, there's a place somewhere in Batangas that you'll for sure love, Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort. The resort just launched its "Brunchin @ the beach" last August 17, 2019. It is a dining experience that is expected to happen every Saturday and it is themed per cuisine each time. So, there would be some Saturdays that would be Spanish, other Saturdays it will be Asian, yet another time would be Mexican or All American, etc. For its launch it was an intercontinental spread from Pinoy, to samplings of Japanese, Chinese, Italian, and American cuisines.

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort is situated in Anilao, Mabini, Batangas. It offers not only unique dining experiences but also everything that one can do in the beach. For the more adventurous soul, Scuba diving is on top of the list of things to do around here. However, those who are seeking plain beach bummin' pleasure may just swim, snorkel or chill around the huge ground gazing at the sea ordering a cocktail or reading a book. There is simply so much to do around at Saltitude.

The quirkily-decorated themed rooms can't be ignored either, as the rooms are named after an activity that you can do in the beach and each one is decorated according to its name. Cool concept isn't it!

Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort also offers Saturday night beach BBQ during Summertime. The success of the summer beach BBQ pave the way for the Saturday bruchin' @ the beach.

Eat. Drink. Swim. Dive. Snorkle. Windsurf. Do all of that at Saltitude Dive & Beach Resort.

Call, email, text or DM Saltitude when you are planning to stay in Anilao.
+0434101857  |  +639274220428   |  +639399088843

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