Saturday, November 19, 2011

ARKO's Newest Album "Bitter, Sweet, and Even"

Just got home from an album launch held at ARENA Sports Bar.  The place was not that big but good enough to accommodate a number of people while the band is performing on stage.  Yes, it is a band and to be precise it is an indie band called ARKO.  I'm sure a lot of the readers will raise their eyebrows and wonder who is this band.    Actually when a blogger friend invited me and message me the event I didn't actually easily grasps that it was a rock band not until I came to the venue.

Admittedly, I wasn't familiar with the indie band so this is a great time for me to know them more and hear their music mostly.

Since it was the launching of their 2nd Album entitled "Bitter, Sweet and Even", I, together with the other bloggers get a chance to ask questions about their band.  We also get a chance to get up close with them and ask some more questions that they willingly answers but of course there are some that are off the record.

Why ARKO?  According to them they based it on the arch structure which shows the strength of the band that the more pressure being put on them makes them even stronger.  It was not their first name but from a revision of their first band name which they find it easier to pronounce than their previous name.

ARKO band is composed of four great and talented individuals namely Brian Sta. Ana who plays the guitar, Ivan Raquid on bass, Boyet Robleado on drums and Nathalie Parayno as their vocalist.  I'm not much of a good critic with regards to music but I can say that each  member of the band are great in what they are playing and they exceeded my expectation, especially when I heard almost every song in their album tracks.

The band has been together for 7 years already and they have been through different sides of their life and their life as a band.  For this year it has been one of the good side for them because they were able to release their 2nd Album which was independently produced, one of their songs were already on MYX, and they were the first band to be featured in and the band's music video "Sayang" was produced by

I'm sure this band will be great and I'll be looking forward for their next step in their career.

Aside from the launching of ARKO's 2nd Album it was also the launching of the which is a newest music content website solely for OPM Artists and fans.  Artists, bands, and fans can log in and exchange.  Also artists and bands can upload  their songs and videos and let their fans know where their next gig will be and at the same time view exclusive content like interviews, music videos, bootlegs, and versions. was conceived by four individuals from various fields, a freelance video producer Frank Lloyd Mamaril, Robbie Ortega who's a Licensed Engineer, Jason Talon an IT Practitioner, and Raul Robles who's  an IT Support Engineer. is not yet on it's full blown but expect something good from because everything is made out of their love and advocacy in producing good Pinoy Music to Filipinos.

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