Saturday, April 29, 2017

What to Enjoy This Summer? A Set of Figaro’s Summer Drinks to Chill Down Summer Heat

Well, even without the official announcement of PAG-ASA the heat of summer is already breaching in. When times like this there are so many things that you can do and enjoy at the same time, of course without borrowing down your wallet.

Here are some of the things that you can do to chill down the heat of summer.
  • Get a glass of water and filled it with ice cubes,
  • Make a sweet cold fruit shakes,
  • Buy some fruit juices and have it frozen and let it melt down while drinking, or
  • You can simply enjoy the cold Summer Drinks from Figaro.
All of the above are thirst quenchers and heat coolers but the last one is just simply easy and hassle free. All you need to do is visit one of Figaro branch that is near to your place and order their Summer Drinks. You can have all of you can enjoy it one drink a day.

This brand of beverages got some refreshing and interesting drinks to choose from and it is a certified summer drink that you can enjoy with your family, friends or love ones. If you’re feeling sentimental and a little bit emo there’s no stopping of which you would like to enjoy.

So what are these Summer Drinks from Figaro? To start with, Figaro got two kinds of Frappes or the cold drinks, one is the coffee-based frappes and the other one is non-coffee based frappes of which I know of someone who will definitely enjoy these drinks without the coffee flavor.

For their coffee-based frappes, I tasted three. And I enjoyed it very much even though the effect is the opposite. These are the…
  • Macadamia Frappe, which is an interesting coffee-based drink because I thought it was a nutty kind of drink but it was not, I guess I’m just the one being nutty about it.
  • White Chocolate Frappe, is a tasty chocolatey white colored drink. I love how the bits of chocolates lingers in my mouth plus the effect of the coffee that give a good combination.
  • Caramel Frappe, the creamy taste is their and the caramel flavor lets you enjoy it very much. The sweetness is controlled and the coffee flavor is just right. 
For the non-coffee based frappes, I enjoyed most of it as well because my wife is petit, she would only consume what is right of her size. So, meaning the rest of the drinks that she won’t be able to drink would lead to my tongue and palate to savor the flavor. So they are…

  • The Wild Strawberries Frappe, which I think tasty and fruity. My kid Maki would most likely enjoy this drinks. What I like about this is that it is not that sweet, it is just right to give the right amount of flavor as a juice.
  • The Mixed Berries Frappe, of course these flavor a little bit new but I can accommodate new taste and new flavor. We don’t have much berries here in the Philippines so I’ll just indulged myself with this Mixed Berries.
  • The Blueberry Forest Frappe is another new taste and new drink. Like I mentioned I love having new things and enjoying new taste.
  • The Chocolate Frappe, as my wife liked it very much and of course I liked it too because it's chocolate. 
Whatever drinks you decided to pick I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much. You can also enjoy it together with your friends or family. Since it summer it is always great to have time to chill down and relax.

To know more details about Figaro you can check out their website and like their official Facebook Page or follow their instagram @figarocoffee and twitter @figarocoffeehq.
Since it is summer and we ( and feel like sharing something for the readers to enjoy this season, we will be having a GIVEAWAY/ RAFFLE. Yes, we are giving away gift certificates and products. Click the link below for the mechanics.

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : (@figarocoffeehq
Instagram : @figarocoffee


  1. Aside from other cafe's and Bo's and SB, I would love to try this one also! Chocolate frappe is LOOOVEEE! :>

  2. Waaaaaah! I didn't know they have Summer drinks na! The Figaro branch in Il Centro is our go-to when we need our quiet time. My kids love the food. My ultimate favorite is their Pesto pasta paired with lemonade filled with crushed ice! YUM!


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