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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

8 Delightful Dish From Figaro Landed on My List

11:30:00 PM

We've got lucky with our 8 delightful dish from Figaro, they are mouthwatering and will really fill-up your tummy. If you're craving for something that you have not tasted you might want to check out my list of dish from Figaro. As I have mentioned they are really dishes that you will include in your list of good food.

Figaro is our usual hangout when we are hungry and this is not just a coffee shop but its also a dine-in restaurant where you'll enjoy plenty of delectable dishes. You can enjoy it with your partner, a date or just simply hangout, or with your family for a chit chat and snack. Whatever may be your activity there's Figaro, a place where you can enjoy a good conversation with a cup of coffee or any drink, much more food. So lets start with our list.

Here are the 8 irresistible foods offered by Figaro:
1.Magandang Umaga Platter - All star breakfast combo, creamy scrambled egg, smoked ham, bacon, logganisa, potato wedges, sliced batard baguette, tomatoes and cucumber. My kids love it, me as well because all our favorites is there and it is truly irresistible.
2. Pork Longganisa - Savor the sweet and spicy flavor of homemade pork longganisa perfectly complemented with tomato cucumber salsa, fried farm fresh egg and jasmine rice. This is our favorite (family) every time we visit Figaro regardless what time, this is included in our menu. Our dine-in experience will not complete if we don't have this.

3. BLT Croissant - Layers of honey cured bacon, fresh lettuce and ripe red tomatoes on freshly baked butter croissant. My brother and I spend a date at Figaro we tasted this and it is so delicious that I was able to finish it in one sitting. I am not fond on bread or sandwiches but this one I super like it.
4. Pasta Ala Carlo - Figaro's signature pasta, sweet and spicy medley of flavors, light tomato basil sauce, capers, tuna chunks, black olives and olive oil. My hubby and I super love it, especially my hubby is a pasta lover. If I crave on pasta, I look for this one.

5. Classic Pepperoni Pizza - Premium pepperoni slices, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and onions. The all time favorite of my eldest son. He always ask for it every time we visit Figaro
6. Adobo Flakes Kare Kare - Classic Pork Adobo flakes served with java rice and Kare Kare sauce. This comes with a twist, instead of having a bagoong on the side they change it to adobo flakes. The taste of kare kare and adobo blend in one that you'll definitely enjoy.
7. BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich and Chicken Ceasar Salad Combo - This is truly a perfect combination. I truly love caesar's salad always. While the sandwich blends on the salad, it tastes sweet, those who have a sweet.palate will enjoy this.

8. Hot Choco - I don't know why, but regardless of the food that I eat at Figaro, I always make sure to have the hot choco. My finale, I love their hot choco and this is truly irresistible.

Those are the foods that I really enjoy at Figaro. Mommies, you can have your own list as well, just visit Figaro and try their food offerings. Oh by the way, you can ask also their best seller as well, just as I do every time I visit any resto.
For more details, visit and like their official facebook page Follow @fiagrocoffeehq on twitter and @figarocoffee on Instagram.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

What to Enjoy This Summer? A Set of Figaro’s Summer Drinks to Chill Down Summer Heat

11:15:00 PM

Well, even without the official announcement of PAG-ASA the heat of summer is already breaching in. When times like this there are so many things that you can do and enjoy at the same time, of course without borrowing down your wallet.

Here are some of the things that you can do to chill down the heat of summer.
  • Get a glass of water and filled it with ice cubes,
  • Make a sweet cold fruit shakes,
  • Buy some fruit juices and have it frozen and let it melt down while drinking, or
  • You can simply enjoy the cold Summer Drinks from Figaro.
All of the above are thirst quenchers and heat coolers but the last one is just simply easy and hassle free. All you need to do is visit one of Figaro branch that is near to your place and order their Summer Drinks. You can have all of you can enjoy it one drink a day.

This brand of beverages got some refreshing and interesting drinks to choose from and it is a certified summer drink that you can enjoy with your family, friends or love ones. If you’re feeling sentimental and a little bit emo there’s no stopping of which you would like to enjoy.

So what are these Summer Drinks from Figaro? To start with, Figaro got two kinds of Frappes or the cold drinks, one is the coffee-based frappes and the other one is non-coffee based frappes of which I know of someone who will definitely enjoy these drinks without the coffee flavor.

For their coffee-based frappes, I tasted three. And I enjoyed it very much even though the effect is the opposite. These are the…
  • Macadamia Frappe, which is an interesting coffee-based drink because I thought it was a nutty kind of drink but it was not, I guess I’m just the one being nutty about it.
  • White Chocolate Frappe, is a tasty chocolatey white colored drink. I love how the bits of chocolates lingers in my mouth plus the effect of the coffee that give a good combination.
  • Caramel Frappe, the creamy taste is their and the caramel flavor lets you enjoy it very much. The sweetness is controlled and the coffee flavor is just right. 
For the non-coffee based frappes, I enjoyed most of it as well because my wife is petit, she would only consume what is right of her size. So, meaning the rest of the drinks that she won’t be able to drink would lead to my tongue and palate to savor the flavor. So they are…

  • The Wild Strawberries Frappe, which I think tasty and fruity. My kid Maki would most likely enjoy this drinks. What I like about this is that it is not that sweet, it is just right to give the right amount of flavor as a juice.
  • The Mixed Berries Frappe, of course these flavor a little bit new but I can accommodate new taste and new flavor. We don’t have much berries here in the Philippines so I’ll just indulged myself with this Mixed Berries.
  • The Blueberry Forest Frappe is another new taste and new drink. Like I mentioned I love having new things and enjoying new taste.
  • The Chocolate Frappe, as my wife liked it very much and of course I liked it too because it's chocolate. 
Whatever drinks you decided to pick I’m sure you’ll enjoy it very much. You can also enjoy it together with your friends or family. Since it summer it is always great to have time to chill down and relax.

To know more details about Figaro you can check out their website and like their official Facebook Page or follow their instagram @figarocoffee and twitter @figarocoffeehq.
Since it is summer and we ( and feel like sharing something for the readers to enjoy this season, we will be having a GIVEAWAY/ RAFFLE. Yes, we are giving away gift certificates and products. Click the link below for the mechanics.

Website :
Facebook :
Twitter : (@figarocoffeehq
Instagram : @figarocoffee

Kwento Ni Toto and Mommy's MAG Life Summer Box Giveaway/ Raffle

7:51:00 PM

The Demo Family’s blogs and youtube channels are very thankful for the blessings that we are currently receiving. These blessings comes because of you, our readers and followers, who have been actively participating, watching and sharing our works. With this, we would like to give back by having a small giveaway/ raffle to our followers and readers, and to our potential readers and followers as well.

We just hope we could raffle more in the near future. We’re hoping for brands, restaurants and companies to help us in this effort in the near future but for now it’s just us with some of our blessings to share.

Mechanics :
  • 1. All Filipinos and/or Foreigners residing in the Philippines on the duration of the contest are eligible to join.
  • 2. Ages from 18 and up are eligible to participate in the giveaway/ raffle.
  • 3. To be included and eligible in the giveaway/ raffle simply follow these instructions and the required tasks.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • 4. Incomplete or inappropriate response will not be included in the raffle.
  • 5. All entries will be checked and tallied on May 13, 2017  May 27, 2017.
  • 6. Raffling of the entries will be done traditionally where our kids will randomly pick from the box of entries the winner.
  • 7. Winner will be emailed on May 14, 2017   May 28, 2017 to formally inform them of winning the giveaway/ raffle. Winner must confirm receipt of the email as proof.
  • 8. Mailing of the prizes.
    • a) If the winners are within Metro Manila prizes will be delivered personally or through a courier.
    • b) If the winners are from Luzon, Visayas or Mindanao, prizes will be sent through a courier.
  • 9. All decisions are final.

Prize : 
A box of mixed products and gift certificate worth Php1,000.00

Duration : 
May 1 to 12 26, 2017

Raffle Date : 
May 13 27, 2017

We apologize for extending this raffle as we have some family matters to attend to in the following days.

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