Thursday, December 26, 2019

7 Kwento Ni Toto Cover Stories in 2019 That Created A Buzz

2019 is a blessing for Kwento Ni Toto and thankful that there are brands and companies who trusted this blog to spread the news in the world wide web. It's really great when what you write about or tell the story makes an impact to your readers, whether they comment or not as long as they visited your blog check out what is the article about. With that I, Toto is very thankful for the visit.

To give you a hint of which articles are well visited, I listed them below and linked it to that blog post so you can read it again in case you might have missed it. I think we will have this in chronological order according to the posting of the article.

1. Cristine Reyes Kicks Into The Action Genre with The Movie Maria. This is one surprise for everyone who knows Cristine Reyes as she takes on the Action Genre. One interesting movie that is comparable with other Hollywood action films. With the flow of the story I think there will be a sequel to that movie. So, I'm expecting one next year and hoping to cover that again.

2. MayWard Holds A Grand Album Launch With Fans All Over the Globe. This love team is not only great but they really their fans very much that is why they are loving back by their fans and it is evident during the album launch of the two, it may be just the Skydome but they sure fill the venue.

3. Ai Ai delas Alas Burst Her Disappointment with Ex-Battalion and Announces Her Resignation as their Manager. This news really made an interesting buzz in the net as this pocket conference with Ai Ai Delas Alas happened after the release of their movie Sons of Nanay Sabel (SONS). It was partially unexpected but there were possible indications before.

4. 8 Affordable Combinationes To Try at Fiery Style. This restaurant opening and food review created an interesting impact to the readers that some of them visited the place to try these combinations or combinations. It's a Tex-Mex themed restaurant that is hailed for its best tacos in town.

5. Our Company for the Night Kiel Alo, Carlo Mendoza and LA Santos at the Concert "Threes A Company" at the Music Hall. Interesting but this blog post was viewed and read by many readers/blog visitors. I don't really have the idea by they have probably find it interesting that this trio are good singers. Not well known but sure knows how to let their fans and audience to enjoy music.

6. Prima Donnas The Newest Afternoon Teleserye from GMA. Probably with quite a number of their followers, they somehow made it interesting to share this post to others. It's a good way to make a buzz in the net. Another thing is that probably the way they made marketing these ladies to its viewers that their teleserye is interesting enough to make viewers to get hooked on the series.

7. Possible Reasons Why Morisette Amon Walks Out of Kiel Alo's Birthday Concert. Another unexpected news at the right time and the right place but even though I am there still the reasons are speculations and theories that still leads to questions. Though it was clear, still, it happened.

Whew!!! These are just some of the blog posts that I have posted on the this blog that somehow created a viewing and readership.

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