Saturday, December 19, 2020

Ligo 101 in Pinoy Big Brother Connect with Justin and Jie-Ann


Currently, there's a trending topic on the net, which is the Ligo 101 in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Connect, where Justin and Jie-Ann are the subjects or the object of criticism. Accordingly, this scene in the PBB Connect shows where Justin and Jie-Ann are both inside the confession room made different reactions from the netizens.

Though the topic is about proper hygiene, some of the netizens find this a little bit insulting. But others find this segment positive and educational. So, in totality, there is a mix of reactions and different interpretations of this PBB segment.

In my opinion about this is that we all have different knowledge and understanding of taking a bath. For some, simple soap and water are enough to take a bath. Or even a dip in a river or ilog is their way of taking a bath. And while others are lavish in their hygiene routine. On this PBB segment, it is probably about the interpretation. As I understand it, both are being taught in this situation, Jie-ann for not knowing most of the presented hygiene kits like the luffa or sponge and the bath gel. I remember my younger days in the province, there are no luffa or bath gel, only "batong panghilod (round stone for scrubbing) at sabong pangligo (bath soap)." While for Justin, it's about teaching, not only about the names of the hygiene kit but also to understand other people. Not all have access to these things.

You can check out some of the reactions and comments on Twitter about PBB Connect Ligo 101.

So, how about you, what is your opinion?

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