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Tuesday, May 11, 2021


8:55:00 PM


An addition to the growing members of the family, the Squad Plus. The mates are just getting bigger. 
“Pinoy Big Brother Connect” alumni Andi Abaya, Kobie Brown, Haira Palaguitto, and Kyron Aguilera know fighting for their dreams doesn’t begin and stop with just their stint as housemates. After showcasing their personality and character in the country’s most famous house, the quartet has joined The Squad Plus, Dreamscape Entertainment’s teen barkada, to further develop their talents as they wait for their next big projects in showbiz.

Get to know the newly launched squadmates here:

1) Andi Abaya
“PBB Connect” 2nd Big Placer Andi Abaya has been a commercial model since she was 13 and has nurtured a passion for performing since she took acting workshops in grade school. Now 19, she has developed more talents that make her showbiz-ready, including dancing, singing, playing guitar, and acting.

As a former competitive cheerleader, Andi knows the value of taking big risks and the determination to dream even bigger. In “PBB,” she proved that confidence could be an asset. As she treads the next step in her career, this multi-talented girl-next-door knows and believes she is here to stay.

2) Kobie Brown
“PBB Connect’s” “charming striker” and 3rd Big Placer, Kobie Brown is equally passionate about sports and showbiz. His dreams to play football, however, will have to take a back seat while he explores a career in acting and music (Kobie has a soulful singing voice. In fact, his fans have been itching for him to perform on “ASAP”).

Kobie’s love for music started when he was a kid, when he would copy his idol Michael Jackson’s moves and would often be asked to sing at family dinners. He has also found a newfound passion for mixing songs after he learned to DJ in quarantine. Armed with lessons from Big Brother and his football playing days, this half-British but 100% Pinoy-at-heart is also preparing for more projects by learning to speak Tagalog fluently.

3) Kyron Aguilera
Take a look at Kyron Aguilera’s Tiktok page and YouTube vlogs and you wouldn’t think he went through depression and used to suffer from an extreme case of shyness. Becoming a competitive cyclist, though, allowed him to come out of his shell and explore his strengths.

In “PBB Otso,” Kyron learned to become independent and rely on himself to make life-changing decisions. After he got evicted, his supporters’ love and encouraging words made him realize his potential to pursue his dreams, giving him the reassurance to face the next chapter of his showbiz journey.

4) Hyra Palaguitto
Then “PBB Otso’s” youngest housemate at 16, Hyra Palaguitto has dreamed about appearing on TV since she was a kid. Since then, that goal has been her North Star and has given her the faith and focus to excel in beauty pageants, spoken work contests, and debate competitions.

Haira understands the hard work that goes into having a successful showbiz career. Right now, her livestreaming hobby has also allowed her to enhance her talent for improvisation and way with words.

Get to know Andi, Kobie, Kyron, and Haira by liking the videos and subscribing to The Squad Plus’ YouTube channel (, which regularly uploads vlogs and games featuring all the squadmates. With three million subscribers and 274 million views, The Squad Plus is one of ABS-CBN’s most subscribed and most followed channels on the video-streaming platform.

For updates, follow @thesquadplus_ on Tiktok and Instagram.

Sunday, March 14, 2021

PBB Connect Big Winner Who Will It Be?

4:13:00 PM

Besides the most-awaited announcement on who will emerge as this season’s Big Winner, a lineup of big surprises and hot performances await viewers for the highly-anticipated Big Night of “Pinoy Big Brother: Connect” this Sunday (Marso 14), 9 pm that can be seen live on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, TFC, A2Z, TV5, and on the official “PBB” accounts on Facebook and Kumu.


Leading the first virtual Big Night are hosts Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo, Melai Cantiveros, Kim Chiu, Enchong Dee, Maymay Entrata, and Richard Juan. Big Brother’s housemates from various editions will also be gracing Sunday’s event, including Edward Barber, Heaven Peralejo, Jem Macatuno, Maris Racal, Ryan Bang, Vivoree Esclito, and Zeus Collins, among others.

Viewers should also watch out for the reunion of some of the Big Winners of “PBB” from different seasons, as well as the performance of the cast of the Kapamilya teleserye, “Bagong Umaga.” “PBB” love teams KaoRhys and KarJon are also set to make hearts swoon on the Big Night.


Rising P-Pop boy group BGYO is also expected to deliver an electrifying performance on Sunday after they became part of Big Brother’s special P-Pop week on the show.

Kapamilya stars will also be joining in the fun to welcome the Big Winner such as Charlie Dizon, Francine Diaz, Toni Labrusca, and more.

A big announcement from “PBB” and Kumu also awaits that will surely bring light and joy to avid fans and supporters of this season’s pool of housemates.

Meanwhile, fans of this season’s Big 4 - Andrea, Jie-Ann, Liofer, and Kobie - can show their love and support for their chosen Big Winner by being part of the show’s virtual audience via For only P199, which will go to charity, the virtual audience can watch the entire show and get an exclusive pass for the virtual media conference that will happen right after the Big Winner is unveiled.

Who will be hailed as the “PBB Connect” Big Winner this Sunday? Find out on “PBB Connect” The Big Night at 9 pm. For more details, follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit

Saturday, December 19, 2020

Ligo 101 in Pinoy Big Brother Connect with Justin and Jie-Ann

10:43:00 PM


Currently, there's a trending topic on the net, which is the Ligo 101 in Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Connect, where Justin and Jie-Ann are the subjects or the object of criticism. Accordingly, this scene in the PBB Connect shows where Justin and Jie-Ann are both inside the confession room made different reactions from the netizens.

Though the topic is about proper hygiene, some of the netizens find this a little bit insulting. But others find this segment positive and educational. So, in totality, there is a mix of reactions and different interpretations of this PBB segment.

In my opinion about this is that we all have different knowledge and understanding of taking a bath. For some, simple soap and water are enough to take a bath. Or even a dip in a river or ilog is their way of taking a bath. And while others are lavish in their hygiene routine. On this PBB segment, it is probably about the interpretation. As I understand it, both are being taught in this situation, Jie-ann for not knowing most of the presented hygiene kits like the luffa or sponge and the bath gel. I remember my younger days in the province, there are no luffa or bath gel, only "batong panghilod (round stone for scrubbing) at sabong pangligo (bath soap)." While for Justin, it's about teaching, not only about the names of the hygiene kit but also to understand other people. Not all have access to these things.

You can check out some of the reactions and comments on Twitter about PBB Connect Ligo 101.

So, how about you, what is your opinion?

Monday, December 7, 2020

Meet the 12 Names of the 14 Official PBB Housemates

1:04:00 AM

The Pinoy Big Brother (PBPB) House just opened its doors once again to welcome 14 new housemates for this year's season dubbed as Pinoy Big Brother Connect. This season's PBB is about connectivity especially during our struggle with the Covid19 pandemic. 

Here are the aliases or tag names of the 14 Official Housemates

1. "Cheerdance Sweetheart ng Parañaque"       - Andrea

2. “Courageous Cabalen ng Pampanga”               - Justin

3. “Charming Striker ng Paranaque”               - Kobie

4. “Kwelang Fangirl ng Sarangani”               - Jie-Ann

5. "Single Momshie-Kap ng Bataan"               - Mika 

6. "Ra-Kweentera ng Quezon"               - Ella

7. "Shy Biker Boy ng Butuan"               - Kyron

8. "Striving Footballer ng Cebu"                       - Chico

9. “Makatang Marikit ng Pangasinan”               - Haira

10. “Bunsong Boksingero ng General Santos City”    - Russu

11. “Miss Malakas ng Misamis Oriental”       - Aizyl

12. “Military Son ng Palawan”               - Crismar

13. "Alluring Accountant ng Australia"               

14. “Dong Diskarte ng Zamboanga Del Sur”               -

 All 14 passed their medical, psychological, and COVID-19 exams to become full-fledged housemates. 
These 14 housemates were chosen from over 177,000 auditionees from all over the world, they were first introduced in “PBB Kumulitan,” a digital show on the livestreaming app Kumu, where auditions for this season were also held.

“PBB” host Robi Domingo tried to guess the identities of the housemates, who were wearing face shields and masks, and whose voices were distorted. Joining him in the show were his fellow former “PBB” housemates Kiara Takahashi, Shawntel Cruz, Jem Macatuno, Lie Reposposa, and Gino Roque IV.

Kiara, Shawntel, Jem and Lie Created The Song "Connected Na Tayo" as PBB Connect's Official Soundtrack

12:28:00 AM


Four of the former housemates collaborate together to come up with the newest official soundtrack of this year's Pinoy Big Brother season. Kiara, Shawntel, Jem, and Lie wrote and sang the official soundtrack of “PBB Connect” which was titled “Connected Na Tayo.”  According to them, they created the song during the pandemic. 

Kiara shared her experience working on the song during the pandemic. “Isang karangalan po talaga na makapagsulat or makagawa (ng song for PBB). Even just singing the theme song of PBB is a great opportunity na for us, for me. Kahit magkakalayo-layo kami, si Shawntel that time nasa Baguio, si Jem sa Pampanga, magkasama kami ni Lie, pero connected pa rin talaga kami doon sa song,” she shared.

For updates, visit or follow “PBB” on Facebook (PBBABSCBNTV), Twitter (PBBABSCBN), and Instagram (PBBABSCBNTV), and subscribe on YouTube (Pinoy Big Brother). For more news, follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

Saturday, December 5, 2020


11:15:00 PM


This is just what we need today. Getting entertained and learned from the lessons of the housemates. So. “Let’s stay connected, no matter what.” This is the theme of “Pinoy Big Brother Connect,” the ninth season of the iconic reality TV show that will premiere this Sunday (December 6) on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, iWantTFC, and Kumu. 

Even as the pandemic has forced people to stay indoors, “PBB Connect” hopes to inspire Filipinos to continue striving for their dreams just like the 14 official housemates chosen to be part of the longest and biggest reality show in the Philippines, which will be hosted by Toni Gonzaga, Bianca Gonzalez, Robi Domingo, Kim Chiu, Melai Cantiveros, Enchong Dee, and Richard Juan. 


Big Brother has started to reveal the identities of his 14 housemates, who were chosen from over 177,000 who auditioned from around the world via Kumu. They include Andrea Abaya (Ang Cheerdance Sweetheart ng Parañaque), Justin Dizon (Ang Courageous Cabalen ng Pampanga), Jie-Ann Armero (Ang Kwelang Fangirl ng Sarangani), Kobie Brown (Ang Charming Striker ng Parañaque), Chico Alicaya (Ang Striving Footballer ng Cebu), Mika Pajares (Ang Single Momshie-kap ng Bataan), Ella Cayabyab (Ang Ra-kweentera ng Quezon), and Kyron Aguilera (Ang Shy Biker Boy ng Butuan). In a few days, the public will also meet the individuals behind the monikers “Alluring Accountant ng Australia,” “Bunsong Boksingero ng General Santos City,” “Miss Malakas ng Misamis Oriental,” “Military Son ng Palawan,” “Makatang Marikit ng Pangasinan,” and “Dong Diskarte ng Zamboanga Del Sur” via Kumu, “It’s Showtime,” and “TV Patrol.” 

Most of Kuya’s housemates are Gen Z and millennials who will have to hurdle tasks that will inspire Filipinos to connect with their own ability, family, and society. All official housemates passed their medical, psychological, and COVID-19 exams to ensure their safety.

ABS-CBN and Kumu have teamed up to bring viewers a unique experience in “PBB Connect,” where they can stay connected with the show 24/7 through the variety of content it offers on multiple media platforms like fun livestream shows with the hosts. Viewers can also catch the exclusive 24/7 livestream of “PBB Connect” on Kumu. 

Meanwhile, this season’s new and returning hosts are ready to connect with viewers around the world. Toni will host “PBB Connect” on primetime on Kapamilya Channel and Kapamilya Online Live, while Robi and Bianca will bond with viewers on the “Kumunect Tayo” Primetime Show on Kumu.

Enchong and Melai will lead “Kumunect Tayo” every afternoon, while Kim will dish juicy details during special Big Brother events. Richard meanwhile will be the go-to source of updates on PBB’s Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter accounts. 

Don’t miss the launch of “Pinoy Big Brother Connect” this Sunday (December 6). For updates, visit or follow “PBB” on Facebook (PBBABSCBNTV), Twitter (PBBABSCBN), and Instagram (PBBABSCBNTV), and subscribe on YouTube (Pinoy Big Brother). For more news, follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or visit

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