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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

A Week After The Stepdaughters Airs on GMA Afternoon Prime

6:27:00 AM

GMA Network unveils one of their newest drama series that viewers will definitely enjoy watching, "The Stepdaughters" will be every viewers cat fight afternnon with GMA Afternoon Prime, which started last February 12, 2018. GMA presents two women at odds fighting for family and love. So, if you've enjoyed previous GMA afternoon prime series, well you'll definitely be intrigue on this one so, better watch the series and enjoy every episode.
The Stepdaughters is a story of two women who are both beautiful and intelligent but with personalities that couldn’t be any more different. They have always been destined to be rivals and both of them aren’t ones to back away from a fight.

Headlining this drama are Miss World 2013 Megan Young and versatile Kapuso actress Katrina Halili, together with GMA’s prime leading man Mikael Daez.
Megan Young is Mayumi Dela Rosa. Beautiful and intelligent, she graduated with a degree in Chemistry with flying colors. She also dreams of creating her own makeup product line someday.
Katrina Halili is Isabelle Salvador. She is an only child who grew up spoiled and self-centered. She also manages her family’s makeup line, Coco Bella.
Mikael Daez is Francis Almeda. He is handsome, smart, and works as a head product engineer. He meets Mayumi and falls in love with her, despite Isabelle’s incessant prodding for him to love her back.
In the series, Mayumi and Isabelle never really liked each other, even more so when Mayumi’s mother, Luisa, and Isabelle’s father, Hernan, fall for one another and get married, making them stepsisters.

But no secret ever stays a secret, especially ones that are rooted within families. When Isabelle finds out what Hernan has done, she will do all that it takes to keep everything they have, even if it means taking down Mayumi. But Mayumi will never let anyone hurt her or her loved ones. Now both Mayumi and Isabelle will fight for what is rightfully theirs—family, honor, and love.

Completing the cast are:
Gary Estrada as Hernan Salvador, Isabelle’s doting and hardworking father who remained down-to-earth even after becoming rich;
Glydel Mercado as Luisa dela Rosa, Mayumi’s beautiful and loving mother who will do everything for her daughter especially after her husband’s death;
Allan Paule as Mario Dela Rosa, Mayumi’s father who perseveres for his family’s future;
Angelu De Leon as Brenda Salvador, Hernan’s wife who loves and spoils their daughter Isabelle very much;
Sef Cadayona as Bryce Morales, Francis’ friend and officemate working as a graphic designer at the company;
Samantha Lopez as Daphne Soriano, Hernan’s executive assistant;
and the special participation of Dion Ignacio as Froilan Almeda, Francis’ prodigal older brother who left their home when he was young.

The Stepdaughters is a classic soap which highlights some of the most important values in life—honesty, love for family, the determination to reach one’s dreams despite the odds, and how true beauty stems from having a genuinely good heart.

The series is under the helm of director Paul Sta. Ana with the creative team composed of creative director Roy Iglesias, creative consultant Aloy Adlawan, concept creator and headwriter Geng Delgado, writers J-mee Katanyag and Kutz Enriquez and brainstormers Evie Macapugay, Wiro Michael Ladera, and Nehem Dallego.
The Stepdaughters is created by the GMA Entertainment Content Group under the supervision of Senior Vice President for ECG Lilybeth G. Rasonable, Vice President for Drama Redgie A. Magno, Assistant Vice President for Drama Cheryl Ching-Sy, Senior Program Manager Hazel F. Abonita and Executive Producer Lui Cadag.

Get the latest updates about The Stepdaughters from the official website of GMA Network and official Facebook

Kapuso viewers abroad can also catch The Stepdaughters via GMA’s flagship international channel, GMA Pinoy TV. To check the program schedule for each territory, visit their official website at

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Hanggang Makita Kang Muli Starts

8:54:00 PM
Expect a different and challenging role from Bea Binene and Derrick Monasterio as they stars the newest teleserye from GMA Network.  Fans of this love team will definitely get a doze of their idol's acting on this teleserye entitled Hanggang Makita Kang Muli which gives a different kind of story. This TV series premiered March 7.

Monday, November 30, 2015

Angela Markado, A 1980 Film Remake of Vengeance

9:25:00 PM
Angela Markado is a remake of a 1980 film directed by none other than the National Artist for Film, Lino Brocka. The film is based on a serial comics written by Carlo J. Caparas. The film won an award in the prestigious grand prix award in France during the 80's. Now it is making its comeback on the big screen but this time the story will be seen through the eyes of its writer Carlo J. Caparas. Yes, Carlo J. Caparas is the director of the remake together with the great cast of this generation of actors. Starred by Andi Eigenmann together with Epi Quizon, Paolo Contis, Felix Rocco, Polo Ravales and CJ Caparas as the rapists of Angela Markado; Mika Dela Cruz, Ysabellese Peach, Bugoy Carino, and Buboy Villar as the younger ones; Anna Roces, Marita Zobel, Bembol Rocco and Bret Jackson.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridges Of Love Premieres March 16

4:59:00 PM

New offering of ABS-CBN for 2015 is the newest drama series that will relate personalities and characters in real life as they air on primetime TV this March 16, "Bridges of Love". Watch this series and see why it is dubbed as a "story like no other."

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Nassan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita on Kapamilya Gold

9:26:00 AM

Another drama series sprung out of ABS CBN's Kapamilya Gold and Kwento Ni Toto is here to share some information about this newest drama. We've all known ABS CBN always bring TV series that makes almost the entire nation to fall in love with the show. This drama series is titled as "Nasaan Ka Nang Kailangan Kita". This is based on the 80's movie which was written by multi-awarded screen writer Ricky Lee.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flordeliza Avdance Viewing

12:30:00 PM
One of the perks that bloggers enjoyed is that you get to see movies and TV series ahead. Kwento Ni Toto is glad that we were able to see first the few episodes of Flordeliza, the much anticipated drama series, most especially the comeback of the 90’s iconic Kapamilya love team, Jolina Magdangal and Marvin Agustin or MarJo. If you’re one of those teen who happens to experienced and watched the shows of the 90’s then you’ve definitely know why MarJo’s comeback is a buzz.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Watch Honesto, A Good Reminder For Us All

12:47:00 PM

Few weeks ago, right before Juan Dela Cruz announced that they'll be soon ending, Honesto started showing up in commercials as it is the next prime time TV series that will replace Juan Dela Cruz. And I like the concept of their nose are swelling when they tell lies. Perhaps and this is just a hunch that Honesto, with its honesty thrust, was intentionally driven out just right before the election to inform the masses that we all need an honest and trust worthy officials that will lead us even in this smallest form of the government.

Well we all hope that through this campaign of Honesto, Honest toh! will directly or indirectly teach everyone to be honest.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin, Watch on Primetime Bida

9:12:00 AM


ABS CBN releases one of its biggest prime time series for this year as they celebrates 60 years of Philippine Television they will release one of its biggest prime time series for the year, "Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin" topbilled by action-drama prince Gerald Anderson and award winning actress Dawn Zulueta.

Gerald and Dawn played the role of the mother and son characters of Miguel and Zenaida Dizon who will then suffer in the aftermath of a controversial rape case.  Together, mother and son, they will seek for justice and find ways to prove that Miguel is innocent.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Julia Barretto's First Drama at MMK

11:37:00 AM
image from Star Magic
Kwento Ni Toto shares and invites viewers to watch Julia Barretto's first heavy drama in ABS CBN's longest running drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) this Saturday, June 15, 2013.

Julia played the role as Alex who is a young teenage girl who grew up in a complete and happy family.  Her life was changed when her mother left them for another man and that's because her father was a drug addict.  Hoping not to further break the family, Alex decided forgive her father and show to her mother that they will be happy without their mother.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Return of Annaliza on Television At ABS-CBN Primetime Bida

9:29:00 PM

Andrea Brillantes and Julie Vega

Pinoys from 80s knows the story of Annaliza, me being a kid don't get the whole idea about the story but I know about the soap opera then, most especially when talked about Julie Vega.  Yup, Julie Vega was the child star who played the role of Annaliza and that's all I know.

Three decades after, Annaliza returns to television in Primetime Bida of ABS-CBN.  This is their newest and heartwarming primetime family drama which will be played by Andrea Brillantes as Annaliza.

Andrea, being one of the rising teleserye princess, captures the similarities with Julie Vega, innocent and beautiful.  Played numerous remarkable roles, Andrea Brillantes may have the talent to portray the character of Annaliza.  Perhaps we will watch it even closer and see her acting on this.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Movie Review: Bwakaw, A Drama-Comedy Film

9:45:00 PM

Bwakaw is a critically-acclaimed first independent film by Jun Robles Lana which have recently won awards in the 8th Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. Some of the awards are the Best Actor award which was bagged by actor-director Eddie Garcia, Audience Choice, and Netpac Awards in the Director’s Showcase Category.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Black Lily in Walang Hanggan

8:19:00 PM

Ms. Eula Valdes plays the character Black Lily in the undisputed no. 1 TV program in the Philippines "Walang Hanggan".  As the shows newest chapters, Black Lily's mystifying characters enters in the scene of "Walang Hanggan".

"If they think that they've finally reached their happy ending, they are wrong.  Because when Black Lily arrives, the live of the Montenegros and Guidotis will never be the same again," Eula bravely assured the thousands of followers of ABS-CBN's phenomenal TV drama.

As Black Lily enters the picture, witness the mind-blowing revelations that will surely shock everyone.  How is Black Lily connected with Daniel (Coco Martin)?  How will she affect the lives of Emily (Dawn Zulueta), Marco (Richard Gomez), Nathan (Paulo Avelino), Katerina (Julia Montes), Lola Henya (Susan Roces) and Doña Margaret (Helen Gamboa)?

Meanwhile, "Walang Hanggan" continues to prove its phenomenal success as it reign not only in the nationwide TV ratings but also in several popular social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook, and in the innovative projects launched by the drama series.  After its volume 1 reached the platinum record status, "Walang Hanggan" recently released the second volume of its official soundtrack.  The licensed "Walang Hanggan Infinity Ring," being sold by Karat World, also became a certified hit among avid fans.  Aside from its unique brands, an addition to "Walang Hanggan's" unparalleled success is its award-winning cast including Coco who was recently recognized as the Prince of Television by the Box Office Entertainment Awards, and Paulo who was awarded by the 2012 Gawad Urian as the Best Actor.

Plus, starting this Monday (July 9), avid fans can now get the latest scoops and exclusive behind-the-scene footages of their favorite teleserye through "Walang Hanggan TV" by simply logging in to Watch out for the grand launch of "Walang Hanggan" official soundtrack volume 2 this July 15 (Sunday) in "ASAP 2012," to be followed by a mall show in Trinoma.

Don't miss the explosive revelations of "Walang Hanggan," weeknights, after "Princess and I" on ABS-CBn's Primetime Bida.  For more updates, log-on to, like, or follow @walanghanggan_ on Twitter.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Mundo Man Ay Magunaw Grand Finale Press Conference

1:30:00 PM
Mixed emotions filled the whole the room during the Mundo Man Ay Magunaw Grand Finale Press Conference. Lead stars Eula Valdes, Empress, Nikki Gil, and Ejay Falcon together with the other actors and actresses like Tessie Tomas, Sylvia Sanchez, Emilio Garcia, and Jason Gainza were present during the said conference. Some of them teary, especially Ms. Eula Valdes while sharing their experiences and learning during the whole shooting of the drama series Mundo Man Ay Magunaw. The sincerity of wanting to extend the drama series Mundo Man Ay Magunaw was felt during the press conference held at ELJ Building ABS-CBN.

Here are some of the coverage during the press conference.

There are still few episodes to watch out for so better not miss the finale of Mundo Man Ay Magunaw 2:30 pm, after "It's Showtime." For more information visit, follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter or like the show's Facebook fan page

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jodi and Papa Chen, Be Careful With My Heart

9:31:00 PM

Expect another teleserye from ABS CBN, the "Be Careful with my Heart" which will premiere on Monday, July 9, 2012 on ABS CBN. This will be a Prime-Tanghali drama series. A light drama and comedy with a cute love story and love team of Jodi and Richard or commonly called Papa Chen.

Both Jodi and Richard are both excited with show as it marks a milestone in their respective showbiz careers. "Be Careful is so special to me as it is my firs-ever lead role in a teleserye. This is also the first time that I get to work with Richard, " said Jodi, who will portray the role of Maya, a provincial lass who dreams to become a flight stewardess for her to help her family out of poverty.

Jodi further shared that she is quite positive that Maya's tale will win the hearts of the afternoon viewers because of the "good vibes" that she brings in the story. She said "They will surely be inspired with Maya's character. She is so optimistic with life. For her, everything can be done and nothing is impossible!"

Meanwhile, similar to his leading lady, "Be Careful With My Heart" is equally memorable for Richard as it is his first drama, where he is the leading man.

Richard will give life to the character of Mr. Lim. "In the story, I'm a widower who works hard for his three children. But because of being busy with his business, he will need help," said Richard. "It's more of an unexpected love story. Viewers can expect a lot of kilig moments and I'm sure they can relate with it.

Aside form Jodi and Richard, also part of "Be Careful With My Heart" are Jerome Perez, Janella Salvador and Mutya Orquia. It is under the direction of Jeffrey Jeturina and Mervyn Brondial.

Get Ready to fall in love with Jodi and Papa Chen in "Be Careful With My Heart" starting this Monday (July 9) in ABS CBN's Prime Tanghali. For more updates, log on to or follow @abscbndotcom on twitter.

Mundo Man Ay Magunaw, A Finale Filled Tension

9:26:00 PM

"Mundo Man ay magunaw" lead stars Eula Valdes, Empress, Nikki Gil, and Ejay Falcon are currently having mixed emotions as their much acclaimed afternoon drama series draws down to its last two weeks.

Whiel they feel happy because of the show's consistent triumph in the ratings game and the positive feedback they have been receiving from TV viewers, the whole cast are also saddened because they will miss their regular bonding on the set.

According to Eula, they always have wonderful moments during tapings.  "My relationship with my co-actors really became very personal, to the point that we share stories about our own families," Eula said.  "The whole cast and even the staff are sensitive to each other's feelings that's why if we're making jokes about each other, nobody gets offended."

For Empress, being part of "Mundo Man Ay Magunaw" has been a huge blessing.  "I've learned so much from the veteran actors in the show.  I think even if I'm not part of 'Mundo Man ay Magunaw,' I'll still be proud of it because of its great story and well execution on TV," Empress said.

Meanwhile, Nikki discovered the actress in her even more because of "Mundo Man ay Magunaw."  According to her, "I've learned a lot not only about acting but also many other things about myself.  I'm very thankful to be given the chance to work with senior stars in 'Mundo Man ay Magunaw' because they've taught me a lot about being an artist and being a person."

Ejay, on the other hand, admitted that he is going to miss 'playing' with his co-actors on the set.  "We really enjoyed doing this drama series.  It's like we're not working because we're always playing and laughing during the set.  We've become like a real happy family that is why it's easier for us to work."

As the story of Olivia (Eula), Sheryl (Empress), and Jenny (Nikki) goes down to its final two weeks, how will fate bring them back together?  Will someone need to risk his/her own life for their family to be finally whole?

Don't miss the last two weeks of ABS-CBN's Kapamilya Gold Teleserye "Mundo Man ay Magunaw," 2:30 pm, after "It's Showtime."  For more information, log on to, follow @abscbndotcom on Twitter or like the show's Facebook fan page

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valiente: The Return On TV5

11:34:00 AM

One of our correspondent was able to attend the press conference of the well known TV series two decades ago.  It was loved and watched by many viewers during that time and I believed my mother was one of those fans of the TV series.  

Today, a new generation of stars are highlighting the main characters of the TV series VALIENTE.

This TV series has already started their first air last night.  Have you watched it?  What can you say about their first day?

For exclusive Valiente updates, be a fan on Facebook and follower on Twitter: |!/Valiente2012

Sunday, February 12, 2012

VALIENTE Makes a Comeback On TV Series

8:18:00 PM

When love, deceit and revenge get in the way of friendship, the blinding hatred that follows can lead a person to hurt those who are closest to his heart. This is the premise of a timeless story that captivated millions of Filipino viewers who tuned in to the most successful afternoon soap that first aired on Philippine TV 20 years ago –- Valiente.

After a successful run that spanned five years on two major networks, Valiente makes a grand comeback to capture once more the hearts of Filipinos who grew up watching the series as well as the new generation of viewers who would surely relate to the classic story two decades after.

Now airing on primetime for the first time and helmed by multi-awarded director Joel Lamangan, TV5’s Valiente recounts the epic tale of two families whose lives are intertwined by their desire to claim what they believe is rightfully theirs. The compelling story is given new life by a powerhouse cast of this generation’s most bankable actors, including Kapatid stars Oyo Sotto, Nadine Samonte, Niña Jose and JC De Vera.

In Valiente, viewers will witness how the admirable friendship of Theo Braganza (Oyo Sotto) and Gardo Valiente (JC De Vera) is torn by the vicious schemes of Theo’s ruthless mother, Doña Trining Braganza (Jaclyn Jose). Doña Trining manipulates the Braganza family and their business empire which resorted to labor and land disputes.The rivalry that follows between the two families is further sparked by the relationship of Gardo with Maila Braganza (Nadine Samonte). Theo and Maila’s cunning sister Leona (Niña Jose) will do everything to get in the way of this relationship in her desire to have Gardo for herself.

Joining the new generation of Valiente cast are the most-respected and highly acclaimed actors in the industry: Mark Gil, Jaclyn Jose, Gina Alajar and the original Valiente himself, Michael de Mesa.

Valiente also introduces a new set of promising young stars who will endear themselves to the viewers: Ross Pesigan (young Gardo), Liane Valentino (young Maila), Czarina Suzara (young Leona) and Arvic Rivero (young Theo). Also part of the cast are fine actors John Regala (Peping), Jim Pebanco (Ariston) and Toni Mabesa (Victorino Penitente). Moreover, Valiente proudly presents an exceptional rendition of its original theme song as performed by its original singer, Vic Sotto. The story of Valiente was originally written by highly acclaimed scriptwriter Gina Marissa Tagasa. Primetime viewing will be spicier, more exciting and more intense as the most successful teleserye premieres this February 13 on TV5.

For exclusive Valiente updates, be a fan on Facebook and follower on Twitter: |!/Valiente2012

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