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Saturday, October 22, 2022

PSA: You can now use GCash for dining and shopping in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and Malaysia!

10:44:00 PM


Travel to your favorite destinations as GCash now makes your much deserved trip hassle-free and even more exciting as it partners with Alipay+, a suite of global cross-border digital payments and marketing solutions by Ant Group.

Being the first e-wallet in the Philippines to enable cross-border payments, GCash allows Filipinos to have more convenient payment experience when they travel abroad with over 1 million merchants to choose from. You can now conveniently pay for meals, shopping, and experience amazing possibilities at Alipay+’s partnering merchants across the region.

“Through our partnership with Alipay+, GCash users now can travel with ease knowing they can take control of their budget by enjoying real-time forex when paying. On top of that, GCash users will not be subject to any service fees and they can access a wide variety of promos and discounts within the app,” said CEO of GCash, Martha Sazon.


Using the GCash app while traveling overseas also helps in keeping your travel budget in check. You don’t need to carry as much cash to pay for expenses since your funds are safely saved in your GCash account.

The GCash and Alipay+ partnership is currently available in top travel destinations in Asia including South Korea, Japan, Singapore and Malaysia, and more countries in the pipeline.

For those flying to South Korea, you can use GCash in Alipay+ partner establishments located at Myeong-Dong, Dong Dae Moon, Hong Dae, Itaewon, and at Seoul Namsan Tower. These include Hyundai DFS, Lotte, Line Friends, Shilla DFS, Haidilao, Starbucks, and Paris Baguette. While those who are traveling to Malaysia, can take advantage of this service in various convenience stores like KK Mart and Happy Mart, food options such as Tealive, Mydin and Dunkin Donut, and even baking goods at Bake with Yen.


In the meantime, those traveling to Singapore can use the GCash app at Lotte and Shilla Duty Free shops at Changi Airport, Bengawan Solo, Swensens, Fragrance and when taking a ComfortDelgro Taxi.

In Japan, you can find several retail and food merchants in select cities like Shibuya, Asakusa, Shinjuku, Odaiba where you can shop at places like Takashimaya, Isetan Shinjuku, Odakyu, and 24hr department store Don Quixote, Rayard Miyashita Park and Tokyo Solamachi Mall, or eat at favorites like Ichiran Ramen, Kani-Doraku, and Kura Sushi.

Look for establishments with an in-store display of the Alipay+ sign. To use GCash to pay overseas, simply tap the “QR” button on the GCash dashboard and either scan the QR code of the merchant or tap “Pay abroad with Alipay+” which will lead to a QR code that will be generated for the merchant to scan.

For more information on Pay Abroad with Alipay+, visit

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Sharing This: How do you spend your first paycheck? A finance expert weighs in

12:21:00 AM


Let's talk about money and savings. 

When one begins to start earning their own money, one of the most daunting tasks is learning how to manage it. Senior Financial Advisor, Certified Associate Financial Planner, and content creator Antonette Aquino shares tips on how to build good financial habits for yourself as early as your first job, or if you’ve been working several years and want to improve on your money management:

  • 1.Prioritize spending on needs and avoid splurging on things that will not bring you value in the future. Aquino also says that we can treat ourselves once in a while to enjoy the fruits of our hard work…for as long as it doesn’t jeopardize our future.
  • 2.Pay yourself first. Before paying for bills, commit to setting a percentage of your income to savings and investments. This includes putting money into your investment accounts and buying insurance. Make sure to do this consistently!
  • 3.Use the bucketing method to separate your finances. For people who are still trying to get the hang of saving, Aquino recommends trying out the bucketing method which allows you to have a clearer view of your spending and saving habits when all your funds are separated. Instead of having all of your money in one savings account, It is best to have four kinds of accounts:
    • a.Operating Fund - Allocate money for recurring expenses such as quarterly, monthly, or annual bills in this account.
    • b.Emergency Fund – Allocate 20% of your income to this account for unforeseen expenses such as a medical emergency or a job loss.
    • c.Financial Freedom Fund – This account is for the achievement of life goals and dreams, which include retiring early or going back to school.
    • d.Happy Account – This account is for all of your leisurely expenses like travel.
  • 4.When you earn more, don’t immediately upgrade your lifestyle. If you continuously level up your belongings and lifestyle every time you earn more money, you will never be able to hit your targets. Remind yourself to live below your means until you’ve begun to hit them.
  • 5.The longer you put off investing, the harder you’ll need to work to get to the same level of financial freedom as someone who starts investing earlier. If you start saving and investing as soon as you start earning, you will reap the benefits of financial freedom sooner rather than later.
  • 6.The importance of saving money is simple: It allows you to enjoy greater security in your life. If you have cash set aside for emergencies, you have a fallback should something unexpected happen. Once you’re in the habit of saving, you’ll forget there was ever a time when you didn’t save. In this area of life, the habits you build will make all the difference.

Start your financial journey with GSave
For those who want to begin their journey to financial stability, look no further. GSave, the first-ever savings account which you can open and maintain on your GCash app, has now built the GSave Marketplace — helping you control your money conveniently through safe and secure digital banking.

The GSave Marketplace lets users select a bank partner depending on their needs. Whether it’s interest rate or account accessibility, GCash provides trusted bank partners for you, including CIMB Bank and BPI.

With CIMB Bank, your money can grow at 2.6% interest per year - one of the highest rates in the country.. Meanwhile, with BPI, users can now open a BPI MySaveUp account through the GCash App, allowing them to easily view their balance, deposit and withdraw at their own convenience. BPI account holders will also be issued an ATM card for their account, so they can access their funds via BPI branches and ATMs nationwide.

Following through with its promise to provide a hassle-free experience to its customers, all you have to do to start your banking journey with GSave is a valid ID to verify your GCash account. Through GSave Marketplace, users can rely on and easily access where users can choose from a variety of saving products.

Get started on your savings today with GSave!

To know more about the service, visit

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

GCash and BPI seek to reach unbanked with BPI #MySaveUp

11:28:00 PM


There's always the need to save and probably saving is one of the weaknesses of Filipinos. We tend to live by the minute but if we want to make our lives better than usual, learning to save help. 

Did you know that 53 million Filipinos have no bank accounts? That is a staggering 69% percent of the country’s population from BSP’s Q3 2021 study.

The problem? Access. Many of them lack the documents required to open bank accounts. They opt to just keep their cash at home for easy access in case of emergency.

To encourage more Filipinos to go into formal banking, GCash, the country's leading e-wallet, recently partnered with the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) to reach unbanked Filipinos, particularly working millennials.

This is part of the top mobile wallet’s continuing innovation to empower Filipinos and find solutions to digitalize their financial transactions, including paying for their purchases and bills, sending money to their loved ones, and building up their savings so they can have greater financial security and freedom in life.

The partnership between GCash and BPI offers BPI #MySaveUp, an in-app feature in the GSave marketplace.

"The goal of GSave Marketplace is to provide savings account options that would best fit their needs," Winsley Bangit, chief customer officer at GCash said. “The collaboration with BPI allows GCash users to enjoy the bank's wide reach and services nationwide. BPI #MySaveUp gives the underbanked and unbanked Filipinos access to formal banking through the GCash app.” 

Helping further scale up financial inclusion, BPI #MySaveUp paves the way for unbanked Filipinos to easily apply for and own a formal and all-digital account sans the long application process, allowing them to start their saving journey and achieve their financial goals while earning higher interest rates.

Through this partnership, doing financial transactions and managing an account become plain sailing thru their GCash account or BPI mobile app. This new feature also offers free fund transfer from a user’s BPI #MySaveUp account to his GCash wallet and vice versa.

Users also have an option to get a BPI Debit Mastercard in any BPI branch for only P150 so they can access their account and withdraw from thousands of BancNet and Mastercard ATMs worldwide.

"We, at BPI, are committed to realizing our vision of building a better Philippines. We are committed to continuously pursue financial inclusion programs in support of the BSP's goal for 70% of adult Filipinos to have formal financial accounts by 2023. This partnership with GCash brings us closer to this target as we provide more Filipinos a path towards financial wellness," said Maria Cristina L. Go, Executive Vice President and Head of Consumer Banking at BPI.  BPI #MySaveUp users can also win monthly prizes. Every Php 10,000 saved by the end of the month or have at least Php 3,000 worth of valid transactions within the month earns them 1 #Coin which they can use to buy a game card to win electronic GCs or eGCs from BPI. Applicants can open their BPI #MySaveUp account on their GCash app. They simply need to click the GSave icon then choose BPI #MySaveUp. Once in, they can open a savings account and proceed with using their GCash profile. After receiving the email confirmation from BPI, they can then finally start accessing BPI #MySaveUp. 

For non-GCash users, they just need to download the app, upload one valid ID and wait to be verified. Once done, they can enjoy all the products and services of GCash. 

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Sharing Five things GCash can do to make Christmas more meaningful for OFWs

6:29:00 AM


Christmas stories or kwento are what we love most, so for this holiday season, we're sharing these five (5) things that GCash can do for you and your loved ones abroad. 

Christmas is a time for reunions and gatherings with loved ones. For Filipinos, this is especially meaningful as OFWs and those living abroad get to come home and enjoy the unique Pinoy festivities with their friends and family. Even if most OFWs may not be able to make it back this year, there are still so many ways they can send their love home and make meaningful moments even from miles away.

GCash, the number 1 e-wallet in the Philippines, has allowed Filipinos to send money, grow their wealth and more for several years, and now offers hassle-free, swift and safe monetary transactions for Pinoys based out of the country, perfect for sending pada-LOVE home for Christmas. With over 30 accredited remittance partners where OFWs can cash into their GCash accounts or send money directly to their family's GCash number, making Filipino Christmas traditions easy no matter where you are in the world.

With just a working Philippine sim, a valid ID and a Philippine address, OFWs can access a full suite of GCash features to level up their Pamasko during the yuletide season.

1.Get the perfect gift delivered straight to your loved ones
Picking out the right present for your friends and family back home is made easier thanks to GLife! With exclusive holiday deals across over 20 merchants and shops on the platform, simply select where you'd like to purchase from and what you'd like the holiday surprise to be, and it will be delivered straight from your GCash app to right under the Christmas tree!

2.Make Noche Buena sweeter
Virtual Noche Buena and reunions may still be the norm for OFWs, but you can make your presence felt by your loved ones in the Philippines. With partners like Taste & Tell, Auntie Anne's, Cafe Calypso, and more offering limited time deals for the holiday season through GLife, you can fill the hearts and tummies of your loved ones back home.

3.Extend the spirit of generosity to those who need it most
The holidays are a time of giving and giving back. Through GCash for Good, you can send donations to participating Philippine charities, such as ABS CBN, GMA, WWF, OFW Family Club and Save the Children, ensuring that everyone feels the spirit of Christmas.

4.Send love, send pamasko no matter where you are
For OFWs who simply want to send Aguinaldo home to their loved ones for Christmas, you can also send with a special holiday design made for the occasion! Send money with a clip through your own GCash account or if you don't have a Philippine sim card, you can still remit directly to your loved ones' GCash account through accredited partner outlets.

5.Light up GCash parols for daily discounts and prizes
GCash makes the holiday more special for OFWs with discounts and cash prizes given every day! GCash users may collect as many parols as they can and light them up to win up to Php1,000,000 in cash by sending money and transacting across the app. Here’s how:

You can earn one (1) parol for transactions done in Gcash alone for a minimum spend of 100 pesos with one (1) parol per use, per day. To get two (2) parols with just one (1) transaction, you can transact with the following GCash services like GCash Padala, GSave, GInvest, GInsure, GLife, and GCredit. Valid until December 1 2021 to January 7, 2022!

No matter how far you are, with GCash, you can enjoy and create meaningful holidays with your loved ones this year, as if you were right back home!

For more information about GCash and its products and services you may visit

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

5 Themed Cafes for that Extra Christmas Get-Together

12:02:00 AM

In just less than a month a lot of people will start to get busy. It's not because of the work but because the season of giving has started already. The time of the year where people enjoy endless festive gatherings and happy reunions with family and friends. Since festivities require a bigger, comfortable and easy access venue, well we did try to locate some interesting hub for you to experience. For this holiday season, we scouted five themed and interesting cafes across the country that will take your Christmas gatherings to another level of cuteness and joy with the convenience of GCash Scan to Pay. Holiday get-togethers, after all, become extra special when spent over good food, good laughs and pleasant memories in a lovely setting.

1. La Petite Parisienne (Le Village E. Rodriguez Sr. Quezon City)
Let your family or friends try a little slice of Paris in the metro by taking them to this wine bar and restaurant, which translates to “little French girl.” The establishment’s main attraction is its wall-to-ceiling wine library, carrying a wide selection of classic and premium French wines. They also serve artisanal cheeses, pastas, and pastries to complement your Parisian dining. If you want to wine al fresco, herd your companions to their Quezon City branch’s rooftop for a more chill and cozy dining experience.

2. Café Xocolat (Katipunan, Quezon City)
The holiday season is the best time to indulge in anything and everything chocolate. Dining here for a simple Christmas reunion with friends or loved-ones will give you an indulging chocolate fix that will keep you warm and cozy throughout the season, thanks also to their comfy and charming interiors. A must-try is their Xocolat pork belly partnered with cacao bagoong sauce and their Chorizo Blanca, a white chocolate-infused pasta dish. Cap the holiday get-together with their popular drink, Taza de Xocolat for a more decadent chocolate experience.

3. Wizardy Cup Café (Lipa City, Batangas)
Pinoy Potterheads don’t need to apparate to the UK or the Universal Studios in Osaka or even to that massive Harry Potter-themed café in Seoul to relive the wizarding world of the Boy Who Lived. Wizardy Cup Café is a similar Muggle-friendly café that opened late 2017 in Lipa City, where you can bring your friends for some magical Christmas date. While not as grand and intricate (and expensive) as its Korean counterpart, customers get the chance to dress up in Hogwarts robe and carry a wand while in the café. The coffeeshop also accepts requests for customized wands. Their menu features whimsical items with spell-sounding names. Of course, there’s the popular wizarding beverage, Butterbeer!

4. Laundrafe and Co Café (Makati City)
If you’re torn between tackling those mountains of laundry and meeting your friends for a holiday get-together, then this café is your win-win solution. This Dutch-inspired boutique café, which prides itself as the country’s first laundromat and coffee shop in one, will let you do the laundry while enjoying a nice time with friends over Instagram-worthy snacks, meals, desserts, and drinks. It's warm and comfy European-style interiors will make you think you’re home entertaining guests while doing chores on the side.

5. 528 Ilawod Café (Daraga, Albay)
If you’re in this side of the country during the holidays, this café is worth a visit with friends or family. Touted as Albay’s first specialty coffee shop, 528 Ilawod Café offers a more intimate dining experience, tucked in a quiet village where old colonial houses still abound. While its coffee is its top draw (served AeroPress style), its rustic interiors and homey vibe—warm natural accents, beautiful and intricate wall paintings that tell the history of coffee, and old sewing machines turned into tables—also keep diners coming back.

So, do you think you'll get to enjoy these 5 themed cafes for your next venue of celebration? Well, it's always a feel good situation where you can find interesting places.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Kwentong GCash Send, A No More Sneaking Out Tactics From Work

4:01:00 PM

As of the moment I'm out of the corporate world and I'm doing my freelance thing but looking back when I was still in the industry, it was really hard squeezing in some personal errands during lunchtime. So, ending I sometimes sneak out just to accomplish those errands but of course, it's not often. Who doesn't does the sneak out thing?

Sometimes bank trips are eating up your entire lunchtime, especially when lines are crazy long. But most of the time is that you don't have a choice because you need to send money or pay your bills at that time to avoid the hassle.  It may sound simple but for me who works exactly the same time with the banks, it's really impossible.

Of course, that was before and it gives a little bit of guilt feeling that sometimes you have taken some few minutes from your working hours just to make that transaction. Now that I'm a freelancer and since most of my works are done at home it's easy and much easier with GCash because I don't have to brave the traffic just to get those bills and errands to work with.

GCash is an app that allows me to send money with just a few taps on my smartphone anytime, anywhere for free. With GCash, I have one less errand to do, and extra minutes for something I enjoy, play with my kids.

GCash has over 30 bank partners so transferring money between your GCash account and any bank account is hassle-free. The entire process—from cashing in your GCash wallet to moving money to another account—takes less than 10 minutes, a big respite from the hours lost waiting in long lines at banks. I can even do it in between bites over lunch, or in between emails or meetings at work (admit it, you spend those in-betweens at work on Facebook or Instagram, anyway—it won’t hurt to be more productive and do your errands from your phone)

What I like most about this mobile wallet platform is that it’s not exclusive to Globe users. GCash is available on all networks, including Smart, TNT, Sun, ABS-Mobile and Cherry Mobile.

Aside from its money-sending features, GCash also allows you to settle utility bills with just a few taps on your phone. Now, I don’t have to go to payment centers for my electric, internet, cable and phone bills. I can settle them all through my GCash app in the comfort of my home after a long day at work. No more sneaking out during work hours for trips to the bank or payment centers!

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