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Saturday, August 5, 2023

Café Ilang-Ilang Highlights the Flavors of Western Visayas

8:26:00 AM

It's another feature of cuisines at Cafe Ilang-Ilang. 

Western Visayas, renowned for its rich cultural heritage and scenic landscapes, is set to captivate the taste buds of food enthusiasts as The Manila Hotel celebrates the region’s diverse culinary delights at Café Ilang-Ilang this August.

For its latest dining offer, Café Ilang-Ilang has teamed up with Chef Rafael “Tibong” Jardeleza, Jr. — a culinary virtuoso and a passionate advocate of Western Visayas heritage cuisine.


A Tapestry of Flavors
Through this exciting collaboration, Café Ilang-Ilang brings the essence of Western Visayas directly to its dining tables. Acknowledged as the Food Haven of the Philippines, Western Visayas boasts a vibrant food culture that reflects its history, geography, and cultural influences. The partnership showcases a diverse array of dishes, highlighting the region’s local recipes, distinct ingredients, and time-honored cooking techniques.

A Champion of Heritage Cuisine
Chef Tibong, hailing from Western Visayas himself, has his culinary journey deeply rooted in his love for preserving and promoting the region’s culinary heritage. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing and family traditions, his creations offer a contemporary twist to classic dishes, presenting an elevated experience that resonates with both locals and global food enthusiasts.

Embark on a Gastronomic Adventure
At Café Ilang-Ilang, guests can embark on a gastronomic adventure that celebrates the flavors, ingredients, and cooking techniques unique to Western Visayas. Throughout the whole month of August, Café Ilang-Ilang patrons can enjoy selected dishes for lunch and dinner buffet. The weekly cycle of featured dishes includes: Guimaras Mango with Ginamos sa Tulapo, KBL (Kadios, Baboy, Langka), Laswa, Pancit Molo, Pancit Efuven, Beef Morcon, Chicken Binakol, Lengua Estofado, Bitchuelas, Sopa de Ajo, Fabada, Kinilaw na Tanguigue, Paella Negra with Chiperones, Canonigo, and Lapaz Batchoy Ice Cream.


Experience the “Flavors of Western VIsayas” at Café Ilang-Ilang until August 31. For inquiries and reservations, call +632 8527 0011 or +632 5301 5500, or email

Sunday, July 23, 2023

The Buffet Experience at The Manila Hotel's Cafe Ilang-Ilang

10:00:00 PM


It's one of the many places where everyone is excited to go and experience. If there's what you call revenge travel, then you have this revenge eating. Most of us have missed the clinking sound of plates and glasses, the smokey smell of the prepared dishes, and the enticing color of each food at the counter area waiting to be picked to fill up hungry tummies. All of these sum up our longing to experience the buffet once again.

As for me, well, I got that momentous time because of an invitation to experience it again and what it meant to be full, somehow bloated. Of course, in moderation.

So, where did I enjoy that sumptuous meal? Well, it's in a place where it witnessed historical events and cultural transformation—an established icon and the very first five-star hotel in the country, The Manila Hotel, with its iconic dining destination, Cafe Ilang-Ilang, known for its extensive and exquisite international buffet selection—an array of different flavors for the palate.

Imagine those mouthwatering dishes that you rarely see on your table or plate. So, this opportunity is priceless. At Cafe Ilang-Ilang, you can indulge in different stations—the Salads and Breads Station, the Churrasco Station, the Pan-Asian Station, the Italian Station, the Mediterranean Station, the American Station, and of course, don’t miss out on the Dessert Station.


This month, Cafe Ilang-Ilang offers an additional selection for buffet enthusiasts and hungry bellies. It has partnered with Calle Arco, an ancestral home in Pagsanjan, Laguna, transformed into a restaurant famous for its authentic Filipino dishes prepared with heirloom recipes. So, on the day of my buffet indulgence, I happened to experience not only international cuisines but also the rich Pinoy cultural dish. It's enjoying both worlds from a singular perspective.

The partnership of Cafe Ilang-Ilang and Calle Arco showcases the annual food festivity in Laguna called Anilag or Ani ng Laguna. It is the locals' way of honoring the province's rich culinary heritage.

The Anilag dishes offered at Cafe Ilang-Ilang are on a rotating line-up, so there are cuisines that are not offered on a specific day or night. But during my buffet experience, I was able to get some of its delectable dishes.

There were Binagoongang Crispy Pata, Hurnong Lechon, Kare-Kare (Galapong), Pancit Habhab, Fried Itik, Grilled Pla-Pla with Pako, and Sinigang na Baka na may Langka.

The Experience

Food has always been my comfort, but it's even more interesting and tastier when having it together with your family or friends. As for me, I had good company that night, and I enjoyed every dish. It was gastronomic, but I felt less bloated.

I was late—thank you for the heavy rainfall—but fortunately, I managed to be there since it wasn't a formal event or anything. The main purpose is to experience!

Since the other bloggers already started, I took my time and let myself settle. I let the aroma flicker into my nose, which later enticed me more to stand up and check which food to pick. 

It was my first time at Cafe Ilang-Ilang, so familiarity is recommended. I started to roam around and took some videos and snapshots of the selection.

I finally decided to start with the Pancit HabHab. I wanted to taste this version to compare it with the one from Quezon. The noodles were soft, and the flavor is within it. It would have been a habhab experience if it were served on banana leaves.

The next on my plate is the Lumpiang Ubod. The serving may be small for someone with a big appetite, but you can still go back for another round. With the ubod itself, its crunchiness is just right to enjoy it, not too hard and not too soft. The wrapper, made of battered egg (I think), compliments the crunchiness of the Ubod with its soft and fine texture. My only regret was I didn't ask for the pink one for a better color on my plate. So, if you'll have this dish, putting up 3 or 4 together would really create a colorful and enticing plate of Lumpiang Ubod.


Bad of me that I took the appetizers after finishing the pancit. Anyway, together with the Lumpiang Ubod is the Watermelon Caprese, intriguingly looks good and presented very well that you cannot simply not notice it.

Another dish that I totally dig in was the Baked Salmon. I love fish, and I'm glad that it was cooked well and not that ‘malansa’ or fishy. I would really mistake it for bread or something. Getting into the details of the salmon, the fish meat texture is still firm and exactly how it should be, not overcooked nor undercooked.

Of course, I won't miss the opportunity to try some of the main courses of the Anilag offerings—the Kare-Kare (Galapong) and the Adobong Kangkong. Hmm... it makes a rhyme. I'm sure it will also rhyme in your palate.

Added also are the Kani Salad and the Maki, which I like.   

After a round of tummy-filling flavors, it’s time to tickle our taste buds with some sweet indulgence at the dessert station. A slice of Ohaina Cake, Mango Sorbet, Strawberry Ice cream, Kakanin, and Halu-halo end the buffet experience.


If you’re adventurous with your palate and love to indulge in different cuisines and flavors, Cafe Ilang-Ilang at The Manila Hotel lets you become an adventurer.


Cafe Ilang-Ilang is located at the Ground Floor level of The Manila Hotel, One Rizal Park, Ermita, Manila

For their Buffet Schedule: 
6AM to 10AM 

Daily 11:30AM-2:30PM 


*BREAKFAST RATE: P1,750.00 nett per person
Child rate: P875.00 (for kids ages 5-12 years old only)

Adult Rate: P2,995.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: P1,497.50 NETT

Adult Rate: P3,145.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: PHP1,572.50 NETT

Adult Rate: P3,145.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: P1,572.50 NETT

Adult Rate: P3,790.00 NETT per person
Child Rate: P1,895.00 NETT

You can also call them for inquiries or reservations at +632 8527 0011 or +632 5301 5500 or you can send an email to

Anilag's selection is available at Café Ilang-Ilang at lunch and dinner buffet until July 31. So if you’re in to experience Anilag visit Cafe Ilang-Ilang in The Manila Hotel.

Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Joy of Creativity with Project Hulmahan Exhibit at The Manila Hotel

6:34:00 PM


One of my favorite places to visit when I'm not in the mood or I lack inspiration is the gallery. There are lots of places in the metro where you can experience the joy of being inspired by the creation of others. 

So, here's one place that you'd definitely enjoy. From May 8 to 20, Project Hulmahan is setting foot at The Manila Hotel’s Grand Lobby and Art Gallery. The art exhibit features a diverse range of artworks such as sculptures, paintings, and mixed media pieces—all using shoe molds—created by both established and emerging artists who share a passion for helping others through their art.

“We looked for volunteer artists by posting publicly on Facebook who were willing to paint or make any kind of art out of hulmahan [shoe molds] that are no longer being used because the pandemic hit the struggling shoe industry in Marikina, the Shoe Capital of the Philippines,” relates Bernardo. The call for volunteers had a positive response that hundreds of artists all over the Philippines expressed interest. The Manila Hotel’s creative consultant Rachy Cuna, National Artists Maestro Ryan Cayabyab and Kidlat Tahimik, sculptors Pete Jimenez, Jonathan Dangue, Julie Lluch-Dalena, and thespian Dolly De Leon are some of the participating artists whose works are featured in Project Hulmahan.

Project Hulmahan is a brainchild of Zena Bernardo, one of the members of Ladies Who Launch (LWL) and one of the co-founders of Bayanihang Marikenyo at Marikenya. Ms. Bernardo met with shut down shoe manufacturers in her hometown, Marikina, and their group purchased almost 500 pairs of shoe molds with the intention of transforming them into artworks to earn funds for community- based activities.

“It is fitting that The Manila Hotel collaborates with inspiring ladies, as the Grand Dame celebrates ladies, especially mothers, in the month of May”, says Marvin Kim Tan, Director of Sales and Marketing of The Manila Hotel. Ladies Who Launch is a four-woman team made up of Zena Bernardo (mother of Ana Patricia 'Patreng' of the famed Maginhawa community pantry), Dolly De Leon, internationally-acclaimed actress, Judith Albano, and Jasmine Ong. They were the founders of the community kitchen, which assisted many people during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The proceeds from the artworks will benefit the advocacy efforts of these three organizations: Bayanihang Marikenyo at Marikenya for community kitchen and livelihood programs, The Community Kitchen Project for nationwide disaster response, and a community-based art school for kids.

“Sa akin napaka-deep ng story ng [Project] Hulmahan. We want to give dignity back to the community; we consider them as partners in our community-based projects and not beggars. We may not be popular, but we want to be transparent and accountable. [Project] Hulmahan is about molding a person and molding a society. The success of this project will depend on working together and pooling resources so we can ensure that those in need have access to necessities during these challenging times,” says Bernardo.


Project Hulmahan is on display at The Manila Hotel’s Grand Lobby and Art Gallery until May 20, 2023. Admission is free.

To culminate the fundraising endeavor, a grand auction will be held at Centennial Hall of The Manila Hotel on May 21 from 6PM to 11PM. This is by invitation only.

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Indulge in an Epicurean Journey at The Manila Hotel's Champagne Room: A Unique Saga-gyu and Wine Affair You Can't Afford to Miss!

3:13:00 PM


Come and experience an epicurean journey with The Manila Hotel’s Champagne Room as they invite you to their ‘A Taste of Japan’ event featuring an exclusive Saga-gyu dinner paired with bespoke wine.

Savor a 7-course dinner filled with delectable dishes prepared by the renowned guest chef, Hiroki Samata, who is a master butcher and classically-trained chef with impeccable knife skills that are admired by many.

Chef Samata will showcase his culinary prowess by highlighting Saga-gyu beef, which is one of the most sought-after delicacies in the world. What sets it apart from other meats? Saga beef cows are raised in comfort and luxury using expert breeding techniques, allowing them to relish the natural beauty of their surroundings in Saga. Consequently, the cows produce a perfect balance of fat marbled in lean meat, which is called tsuya-sashi or “glossy marbling” in Japanese. This is the key to the meat's melt-in-your-mouth texture and unparalleled flavor.

To enhance the dining experience, Titania Wine Cellar, their partner, will guide diners with wine pairing nuances, offering an extensive range of quality wines such as Piccini Memoro Italia Bianco and Chateau Loyasson Bordeaux AOC, among others.

This elegant night of fine dining and wine pairing will be held exclusively on March 15, 2023, at 7 PM in the Champagne Room, with limited seats available for 40 persons priced at Php 10,000 nett per person.

For inquiries and reservations, you may call (+632) 85270011 or (+632) 53015500 locals 1262-1266, 1300, or send an email to or

Thursday, October 7, 2021

The Manila Hotel reopens dining outlets

12:59:00 AM


The Manila Hotel reopens its two restaurants, Lobby Lounge and the famed Café Ilang-Ilang, are now ready to serve dine-in guests under Metro Manila’s current community quarantine restrictions. The reopening of both outlets will enable guests to enjoy great food, their well-loved dishes, connect and meet with their colleagues and friends while maintaining social distancing in spacious dining areas.

The Manila Hotel is equipped with fresh air dampers that circulate fresh outdoor air sanitized by air micro filters into the outlets, so guests are assured that cleaner and better air quality is circulated within the indoor dining set-up. Social distancing is also strictly implemented, with enhanced cleaning, regular disinfection, and safety protocols also in place.

The Lobby Lounge is the perfect spacious venue for meetings and meet-ups offering free Wi-Fi for diners. Already dressed in festive décor to bring some much-needed joy and a spirit of hope in these trying times, the lounge is also a great place to have a filling meal from breakfast to dinner. It has also adopted the bestselling items from the hotel’s signature Chinese restaurant, Red Jade. Guests can enjoy Local Delights like Kare-Kare, Crispy Pata, and Sinigang na Salmon, among others, and feast on chow mien, dim sum basket, and the crispy Lechon Macau paired with Yang chow fried rice. Drinks, cocktail of the month, and snack staples including the Filipino High Tea, Merienda Especial, are also featured in the menu.

For people who have missed the plethora of international and local food selections at Café Ilang-Ilang, the beloved restaurant brings together Italian, Filipino, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and even certified Halal dishes under one roof for an Eat-All-You-Can feast. Add to that the popular carving station that normally features Lechon and the US Roast Beef; the Churrasco station where you can have choice meats and seafood grilled for you while you wait; and the Cold Station with seafoods, cold cuts, and salads galore. The Dessert Station is always the sweet last stop where guests can delight in the artisanal ice cream in various flavors; Puto Bumbong and Bibingka; fresh fruits and cakes; and so much more.


Although sitting capacity is still limited for now, both The Manila Hotel’s Lobby Lounge and Café Ilang-Ilang are eager to welcome guests. Under the IATF guidelines for GCQ Alert Level 4 for Metro Manila, The Manila Hotel is only allowed to accept fully vaccinated guests between 18 to 65 years old until further notice; it continues to implement standard safety protocols in line with the DOH and IATF guidelines.

The Lobby Lounge operates from 9am to 9pm, weekdays and 9am to 3pm on weekends. Café Ilang-Ilang serves lunch at 11:30AM and dinner at 5:30PM. For more information regarding reservation and buffet rates, please call our hotline numbers at (02) 85270011 or 0998-9501912. You may also email or check and book online via

For updates and promos, please follow The Manila Hotel on Facebook (@TheManilaHotel) and Instagram (@themanilahotel).

Friday, September 18, 2020

The Manila Hotel Participates in Manila Restaurant Week from September 20 to 27

7:35:00 AM

With the new normal, a lot of businesses are doing their best to make their patrons and costumers not only feel safe but satisfied as well. The Manila Hotel, with its famed Cafe Ilang Ilang is bringing great food to the table of the upcoming Manila Restaurant Week happening from September 20 to 27, 2020. 

You'll definitely feast, not only your eyes but your palate as well, in a choice of starters like the savory Spinach-Ricotta Ravioli in light Parmesan Cream Sauce or Pomelo-Prawns Lumpia in Calamansi Honey Dressing; main course of sumptuous Beef Tenderloin in Balsamic glaze with marble potato and market vegetables or Pampano cooked in Tandoori Oven with Peas Pilaf rice and stir-fried Asian vegetables; and dessert of Fresh Fruits Salad with Ube ice cream or Mango panna cotta as dessert. The starter-main-dessert set is offered at only P980 nett per person, but cannot be availed of in conjunction with other promos or discounts.

The Manila Hotel president Atty Joey Lina (right) welcomes Manila  Mayor Isko Moreno during the Manila Restaurant Week at the hotel

Manila Restaurant Week is an event under the “Manila, Support Local” Campaign, launched by the Bureau of Permits and City Government of Manila. The city-wide project aims to promote local food establishments in Manila that have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. About 80 restaurants will be offering prix fixe menus at affordable prices during Manila Restaurant Week.

Launched on September 15, The Manila Hotel played one of the hosts of the multi-venue simultaneous kick-off, which was livestreamed on social media platforms. The other hosts were Bayleaf Hotel, Lucky China Town Mall, and Robinsons Place Ermita. The virtual launch was marked by an online performance of Lea Salonga who sang her new single, “Dream Again,” the official theme song of the campaign.

“I believe we can do a lot in restoring the City of Manila back to its former glory under the leadership of Mayor Isko Moreno. We in the private sectors will always support you in this very worthwhile undertaking. Soon, Manila will be great again,” said Atty. Joey Lina, The Manila Hotel President, in his opening remarks during the launch. 

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno with The Manila Hotel president Atty Joey  Lina visit Cafe Ilang Ilang's table at the Manila Restaurant Week luanch held  at the Roma Salon in Manila Hotel  

Manila Mayor Isko Moreno and Vice Mayor Honey Lacuña gave their respective speeches before checking the 11 restaurants that showcased their dishes at The Manila Hotel’s Roma Salon—namely Café Ilang Ilang, Century Park Hotel, Scorched, Golden Fortune, Luneta Park Hotel, Ilustrado, Tanabe, Jus & Jerrys, Patio de Conchita, Pares Kimchi, and Harbor View—and visiting the other venues, which was watched by thousands via livestream. 

From left_The Manila Hotel president Atty Joey Lina, Manila Vice  Mayor Honey Lacuna, and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno watching the livestream  during the Manila Restaurant Week launch

The Manila Hotel and all its outlets operates in strict compliance to health protocols, so our guests are assured of the highest standards of food safety and sanitation measures in accordance with the government guidelines.

For more information, you may check us out on Facebook or Instagram (@TheManilaHotel), or call 85270011 or 09989501912. For reservations, email

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