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Friday, December 8, 2023

From Fear to Horror to MMFF: Discovering the Secret of Mallari

12:15:00 AM

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” This famous quote from the writer-philosopher George Santayana is a fitting introduction to my story about this year's Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) entry from Mentorque Productions. What makes it even more interesting is that this film creates history in both the MMFF and the Philippine film industry. In essence, this film is a historical journey in every aspect of its MMFF entry.

The MMFF has become a part of Filipino culture during the yuletide season, offering a unique way for Filipinos to celebrate Christmas day—by enjoying the festival of Filipino films.

For those who are avid fans of the MMFF, it's noticeable that horror or suspense films have always been a staple in the film selections. There's something about horror films that Filipinos seem to enjoy watching during the Christmas season.

In 2023, Mentorque Productions presents a one-of-a-kind horror film titled 'Mallari,' inspired by the true story of Fr. Mallari, a parish priest in the 1800s who committed a shocking crime, killing 57 people. He was believed to be the first Filipino serial killer and, notably, the first Filipino priest to be executed.

Mallari Makes History

Mentorque Productions has indeed made history with its MMFF 2023 film entry, 'Mallari.' It marks the first Filipino movie distributed by Warner Brothers Pictures. To create a buzz about the film, Mentorque, in cooperation with Cleverminds Incorporated, organized the biggest and grandest media and fan conference last December 1 at The Music Hall of SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City. This event served as the kick-off for a month-long journey leading up to the December 25 release of MMFF 2023.


'Mallari' features the Philippines' ultimate heartthrob, Piolo Pascual, portraying Fr. Juan Severino Mallari, the first Filipino priest executed by the Spanish colonial government. Alongside Piolo, the movie boasts a talented cast that adds depth and intrigue to the story.

The media conference saw the presence of key figures, including John Bryan Diamante, President of Mentorque Productions; the main cast - Piolo Pascual, Janella Salvador, JC Santos, Gloria Diaz, and Ron Angeles; director - Roderick Cabrido; and writer - Enrico Santos.

Mallari: Partly Fiction and Partly True-to-Life

According to Director Roderick Cabrido and Writer Enrico Santos, 'Mallari' is a gripping blend of fiction and a true-to-life account inspired by the shocking story of Fr. Mallari. The film revolves around a Parish Priest in the 1800s who committed a heinous crime, becoming the first and only recorded Filipino serial killer, predating Jack The Ripper by more than 60 years.


Santos shared their experience of gathering recorded data about Fr. Mallari. Due to the scarcity of information, they even reached out to Madrid for additional details. As a result, the story was crafted to be partly fictional but set in a Filipino context.


Mallari Piques Warner Brothers Picture's Interest

Crafted and developed in 2018, this outstanding story and its production excellence caught the attention of Warner Brothers Pictures, leading to it being the film's distributor. 'Mallari' takes pride in its high-quality production and a team of exceptional caliber, promising to be the scariest movie this Christmas season during the MMFF 2023 run in cinemas nationwide.

Under the direction of Derick Cabrido, the film was shot in various historic locations in the Philippines, including a village built specifically for the project to recreate an authentic setting. Notably, it incorporates three timelines, blending retro horror with the immediate relatability of current terrors.


Mallari: A Film to Watch This December 25

With numerous entries in the 2023 MMFF, it will be interesting to watch them all. However, if there's a "first movie to watch," it undoubtedly should be 'Mallari.' If the trailer entices you, catching it on the big screen this coming December 25 would be a great choice.

For more information and updates, visit its Facebook page at and Instagram at @mentorqueproductions.

Saturday, September 10, 2022

Multi-arts portal Pelikulove launches the “Shout Out Fest '' Online Festival from September 19-25 for free.

8:45:00 AM


Pelikulove, a multi-arts portal which aims to provide arts education and a platform for artistic and socially-relevant content, is launching the first-of-its-kind “Shout Out Festival (Maghayag at Lumikha)” Online Festival from September 19 to 25, 2022.

In cooperation with the National Commission on Culture and the Arts, the “Shout Out Festival” is a seven-day online festival of short films and stage plays, a culminating activity of the enrollees of the Pelikulove master classes of National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Ricky Lee, and Palanca Hall of Fame awardee Rody Vera. The works are produced in cooperation with regional theater and film organizations and can be viewed for free at beginning September 19.

There are three sets of works to be showcased; each set is composed of three productions.

Set A features the short films “Libro for Ransom” tackling the theft of Jose Rizal’s masterpieces written by Ralph Morales and directed by Arjanmar Rebeta, “Cooking with Love” written by Viva Andrada O’Flynn and directed by Delfin Castillo, and “When a Manananggal Loves a Man” by Raymund T. Barcelon and directed by Neil Azcuna of Integrated Performing Arts Group off MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology.


Set B features the short films “How to Make an Effective Campaign Ad” written by Paul Dela Cruz and directed by Roman Perez, Jr. of Pelikula Indiopendent, “ Hypertext” tackling intimacy issues, written and directed by United Kingdom-based Pinoy visual artist Jovi Saysay, a member of SOA Philippine Studies, University of London, and “Quarantine 5” a story of five former activists written by Andrew Estacio and directed by Sari Saysay of Sining Banwa in Bicol.

Set C features the play “No Trespassing” set in the sugar plantations in Bacolod written and directed by Dada Grifon and co-directed by Julius Dela Peña of the La Salle Film Society of Bacolod, “Ilaw sa Labas ng Tahanan” on two women trying to cope with their husband’s deaths, written by B. Salvador and directed by Benjie Kitay of the theater company YATTA in Dumaguete, and “Till Human Voices Wake Us and We Drown” about mambabarangs now working as nurse and caregiver, also from the UK group, written by Rogelio Braga and directed by Nyel Camilon.


Aside from the short films and plays, the “Shout Out Festival” Online Festival will also present virtual learning seminars, talkbacks, and Q&As with artists and mentors. Festival visitors will access e-books, self-paced courses on playwriting and scriptwriting, and other arts and culture-related content.

Organizers would like to reiterate that access to the festival’s content is free. However, due to the platform’s limitations, only selected audiences can join through prior arrangements. Early registrants have a chance to avail of e-books by Ricky Lee, Rody Vera, and film critic Joel David without any fee.

Shout Out’s board of festival directors includes National Artist Ricky Lee, Palanca Hall of Famer Rody Vera, TV and film director Jeffrey Jeturian, University of London Professor Cristina Martinez-Juan, University of the Philippines director and educator Issa Manalo Lopez, Artistic Director of Harlequin Theater Guild, De La Salle University and Pelikulove’s Program Director Raffy Tejada, and indie film director and Pelikulove’s Chief Creative Producer Ellen Ongkeko-Marfil. The festival’s council of evaluators includes film critic Joel David, actress-screenwriter-playwright Bibeth Orteza, and playwright and Ateneo ‘de Manila’s Theater Arts Program Coordinator, Glenn Sevilla Mas.


Pelikulove’s founder and President Ellen Ongkeko Marfil declare, “We are very excited to hold the first ever ‘Shout Out Fest’ as this festival epitomizes Pelikulove’s mission of nurturing an engaging and open environment towards building a creative community. We’d like to show that art is the soul of our lives and it must continue to thrive even in the midst of a pandemic. Now, more than ever, is the time to shout out our fears and triumphs, and shout out for the future.”

For questions and inquiries about the “Shout Out Fest” Online Festival, contact mobile (+63) 923359 6286 or the Pelikulove’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube social media accounts. The festival’s complete schedule is available at

Friday, October 18, 2019

Janine Gutierrez Stars in the Movie Babae At Baril, An Official Entry of Cignal Entertainment & EpicMedia for the QCinema Inaternational Film Festival

10:14:00 PM
Janine Gutierrez - Babae at Baril - QCinema

One of the competing entries in the QCinema International Film Festival, "Babae at Baril" is produced by Cignal Entertainment in partnership with Epicmedia takes on a story about a girl, a gun, and the desperation of after being pushed to the edge of her life. Then, discovers that owning a gun gives her so much power. An event that will change how she looks at life.

Janine Gutierrez - Babae at Baril - QCinema

Janine Gutierrez stars in this film and plays the role of a saleslady in a local department store, where her everyday life is composed of an exhausting commute home and add up a manager who always seems to have something to say about her physical state. When she finally gets home, there's no one there but her roommate who couldn't care less about her. A life that is common in the working class.

Her life changes when she finds a peculiar looking gun right on her doorstep. She felt a surge of power holding and carrying the gun. Giving her a boost that she can do anything she wants, talk back to whomever she wants, and even hurt anyone she wants.

Janine Gutierrez - Babae at Baril - QCinema

Babae at Baril is your typical and common story in the lower class of the society where every individual works hard to survive. The story of the film is the usual but it delivers a more powerful voice to its audience, women or any individual whenever empower can do things beyond what they are capable of but let us not forget that too much power is sometimes poison. The oppressed sometimes takes control and turns to be the oppressor.            

Janine Gutierrez, Director Rae Red, casts and crew - Babae at Baril - QCinema

Aside from Janine Gutierrez, other casts are Felix Rocco, Elijah Canlas, JC Santos, and Sky Teotico with the special participation of Ruby Ruiz, Allan Paule, and Archie Adamos and will be shown in selected cinemas from October 15 to 22, 2019.

Monday, October 15, 2018

One Great Love, One Great Movie For Movie Fanatics

7:44:00 AM

How great is your love? Well, we all want that great one in our life and we're all wishing to have it at the right time. A great love in this lifetime with whom we hope to spend the rest of our lives with.

But are we willing to make the sacrifices and go through all the pain to attain it and keep it?

Is our One Great Love provided by destiny or do we get to choose?

This is the premise of the upcoming movie One Great Love, produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and an official entry to the upcoming 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Every year, Regal Entertainment, Inc., creates an entry/entries to the annual film festival to adhere to its commitment in bringing quality entertainment for moviegoers.

This Christmas, the film production outfit is bringing together a stellar cast from two major TV networks to breathe life to one great movie, entitled One Great Love.

Top-billed by celebrity A-listers Dennis Trillo, JC de Vera, and Kim Chiu, the romance drama film, a hugot - bangon film that tackles a subject that everybody is highly familiar with and which we can all relate to: love and relationships.

The story tackles about love, which remains to be one of the greatest mysteries up to this day. Falling in love with someone is one thing, but staying in love with that person is another story. Kim shows a different side of her in this movie. Mainly known for tackling romantic-comedy roles in movies, Kim goes out of her comfort zone and portrays another mature character. The bubbly bungisngis Kim Chiu will not be seen in Zyra, her character in the movie. She is expected to have love scenes in this film.

ABS-CBN premier artist Kim Chiu portrays the role of Zyra Paez, a woman fortunate enough to know and be with her one great love.

JC portrays the role of Carl Mauricio. Carl’s turbulent past has left a scarred, and in the process, keeps hurting the woman who did nothing but love him over anything else.

Kapuso dramatic actor Dennis is Dr. Ian Arcano, a heart doctor who firmly believes in the sanctity of family and keeping it that way. Ian is a dependable friend to Zyra, but then eventually falls in love with her.

The lives of Zyra, Carl, and Ian are intertwined with one another in a story that reveals to us that like every human being, we all seek for love, but our views about it differ. "Magagaling lahat dito umarte. Baka makakuha sila ng awards. Totoong magagaling. Maganda ang pelikula para sa pasko. One Great Movie to watch out for," says matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde.

The movie helps us understand ourselves through the characters: are you the type to cling to someone you love no matter what or are you willing to let it go for someone you love?

The film also stars Eric Quizon portraying Dante Paez, Zyra’s loving father, who never got over of his One Great Love, discovers that he deserves a second chance at love. Nina Dolino as Annie Paez, Dante’s second wife, who is a firm believer that One Great Love exists.

Miles Ocampo is Jemi Paez, sister of Zyra and who is mature for her age. She is a practical thinker, who challenges Zyra’s view about love.

Marlo Mortel is Bryan Gomez, a loving free-spirited guy who falls in love with Jemi.

Directed by Eric Quizon, One Great Love opens in cinemas on December 25. For more updates, follow Regal Entertainment Inc on Facebook and Youtube, @RegalFilms on Twitter, @RegalFilms50 on Instagram.


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

The Movie BEGIN AGAIN Closes Tribeca Film Festival, Philippine Play Date July 2

5:28:00 AM

The Adam Levine, Kiera Knightley and Mark Ruffalo starrer BEGIN AGAIN has been selected to close the 13th Tribeca Film Festival on April 26, 2014.

From writer-director John Carney (Once), the movie originally titled Can A Song Save Your Life? is a soul-stirring comedy about what happens when lost souls meet and make beautiful music together.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Boy Golden, MMFF 2013 Entry

4:25:00 PM

It's another great year for the film makers to showcase their skills and unique in making a film.  The Metro Manila Film Festival 2013 got plenty of entries that movie goers will sure get a hard time in choosing which movie to watch first.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Strangers, Strange Thing Will Happen This Christmas

6:00:00 PM

STRANGERS in a strange place with strange people.  That's what is the simplest description about this movie.  This coming December 25, as one of the entry for the Metro Manila Film Festival this movie will bring strange feeling and more than a goosebumps.

The story of The Strangers focuses mainly on a Family of Five that tries to put aside their differences on the eve of their kids 18th birthday.  Fraternal twins Pat (Julia Montes) and Max (Enrique Gil) prepare to go on their annual out of town trip. Accompanied by their parents Roy and Evelyn (played by Johnny Revilla and Cherry Pie Picache, respectively) their grandfather Pete (Jaime Fabregas) and his temporary caretaker Paloma (Janice De Belen) as well as their newly hired driver Toning (Nico Antonio), they set for the far flung town of Murcia.

During the press con, "Ako ang mgbibigay ng kapahamakan sa kanila" according to Nico Antonio, the driver.

Whatever problems they had with each other fade away as they head for Murcia. But their happiness comes to a screeching halt when their van hits an old lady, presumably killing her. Shaken, they get out of the van to see if they can help her-and find that her body has vanished into thin air When night sets in, Toning is attached by a mysterious creature, Roy and Lolo Pete go missing and Evelyn, Pat , Max and Paloma are left stranded in the middle of nowhere.

They eventually find their way to a village, where they are besieged by a series of aswang attacks. Pat finds an ally in one of the villagers, a young man named Dolfo (Enchong Dee). THey  realize the only way to survive is to band together against the aswang terrorizing the village.

Whether or not they will survive is something moviegoers will find out when The Strangers hits theaters as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival on December 25.

The movie is very challenging to all the cast, as well as the directors. Enchong needs to immerse himself as a dirty man, in order to him to portray it properly. "Masaya and Tiring ang paggawa ng movie na'to", according to Enchong.

The Strangers is directed by Lawrence Anthony Fajardo, whose recent work as a director includes Posas - which won Best Film in the Director's Showcase division of this year's Cinemalaya. and again at the Hanoi Film Festival in Vietnam - and Amok, which bagged a whopping 11 nominations for this year's Gawad Urian, as well as the top prize at the Detective Fest in Moscow last April.

The Strangers is produce by Quantum and MJM Productions that will give movie enthusiasts a different horror experience by taking into a world where nothing is ever what it seems: the world of The Strangers.

Movie fanatics and horror enthusiasts people, this is for you.  If you want to have a thrilling Christmas watch this movie.  A horror movie that will tackles family in different scenario, that will trigger the family that they need to be bonded in times of problem.

Head on to cinemas this coming December 25 for "The Strangers".

Sisterakas, Laugh Your Hearts Out for the MMFF 2012

9:42:00 AM

Kids and kids-at-heart are always looking forward for this happiest day of the year.  Not only that they'll be receiving gifts but everyone will have a chance to go on a bonding moment with family while watching movies and December 25 is the Metro Manila Film Festival so everyone will have lots of movies to enjoy. 

Here's one of the much anticipated comedy treat from Star Cinema, the "Sisterakas".

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