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Saturday, August 20, 2022

When Music Means Something Else: Checking some Lines in the Song Narda

10:12:00 AM


If you love listening to bands, specifically rock bands, then you've probably heard the group named Kamikazee. Originally, the term kamikaze was a Japanese term for Japanese Special Attack Units of military aviators who flew suicide attacks for the Empire of Japan against Allied naval vessels, which happened during the 2nd World War. And that's a fact that happened.

But, if you're pronouncing Kamikazee with a double letter "e" at the end it's a play of words that describes "kami kasi" or is translated as "it's because of us."

Kamikazee band emerges during 2000, a Filipino rock band originally known all throughout its career as a quintet composed of Jay Contreras, Jomal Linao, Led Tuyay, Puto Astete, Bords Burdeos, Jian Lubiano, and Mikki Jill. Some of their albums are Kamikazee, Maharot, Long Time Noisy, and Romantico.

Anyway, we just introduced the band but the interesting part is one of their songs that made a hit in the airwaves, entitled "Narda." Especially now that the Darna series started.

Narda is the human character of the Superheroine, Darna, but for Kamikazee it is one of their songs under the Album "Maharot." A song themed about unrequited aspiration and love for the character Darna.

Though the song may have its wholesome image, there is a specific part of the song that is considered a double meaning. Taken from its album title "Marahot," which means playful or flirtatious, it probably has that notion to play with the idea.

The specific part gives reader a wild imagination on its meaning.

"Sa likod ng mga tala
Kahit sulyap lang, Darna"

If you're in your teens this has probably given away its meaning. Translated literally to fit what it deems to be the meaning, "Behind or beyond the stars, even just a glimpse, Darna." Does Darna fly beyond or behind the stars? Probably not, and what about the glimpse, can you really see Darna if she passes behind the stars? I think not again. So, what does the line means? If you're really an avid fan of Darna, what does she wear? She commonly wears a two-piece costume and if you're observant enough what design can you see on the upper piece of the costume? A "star," so if you do the math you'll land on what's behind the stars. It may sound perverted, obscene, or something else but that's what it intends if you have a playful mind. 

Not really sure if that particular line is intentionally created to give a double meaning or if it was just a random line. But if you're really drop-dead admiring Darna that would a thing to consider.

Again, the song is created under the album title "Maharot," so, it would be bad to think of flirtatious or kinky ideas with the song.


Well, will just have to find it out from the writer himself, if they thought of that in mind while writing the song. For now, let's make our minds go wild for a while.

The Darna series has started and Narda has shouted "Darna" and shows her first transformation. I think the song Narda of Kamikazee would not be applicable in this version of Darna because Ding is introduced as her sibling. 

If you have not heard of the song, I'm not sure where you are if you didn't, you'll definitely enjoy it. You can check it on youtube, spotify or other platforms.    

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Liza Soberano Is Confirmed as The Newest Darna

3:01:00 AM

Yes, you read it right. Liza Soberano is the newest actress who will play the role of the iconic superheroine created by Mars Ravelo's Darna. Well I got surprised at first, though she was one of the few shortlisted actresses who would be the next to play the role of Darna.

In the news that was out for the public it is said that Liza Soberano will do more than 100 percent of what is expected of her. She should be because the stars who have played the role made an impression to the viewers and fans of Darna. The last actress who played the role was Angel Locsin who was able to par with the standards of the previous actress who portrayed the role like Sharon Cuneta and Vilma Santos. So, will that 100 percent more can level that standard? Let us see.

In my own observation, Liza look and personality fits the character of Narda I just don't know if she can radiate the heroic aura of Darna. Yes, Liza is a versatile actress but there are some things that are left as it is and for this particular iconic superheroine character it seems that she'll be having a hard time to beam up that look.

So we'll just see and expect the best from her and let us hope that aside from the marketing and glam of the costume we will still see the character of Darna or Narda through her.

Oh one more thing, with the filming style of Erik Matti I really don't know how the movie will end up. I'm not sure if Liza already worked with Direk Erik Matti. So there's a big void in the air that needs to be occupied until the full trailer of Darna.

So, what do you think of her being the next Darna? You can comment your reaction and let's see what will be the outcome of this.

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