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Wednesday, June 16, 2021

BINI is Raking The Views on Youtube with "Born To Win" Music Video

6:50:00 AM


Rising P-pop girl group BINI begins its new era with a bang as the fan-praised music video for its empowering single “Born to Win” has racked up over over 410,000 views on YouTube, just four days after its release and the group’s official launch.

The video for "Born to Win," an electronic-pop tune where BINI sings about seizing the moment and rising above challenges, has trended on YouTube Philippines since its drop last Friday (June 11). It also racked up over 200,000 views in its first 24 hours.

Fans in and out of the Philippines have applauded the video for its concept, stunning visuals, and members Aiah, Colet, Maloi, Gwen, Stacey, Mikha, Jhoanna, and Sheena, and who are seen wearing different extravagant outfits against multiple futuristic backgrounds.

Buzz for BINI’s “Born to Win” era has also been building as its live performance on “ASAP Natin ‘To” on Sunday (June 13) breached over 100,000 views in just 24 hours.

BINI introduced their fierce side in their official two-part launch on, which will air on A2Z this Saturday (June 19) at 4:30 PM and on Kapamilya Channel on Sunday (June 20) at 9:45 PM.

In its first part called “The Runway,” the girls donned three different sets of original creations of renowned Filipino designer Francis Libiran.

In “The Showcase,” meanwhile, the BINI girls interacted with fans and treated them to a mini-concert experience, flaunting their sharp and synchronized choreography as they performed their pre-debut song “Da Coconut Nut” before flawlessly transitioning into “Born to Win.”

The girls also showed off their vocal prowess and electrifying dance moves in three separate performances: Gwen and Sheena performed KZ Tandingan’s “Tagu-Taguan,” Colet, Jhoanna, and Maloi belted out Janine Berdin’s “Biyaya,” while Aiah, Stacey, and Mikha impressed with their rap song “World War C,” their original composition about having strength amid the pandemic.

“The Showcase” also let fans in on the personal journey of each BINI member and never-before-seen footage of the girls’ rigorous training sessions under ABS-CBN’s Star Hunt Academy.

Fans of BINI, who are officially called BLOOM, can look forward to more surprises from P-pop’s newest star as the group comes out with the Japanese, Spanish, Thai, and Bahasa versions of “Born to Win” later this year. BINI is also slated to release its full debut album and will headline a joint concert with brother group BGYO.

For updates, follow BINI_ph on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok, and subscribe to the group’s official YouTube channel, BINI TV.

Monday, June 7, 2021

“KIMMI” Music Video Gives a Good Vibe

8:26:00 AM


Good vibes, this is what Kim Chiu's music is all about. 

Kapamilya actress Kim Chiu becomes a woman-about-town in the newly released music video of her Star Pop single “KIMMI.”

The K-pop-inspired video features Kim as a production assistant at work who wakes up to a crazy dream of being the star of a party armed with cool moves and stylish get-ups.

“When the pandemic started, I became a super fan of K-pop. I’m in love with their fashion and style especially their music,” she shared.

The music video is a fitting spectacle to the electronic Pilipino music (EPM) track composed and produced by DJ M.O.D., “It’s Showtime’s” resident musical arranger and disk jockey.

“We work together in ‘It’s Showtime’ almost every day and DJ M.O.D. knows my vibe. I’m really proud that we were able to collaborate on this song,” Kim added.

Released just two weeks ago, “KIMMI” is the newest dance anthem to hit the local music scene, bringing a fun inspiration to Pinoys to keep relishing life like a party.

Keep dancing to the tune of “KIMMI,” available on various digital music platforms. For more details, follow Star Pop on Facebook (, Twitter, and Instagram (@starpopph).

Monday, May 24, 2021

Sponge Cola’s “Labis-labis” RomCom Music Video Star Two Lovely Puppies

7:32:00 AM


When cuteness invades the music video? It's very rare for a music video to star cute, lovely, and adorable puppies, as Sponge Cola and its creative team made something extraordinary. It's a love story but this love story is not your usual story of a love team, but these are two puppies fall in love in the most adorable, unexpected ways on the music video of Sponge Cola’s “Labis-labis”—out now on YouTube. Showcasing unadulterated romance from the perspective of pets, the visual narrative steps into the world of meet-cute and courtship between two-year-old poodle, Alex and six-year-old mixed-breed aspin, Jamie.

According to guitarist Armo Armovit, the romantic comedy-inspired story pays tribute to the unconditional loyalty and friendship that their pets have given them through the years. “We all have pets and love them very dearly, and this is our way of saying thanks.” Vocalist and guitarist Yael Yuzon shares the same sentiment, honoring the dogs that have been with them through thick and thin. “My dogs have been taking care of me. It makes sense to pay tribute to Mini Me and Finny Finn Finn.”

The music video of “Labis-labis” is directed by Robin Estargo, whose great passion for storytelling not only exceeded expectations, but also handled the material well with the right balance of effervescent wit and heartwarming appeal. “It was a treat (pun intended) working with Robin and the entire KeepFilming Inc. crew,” said drummer Tedmark Cruz. “Their creativity, passion, and professionalism were evident in all the pre-prod meetings over Zoom, up until the post prod finishing touches.”

Yuzon echoes Cruz’s statement, adding how giddy and excited Robin and the KeepFilming team were, during the storyboard discussion. “It's always nice to work with people who are passionate about their work. The belief in the love story between the two dogs was intense from the very start, and it was contagious and inspiring.”

Having experienced shooting several video projects involving dogs, Estargo and his production team know how challenging it is to pull off a compelling narrative that features pets as main casts. “Working with one dog can be quite draining, so what more two? It's like working with toddlers! We have to adjust to their moods all the time and treat them with utmost patience.”

Despite the difficulty during the filmmaking process, the team was lucky to cast two dogs that specifically met the criteria they were looking for: “Number one most definitely is that they have to be trained dogs that can do a few or even more tricks,” Estargo shares. “Second, they have to be smaller in size so they'd be easier to handle on set. And third, the dogs should be familiar with each other offhand - and much better if they have the same trainer or owner, so we won't have a problem on set as these dogs work with each other. We were looking for one aspin and one with a certain breed.”

Aldo Vidal, a 63-year-old dog trainer for 26 years, submitted an audition video for his two dogs through his daughter, and the rest as they say, is history. “We definitely made the right decision in casting their dogs because they are not just a joy to work with and Sir Aldo, as their owner, has also been so accommodating and giving during the shoot,” Estargo tells in a statement. “He worked hard to make sure we got the takes we wanted and exuded that positive and endearing dad vibes that we all loved.” The music video of “Labis-labis” is out now on YouTube via Sony Music Philippines.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato Gets Emotional With Their Music Video “What Other People Say”

10:57:00 PM


Emotional with their music video "What Other People Say," Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato shared the emotive and compelling official video. This is after the release of their new single “What Other People Say” through RCARecords. Available now to watch. 

Directed by Dano Cerny, the video features both Sam and Demi set within a train carriage, showcasing them going about their own lives, but with a unity of emotion that highlights the song’s message of being alone together. Written by Sam before his single“This City” became a global hit, it was a song he always knew would be a duet and was blown away when Demi Lovato became the perfect person to accompany him on vocals.

Penned about a feeling of being alone and not wanting to let people down, the pairing takes two different lives and perspectives and unites them in one message of human experience, emotion, and togetherness. With other 5 million worldwide streams since its release last week, is a truly special track with a powerful, moving, and relatable chorus and is Sam’s first official single release since “This City.” 

Sam shares, “What Other People Say is a confession, realizing how far away you can get from who you are in an effort to be liked. It’s about the pressures of society and how getting caught up with the wrong things can change you.”

Demi weighs in about the song saying, “This song is a reflection on what it’s like to lose who you truly are in an effort to please other people and society. 6It’s why I wanted to make this song with Sam – ultimately it’s about two humans coming together to connect and find solutions to their problems.”

Alongside the announcement of the single, Sam also shared that he has been chosen as YouTube’s first ‘Artist on the Rise’ for 2021, which follows previous winners Mabel, Aitch, Freya Ridings, Mahalia, Beabadoobee, and Celeste.

Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato’s “What Other People Say” is now available onYouTube and other video-sharing platforms via RCA Records and Sony Music.

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Get The Feels of This Moira Dela Torre and PLDT Home Collaboration for Valentine’s Music Video

12:27:00 PM



Get the feels as the most soothing voice and the most-streamed Filipina artist on Spotify Moira Dela Torre collaborates with PLDT Home for the music video of her latest single “Pag-ibig ang Piliin,” composed and arranged by award-winning songwriter Jonathan Manalo. As the voice for PLDT Home’s campaign this Valentine’s Day, Moira once again captivates the hearts with a song that speaks the true meaning of love. 

In its Valentine’s Campaign, PLDT Home highlights the importance of choosing to love amidst all circumstances and challenges. While the internet and social media have become important platforms for free expression and open dialogue, the #ChooseToLove campaign reminds everyone to always choose love over hate, divisiveness, fear and rejection.

This new song is a bright ray of light that is much needed today. It tells us that love is the most powerful choice through its moving lines.

“Kahit na ‘di natin alam ang bukas
Kahit ‘di sumikat ang araw at bumuhos ang ulan
Kahit hindi umayon ang tadhana
Isang tawag mo lang, pupuntahan nasaan ka man.
Ganyan ang tunay na pag-ibig ‘di takot sa mundo
Ipaglalaban kita hanggang sa dulo
Pag-ibig ang pipiliin ko.”

Moira notes that she was “honored to be chosen by PLDT Home” to sing this new song. She continues that the message of the song is what she has been trying to embody in the many years that she has been an artist. 

Songwriter and music arranger Jonathan Manalo shares that the main message of the song highlights the ultimate power of love that changes and conquers all. He says, “This a love song that puts emphasis on ‘Love’ that is worth fighting for. Love against all odds, even if the world seems to disapprove, no one can question the power of a person’s great true love. When you choose to fight for love, it is the ultimate power, nothing, no one can stand in your way.” The song was also co-written by singer-songwriter Trisha Denise.

Get ready to be inspired to choose love this Valentine’s season. Watch Moira’s latest music video directed by Benedict Mariategue and produced by Playback Productions for PLDT Home.

Friday, February 5, 2021

SB19’s Justin De Dios Plays as Alex Bruce’s Love Interest in “Yakap” Music Video

11:50:00 PM


A'TIN or SB19 fans will definitely, make noise in this cameo of the group"s bunso, Justin De Dios in the music video of Alex Bruce’s endearing bop “Yakap”—released on February 5 (Friday) on video-sharing platform, YouTube. 

Justin De Dios portrays Alex Bruce’s love interest in this visual spectacle filled with incredibly surreal and romantic scenes. “It's a fun and creative concept,” De Dios said. “I really like the fact that the MV showcases both the ‘maangas’ and cute sides of Alex.”

Appearing like a P-pop charmer that Alex Bruce has been pining for in her dreams, De Dios was seen exchanging smiles with the young hip-hop sensation, sharing cute moments together as they engage in pillow fights, fake tattooing, and other onscreen activities. 

According to the R&B/hip-hop star, working with Justin De Dios was totally fun, especially given how friendly and warm he is with everyone on the set. Alex Bruce fondly shares in a statement, “I’m really into Korean dramas, and Justin somehow looked the part: innocently good-looking and very much charismatic. As a leading man, he really shone effortlessly in terms of acting, and gave us the kilig that we truly deserve.”

De Dios returns the favor by praising Alex Bruce’s artistry and talent. “I am really impressed with her skills. I wanted to introduce her to A'TIN as she could be a source of inspiration for a lot of young dreamers too.” He recounts how Alex was very shy during their first meet, but as the shoot went on, they eventually got along very well. “She's an interesting kid, and we had a lot of fun talking to each other about random things. One thing I also noticed while working with her is how close she is to her parents. It’s very adorable!” 

Alex Bruce is grateful to the production for allowing her to showcase some of her personal artworks and Beanie Boos collection. “I love owls, so there’s plenty of them in my shelf—as seen in the music video. I had a great time drawing and showcasing my artworks for the very first time. I hope it won’t be the last.”

“Yakap” was penned by Bruce as a tribute to young love, and was conceived as a three-way collaboration featuring the fourteen-year-old teen star, her Australia-based dad, and music producer Cursebox. The song garnered significant attention in late October 2020 for its infectious pop sensibilities and to quote Rappler, for its “first brushes at puppy love.”

The “Yakap” music video is out now via Sony Music Philippines.

Saturday, February 8, 2020


12:33:00 AM

Emerging Filipino band Jose Carlito shakes up the OPM band scene with the upcoming release of the music video to “Big White Wall”—the band’s newest record—this February.

Directed by Peewee Gonzales with Daniel Padilla a.k.a. Johnny Moonlight as producer and assistant director, the music video utilized a unique treatment with the use of fisheye lens and visual distortions.

"Lots of pre-prods and meeting were held before it was finalized. They just told me, 'This is going to be cool and different!' The shoot itself was easy but they all got sunburnt," Direk Peewee shared.

Jose Carlito is an alternative rock group comprised of JC Padilla, Katsumi Kabe, and Seth Gothico with new member, JZ Lorenzo.

One of the pioneer bands under DNA Music, Jose Carlito released “Big White Wall” as a single late last year, months after debuting the song, “My Generation.”

"We were just 13-year-olds when we wrote the song, that's why we treasure it so much. We thought it's the right time to release it since there's already an opportunity. That how much we love the song, we didn't think about whether it would be a hit or miss," JC said.

The group is just one of the talented musicians under DNA Music, a record label under ABS-CBN Music, which seeks to elevate the local bands industry and help rock and alternative artists shine.

Watch out for the release of Jose Carlito’s “Big White Wall” on February 21 (Friday), 8PM at the 70s Bistro and on February 22 (Saturday) on MYX and ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube channel. For updates, follow DNA Music @dnamusicph on Facebook and Instagram.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

BOYBANDPH Debuts Music Video for Swoon-Worthy Track “PA’NO BA”

11:55:00 AM

It's music time and will be sharing our local boy band that bring the ladies to their 'kilig' time. Yes, this all-male singing quintet BoybandPH—composed of Ford Valencia, Joao Constancia, Niel Murillo, Russell Reyes, and Tristan Ramirez—is back to teach a lesson or two about boldly professing love for one’s special someone with the music video of their sweet track “Pa’no Ba,” produced under Star Music.

The song is one of the tracks in the group’s sophomore album “Love, BoybandPH,” which was released last year. The music video, meanwhile, is the third in a series that dropped this year, starting with “Hanggang Kailan Kaya” in June followed by “Kung ‘Di Mo Natatanong” in September.

“Pa’no Ba” is a ballad written by “Tawag ng Tanghalan” season 1 finalist Froilan Canlas, which takes the point of view of a person who’s head over heels in love with a significant other. It paints the colorful image of effortlessly falling for someone despite having doubts about the possibility of the relationship not working out.

Officially formed in 2016 after winning the reality talent competition “Pinoy Boyband Superstar,” BoybandPH has since released two albums, with their titular debut record being certified gold. They have also collaborated with Jona for the song “Till The End of Time” and frequently perform on “ASAP Natin ‘To.”

Watch the music video of BoybandPH’s “Pa’no Ba” on ABS-CBN Star Music’s YouTube Channel. For updates, like Star Music on Facebook at, and follow it on Twitter and Instagram (@StarMusicPH).

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Inigo Launches "Catching Feelings" Music Video in the US

1:37:00 PM

Okay, I will be sharing some details about Inigo's music video "Catching Feelings" which was launched in the US. So continue to read about the details.

Inigo Pascual proves to be unstoppable in his career as he just launched the music video for his hit single “Catching Feelings” in the United States, where he performed during the Los Angeles Clippers’ Filipino Heritage Night.

The pop star premiered the music video at the LA Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunders game held at the legendary Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, where he sang the summery island pop track that has become of his fastest-rising songs to date.

The new “Catching Feelings” music video was entirely shot in the Philippines and highlights the 21-year-old singer-songwriter’s interpretation of the uncertain journey of going to and fro between the frustrations of falling in love, before finally giving in to the feeling.

Jabbawockeez member and Bruno Mars’ choreographer and dancer Phil Tayag arranged and completed the dance routine for the song, complementing the already-established moves of Inigo that can be seen on the “Catching Feelings” dance challenge.

The track, which features music producer Moophs, has been heard in radio stations from Manila all the way to California and has also accumulated almost 1.5 million streams on Spotify. Meanwhile, the “Catching Feelings” dance challenge, which Inigo himself started, has now amassed a total combined entry of 35,000 on video-sharing app Tiktok and other social networking sites.

The hit single is produced under Tarsier Records, an underground music label that has been driving for the breakthrough of Filipino talents like Inigo to the international music stage, in line with ABS-CBN’s commitment to introduce the exceptional artistry of Filipinos to global audiences.

Watch out for the “Catching Feelings” music video premiere in the country this Wednesday (November 20), 8pm on MYX Philippines and 9pm on Tarsier Records’ YouTube channel. For the latest on Inigo, follow Tarsier Records on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram @tarsierrecords. Check out for updates and follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Ex Battalion's "Follow My Lead" | 3 Reasons It Went Viral

1:21:00 PM

There's another viral music video from today's viral group, Ex Battalion and it has made a lot of viewers interested. Why? Well because there are three (3) reasons why it went viral. Their latest music video is "Follow My Lead" featuring Chicser & Sachzna Laparan.

The music video has now garnered over a million and still counting. Aside from chicks, rap, hunks and a well produced music video, Follow My Lead have something more that made it to the viral contents. Who else but the three (3) internet sensations that joined together in this one music video, Ex Battalion, Chicser and Sachzna Laparan.

We've already known Ex-B  from our post about their trending music "Hayaan Mo Sila", which did goes viral. The featuring group and individual in this music video, Chicser and Sachzna, we will get to know them a bit.

Just like Ex-B, Chicser gained their fame on Youtube but they are once the song and dance troupe named Service Crew during their high school days. Their fame went boom when somebody uploaded on Youtube a video of them dancing the hit tune Teach Me How To Dougie. That's where they hit their fame.

While Sachzna on the other hand is also an internet sensation but she's more popular on Facebook and A model and social media celebrity with over 1.2 million followers. Of course with a beauty like that who wouldn't fall into following her.

So that's how you get more than a million views in just a day.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

3 Things To Know About Karencitta's Cebuana

4:10:00 PM

Another Pinay blooded artist raves the internet waves as she makes everyone dance and sing along with her music. Karencitta or Karen Ann Cabrera is a Pinay Cebuana based in Los Angeles who went viral with her music entitled "Cebuana". It is really prevalent that singing is innate with most of us Filipinos and it just couldn't stop Filipinos to go head to head with everyone when it comes to singing.

Karencitta's song "Cebuana" is first thought to be an international or foreign music because of the upbeat sound and different rhythm that is not particularly noticed in the local beat. Now what's more surprising with the music is that it is a mix of English and the local language Visaya or particularly Cebuana.  For our foreign readers Cebuana can be interpreted in two ways the one is for the native women of Cebu while the other one is the language spoken by the locals of Cebu. Cebu is one province in the Visayan region of the Philippines.

There are three (3) things to know about the "Cebuana" song why it became hit and viral.
  1. The created song, which is the Cebuana, has an international sound and beat quality that surpassed territorial music patterns. In simpler term it got an international appeal that the present generation would love to hear.
  2. The song is not only bilingual but almost multilingual because the writer of the song used different languages fused into one music. This made it even more foreign but still good to the ear music.
  3. The singer, Karencitta, show so much passion in singing the song and dancing with the beat of the music, just like any other known Filipino singers who sung out with their soul.
One more great and interesting singer to watch out for. In case you haven't heard and watched her music, check out the video below and comment away what you think of her and her music.

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