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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Toni Gonzaga and Seve Brave The Rain For Nature's Spring Empowered Mom Event

5:38:00 AM

Mother and Son, Toni Gonzaga and Seve braved the rain last weekend for Nature's Spring Empowered Mom Event. The dark, gloomy, and rainy weather didn't stop them for attending and endorsing Nature's Spring and to give honor to all moms.

The event is Nature's Spring's post Mother's Day event celebrating the Empowered Moms. During the event, dark clouds, slight lighting and pouring rain is the background of the event. Toni did her number together with her son Seve of which made the number interesting, especially when Toni's voice goes soprano with his son. Anyway what's more inspiring is what moms does for the family.

Nature's Spring Distilled Water honored the mothers with a special rainy day out, where they got to spend time bonding with their kids through some fun activities and also listen to some of the informative talks delivered by parenting experts. Topics that were discussed at the venue of the SM By The Bay Central Park included Mother's Rights, Raising Successful Kids Without Over-Parenting, Career Confidence to Mindfulness, and Time Management, Planning, and Organization. The moms were also able to bring home goodies from different booths and the raffles that were held during the course of the program.

Nature's Spring Distilled Water, from the makers of the #1 bottled water brand in the Philippines - Nature's Spring, is a quality, safe and affordable distilled drinking water brand that is very reliable and dependable due to its adherence to strict quality standards and using state-of-the-art technology accompanied with competent employees. Nature's Spring, the #1 bottled water brand in the Philippines, is the top-of-mind product for safe and quality drinking water made available for the Filipino Community anytime and anywhere without compromising the budget.

To make sure that the Filipino Community will have access to proven safe drinking water at home, Nature's Spring Distilled Drinking Water is available in 10-liters, 6.6-liters, 1.5-lieters, 1 liter, 500ml and 350ml that is available in supermarkets, grocery stores, and drugstores near you.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Toni Gonzaga Admits She's More Strict with Alex Than Seve

11:08:00 PM

Kwento Ni Toto covers the event of Nature's Spring's Empowered Mom with a dark sky and pouring rain. Yes, it was raining but no matter how hard the rain we still with the coverage. It was really a dark, gloomy, and rainy weather but that didn't stop Nature's Spring to pursue with the event which is their post Mother's Day Celebration honoring the moms.

During the interview, Toni Gonzaga disclosed that she's more strict with Alex rather than her son, Seve. She even shared that she worries of what her son will be in the future. Perhaps that's natural to all moms to worry about their kids.

The event went on successfully.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Coca-Cola brings safe drinking water to earthquake-stricken communities

7:17:00 AM

As the people of Surigao recover from the devastation wrought by the 6.7 magnitude earthquake that struck Surigao Province last Friday, the Coca-Cola System offered quick and ready assistance to the families.

At least 11 towns including the provincial capital and two major bridges essential were damaged. The earthquake and its aftershocks have left an estimated ₱601.8 million in damage in its wake. In light of this, the beverage company immediately arranged to send aid in the form of a vital resource--safe and clean drinking water.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aquabest Filters For Good Health

12:22:00 PM

What does clean drinking water means to you? For the common people seeing the water clean and with no particles floating in it makes clean enough for drinking but according to experts it isn't just that because clean drinking water needs to be really clean macroscopically or microscopically. And Kwento Ni Toto is here to share what we've learned from Aquabest as they filters water for good health.

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