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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Anton Paras' "Can't Wait" pays homage to distant love

8:06:00 PM


Singer and musician Anton Paras, known for his songs and playing multiple instruments, brings us a new single titled "Can't Wait" under the label Alt G Records. In this song, he shows us that love and hope can stay strong even when we're apart.

In this heartfelt song, a man shares his feelings about being far apart from the person he loves. The song draws inspiration from the difficulties long-distance couples and families endure when their loved ones work abroad, like Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). Anton holds onto hope that, in the future, they will come together again and be whole.   

It's really hard to have a long distant relationship and for maintaining that spark is extra something. So, imagine that feeling and counting down the days of each contracts signed by the OFWs. 

“I decided to create ‘Can’t Wait’ because of our fellow countrymen working abroad. I wanted to make a song that they could relate to, something that could serve as an inspiration for what they are going through, to help them cope with homesickness. Even in long-distance relationships, I believe that at the right time, they will come together in the end,” shares Anton.

The single also showcases Anton’s versatility as an artist because of its different genre and vibe from his previous works. “This is a totally different genre from the ones I’m used to. If the outcome of this song comes out positive, I will create more songs like this one.”
Listen to Anton Paras’ latest single under Alt G Records, “Can’t Wait,” released last October 13 on digital platforms worldwide.

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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Raven & Angela Ken unite for 'Pangako', and Eternal Love Song"

11:14:00 PM

Angela Ken and Raven, two talented singer-songwriters, have joined forces to create a new song celebrating the happiness of feeling confident in a romantic relationship and desiring to build a future together with the person you cherish.

In a fittingly named song called "Pangako," two Filipino musicians express their sincere promises of dedication, resonating with a wide audience, from the young to the old, and everyone in between.

“It’s about being ready to love that special someone for a lifetime,” raven states. According to the rising bedroom pop artist, the song was created for two people in a committed relationship who share a strong bond, celebrating each other and supporting one another through life's challenges.

“I was inspired specifically by my Tito’s wedding when I wrote it,” he shares. “It’s my dream to make a song that goes well with an SDE video: a soundtrack that complements a couple’s montage, all while bringing the sugary feels in one go.”

The original version of “Pangako” was produced by raven with the assistance of his mentor, Rico Blanco. Acclaimed artists and producers Zild and Tim Marquez came into the picture for the duet version and added layers of newness and intricacy to the production. The result is a heartwarming ballad that brims with intricate harmonies and gorgeous instrumentation, painting a picture of romantic bliss, the youthful kind.

“it’s not the typical arrangement that you would normally hear in my songs,” Angela reflects. “And I guess that’s where the magic appears: the intricate details that the producers incorporate in the song and the way they preserved the inherent simplicity of what made it stand out, on a lyrical and emotional level. This collaboration is really for the books.”

Both raven and Angela Ken have gained significant attention at the height of the pandemic, sparking the curiosity of casual music fans with their brand of relatable songwriting and pop-infused melodies. Angela rose to prominence with 2021’s “Ako Naman Muna,” which racked up more than 40 million streams on Spotify alone, while raven’s steady rise in the music industry and incredible musical instincts captured the attention of Rico Blanco, which resulted in bagging a management deal with Balcony Entertainment and a record deal with Sony Music Entertainment.

raven and Angela Ken’s “Pangako” is out now on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Friday, September 8, 2023

Vivoree and Benedix Ramos on "Sayaw ng mga Tala" Unrequited Love

11:20:00 PM

Former contestants from the popular reality show "Pinoy Big Brother," Vivoree and Benedix Ramos, have teamed up to bring their unique touch to the classic track "Sayaw ng mga Tala," giving it a fresh and exciting spin.

Their thrilling collaboration on the song "Star Music" breathes fresh vitality into the track by presenting it in a pop style that highlights their impressive singing abilities.


“Sayaw ng mga Tala,” which was originally performed by former "Idol Philippines" season 1 contestant Matty Juniosa, is about choosing to devote love to a special someone despite the fear of unrequited love.


Since their respective “Pinoy Big Brother” journey, Vivoree and Benedix have continued to forge their path as actors and performers. Vivoree released two new singles “Matapang” and “Dalawang Isip” which serves as a first taste of her upcoming EP. The former “PBB Lucky Season 7” housemate also starred in different series such as the iWantTFC series “Hello Stranger,” “Tara, G!” “He’s Into Her,” and the primetime series “The Iron Heart.”


Meanwhile, Benedix previously released his debut single “Dito Muna Tayo” and also performed “Hindi Pa Natin Alam” with Trisha Denise which became the soundtrack of “Tara, G!” The former “PBB Kumunity Season 10” housemate also showed his acting prowess in “Love in 40 Days” and “Maalala Mo Kaya.”


Listen to Vivoree and Benedix’s “Sayaw ng mga Tala” available on various music streaming platforms. For more details, follow Star Music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

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Saturday, August 26, 2023

Experience "TULIPS" and "WATERCOLOR TEARS" - LIAN DYOGI's Latest!

9:54:00 AM

Kapamilya singer-songwriter Lian Dyogi unveils her distinct life perspective through a pair of fresh singles, namely "Tulips" and "Watercolor Tears," both of which have been concurrently launched under the Star Music label.

In the self-composed and self-produced track "Tulips," Lian tells the romantic story of a long-lasting love that has withstood the ups and downs of life.


“‘Tulips’ was originally written as a custom song for a wedding. It’s a song that celebrates the mature love between two people who have been and will continue to go through different seasons of life together,” Lian said.

Meanwhile, the acoustic-lofi ballad “Watercolor Tears” paints the narrative of growing up and the anxieties that come along with it. Lian also produced the track and co-wrote it with Ally Publico.

“Inspired by a comic written by my co-writer and friend Ally Publico, ‘Watercolor Tears’ is about what happens when we lose our childhood dreams and start to enter adulthood. The story of both the song and the comic is about this girl who feels disillusioned and jaded by the world,” Lian shared.

The Star Music artist entered the music industry when record producer Jonathan Manalo noticed her cover songs on Facebook uploaded by her father and Star Magic head Laurenti Dyogi. Since then, she has dabbled into songwriting and producing music with the aim to provide comfort and ease to her listeners through her irresistible pop bops. Recently, she released her single “Only Have Today” which she penned with Grammy-nominated producer Lugo Gonzalez and Grammy-nominated artist Alih Jey. She has also written songs for other Kapamilya singers.

Listen to Lian’s latest singles “Tulips” and “Watercolor Tears” available on various music streaming platforms. For more details, follow Star Music on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and YouTube.

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Saturday, August 19, 2023

Soaring Beyond the Clamor: Halle's Debut Single "Angel" Shines

10:23:00 PM

Renowned global sensation, Halle, has taken the music scene by storm with the highly anticipated release of her inaugural single, "Angel." Crafted under the masterful guidance of Theron "NeffU" Feemster, an illustrious name in the realm of music production, songwriting, and composition, boasting accolades such as the prestigious GRAMMY® Award, the track unfurls an immersive auditory experience. A fusion of cinematic allure and a pulsating R&B rhythm, adorned with sweeping orchestral arrangements, envelops the listener. Amidst this symphonic tapestry, Halle's vocal prowess soars to unprecedented heights, her mellifluous tones harmonizing with the poignant lyrics that resonate: "Heaven knows your wings can weigh you down, but angels make a way somehow."

Basking in the aftermath of fervent discussions sparked by The Little Mermaid, Halle's "Angel" extends an introspective narrative. It becomes a manifestation of Halle's unwavering dedication to embolden and elevate the aspirations of young women across the globe. Amidst the ebb and flow of life's challenges, the song's lyrical refrain reinforces the message of resilience, painting a vivid canvas where even in adversity, we find ourselves cushioned by the embrace of clouds. In this musical revelation, Halle not only showcases her musical prowess but also offers a heartfelt testament to her vision of empowerment. Listen to the anthemic track HERE.

The track arrives with an exquisite official video directed by Wendy Morgan (Alicia Keys, Janelle Monae, Lous And The Yakuza), watch HERE. “Angel” made its global premiere on BET Soul, BET Her, MTV Live, MTVU, MTV Biggest Pop and across MTV’s global network of channels, as well as on the Paramount Times Square billboards.


“This song for me is so very special and near and dear to my heart,” says Halle. “With everything I’ve gone through the past 3-4 years, suddenly finding myself in this bubble of all these eyes and new opinions, it was easy for me to feel doubt in myself and who I was. This song for me was my climb out of those feelings, a mantra and promise to myself that the work I’m doing here on earth matters and that I matter. I wanted to be able to embrace and be proud of myself and who I am naturally through and through. I hope other brown and black girls and everyone in general feel embraced, respected, and inspired hearing the words of this song.”

Halle shines as a four-time GRAMMY® Award-nominated multiplatinum singer and songwriter, show-stopping performer, and dynamic actress across film and television. She initially captivated audiences as one-half of the acclaimed R&B duo Chloe x Halle alongside her sister Chloe Bailey. The pair delivered two fan favorite full-length albums, including The Kids Are Alright [2018] and Ungodly Hour [2020]. The latter bowed in the Top 20 of the Billboard 200 and Top 3 of the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart in addition to yielding the platinum single “Do It.” Along the way, they notably gathered four GRAMMY® Award nominations, including “Best New Artist.” Beyond magazine covers and television performances, they ignited the stage during the On The Run II Tour co-headlined by Beyoncé and Jay-Z. Simultaneously, Halle landed a recurring role on the hit Grown-Ish as Skylar “Sky” Forster before breathing new life into Disney’s 2023 live-action blockbuster reimagining of The Little Mermaid. Next up, Halle stars in the remake of The Color Purple in the classic role of Young Nettie Harris. Produced by Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and Quincy Jones, it opens in theaters everywhere this fall.

Doja Cat Brings Personal Paintings to Life in 'Paint The Town Red' MV

8:21:00 PM

Chart-topping sensation and GRAMMY laureate, Doja Cat, ignites the music scene once again with an electrifying revelation: her latest single and its accompanying visual spectacle, "Paint The Town Red," is unveiled today under the banner of Kemosabe Records / RCA Records. The directorial prowess of Nina McNeely (noted for her work with luminaries like Miguel and Fergie) joins forces with Doja Cat herself in crafting the music video, a captivating masterpiece that materialized against the vibrant backdrop of Los Angeles, CA. Embodied within this visual opus are three meticulously crafted paintings by Doja Cat, which serve as the quintessential foundation for each meticulously recreated scene within the video. Rewind to last month, and witness the artistic maestro in action as Doja Cat, adorned with a painter's spirit, conjured the single's artwork right before her fans' eyes during an enchanting Instagram Live session – a tantalizing sneak peek into the auditory and visual marvel that is now unfurled before us.

This is the first official single from Doja Cat since she announced her first North American headline tour, The Scarlet Tour beginning this fall with special guests Ice Spice and Doechii. Previously, Doja Cat dropped her track and video, “Attention” via Kemosabe Records/RCA Records to mass critical acclaim with Rolling Stone calling it “scorching.” Doja Cat was also featured on the cover of V Magazine last month for “The Global Music issue.”

 Earlier this year, Doja Cat was featured alongside label mate, SZA on the remix of her #1 Hot 100 song, Kill Bill. On the remix track, Doja Cat received high praise for opening the song with a badass rap verse, followed by SZA’s original chorus; Billboard proclaimed “Doja’s inclusion on the track injects a new excitement: the superstar opens up the remix with detailed rap storytelling.” She also was named one of TIME100’s Most Influential People of 2023, where she graced the cover of one of the four global TIME Magazine April issues as well as being recognized as an honoree and performing at the exclusive TIME100 Gala. 

Sunday, July 16, 2023

BILIB Emerges, AQ Prime Music's Newest PPop Group with a Unique Advocacy

3:09:00 PM

BILIB, the latest sensation to grace the Pinoy Music Industry, has made a resounding impact since its grand unveiling on July 7, 2023. The group, together with their debut single "Kabanata," was introduced to a captivated audience during a media conference held at the prestigious Luxent Hotel. Under the guidance of music label AQ Prime Music, BILIB represents the label's first venture into the world of PPop groups, marking a significant milestone in their artistic journey.


Building a PPop group that stands out among its contemporaries is no small feat. Executives at AQ Prime Music aimed for nothing less than the best, meticulously handpicking the most exceptional candidates for the group but of course showcasing the chemistry of each members to others. Prior to their introduction, the members of BILIB dedicated over two years to honing their craft and establishing a strong bond by living and working together. Their rigorous efforts were not limited to perfecting their choreography and vocal harmonies but also extended to synchronizing their individual personalities.

The powerhouse ensemble known as BILIB comprises seven gifted individuals: Yukito, RC, Carlo, Rafael, Clyde, Jmac, and Zio. Each member brings a unique set of talents and specialties to the table. Yukito assumes the role of the group's leader, embodying the nurturing and guiding figure, while RC takes on the role of the groups visual. Carlo showcases his exceptional vocal prowess as the lead vocalist, while Rafael captivates audiences as the main vocal. Clyde dazzles with his stellar dance moves as the main dancer, with Jmac complementing him as the lead dancer. Lastly, Zio adds an exciting touch to BILIB's performances with his remarkable rap skills.


Influenced by a myriad of factors, each member of BILIB draws inspiration from diverse sources. However, it is noteworthy that the group finds a significant source of motivation in the pioneering PPop group SB19.

During the media conference, the members of BILIB openly shared their personal struggles and triumphs encountered throughout their journey, culminating in the birth of the group. Their tagline, "Becoming, Limitless, Beyond," encapsulates the essence of their collective experience in the realm of PPop. As BILIB takes center stage, they regard themselves as one united family, sharing a common aspiration with AQ Prime Music, their supporters, and their audience.


Speaking about their vision, Atty. Honey Quino explained, “... we established really the AQ Prime Music to help the local artists, and this one BILIB… kinireate to actually because we wanted to have a Ppop group, a unique one that has an adovacy. You can see… makikita nyo yong lyrics ng kanilang songs is really motivating and talagang it could uplift your spirit, your confidence, and it is… that we want to bring to our audience, to our supporters na not to give sa lahat ng mga challenge lalo yong mga nakakaexperience ng depression and this music will really change their mood in a positive way…. music will really influence people na to be good .. more on the positive side talaga,” [...we established AQ Prime Music with the intention of supporting local artists, and BILIB was created to fulfill our desire for a unique PPop group that embodies a powerful advocacy. Their song lyrics are truly motivating, capable of uplifting spirits and instilling confidence. Through their music, we aim to inspire our audience and supporters not to succumb to the challenges they face, particularly those dealing with depression. We believe that our music can positively influence people and encourage them to be their best selves, fostering a mindset focused on positivity.]

Enthusiasts of BILIB can look forward to a continuous stream of captivating music releases. The group's larger-than-life dream of seeing their billboard proudly displayed along EDSA serves as a testament to their unwavering determination and belief that anything is possible.

Expect more of BILIB!

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Abby Clutario expresses a powerful rendition of Voltes V's “Chichi Wo Motomete”

7:30:00 PM


Experience a nostalgic adventure with Abby Clutario, an indie artist with multiple talents, who has now joined AltG Records. She skillfully revives the timeless classic "Chichi Wo Motomete" from Voltes V, injecting it with fresh energy and vitality.​Embark on a nostalgic journey as multi-hyphenated indie artist and now AltG Records artist Abby Clutario breathes new life into the timeless classic, "Chichi Wo Motomete" from Voltes V, under AltG Records.

"Chichi Wo Motomete" is a popular Japanese song that served as the closing theme for the anime series "Voltes V." The song was composed by Asei Kobayashi/Akira Aoi and performed by Ichiro Mizuki. It was first used in 1977 and quickly became an iconic anthem associated with the show. It translates to "Searching for Father" or "In Search of Father” which captures the spirit of the characters' unwavering dedication to their mission and the emotional longing they feel for their fathers. It has become an enduring symbol of the series and holds a special place in the hearts of fans, evoking nostalgia and a sense of heroism.

Abby expressed her gratitude to AltG Records and GMA Music for entrusting her with the revival of the song, “So far ito ang first Japanese song na na-perform ko ever. In a way dream come true siya dahil nabigyan ako ng chance na tugtugin ito sa mas maraming audience. So I’m very overwhelmed and of course grateful to AltG Records at sa GMA Music sa opportunity na ito. I’m very happy.”

In this captivating revival, she pays homage to the original composition, infusing it with a modern flair and soulful energy that resonates with both loyal fans and a new generation of listeners.

“Dahil ito ay galing sa aking kabataan at pinapakinggan ko na, kahit papaano ‘yung melody nito ay alam ko na rin. So all I have to do is to re-learn the song at kinailangan ko ito ibagay sa aking boses. As for the arrangement, inaral ko ito using a Chapman Stick kasi ‘yung chords niya ay iba so kailangan ko siyang i-arrange. Inaral ko rin ‘yung language para at least maging kadikit at ma-justify naman. Sa aking version na irerelease under ALTG Records, meron lang kaunting twist doon sa original. Meron pa kayong ibang elemento na maririnig na magsasabuhay ng kanta,” Abby shared.

Although Abby admitted that giving a new flavor to a Japanese song is quite challenging, she still managed to embrace the essence of the original composition while infusing it with a Filipino touch. “‘Yung language talaga yung isa sa challenge kasi ayaw ko siyang magtunog slang sa Japanese or may accent. Hindi rin ako naglagay ng Tagalog lyrics dito but I guess masasabi kong mala-Pinoy ang arrangement in the sense na alam mo naman mahilig tayo sa mga ballad, love songs, so parang ‘yun ‘yung areglo na ginawa ko. So toned-down siya gamit ang Chapman Stick. Para ka lang hinaharana ng isang instrumento so ‘yun na siguro yung masasabi kong pagka-Filipino feel niya,” she says.

Whether you grew up watching the adventures of the Voltes Team or are discovering their heroic tale for the first time in Voltes V: Legacy, Abby's heartfelt performance will transport you to a realm where courage, determination, and the pursuit of justice intertwine.

What's interesting is that this release, the "Chichi Wo Motomete" already debuted at #4 on iTunes PH's Top 100 Songs. Now we can assume that more people love to reminisce childhood life. 

Prepare to be captivated by the revitalized magic of Abby Clutario’s "Chichi Wo Motomete," now available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide.

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Sunday, July 2, 2023

KZ Tandingan's "Dito Ka Lang" Lyrics Deconstructed, Possessive and Selfish Love?

8:38:00 AM


KZ Tandingan, known for her signature songs about failure, abandonment, and heartbreak, has surprised fans with a break away from her usual theme of songs. In her latest release, "Dito Ka Lang," she showcases a new side of herself, delving into the realm of love, which she claims her current self, very much in love KZ. The soulful love song is dedicated to her husband TJ Monterde, was m released on various digital streaming platforms on June 23.

One question arises, why is this a not-so-KZ song?

One reason is that it revolves around love, a subject that differs from her usual repertoire of unique rhythms filled with angst and swagger, which rarely touch upon matters of the joyful heart. Listeners might find themselves intrigued and wondering, "Is this really a song by KZ?"

Let's read between the lyrics and delve into our thoughts and interpretations of the song.

The opening stanza goes as follows:

"Dito ka lang sa aking tabi

Pag 'di ka nakikita 'di na mapakali

Ako'y tinamaan sa'yo ng matindi

Ikaw lang nasa isip araw man o gabi"

The line "Dito ka lang sa aking tabi" highlights a sense of possession and at the same time longingness, which can be viewed negatively as greed or simply as a yearning for someone's presence. The remaining lines express common phrases associated with being in love. For sure, you've felt it during teenage and probably the high in love stage.

The next stanza reflects a sense of disbelief and questions whether one is merely dreaming of such good fortune:

"Di ko alam anong nagawa

Para sa akin ay

Ikaw mapunta

Pero 'di na bibitawan pa"

The final line once again emphasizes possession and the notion that when you possess something good, you shouldn't let it go. It speaks to the practicality of holding onto that blessings.

The subsequent lines exclaim:


'Di pa ba halata?

Sa tuwing tinititigan ka'y

'Di pa rin makapaniwala

Akin ka ba talaga?

O panaginip lang ba?

Kung hindi 'to tunay

Ay 'di na nakakatuwa"

Who would readily believe that she has been blessed with a husband who is handsome, talented, and deeply in love with her? It makes one wonder if she's dreaming or if it's actually real. 

Take note that the generalizes the idea that you too are experiencing it 

In this rap segment, KZ describes being clingy and expresses gratitude for having someone who surpasses their expectations. The lyrics also reveal a slightly selfish tone, albeit in a positive light:


'Wag ka ng umalis

Mabilis kita mamimiss

Sa'kin lang 'yong tingin please

I insist, 'di madali

They say you're out of my league

And I completely agree

Why me?

Wala namang gayuma

Siguro may nagawang tama

Chamba man o sadya ang pagkahulog mo sa akin

'Di ka na pwede sa'kin bawiin

You're mine, all mine

It's like I ordered a regular

But I got myself a premium

Found something so rare

I'm so elated I could keep them

Kaya 'di ko masisi kung madami nakatitig

Mapupungay na mata, matatamis na mga ngiti

Minsan pa nga napapaisip kung ika'y nagpapanggap

Na tao lang pero galing pala sa langit

Bumagsak lang sa'kin

Oh akin ka na

'Gang tingin na lang iba

Papakawalan pa? 'Di na

Sa tabi ko dito ka"

The entire love song revolves around feeling blessed to have someone who surpasses

one's expectations and not believing that such a person could enter their life. The line "It's like I ordered a regular, but I got myself a premium" captures the sentiment of finding something exceptional and rare. The song expresses immense joy and a desire to hold onto that person tightly, going beyond mere clinginess. It portrays a possessive intention with the words "You're mine, all mine!"

Beyond the captivating lyrics, "Dito Ka Lang" is accompanied by an infectious beat that blends soul, R&B, and rap elements. The track's production has been taken to the next level with the mixing expertise of Grammy winner Jackie Boom and the mastering skills of another Grammy winner, Jett Galindo from The Bakery LA. Theo Martel expertly handled the song's arrangement, while ABS CBN Music director Jonathan Manalo made it all possible.

"Dito Ka Lang" serves as the opening track of KZ's latest full-length album, titled "Soul Supremacy II." This release follows her previous album, "Soul Supremacy," which was released under Star Music in 2017.

So, what are your thoughts on KZ's "Dito Ka Lang"?

KZ's captivating "Dito Ka Lang" is now available on various music platforms. For more updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, or visit

Sunday, May 28, 2023

SB19 Unveils Latest Single "GENTO!"

11:57:00 PM


Filipino boy group SB19, known for their numerous accolades, has recently unveiled their newest single "GENTO," offering a tantalizing preview of what lies ahead in the highly anticipated "PAGTATAG!" era for the group.

“GENTO” places SB19’s bold talent and confidence into the spotlight, highlighting their strength and versatility as a group. The song offers a catchy word play, effortlessly weaving ganito (like this), ginto (gold), and gento, the Caviteño word for ganito.

It delivers a powerful message of their growth as a group, after years of refinement—just like gold.

For this single, SB19 draws inspiration from transformational change—how incremental and everyday acts lead to success and change. Often, it is the little, simplest acts that lead to triumphs. 

SB19 continues to set an example of hard work and perseverance as the group continues their path towards dominating the local, and global, music scene. Five years since their debut, SB19 continues to test—and break—limits with their unconventional sound and unbounded talent. 

Get ready for SB19 to take you on a journey. The new single sets the path for the group’s upcoming new EP release “PAGTATAG!” and offers the promise of new sounds and unexplored genres that will surely pique the interest of audiences.

This officially marks the start of the “PAGTATAG!” for SB19. Fans can expect groundbreaking sounds in the days to come—and an exhilarating ride as the group embarks on their second world tour. The award-winning group is set to kick-off their world tour at the Araneta Coliseum on June 24 and 25 and will have multiple stops in cities across the Philippines, United States, and Canada. Ticket selling will begin on May 21 at 12 noon through TicketNet outlets nationwide or through

Are you ready for this? We hope you are. You’re in for a ride. 

“GENTO” is available now on all DSPs and streaming services via Sony Music Entertainment. 

Sunday, May 14, 2023

Mayonnaise culminates 20th anniversary with a concert at the QC Circle

6:20:00 PM


Filipino alternative rock band Mayonnaise wraps up the celebration of their 20th anniversary in the Philippine music scene with a massive concert on May 20, 2023, at the QC Circle, from 5pm onwards. Dubbed MAYO 20: The Finale, the anniversary concert marks the legacy of Mayonnaise as one of the most important Filipino bands of their time, producing remarkable hits that resonate with listeners of all ages and backgrounds.

MAYO 20: The Finale serves as the culminating event in a series of shows that aim to give back to the music fans who have supported the band since day one.

“I’m honestly surprised that we’ve made it this far,” Mayonnaise frontman Monty Macalino admits. “MAYO 20: The Finale is more than just a celebration of longevity and all the great things that have happened to us. We want to give our fans what they truly deserve, and we want to return the favor by going all out with our performance. We will always be forever grateful to them for showering us with unconditional love and support.”

Late last year, Mayonnaise blessed their fans with a 20th anniversary tour, performing at some of the largest venues in the country, from Luzon to Mindanao, and have continued to do so this year, playing a number of events domestically. On May 20, the five-piece alt-rock outfit will be culminating their 20th anniversary celebration in a venue known for its iconic point of convergence: a heritage park that welcomes family-friendly and diverse gatherings.

Presented by Yellow Room Music and Killer Bear, and supported by Minsan Studios and Araw Sa Gabi, the finale show will feature a long set by Mayonnaise themselves, with the special participation of their
music industry peers such as Barbie Almalbis, Champ Lui Pio of Hale, Sud Ballecer (Sud), Argee Guerrero (I Belong To The Zoo), and Josh Villena (Autotelic).

General Admission to MAYO 20: The Finale is free, but a #Mayo20 Official shirt comes with a VIP pass, available for PHP 1,000 only. You can pre-order through this link: Limited #Mayo20 Official shirts will be available for sale at the venue with a free VIP pass.

Expect Australian singer-songwriter Ruel stages major concert in Manila as part of the 4TH Wall World Tour

8:55:00 AM


Australian pop artist Ruel, who recently held a free mall show in Taguig City, will be presenting his inaugural Manila concert on May 26, 2023 (Friday) at the Samsung Hall, starting at 8:00 PM.

The promising newcomer is slated to perform in several Asian cities, including Manila, for his 4TH Wall World Tour.

As a treat to the loyal fans who have been instrumental in making Ruel’s debut full-length album, 4TH Wall a huge crossover success, Sony Music Entertainment is running a Southeast Asia-wide campaign ona TikTok from May 3 to 19, 2023.

Filipino fans who would be using his TikTok filter can get the chance to win a ‘meet and greet’ session with Ruel at his upcoming Manila show this month.

Here are the mechanics for the contest:
1. The sound “IF AND/OR WHEN” must be used as audio for the video.
2. The entry must include the hashtags #IAOWPH and #Ruel4thWallContest in the caption.
3. There will be 5 winners (who will be chosen based on the videos with the most views). The contest is limited to those 18 and above, Philippine residents, and must be ticket holders. The promo runs on TikTok only.

For the full mechanics, please check out the Sony Music Philippines link.

Ruel’s “IF AND/OR WHEN,” a song off his new album, 4TH Wall is currently going viral in the Philippines and the rest of Asia, peaking at No. 23 on Spotify’s Viral 50 – Philippines chart.

The song is part of Ruel’s new album, 4TH Wall, which debuted at No. 3 in Australia and peaked at No. 10 in New Zealand. The Australian singer-songwriter’s new album received positive acclaim from music critics, with Clash Magazine praising it for “hauling down the walls while letting fans into his world.” Music publication Milky Milky Milky gave Ruel’s debut record, 4 stars, calling it “a multi-faceted body of work that cements his place as one of Australia's most engaging contemporary acts.”

RUEL 4TH Wall: Live in Manila is presented by Wilbros Live. Tickets are available via and SM Tickets outlets nationwide.

Sunday, May 7, 2023

"Experience JR De Guzman's Music and Comedy Fusion in the "Later That Evening" Show"

7:47:00 AM


On June 3 (Friday) at 7 pm, MYX Global will present "Later That Evening," a comedic and musical performance by JR De Guzman, an internationally acclaimed comedian who was recently recognized as one of Variety's 10 Comics to Watch in 2022. The event will take place at The Theatre at Solaire, promising an evening filled with humor and entertainment.  

One of the most effective way to engage the audience is music and humor. So if you're fond of this two, well you can actually enjoy both in JR De Guzman's show. 

Joining the “StandUp NBC” 2016 winner are his fellow Filipino comedians Red Ollero and Ryan Puno for the opening acts.  

Ryan, a comic-writer-actor-director who started the online comedy channel Solid OK, is a headliner of Comedy Manila. He was also featured in “Comedy Central’s Stand-Up, Asia!” alongside JR.    

Red has been doing stand-up shows for 16 years and has led sold-out shows in the Music Museum, PMC Spotlight Blackbox Theater, and Samsung Performing Arts Theater. He has also opened for international comedy stars like Jo Koy.  

JR is “super excited” to reunite with Ryan and Red whom he has worked with previously in stand-up shows almost a decade ago.   

“Later That Evening” is JR’s hit show that has been on tour across the United States and will be on its first-ever Asian leg next month. Audiences love JR’s knack for musical comedy while he talks about his experiences as a Filipino growing up in America and his take on racism. Now, he is ready to bring all the fun to the Philippines.   

In MYX’s virtual media conference for “Later That Evening,” JR shared one of his favorite jokes that represent his Filipino upbringing but at the same time seem relatable to most audiences.   

“I just talk about how I learned how to sing and play music in the church cause my grandma took me to church like twice a day growing up,” he jested. "Everyone kind of relates to having sort of strict, conservative grandparents. Like every problem you have they tell you to pray.”   

The fast-rising comedian also said that there is no limit to the topic that he would consider for his shows. “There is not really anything that I wouldn’t touch if I could make it funny. If it’s a topic that I genuinely think I can have a funny perspective on then I would do it,” he affirmed.    

Born in the Philippines and raised in California, JR was also named ‘New Face’ in “Just for Laughs 2017” and got featured in the Netflix special “The Comedy Lineup” and Comedy Central’s “Kevin Hart Presents: Hart of the City.” He also previously released an album called “Dual Citizen.”  

The Manila leg of “Later That Evening” was made possible by MYX, which advocates for Asian music and is on a mission to create a culture that showcases Filipino and Asian talent on a global scale.  

Be part of JR’s “Later That Evening” one-night show happening at the Theatre at Solaire on June 3 (Saturday) at 7 pm. Buy your tickets now at  and Solaire Box Office Level 2. For more details on the event, follow MYX Global on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, kumu, TikTok, and Instagram.   

For updates, follow @abscbnpr on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, or visit

Get ready to immerse yourself in a divine musical experience as WATERWALK RECORDS releases their new worship compilation album, "Sambahan".

7:27:00 AM


Music label WATERWALK RECORDS has recently unveiled a new compilation album aimed at promoting faith-based entertainment artists to the modern streaming audience. The album is packed with powerful declarations of love, worship, and faith.

Entitled SAMBAHAN, is a new record that boasts 11 awe-inspiring tracks that showcase the talents of various worship leaders from different Christian churches and congregations.

SAMBAHAN is more than just an album; it's a project that embodies the spirit of collaboration and connection. The record features original Tagalog worship songs, written and composed by members of the KONEKOLAB Worship fellowship - a group of church-based songwriters. The tracks are then performed and interpreted by worship leaders, creating a diverse and dynamic collection of music.

Jungee Marcelo, the main producer and A&R of the label responsible for SAMBAHAN, describes the project as a product of the KONEKOLAB "worship" endeavor. “SAMBAHAN is a compilation of original Tagalog worship songs written and composed via the KONEKOLAB Worship fellowship of Church-based songwriters, and interpreted by worship leaders.”

“The concept was developed within the KONEKOLAB ‘worship’ endeavor —- a convening of like-minded music artists who ‘connect and collaborate’ in an unconventional lab setting,” Jungee added.

SAMBAHAN is not only a celebration of music but also a celebration of the power of faith and community. It's a reminder that no matter our backgrounds or beliefs, we can come together to create something beautiful and inspiring. With its uplifting lyrics and dynamic arrangements, SAMBAHAN is a must-listen for fans of Christian music and beyond.

According to Marcelo, the songs were pitched to WATERWALK Records, and eventually got the greenlight of the executives. He considers the project a blessing as it is created for the sole purpose of glorifying the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He reveals, “The plan is to release one song every week in a compilation aptly entitled SAMBAHAN. Initially, it was dubbed as ‘Worship’ but Sony Music Philippines head Roslyn Pineda thought it was better to come up with a project title in Filipino since all the songs are in the local lingo. We ended up with the nomenclature ‘SAMBAHAN’ which in essence has three distinct context definitions: a. act of worship, b. communal worship, liturgy, c. a place of worship.”

Marcelo, who also happens to be the founder of KONEKOLAB, narrates that SAMBAHAN initially started when he posted an invitation to a group of grassroots, Church-based songwriters back in December 2022 for a collaborative take on a worship song. What was initially a one-time endeavor grew into more work being submitted by participants in the pool, with Marcelo having to filter the choices down to forty participants. The Lord, as Marcelo recounts, provisionally led him to selecting 40 potential songwriters and divide them into 10 teams, 4 per team.

“The late evenings and early mornings of December were invested in daily online songwriting collab-turned-mentoring sessions, a team at a time, rotating in shifts,” he shares enthusiastically. “By the end of December, the songs were finally completed --- praise God for His wisdom and enabling.”

Containing music styles that naturally complement each individual and communal preferences, SAMBAHAN features themes that adhere to the overall concept of worship. The songs were produced by Jungee Marcelo himself, and were arranged with each musician providing personal inputs to enhance the overall sound texture of the material, resulting into a wonderfully crafted piece of worship offering.


Check out the SAMBAHAN Tracklist:

1. “MANLILIKHARI” by Gianne Hinolan
2.  “O AMING DAKILA” by James Reyes
3.  “KARANGALAN NAMIN” by Poleane Carmen & Keyl Mizpah
5.  “YAHWEH TANGGULAN” by Dana Algabre
6.  “SUMASALANGIT” by Judah Vibar
7.  “SAMO” by Nicole & Carlo
8.  “SA ‘YONG SAMYO” by Sheena Lee
9.  “UNANG NAGMAHAL” by Louie Anne Culala
10. “PAGDULOG” by Cherise Katriel
11. “SAMBAHAN” by Lee Simon Brown
“SAMBAHAN” is out now on all digital music platforms via WATERWALK RECORDS.

For more updates on the new tracks, artists, and upcoming events, please follow:

WATERWALK RECORDS: Facebook | Instagram

Saturday, May 6, 2023


11:18:00 PM


Lyka Estrella was named the sixth grand champion of "Tawag ng Tanghalan" on the popular Philippine noontime variety show "It's Showtime." The grand finals took place on May 6th, where Estrella received the highest total combined score from the competition's judges, or "hurados."

After being announced as the winner, Estrella expressed her gratitude and said, "I held on to God for strength, even when I was really tired. Everyone was really good, and I didn't expect it from the start. I just prayed that if it was His will, it would happen."

Estrella, who hails from General Santos City and previously competed in the show's "resbaker" round, received a total combined score of 98.9% in the final round. She beat out her competitors, Nowi Alpuerto and Jezza Quiogue, who received scores of 95.1% and 89.6%, respectively.

As the grand champion, Estrella won P1 million, a house and lot from Camella, a recording contract under Star Music, a management contract under Polaris of Star Magic, and a Toym Imao trophy.


Estrella secured her victory with a Jessie J medley that earned her a standing ovation from the judges, which included Gary Valenciano, Darren, Jona, Klarisse, Erik Santos, Nyoy Volante, Jolina Magdangal, Jed Madela, Marco Sison, and Louie Ocampo.

Many Filipinos watched “TNT” award its newest winner, as the grandfinals’ official hashtag #TNT6AngHulingTapatan is one of the Twitter trending topics worldwide.

This Monday, watch out for the new spin-off of "Tawag ng Tanghalan" titled "Tawag ng Tanghalan Duets" which will feature two talented singers teaming up to showcase their wonderful voices.

Don't miss the excitement and fun on "It'sShowtime," 12 NN on A2Z, Kapamilya Channel,TV5, Kapamilya Online Live, ABS-CBN Entertainment's YouTube channel, and Facebook page, iWantTFC, and TFC IPTV. Catch its online show, "Showtime Online U," 11:45 AM on Kapamilya Online Live.

Follow @abscbnpronFacebook, Twitter, and Instagram for updates, or

Saturday, March 25, 2023

P-Pop sensation MONA's latest single "Tagahanga" reflects on her past as a fan

9:46:00 AM


Mona, a talented singer-songwriter from the Philippines, has released her official second single under Sony Music Entertainment, titled "Tagahanga." The song is inspired by her experiences as a fan, telling the story of a passionate fan who hopes to connect with their idol in a meaningful way and get noticed. Mona wrote the song herself, using her own memories of being a fan to inspire the storytelling.

“To an extent, I’d say that these memories come from a place of love and adoration,” MONA shares. “I took the experience to heart when I decided to start a career in music, because at some point in my life, I know how it feels to be a fan.”

Mona delivers the material produced by K-Pop/P-Pop producer OhWon Lee with a balance of introspection and enthusiasm, singing as if she is fully committed to the essence of the narrative. The producer highlights the bass and guitar parts, creating a driving rhythm that encourages dancing and movement, adding a layer of fun and excitement to the track.

“The producer prominently highlights the bass and guitar parts, creating a driving rhythm that encourages dancing and movement,” the Always Remember act adds. “This, in turn, sets the tone of the track, adding a layer of fun and excitement.”

Recently joining Sony Music Entertainment’s esteemed roster of P-Pop talents, which includes KAIA, Fourth Impact, and SB19, Mona has over 18 million followers on TikTok and is growing her portfolio as an influencer. With her vocal abilities and solid pop instincts, she hopes to conquer the local music scene.

"Tagahanga" is a follow-up to Mona's debut single, "Always Remember," a song that emphasizes the importance of self-worth and preservation in facing one's fears. The new track is now available on all digital music platforms worldwide via Sony Music Entertainment.

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Empowering pop song “5678” highlights KAIA's magnetic confidence

5:11:00 PM


To celebrate International Women's Month, P-Pop girl group KAIA has released "5678," a dance-pop track that encourages listeners to face anything that comes their way and pursue their dreams, despite what others may say. The song, co-written by the members of KAIA with Ohwon Lee, PaperPlanet, and LEO, serves as an anthem to inspire women to never give up on their goals.

According to KAIA, "5678" is a testament to their determination to achieve success on their own terms, one step at a time, without looking back. The group expresses gratitude for the opportunities presented to them and promises to deliver a message of positivity and hope to their supporters through their music.

With its uplifting and confident lyrics, "5678" sends a message of self-love and empowerment to listeners. Lines like "Hingang malalim, lahat tatahakin / Hindi na ako maliligaw" ("Taking a deep breath, I'll conquer everything / This time, I won't get lost") are sure to resonate with listeners from around the world.

The song is produced by Ohwon Lee, known for his work with some of the biggest names in K-Pop, and the energetic beats and synth intro effectively convey KAIA's unstoppable strength and defiance. "5678" is also set to be included in KAIA's debut EP, which will be released later this year, and the accompanying music video, directed by Raymond Fabian and assisted by Jonathan Tal Placido, will be dropping on March 25th.

KAIA expressed their appreciation for the collaborative process with Studio 79th, who produced the video, and their openness to the ideas of KAIA. "5678" is available now on all digital music platforms worldwide through Sony Music Entertainment.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

Miley Cyrus dominates the Philippine music charts with her latest album, Endless Summer Vacation

1:23:00 PM


Music fans and lovers, Miley Cyrus is back for another waves of her highly anticipated eighth studio album, Endless Summer Vacation! It’s no surprise that this record has quickly become a hot topic in the Philippines, with digital sales and streaming skyrocketing since its release. In fact, Endless Summer Vacation has already snagged the number one spot on iTunes Philippines in just one day! And let's not forget the carrier single "Flowers," which has also peaked at the top of both the iTunes and Spotify Philippines charts.

Miley Cyrus knows how to create a full package, and she proves it once again with the launch of the official music video for her latest track, "River," directed by the talented Jacob Bixenman.

But wait, there's more! Endless Summer Vacation offers listeners a wide range of ear candy with its 12 additional tracks. And who can forget the global sensation that is "Flowers," which spent six weeks at the top of the Billboard Hot 100, earning Miley a personal best. This song is on fire, and it’s the fastest running song in nearly a decade to achieve the number one spot on US Pop Radio. And if that's not enough to convince you, it’s also the fastest song in history to hit 500 million streams on Spotify! Let's just say that Miley is a record breaker in more ways than one. Plus, "Flowers" is officially the longest running UK number one single by a female solo artist. Talk about a powerhouse!

In a recently shared clip, Miley gives us a glimpse of the inspiration behind Endless Summer Vacation. She divided the album into two parts, AM and PM, to represent two different acts. In the morning, there's a buzz of energy and potential, a new day filled with possibilities. And at night, the vibe is slinky, seedy, and glamorous all at once. It's the perfect time to rest or let loose and experience the wild side. Miley draws inspiration from Los Angeles, where the energy of the night can make trouble boil up to the surface, but it's also very inspiring.

There you have it, folks! Miley Cyrus has done it again with Endless Summer Vacation. So, what are you waiting for? It's time to press play and let the music take you on an unforgettable journey!

Endless Summer Vacation tracklist:
1. Flowers
2. Jaded
3. Rose Colored Lenses
4. Thousand Miles (feat. Brandi Carlile)
5. You
6. Handstand
7. River
8. Violet Chemistry
9. Muddy Feet (feat. Sia)
10. Wildcard
11. Island
12. Wonder Woman
13. Flowers (Demo)

Fans can also watch “Miley Cyrus ‒ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)” on Disney+. With this special, Miley, who also serves as executive producer, opens the door to audiences around the world, providing insight into her new album and the person she is today. For the first time ever, Miley performs songs from Endless Summer Vacation, including “Flowers,” seven additional tracks from the album, one of her chart-topping classic hits and a special performance with Rufus Wainwright. The “Backyard Sessions” are a series that Miley began in 2012 for her fans. Viewers were quickly taken with the experience of watching Miley and her band perform in an intimate, outdoor setting, and the “Backyard Sessions” became a benchmark series. “Miley Cyrus ‒ Endless Summer Vacation (Backyard Sessions)” serves as a continuation.

Recorded in Los Angeles and produced with Mike WiLL Made-It, Greg Kurstin and Grammy Award winning Album of the Year producers Kid Harpoon and Tyler Johnson, Miley describes the album as her love letter to LA. Endless Summer Vacation is available both digitally and physically; fans can access multiple physical configurations on as well as a special all white vinyl, available only at Target.

Sunday, March 12, 2023

Breaking Into the Pop Scene: HORI7ON Teams Up with ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment for a Global Journey

10:33:00 PM


HORI7ON is now a certified Kapamilya and MLD artists as ABS-CBN and management company MLD Entertainment continue their ongoing partnership to co-manage the group's career in becoming the next global pop group last Friday (March 10).

The seven-member group released its pre-debut teaser for "Dash,"composed by "Dream Maker" Korean mentor and hit composer Bull$eye.


HORI7ON is composed of Jeromy Batac, Marcus Cabais, Kyler Chua, Vinci Malizon, Reyster Yton, Kim Ng, and Winston Pineda, who were the winners of the country's first idol survival show "Dream Maker" after receiving millions of votes from fans.

Aside from the music videos, fans should watch out for the group's guesting on "I Can See Your Voice" and "Tropang LOL."

Before they fly in South Korea, they are also set to do mall tours until April in Nueva Ecija, Laguna, Cavite, Koronadal, Gensan, and Zamboanga.

Present in the contract signing were ABS-CBN Head of TV Production and Star Magic Head Laurenti Dyogi, ABS-CBN Business Unit Heads Reily Santiago at Marcus Vinuya, and MLD Entertainment CEO Lee Hyoungjin.

It was just last year when these seven young boys were given the opportunity to become the next global pop group in the collaboration project of ABS-CBN, MLD Entertainment, and Kamp Korea. From over 62 hopefuls, they have proved their worth to become the next idols after grueling missions, challenges, rankings, and voting.


For more updates on HORI7ON, follow @HORI7ONofficial on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok. Also, follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok or visit

Hold on to your seats, K-Pop fans, because HORI7ON is officially a Kapamilya and MLD artist! ABS-CBN and MLD Entertainment are joining forces to co-manage this seven-member group, as they aim to become the next big thing in the global pop scene.

With their pre-debut teaser for "Dash," which was composed by Korean hitmaker Bull$eye, HORI7ON is already making waves. The group is made up of Jeromy Batac, Marcus Cabais, Kyler Chua, Vinci Malizon, Reyster Yton, Kim Ng, and Winston Pineda, all winners of the first-ever idol survival show in the Philippines, "Dream Maker." These boys garnered millions of votes from fans, proving that they've got what it takes to become the next idols.

Aside from the highly anticipated music videos, fans can also catch HORI7ON on "I Can See Your Voice" and "Tropang LOL." But that's not all - the group will also be doing mall tours until April, so mark your calendars, people! They'll be visiting Nueva Ecija, Laguna, Cavite, Koronadal, Gensan, and Zamboanga.


The contract signing was definitely a star-studded event, with ABS-CBN's Head of TV Production and Star Magic Head Laurenti Dyogi, ABS-CBN Business Unit Heads Reily Santiago and Marcus Vinuya, and MLD Entertainment CEO Lee Hyoungjin in attendance. These industry bigwigs are all excited to see what the future holds for HORI7ON.

From over 62 hopefuls, HORI7ON rose to the top, and they're definitely not slowing down. Fans can keep up with the group's journey by following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Tiktok. And if you want to stay updated on all things ABS-CBN, make sure to follow @ABSCBNPR on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, or visit

Monday, February 27, 2023

JC Regino's New Single "Idolo" is a Beautiful Tribute to April Boy Regino and His Adoring Fans!

8:00:00 AM


Get ready to be hit with all the feels as singer-songwriter JC Regino collaborates with his dad’s two brothers, Vingo and Jimmy, to release a new single titled ‘Idolo.’ The heartfelt song is JC’s thanksgiving offering to his father’s fans who have shown their unwavering love and support for the April Boys throughout the years.

JC wrote the song six months after his father passed away but couldn’t seem to finish it. However, after his birthday last year, he was struck with inspiration and remembered the song. He then went on to complete it in September 2022. The process was tough, especially because his uncles, Ninong Vingo and Tito Jimmy, were in America and had already stopped singing. But JC managed to convince them to join him in creating the song, and they recorded their parts separately, which were then pieced together.


The best part? JC didn't expect GMA to accept the song for release, so it was initially planned to be uploaded to YouTube for fans to hear. But the Kapuso Network gave the green light, which is a massive relief for JC. "Sobrang saya ko po kasi hindi ko po inexpect na tatanggapin ng GMA ‘yung awit namin," he said. "Talagang worth it ‘yung pagod, hirap, at oras sa paggawa ng awit na ito."

And as for the song itself, JC explained the choice of title, “Idolo” was because fans have idolized April Boy Regino and the April Boys. They’re the real stars of the show. JC believes that the fans deserve to have a song dedicated to them, and he’s happy to be the one to offer it.

So, mark your calendars for February 24, and prepare for a wave of emotions as JC Regino and the April Boys' 'Idolo' become available on all digital streaming platforms worldwide. And as JC continues to write and create music, we can only hope to see more heartfelt songs that will touch our hearts and souls. Keep on shining, JC!

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