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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

You're Invited To Check Peri-Peri’s 45th Store in MCU Caloocan

6:32:00 PM

It's interesting to know that the home of the charcoal-grilled chicken, Peri-Peri Charcoal Chicken & Sauce Bar, stands its 45th mark at MCU Caloocan. Folks from Northern Manila can now begin a tasteful adventure with Peri-Peri’s famous charcoal-grilled chicken to match with its 8 delectable sauces and satisfying dishes.

Artist’s rendering
The 183 sqm branch, which stands along EDSA near Manila Central University in Caloocan City, is seen with the distinct festive Peri-Peri theme inviting customers for a fun dining experience. The smiling Peri-Peri chicken mascot beckons everyone to take a bite of the best charcoal grilled recipe for all to taste.

The interiors also provide a certain vibe that’s uniquely Peri-Peri-- walls and interiors give the festive Portuguese ambiance with colorful designs and murals. To enhance the fiesta experience, eye-catching murals and graffiti are painted on the walls by partner local artists, which is Peri-Peri’s way of showcasing their exceptional skills and talents. The floors are also accentuated with colorful tiles of different patterns as an added touch. Lastly, tables and chairs are specially designed with a multi-colored Peri-Peri motif, all to create a memorable gathering for your family or friends. Don’t miss the bottles of Peri-Peri sauces to give your eyes something to play with and for your tastebuds to expect. Check them out while you wait for your freshly cooked Peri-Peri chicken feast.

Peri-Peri MCU branch interiors

Peri-Peri MCU branch interiors
As an added feature specifically for this branch, Peri-Peri offers a Park & Order spot where you can drop by to park, order, and wait for it in your parking space. This is a more convenient way to enjoy your meals in the comfort of your own car. An exclusive pick-up window is also set up for carry-out and delivery riders.

The Peri-Peri MCU Caloocan branch opens on September 8, 2021. As a special offer, the first 45 guests on September 8 will get FREE Whole Chicken for a minimum purchase of P500 and the same for the first 20 guests from September 9 up to the 12th.

Peri-Peri also delivers when you call 7374-7374 (PERI-PERI) within Metro Manila or 0917-7747374 for Provincial locations. Customers are also encouraged to order via Facebook messenger at or through the website For exclusive offers and promos, join the Viber community #OnTimeOrOnUs

Official accounts:
#PeriPeriMCU #PeriBIGReveal
#PeriPeriPH #exPERIenceFlavors
#LetYourFlavorAdventureBegin #OnTimeOrOnUs

Wednesday, March 11, 2020

16 Reasons to Enjoy Chicken at RedHead Chicken

8:20:00 PM

Sumptuous meals are delightful to pair with excellent quenching drinks. When you're into discovering dish for your hungry palate, you'll land to a meal that you will try over and over again. The reason? Well, they have good food, but for this place, they have 16 flavors that you'll want to try and eat all. Just like the tag line of Pokemon, "you gotta catch 'em all!" For this restaurant, RedHead Chicken, it already says on their billboard, "you gotta try them all."

It's not a new concept, but it brings a unique and exotic flavor. RedHead Chicken presents an impressive number of tastes to try together with their unlimited take of chicken wings, drums, and lollipops. If your palate is adventurous, then you'll definitely love its number of flavorings. I did try almost half from their list, and I enjoyed it very much. It's satisfying and it is an answer to your cravings. If I can alphabetize this, I would, but it seems that most of the names of the sauces start with the letter "S."

This newfound place of chicken haven is located, in one of the oldest cities in the Metro, Las Pinas. It is famous for its extraordinary instrument that produces a melodic and enchanting sound called the Bamboo Organ. Since I was in Elementary, this part of the city, has always been part of every itinerary of school tours.

So, enough with the brief history of the place and let us get it on with the food. Oh, by the way, one of the owners is JC Valdepenas. He's the one who entertained us, the bloggers.

So, where do we start? Let us start with the chickens. Yes, the chickens! Served in a wooden bento box style, it makes the dish stands out of the picture. It gives more emphasis on the chicken's golden brown color, rather than the plating, making it more enticing to eat. With today's adventurous taste, restaurant owners tend to make the food experience memorable, and for RedHead Chicken, it's their rooster of flavors that pops out. 16 different relishes are your reasons to go back.

The restaurant has levels of tastes, from sweet and tangy zest up to their extra hot level. The following flavors are:

The Sweet Level
  • Sweet BBQ - we all know it's an all-time favorite and it is loved by kids.
  • Sesame BBQ - your regular BBQ flavored even more with sesame.
  • Lemon Sesame - with a squeeze of lemon.
  • Teriyaki - Japanese style of sweet grill sauce.
  • Salted Egg - which, by the way, I find it not sweet but salty instead.
  • Creamy Cheese - it's sweet but salty because of the cheese.
  • Parmesan - it is the same with the cheese.

The Hot & Sweet Level
  • Spicy Garlic - just make sure you bring along your mint-flavored candies.
  • Spicy Honey - a spicy-sweet taste for someone who loves to mix sweet and spicy.
  • Hickory BBQ - not really sure of its taste, probably will try it once we dine back again very soon.
  • Honey Sriracha - I think this kind of spice is from India. A different kind of spiciness.
  • Spicy Garlic Butter - just like the garlic butter for shrimps.

The Extra Hot Level
  • Sriracha Flame - which is more of the sriracha flavor.
  • Pinoy Diable - this one is interesting because this the first time I tasted something like this. It's actually a spicy bagoong mixed with the chicken as its flavoring.
  • Blazing Hot - which for me is not that too hot. 

Take note that if you order the Eat All You Can Chicken, you are given a 2-hour time limit to consume as much as you can. Of course, you need to finish it all without any leftovers. If you feel that you'll be needing something to drink to ease off the spiciness, well, you're in luck because they also have their Milktea, the Snowriffic Tea. It is an interesting pair for your spicy chicken, that's food and drinks in one store. Their drinks too have varieties of flavors to choose from. From your usual milktea flavors down to their fruit teas. More flavors to enjoy with.

Aside from chickens, they also have pasta, fries, and burgers, some variant for you in case you're needing something new other than chicken.

So, are you enticed with the 16 different flavors? Well, if you are, you can visit their stores in Las Pinas, that's beside Bernardo College or the other branches in Makati Area, one in Filmore St. near Cash and Carry and at Dian St near Arellano Ave. Or if you're into business and you find it interesting to have the business in your place, all you need to do is contact their FB Page just click Redhead Chicken. Don't forget to use our code when you decide to push through with the franchise #KWENTONITOTO!

That's it for now and more food and drinks to come!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Mang Inasal Brings a Busog sa Ihaw Sarap Meal

11:44:00 PM

Settling for meals that don't satisfy your hunger, when you can enjoy an affordable meal that gives satisfaction? Just like what Coco Martin asks in his latest Mang Inasal TV Ad "Sinong matutuwa sa laman-tiyan lang?"

The leading branded grilled chicken communicates anew its value-for-money proposition through an entertaining 15-second TV commercial featuring Mang Inasal’s long-time celebrity endorser.

For only P99, one can already have a satisfying meal of Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal that combines delicious thigh and juicy leg parts. It’s like having two orders of chicken served in one flavourful meal, making Coco Martin blurt out at the end of the TVC, that the Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal is truly a “Busog sa Ihaw Sarap!”

Busog sa Ihaw Sarap puts together Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal’s positioning of bigness (2-in-1 sa Laki) and craveability (Nuot sa Ihaw Sarap) given the product’s delectable taste that seeps through the chicken fibers.

For about a decade now, customers flock to Mang Inasal’s to grab a bite of its Chicken Inasal, making the enterprise one of Jollibee Foods Corporation’s fast-growing business units.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Max's Restaurant's Sizzling Specials and Barkada Gimmick Night Offers

7:16:00 PM

Max's has never stopped innovating specials for their customers.  As most of you who've always been my visitors here in Kwento Ni Toto you'll definitely get the regular updates and details about Max's and what's new with them.  Sir Bobby and the rest of the Max's Restaurant's team sure got plenty of tricks under their sleeves and who knows what will be the next to their line of dishes.

But before jumping long let me first share to you their latest offerings which is great for the Barkada Gimmick Night.  This is Max's Restaurant's response to the needs of the younger market, particularly the yuppies and those who working in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry.   This innovation will sure re-define how Filipinos chill out after a long day at work and of course the Friday Night Barkada Gimmick.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Max's Treat For Moms On Mother's Day

8:34:00 AM

Max's has a treat for all Moms, read the details below....
4 May 2012: Bent on ensuring that diners will have an exciting and unforgettable experience on Mother’s Day, Max’s Restaurant has partnered with global cosmetics and beauty brand Body Shop in coming up with a heartwarming surprise for the most special woman in our lives.

Family members who will be celebrating Mother’s Day at Max’s Restaurant with a minimum spend of PhP 1,300 will be receiving a luxurious bottle of Body Shop’s Shower Gel - soap-free, lather-rich and fruit-infused! It’s the perfect gift to pamper MOM on her special day.

“In the Philippines where mothers are respected for being the “light of the household,” people take the time to dine together as a family on Mother’s Day. One of the most nostalgic places to re-unite and celebrate with family has always been Max’s Restaurant. Mothers and family members, regardless of age, lifestyle and cultural background, find comfort in its homey interiors and the passionate service of the staff,” said Edgar Allan Caper, Marketing Director for Max’s Restaurant.

Whether they are in the busy Metro or searching for respite in the provinces, the familiar inscription that reads “the house that fried chicken built” has always spurred a feeling of enthused anticipation for the scrumptious spread of home-cooked dishes and heirloom recipes that have been in the Max’s tradition for more than six decades.

The beckoning smell of piping hot Sinigang, classic Kare-Kare oozing with thick peanut sauce, the crackling sound of Crispy Pata as one’s fork penetrates its perfectly crunchy skin, and the unforgettable experience of Max’s “sarap to the bones” Fried Chicken, the Filipino’s iconic dish - these are just simply difficult to resist. Cap this sumptuous meal with an exciting bottle of Body Shop Shower Gel from Max’s.

Catch Max’s lush treat from May 7-13 at any Max’s branch nationwide. Prepare to create the most touching moment for MOM on Mother’s Day – simply because she deserves it.

Monday, November 21, 2011

5 More Reasons To Dine at Kenny Rogers Roasters

7:16:00 PM
Kenny Rogers Roasters got a whole lot of offerings, specially for this coming holiday season.  As we all know Kenny Rogers Roasters has been one of the restaurants that has been providing great dining experience and they are known for their consistent innovation and creative ways in delighting their guests.

The leading roasted chicken restaurant in the Philippines offers not just one but five new products that guarantee a memorable dining experience - a testament to Kenny's brand promise to provide not only tasty but health food choices.

  1. Kenny’s Honey Roast Chicken, a mouth-watering, juicy, and perfectly roasted chicken infused with honey and maple. This new chicken flavor is served with Kenny’s own honey-garlic sauce and a definite palate pleaser. Now, you have more than one reason to enjoy roasted chicken at Kenny Rogers! The new ‘honey’ in the menu can be ordered a la carte at only P399 for a whole chicken. Or it can be enjoyed with Kenny’s Solo Plates, Healthy Plates, Combo Meals and Group Meals.  “With the introduction of the Honey Roast Chicken we are raising the bar in healthy eating. It’s our commitment to provide valued guests with smart and unique offers that are truly delicious but not heavy on the budget,” says Meggie Bolinao-Jose, Kenny Rogers’ Marketing Director.
  2. Garlic Parmesan Green Beans is steamed fresh green beans tossed in garlic butter sauce, and sprinkled with grated Parmesan cheese.
  3. While Sour Cream and Chives Potatoes are baked marble potatoes coated in sour cream and chives butter mix.
  4. Aglio Olio is perfectly cooked pasta with an olive oil based sauce, with garlic bits and chopped olives lending their distinct flavor.
  5. The new Turnip Salad – a light salad made with crunchy turnip strips, carrots, cucumber, and red cabbage tossed in a sweet and tart mango dressing.

Kenny’s news side dishes can be ordered a la carte in regular or large sizes, or matched with your favorite Solo, Grilled or Healthy Plates and Group Meals.

The five new offers is now available in all Kenny Rogers’ 41 branches nationwide.

Expect more exciting offers from Kenny Rogers Roasters. “We guarantee guests would enjoy our new products. There’s more coming out of our kitchen soon. Being innovative is in our DNA,” ends Meggie.

For more details, log on to or call 533-8888 for delivery.

Monday, August 29, 2011

OPM Blast With Mang Inasal Media and Bloggers' Night Event

9:54:00 PM

Last August 1, 2011, Mang Inasal held their very first Media and Blogger’s Night Event at T.E.A.T.R.I.N.O in Promenade, Green hills.  This event is held to celebrate the launching of their newest campaign, the I Y Mang Inasal.  It’s a look back into the reasons why we Filipinos have fallen in love with this brand, and of course a look forward to bigger things to come.

Aside from the launching of their newest campaign there were two more reasons to have a celebration, first is the Mang Aawit Project which is one of the best thing done by Mang Inasal in promoting the OPM Artist and the other one is their Grand Gadget Giveaway. 

The night was filled with lots of fun events, games, food, raffle and music.  Of course most of the bloggers and media hoped to win that brand new ASUS Eee Pad Transformers, fortunately one of the blogger got a hold of that.  I’m sure he went home with a big smile on his face though the weather was bad that time.

The Mang Aawit Project of Mang Inasal is their way of enriching and empowering the Original Pinoy Music, not only the music but also the artist.  It is a project dubbed as the “Mang Inasal Mang Aawit Music Advocacy Program” especially now that most of the OPM are being a little bit set aside.  During the event most of the Filipino artist sung their songs and rendered a very nice performance to bloggers and the media people.  Some even joined with the artists as they sing and dance with the music.   I think the most well loved performance during that night was Onse and Sheng Belmonte.  They sure did liven up the night with their song.  


The eight breakthrough artists which was chosen are the Pop heartthrobs 1:43 with a debut recording titled “Time for Love”, the multi-awarded RnB and soul artist Arnee Hidalgo, acoustic singer-composer Aries Sales from Davao City, hitmaking pop band Kiss Jane which behind the songs “Lagi” and “Baliw”, Myrus, stand-up comedian Onse of DZBB Teleradyo, sultry pop singer and PDA scholar Sheng Belmonte with her latest “Gigil”and Sony Music’s acoustic gem Stephanie Dan.  So let’s all support the OPM as Mang Inasal support the Pinoy music industry.

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